Mega Butt Gorgeous BBW Licked And Fucked

Mega Butt Gorgeous BBW Licked And Fucked
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I was sitting around doing completely nothing when I got a new IM. He said he was a Master and was looking for a slave. I giggled at the thought but talked to him anyway.


We talked about what roles the slave would play and how things operated in that type of relationship, and as funny as it was at first to me, I decided it sounded like something I wanted to try. I kept talking to him over the next few weeks until finally I was officially his new slave to use and abuse.

Then one night I got a phone call. "get your stuff together slut, you're coming for a visit" he said in a firm voice "are you being serious?

I haven't had time to tell anyone and I would be missing work" I protested "are you refusing? Because you know what happens when you refuse me" "no sir, sorry" I couldn't believe he was serious but I knew better than to object any further. I grabbed some clothes and the essentials and headed out the door. He had told me to get on a flight to Kansas City and then from there he said there was a super 8 hotel a few blocks from the airport with reservations.

I got on the plane and slept most of the way, and after getting off the plane I found my way to a shuttle bus to get to the hotel. After I got there I checked in under my name and as he said there was a room waiting.

I went to the room and put all my stuff in the drawers and got comfortable. I turned the tv on to USA then I got in the tub and took a nice relaxing bath, I needed it. I lay in the bathtub full of bubbles just thinking about my Master. I wondered what he was planning and why he wasn't here. I didn't know my way around and I was completely stranded. I knew he wanted me helpless and I was. Thinking about him was getting me hot but I was under chastity, I hate that punishment. I stepped out of the tub and let the water slowly out.

I stood in front of the mirror gazing at my body.

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It was cold and the breeze made my nipples hard. I dried off and put my bikini and tee shirt on.

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Then I stepped out of the bathroom and went to the bed and turned down the covers. I put some lotion on my legs then jumped into bed and started watching the tv on. It was late and I was tired so I watched tv till I couldn't hold my eyes open and then I turned it off and went to bed.

"Mmmmppppphhhh" I woke up to a hand over my mouth and a black hooded face staring at me, I panicked as I tried to move but was trapped under the figure. Shaking my head violently around he pushed down on my jaw harder and started to squeeze my face, it hurt so bad "shut up slave, you're mine" his tone was low and serious. Upon hearing the voice I knew exactly who it was and I froze in fear.

I remembered him talking about me never going home if I visited I assumed he was joking but now I feared what was coming. He rolled my over quickly taking a hold of my arm so I couldn't attempt to get away.

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I quickly tucked my other arm under my belly and started begging him to get off me. " give me your arm right now" "no, let me go!!" squirming and trying to get loose. The grip on my arm got tighter and he pulled my arm up until the joint was straining. "It would really be bad for you if you had to start your life with a broken arm" he kept pulling my arm up.

Then suddenly he stuck me with his fist on my head. I yelled in sharp pain as he hit me over and over till I cried in apology and gave him my arm. He took my other arm and handcuffed them together. Then he put a gag in my mouth and shoved me off the bed till I fell into the floor. He pulled my up by my hair and shoved me out the door and into the trunk of his car where I stayed for what seemed like hours.

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The trunk opened suddenly and I squinted at the light, wondering where I was, what was going to happen, and what time it was. He quickly grabbed a hand full of hair and threw me out of the trunk and onto the ground.

"Im going to let you go, so you can crawl like a proper slave, but if you try anything you will be very sorry, understand slut?" I nodded my head yes, once he untied me and took out the gag I got onto all fours and looked down awaiting his next order. He motioned me to follow as he walked into the house. I crawled by his side obediently. Once we got into the house I was told to kneel in front of a chair as he sat down, I kept my eyes to the floor.

"You were bad at the hotel, and you refused.

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You will be punished for that" his voice was stern and so cold it sent shivers through my body. Without thinking I lifted my head to look at him. As soon as our eyes met he grabbed the back of my head and shoved it to the floor. He pushed my head into the floor and kept pushing till I cried out, afraid he was going to break my nose with the pressure "did I say you could look at me?" "No sir" "then why did you??

You just keep getting yourself deeper in debt don't you." Crying I stopped resisting and he let go of my head but I didn't move. He pulled me up to all fours and pulled me by the hair to a room that looked like a prison, my prison.

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There were chains on the walls with shackles at their ends. One wall had assorted items of punishment on it. There was everything from nipple clamps to cat of nine tails. I froze. "Welcome home" he said as he looked down at me and laughed noticing my fear. "Get your slutty self over there right now!" he pointed to a chain in the middle of the room. I slowly crawled to the chains.

