Hot Masturbation Session By My Naughty Girlfriend

Hot Masturbation Session By My Naughty Girlfriend
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My Sweet Young Niece My wife's older sister, Cheryl, is a stunningly sexy woman. Cheryl and I had a sexual encounter the summer before this happened, but we had not spoken of it since. Cheryl has a beautiful young daughter, Christine, who was 16 years old at the time this happened.

Christine's real father was a loser who had been out of the picture since she was a baby, so she grew up without a father. I have known Christine since she was a very young girl of about 7 (I was 22 when I married her aunt), and I have always been her favorite uncle. I guess I was the cool uncle with the Harley and the tattoos that listened to rock and roll or something. Anyway, we were always close she would hang around me and ask for rides on my bike.

She would talk to me about her school and her friends and she loved to sit behind me and rub my neck and shoulders. Like I said, we were extremely close, but not a father/daughter thing. I always thought we were more like big brother and little sister than anything else. Christine grew from a cute little girl into a beautiful teenager. It was clear that she had her mother's genes. By the time she reached 16, she had long, silky dark brown hair, a creamy complexion, beautiful brown eyes and a sensuous mouth with full pouty lips.

She stood 5'4" tall with a slender figure and the most luscious pear-shaped ass. She was really taking after her mother in the breast area, too.

Her mother, as I have told you before, has the most incredible pair of 38DD tits that I have ever seen they hardly even need bra support. Well, Christine was well on her way. At 16, she already had a very full C cup rack and being shorter and more slender than her mother, they actually looked bigger on her. Believe me, I couldn't help but notice how she was growing up, even though I tried like hell to keep those thoughts out of my mind.

I have to confess, however, that once in awhile the thought of that sweet, young body would invade my masturbation fantasies and I would jack off furiously thinking about those ripe young breasts and that luscious ass, only imagining what her sweet, tight pussy would taste and feel like.

The summer after Christine turned 16, my wife's aunt was hosting a family reunion for their family. My wife said we had to attend, even though I had to miss a run to do so I wasn't happy.

The reunion was at her aunt's place, which was located on the outskirts of town. Her property was about five acres in size and surrounded by woods. There were probably about 50-60 people there at the peak and there was BBQ and kegs of beer as well as a whole lot of other liquor flowing, too.

Both Cheryl and Christine were there. The party had been going on all day and the sun had long since gone down. I was really buzzed and tired of the family shit so I decided to escape all the noise and confusion and try to get a little peace and solitude go smoke a joint and relax a little. Toward the back of her property, my wife's aunt had a large garage and storage facility and behind that was a tool shed/workshop that was somewhat smaller than a single-car garage.

The partygoers were all getting pretty drunk and were all either in the house at this point or hanging out at picnic tables that had been set up beside it. I walked out into the relative darkness and headed back between the two buildings. I lit up a joint of some excellent weed I had with me and had just taken my first big hit. "Uncle Roger? Whatcha doin'?" My niece, Christine, came walking in between the two buildings.

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Actually, I should say that she came staggering in between the two buildings. It was clear that she had been into more than just a little beer tonight and she was obviously pretty fucked up. I couldn't help but register just how fucking hot she looked in the dim light. She was wearing a short little Harley-Davidson crop top that showed off her flat stomach.

Her tits looked amazing in that tight little shirt and I figured she had to be wearing a push-up bra. She was wearing tight, low-rise blue jeans and sandals and looked just sexy as hell, although I quickly tried to push those thoughts out of my mind.

"Is that a joint you're smoking?" Although we had never discussed getting high or anything I figured, what the hell, and said, "Yep, you want some?" She staggered over to me, threw both arms around my waist from the side and reached out with her lips puckered.

I put my left arm around her back, kind of hugging her, and offered her the joint with the other hand. She drew in, like she knew what she was doing, but then let out a big cough and started laughing. I rubbed her back a little and she hugged me harder, pressing her entire body length against my side, kind of straddling my left leg, with those big, soft tits mashed against my left ribcage.

We stayed in this position until the joint was finished, with me rubbing her back gently and her hugging me and kind of rubbing my stomach. When the joint was finished, I tossed it away and kind of expected us to break our hold, but she didn't move and I admit that I didn't really want to, either. I was still gently rubbing her back and slowly became more and more aware of the fact that I had my arm around this beautiful young girl with her full, soft breasts pressed hard against my body.

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Almost without my knowing it, my cock had become hard as a rock. The combination of pot, booze and now lust got the best of me and, with my heart pounding in my chest; I let my hand drift lower until I was caressing her firm, young ass very softly. When there was no reaction from her, I cupped her right ass cheek and gave it a gentle squeeze. I wasn't sure, but I could have sworn she pushed her hips forward, pressing her crotch harder against my leg in response.

