Sehr geil fett bbw plump teen masturbieren rasiert muschi 2

Sehr geil fett bbw plump teen masturbieren rasiert muschi 2
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Chapter 1 A woman named Aviana is walking home from work, she had to do a late shift and was really happy that she can finally go home. As she was walking, she was thinking about taking a nice hot shower and then just relax afterwards.

Just thinking about a hot shower made her walk home faster. She made it to her house in record time. She hastily unlocked her front door, went in, locked it and went straight to her bedroom. She opened her dresser and grabbed her blue lingerie sleep wear and went straight to her bathroom. She turned her shower on and started stripping out of her work clothes and got in.

She soothingly washed her body with Everlasting Sunshine bodywash and just enjoyed the hot water streaming down her body until the water started running cold.

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She turned her shower off and got out and started drying off. She slipped into her sleepwear and went straight to her as she was hanging up her towel.

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She started pulling her covers down when a guy came up from behind her and pushed faced down on her bed and said "You will not move or make a sound and you will obey all of my commands." She shook her head 'yes' in agreement.

He flips her on her back, making sure her head is hanging off, takes his right hand and moves her head to the right so that the left side of her neck is exposed and starts digging in his left pants pocket with his left hand. She couldn't see or hear what it was and before she knew it, he let her go and helped her set up. As she sat up, she started coughing really hard and a really strong rush hit her. In between her coughing, she asked for something to drink.

He gets up and gets her a glass of water and brings it to her. She puts the glass down after taking a couple of sips and laid down. When she did, the rush hit her again and she asked "What the fuck did you do to me?!" And he says "I gave you a very powerful sex drug known as Ice. And the amount I gave you is enough to keep you high and horny for at least 10 hours." "Why me?" She asks.

He says "Because you have the perfect body for what I want to do to you." She was about to ask something else when he started stripping out of his clothes and started going towards Aviana.

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She tried to get away but the drug was keeping her disoriented and it wasn't long before he had a hold of her hips and started pulling her thongs down. She tried fighting him but, she was really slow from the drug and he finally had her nightie and bra off and started kissing her on the neck. The sensation she was feeling was incredible and she started to moan until she realized what was going on and tried fighting him again but he completely dominated her.

He held her down by her wrists and just starts kissing her neck, shoulders, chest and breasts.

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He was laying on top of her with his legs in between hers and she could feel his 9 inch cock rubbing against her pussy. He slowly started pushing the head of his cock in her, going in and out until he could slide all the way in. As he does, he starts to pick up speed and pounds her pussy hard and deep.


She can feel herself being stimulated to the point where she cummed. And she screamed in pleasure, bucking into him violently until he unloaded his hot seed in her.

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He is growling in pleasure, pounding every last bit of his seed in her until he pulls out. He flips her flat onto her stomach, straddles her from behind, brings her to her knees. He uses one hand to hold her hands behind her back while he grabs a ball gag and puts it on her.

He then grabs some rope and ties her wrists together.

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He whispers in her ear "We are going to try something new." He then spreads her ass cheeks apart and grabs a bottle of lube and starts lubing up her asshole. He puts the bottle of lube on the floor and starts easing his cock inside of her. She starts shaking her head 'no' but he keeps on doing it until he is inside and starts going in and out until he is all the way in. He stays at a slow pace until he feels her asshole become slippery and starts picking up speed.


Aviana is screaming in pain but also moaning in pleasure through the ball gag as he starts picking up speed. She can feel herself getting stimulated when he pushes her flat onto her stomach and pounds her asshole until she cummed.

She starts to convulse and shaking violently in pleasure from the massive anal orgasm he gave her. He continues to pound her asshole until he explodes inside of her, letting out an animal growl. He pounds every last bit of his cum inside of her until there is no more and slowly pulls out.

As he is pulling out, she cums again, her legs shaking violently.

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He lays down next to her and says "What do you think of that?" As he is removing the ball gag, she says "It was fucking amazing! What is your name? I'm Aviana." He says "James. Nice to meet you." Once pleasantries were over, he untied her wrists and helped her sit up. He gets on his knees and brings her mouth to his cock and makes her start sucking it.

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As she is sucking it, he on occasion makes her deep throat him until he cums inside of her mouth and she swallows every last bit of his cum. He lets her head go and she falls to her side. She was about to ask a question when she crashed out.

James then gets up and makes a phone call.