He followed and put the cuffs around my wrists that were attached to the chain. The chain was just long enough for me to kneel but not long enough for me to get away from anything. I started to breathe heavy. He walked over to the wall and picked up a whip. It must have been a bull whip because it was thick and long. I looked up at the whip in fear and tried to shrink back finding I couldnt get anywhere because of the chains, he watches me and laughs.

Then without warning he raises his arm above his head and brings down the whip violently to my back. I cry out in pain not expecting it to hurt so much. He continues to whip me over and over till he reaches 20 lashes, my back was red in welts and bleeding.

He walks to the front and smiles at my tear stained face. "Ready to be a good slave like youre supposed to be?" "Yes sir im ready to be your good slave" I say ragged and worn out "Good then you will thank me for ever strike I give you" with that he brings the whip down over my breast, I wail out in pain and choke out a thank you.

He strikes me again harder in the same place exactly, I scream in pain and once again struggle with a thank you. This continues on and on. "I think you've had enough" I almost melt when I hear those words.


He walks out of the room. I fall back and lay in the floor just then I look over and he comes back, I look at him curious and afraid. "Perfect position slut." I make a move to get up he and steps on my face and pushes my head back down roughly to the floor. He starts to grind his foot into my face as I cry out and grab his leg.

"Let go right now!" I quickly let go of him and he lifts his foot up. Then he sits down on my chest right under my neck. He quickly snaps a leather collar around my neck, my hands immediately jump to my neck fearing he will choke me to death.

He grabs my hands and bends them backwards till they pop and crack and almost break, I cry out and try to squirm away. He lets go of my hands and looks at me. I stare into his eyes as he pulls a remote from his pocket. I look at the remote in wonder.

He presses a button and immediately I feel a shock to my neck, I grab the collar and shake and scream under him. He lets go of the button and I struggle to get the collar off. "Its no use and I advise you to stop trying" he says half laughing at my struggling I don't stop however and I soon receive another shock I shake and scream again.

I let go of the collar and try to calm down not attempting to get loose. "Now how have we learned our lesson?" I shake my head yes He returns the remote to his pocket and pulls out a knife with a long sharp serrated blade. He hold the knife over my face and runs his fingers down the blade, I stare at the blade and watch uncomfortably.

He puts the blade at my neck, then he moves off me and runs the blade down my chest, over my breast and down to my belly button. He takes the knife back up to my neck and starts cutting away my shirt, or what is left of it by now. He runs his fingers over my breasts and belly making me squirm around, then get gets down to my bikini, as he starts to pull it off I attempt to sit up and try to push him away, but im greeted with a knife to my throat pressing hard almost cutting the flesh "if you wish to die, then keep resisting." I tense up, angry and helpless.

He cuts off the bikini and laughs at the landing strip I have shaved. Keeping the knife at my throat he grabs some hair and pulls sending tears to my eyes and I cry out.

He reaches down to my clit and squeezes it between a finger and a fingernail, I cry out in pain and squirm around. He sits on top of me again then takes the shackles off of the chain and attaches it to the floor so I cannot move at all.

"You're mine now, and Im going to mark you as so." he holds up his knife as he says this. Then he takes it and puts it to my belly and pushes it into my skin, as it punctures the flesh I scream out and start to thrash around. He stops, pulls the knife out and punches me hard in the mouth over and over till I spit out blood and my lips are swelled up. "Now maybe you'll shut up!" he puts the knife back to my belly and cuts into me again.

He moves the blade in my skin and carves his initials into my skin. Then he pulls the blade out and wipes it on my cheek to clean it off. He studies his handiwork for a few seconds "So what do you think?" he asks mockingly "I don't know." Wrong answer bitch.

He slaps me hard across the face "now give me a proper response" "I like it sir, it looks good" "I don't much like it, I have a better idea" he gets off of me and walks over to the wall of objects. He puts the whip back and places the knife on the wall as well. Then he picks up a metal pole with something on the end. He also picks up what looks like a Bunson burner and puts the end of the pole over it till it turns red hot.

Then he picks up the pole and walks to me, I yell and squirm trying desperately to get loose without getting anywhere. He sticks the red hot metal on my breasts and the flesh burns. I scream and cry in pain shaking and trying to get loose. Then he rips the brander from my flesh and admires the three initials left behind.


He unties me and forces me to my hands and knees, then he leads me to a cage in the corner of the room. I go into the cage. "Good-Bye for now slut, ill be back later"