Rica gordita masturbandoce bien rico

Rica gordita masturbandoce bien rico
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Hi this is Benet and im 17 yrs old and my parents are divorced and im living with mom.My dad had some affair with a women and he letf mom and mom was with me for my future.My mom name is Carla she is 34 yrs old.She is an absolute beauty she goes to gym regularly and keeps her always fit and she had had some huge melons 36ddd shaped like wtermelons he is whitish and sexy her hair is so long and brunette.Her ass is fatty and so sexy as it giggles on her walk she always wears tught and fit dress to her office and many are fantasing mom as to fuck her she works as a cheif pharmacist in a pharmaceutical company.Any men would wnat to fuck her as on seeing her such a beauty she is.Though after dad lost from her she hadnt had any relationships she is feared about me so she is alwwwwyas stayed single and but she wanted a good fucking life as i have seeen her fingering at night time and wanted a good fuck.

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As her team had an good profit in seling drugs she had an free tour to the african countries as a gift and she went with her colleges and team mates.A one month pack and i had some university xams i havent gone with her.So she went with her team mates and all of them went as family and gfs and mom was all alone there.They landed in Cape town and an jungle safari was panned next day and alll of them went in packs as the time goes on there was a place in near by amazon forest which is so deep and only by wlk we can go it by foot and it is deadly poisonous creatures all are font of going in but mom was not interested they compelled and she went with them.They didvided in groups and they were 12 members and they divided into 4 groups and 3 among them mom and a newly married couples and they went in thick forests as there were privacy the couple went into the bushed for a fuck and mom was unknowingly walking in wrong direction she went into a dense place and she was locked out as she lost the crew.Then she stepped a fe w steps and she could find some animal parts there and that must be some human territory there she wlked in for a while and she now heared some noise near her and she was shocked there were tall black naked tribal man surrounding her with some spears and they surrouded her and they had wepons sword and spears so there is no way out and they were 6 in number and mom was shocked all men have lusty look over her hot body now one of came near and started to smile at her and tear away her clothes and she was shocked but she couldnt resist them now mom was naked infront of horny big black men and they were shocked lookking at her hot body now mom noticed them all of them are erect and all of them have huge cocks and huge testicles averge smaller size is 9 and one among them had 14 inch long python all of them were well built and strong.

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Repetedly she was being banged by all the six of them for hours of fucking and orgies she was fcuked rudely by those blackmen she was being sanveged between those cocks.A day full of hard fuckin by those black men.they fucked her for hours and none of them seeeded her inside the pussy that was the best part.She drank lot of thick sticky cum of them all of the 6 men.After 4-6 hrs of sex they were tired and mom too got tired and hungry and they want something to eat and 4 of men went to hunting and two were there with mom.They took her to near by lake and they jumped into lake for a swim and one among them is the giant he grabbed mom and toook her into the lake and she now he stared to lick her hot body with his hard tongue and his big arms sqeezing hard her tits he pressed it hard and now cleaned moms body other one also came and helped him now those who went to hunt came andthey wer ewith an wild boar and they now teared it into pieces and started to cook the meat and they saw moms body glisening in as the water was in her body they have more time till to eat and every one had a hard on and now they were talkin among them how to fuck and the giant told some thing to them and he took mom to the cave and he made her kneel and inserted his cock insid eher mouth and made her fuck it and mom was amazed by his cock as it was the biggest cock ever seeen it is soo large and now she was blowing it so hard so he would enjoy and she wads ver fast in blowin his cock and the giant was enjoyin ahhahahhhrhrhhrhrhrhrhrhhshsahahhahahhahohohoohhoohho and she took the huge balls too in her mouth she was attracted to his cock and she was blowing it so hard and he was about to cum and he vigorusly shouting rhhrhhrhrhrrhrhhrhhrhrhrhhhohohohuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuh and relesed lot to cum inside hher mouth and momwas licking it like a slut and now she swallowd it and now he started to smooch her and was breathing so hard and fast.

