Lecken seine Eier riesige cum Titten

Lecken seine Eier riesige cum Titten
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I watched her for months, from the park bench I watched her run in those tight pink shorts that hugged her ass just right, from a nearby table at her favorite coffee shop, from the back of the number 32 bus, but by far my favorite was at home. I lived in the house next door to her renting a room from an old broad down stairs. I had the perfect set up with blackout curtains I have a camera that I can watch without being noticed.

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She always walks around her house naked in the morning. Her breasts are those of a young goddess perky and huge, her skin a deep tan that must be from both genetics and sun.


She sits back to the window to brush her long brown hair that covers most of her ass. My favorite is when she runs to get the phone and everything bounces, how deliciously fantastic. She's so beautiful and one day I will have her, all to myself. Julia summers had just finished a 2 mile run with good timing to, the national weather alert on her phone said a big storm was coming.

Kicking her Nikes off she ran upstairs to shower before sealing up for the storm. The water was hot she soaped up washing the sweat from her tan skin.

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She was a hygienic woman from her neck she scrubbed her D cup breasts tweaking her silver dollar nipples for momentary pleasure before continuing to her flat stomachreaching between her legs she scrubbed the sparse hair that grew their before circling the lips of her sex.

Her mother a strict widower had disciplined her severely as child for lingering to long with her lady parts, so she never did for very long.

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She proceeded to soap her long legs then cleaned each individual toe. Shower over she wrapped a towel around herself, wiping the window she realized how long she had been showering. The storm had already begun darkening the sky large fat flakes of snow began to fall.

Throwing on an old tee-shirt she used as a night gown, Julia ran from window to window sealing and locking them tight. Pushing heavy sandbags against the door to keep water out and powering up the heater. Armed with a thick blanket and a carton of ice-cream she was ready to wait out the storm on the couch watching old movies.

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Tap. Tap. Tap. She woke up in the dark. The electricity must be out she thought, but what had woke her? She sat still listening to the howling wind then Tap Tap. Startled she made her way in the dark to the front door. Tap tap. She peeked throught the door eye but saw nothing but a white blur. Tap Tap again. Unlocking the door she opened it and a pile of snow crashed through her door covering her feet up to her knees quickly no longer caring what made the sound she closed the door.

Then the pile began to move.

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Julia shrieked grabbing the nearest item which happened to be an old cane of her mothers and beat the pile still. Realizing how foolish it was to beat a pile of snow she was suddenly horrified as red began to bleed on white and hints of a dark clothing began to show on the melting snow.

She was struck dumb for a moment thinking she had killed some poor person who was trapped outside.


The melting pile groaned but didn't move, clutching her chest she heaved a sigh of relief. Heaving the mass of sodden bloody body away from the door was hard the already large person was weighed down by heavy wet clothing.

Using surplus gas she started a fire and pulled the soaking mess near it.

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The snow had melted and the person she could tell was a man lay shivering and bloodied. She remembered in girl scouts you had to remove all wet clothing to warm a person so she began to cut away his clothes. The man was defiantly not dressed for the weather only a jacket and a tee-shirt separated him from the elements.

Slicing through the tee she rubbed him down with a towel, his torso wrapped up she removed his shoes and socks. She stared at the long expanse of denim that clung to his legs.

The man trembled. Frustrated at her embarrassment while the poor man froze to death she scolded herself and began to pull down his pants. She made it down his hips and paused a moment to take in that the man wore no underwear before pulling them of the rest of the way.

She carefully dried his legs working up from his calves to his thighs but stopped before his groin. She glanced at the man still unconscious and even though his wounds where clean he still looked bad. She sat next to him staring at his sex for a long time, she had only ever seen her brother's penis when he was a little boy but this man was not little not at all.

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After a while he stopped shivering and she gained the courage to examine him closer, the right side of his face was swollen from where she had hit him but the left portrayed a strong jaw and square chin covered in stubble, his hair was dark and unruly she brushed it back gently from his head. She examined him from his thick neck to his broad shoulders, his nipples where tiny points and his belly was hard his chested moved steadily tightening the muscles of his abdomen.

His body spoke of many years of manual labor, not only muscle but scars trailed his arms and hands. Who was this man she wondered. His hands she noticed where twice the size of hers. Indeed he was a big man. Biting her thumb she reached out a strange feeling stirring in her belly&hellip. I know there was no sex.yet but I want feedback and suggestions for the next part read part 2