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Due to tight nes of the ass he was about to explode and he released cum innside her mouth again and now he sttod up and kissed her on forehaed and his face was looking so satisfied and the lustt was gone and he was about to miss her as his look showed it.Now a youngest among them he was small guy a teenager 17 yrs maybe but gud built body and was lookin hot now he came near her and now kissed her and smooched her and he was so afst than giant and he came near her and started to bite her nipples and suck her huge melons he was very eager like a baby suckin milk and he was pressin it so hard nad now he made her kneel and his cock was so nice 11 inches and now mom took his cock nand blowin it lika a pipe 5 min after he was shoting rhrhhrhrhrhrhhrhrhrhhshshhshhhhohohuuhuhu he relsedhis cum and now she licked allthe cum now he made her doggy and fucked so fast as his cock gone to end of the uterus and he pounded her so deep and fster then ginat as he is younger he could pump more fast and har dnad he was pressing her melons so hard and he was playing with her melons so joyfully about 15 min he then inserted his dick insid eher assholes and hnow very harder than he fucked pussy as the hole is so tisght ansd the time limit is lesser for him compared to others and mom noticed other men was waitin to fuck he rpussy and now he was trembling and was shouting ahhhaehherhrhrhrrrhrhrrrsrrrrrrrsrsuhuh and he took his cock out and now relaesed his cum insid eher mouth and now mom sucked nad cleaned his cock and now he kissed her and went out and next men came in.

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She ate with him and some drink was offered to her the food was so good which was just like kebab and some fish and some wild guava fruits and some vegetable slads almost they ate all and after that they took some rest after 3 to 4 hrs of sleeep mom could find someone neraby her side and that was that guy and he smiled at her and now mom kneeled and he brought his cock nera her mouth .wow he is lookin normla but his cock is so huge 12 inches and hard rock like a rod and now she blowed his cock he plucked her hair and now fucked inside her mouth.she was gagged by his cock and suffocated fr some time such a huge and he kept on repeatin his fuckin and she now was not able to breathe and now he toook out his cock.This guy is gone rough and he prefers her anally and now made her doodgy position and now sworn his cock insid eher ass holes and fucked her harder and faster he banged her ass hole very hard than any one among them and spanked over her ass cheeks and he presed her melons so hard nad was very fast his balls are not much huge than others thus this guy is hvain lot of sex with the women others had nad have been experinced well thn other guys after 25 min of hard fuck he took out his cock and he is still hard nad now made her misionarry position he jumped over her nad now kissed her pink lips and started to hit over her pussy as her pussy is strectched well by other guys nad now is wet to and now he inserted his full cock insid eher pussy and now hitted her bvery hard nad fast his cock also enterd the deepest portion of the uterus and it had hit thee g spot num of times and she is squitng a lot and he inseted his fingers tooo and his cock sounded totktotktotkotktotkotktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktotkotktoktotkkotoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktotktoktoktoktoktotktapatapatapataptaptaptaptaptapaytaptapatpatpatapatapatpatapataoatapatapatapatapatapatapatapatapatapatapatapat nad he pressed and sucked her melons so hard and roughly and bite her nipples and he fucked her for 50 min and now he trmblin in lot of pleasure and now he tokk out his and now made mom tokneel and now she sucked his cock and he relased thick and hot stickycum and still he is hard and now he made her doggy and fast fucked her very hardly and now she was moaninahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhshshshshshshshshshshshshshshhyayyyayayayayayyayyayayyayayaysyysssyshshshshshhshshshshhshshshsh louder and she squited 7 times and now after 15 min he came out of her pussy and now plusked her hair and now fucked her thoroat and now relased a hue loadof cum insid eher mouth and now he is fully satisfied and now he lookked at moms pussy was dribbling lot her cum and now he sucked her sweet pussy and cleaned it and now kissed her on her lips and went out.

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Then mom taught with the white women about their story and one maong them replied that they were here for past 15 yrs they were stranded in this island and they were made us their breeeding slaves and everymen seeded our womb during our fertile time and hearing this mom was shocked but she could leave this place as she was so fond of fuckin hard by bbc and now the women told mom that u gona be lucky sluty bitch the head gona seed u daily and make ur womb fertile by his black seed adn she told that there must be ceremony for ur marriage with him he gona fuck a women after some yrs as his wife was killled by enemy clan.They also told that there was an riot in that village and manyy lost their lives as now to increase strength all men are free to fuck and seed any women here.the enemy clan once have came here and killed so many inorder to fullfill the lost they are like this.Now the women cleaned moms body parts with some liquid and they brought some ornaments made of stones and metals and they wore an hat too and now they made her in the stage made for the new comers to fuck.their rule is to seed their women during fertile period and not to seed them during bleeding or safer times as they relese their seed out side or just amde them to drink it but verrymen has the right to fuck any women thats the rule.

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