Was this an opening and did I really want it? After continuing to feel up her ass very softly for a little longer with no apparent resistance, I rubbed my hand up her back again and let it drift around to her side until I was touching the side of her left breast with my fingertips. I continued to caress her ribcage with my hand circling onto the side of her breast, gently pressing into that incredible soft fullness just a little more each time.

My cock was rock hard as I softly felt up the side of my niece's big tit like that. I was losing my mind I couldn't stop myself from copping these feels of my niece's tit and I wanted so much to do more, yet I thought I didn't dare to just grab one.

I was stuck, or so I thought. As I continued making these circular motions, she turned her body very subtly so that at the end of the next circle, my hand landed fully on her huge, soft breast. I left it right there and gave her big tit a firm squeeze. "Mmm, that feels nice, Uncle Roger," she whispered. "Yeah, it does," I responded, not quite knowing what to do next.

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I slid my left hand down her back to her ass again and with my right hand turned her toward me. Touching her chin softly, I tilted that beautiful face up to me and looked into her eyes. She had a look like a young doe caught in the headlights not sure if what she wanted was okay - looking a little scared, yet lustful at the same time. I bent my face to hers and kissed her softly, but deeply.

She kissed me back, her small tongue eagerly exploring my mouth. I lowered my hand to her chest and placed it on one of her full, young breasts, squeezing gently, compressing the soft tit flesh through her shirt and bra.

At the same time, I was squeezing and rubbing her ass, going back and forth between the cheeks. As I fondled her breasts back and forth with one hand, I let the other hand slide down between her cheeks and started gently massaging between her legs from behind. My cock was as hard as it could possibly be and I knew I wanted more, but I was getting nervous about how far to go and how much she would let me do.

I was also nervous about getting caught with my hand on my 16 year-old niece's tits. I broke off our kiss and took her by the hand I had to at least fondle that beautiful young body some more if she would let me. I started to lead her toward the tool shed. "Where are we going, Uncle Roger?" "Let's go in the shed here where nobody can see us.

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I just want to touch you a little more if you'll let me. Is that okay - do you want me to?" "Yeah, I do. It felt really good when you were rubbing me, especially down there." We went into the shed and there was just enough light spilling through a small window from the big lights set up next to the house that we could see each other.

I pulled her toward me, put my arms around her and kissed her again. As the kiss became more passionate, I pushed her back against the work bench, rubbed my hands up her sides and leaned her back against the table. I let my hands travel up fully onto both of her big, soft tits. I rubbed them gently and squeezed them together. They felt amazing. "Christine, can I pull up your shirt just a little?

Is that okay?" She didn't answer so I pulled her little crop top up over her big tits. I took both of those big soft breasts in my hands and continued feeling her up, squeezing and rubbing those big mounds of tit flesh through her bra.

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She was breathing hard and leaning back with her eyes closed. "Can I undo your bra and look at them? I really want to see you topless, baby." She looked up at me and reached behind her, nervously unfastening the flimsy little bra herself.

I stepped back a little as she pulled her bra up over her tits, exposing them to me in all their glory. They were incredible! They were full and firm and it didn't appear that she even needed a bra, even though she was a very full C cup (what I thought was a push-up was actually very thin and flimsy).

She had huge, creamy white mounds with large, light tan aureoles. Her nipples were standing straight out, as hard as they could be. She was her mother's daughter, for sure. "Are they pretty, Uncle Roger?" she asked nervously. "Oh Christine, they are absolutely beautiful. You're absolutely beautiful. Let me just look at them a second." I could sense she was getting shy under my gaze, but also that she kind of enjoyed showing them to me.

I moved closer again and reached slowly for her tits. I gently caressed them around the bottoms and sides and them slid my hands on them fully and started feeling her up again. I started squeezing and rubbing them, harder and harder, and she was obviously enjoying it.

Her tits felt so good and my cock was straining against my zipper as I rubbed up it against her belly. I couldn't believe I was actually playing with my sweet, young niece's beautiful breasts like this.


I squeezed them even harder until I was afraid I was actually going to hurt her, but she seemed to enjoy my rough breast play. I bent my head and took one of those big, soft mounds in my mouth and started sucking her rock hard nipple between my teeth.

She let out a little moan. "Have you ever done anything like this, sweetie?" "God, no. A couple of boys at school have felt me up under my shirt a little and I let one of them put his hand down my pants for, like a second, but nothing like this, Uncle Roger." She was having trouble talking and I didn't think it was because of alcohol anymore.

While continuing to suckle her big, soft tits, I traced a line softly down her belly with my right index finger and then caressed her lightly under the waistline of her jeans with it. I unfastened the button on her jeans and, with the waistband loosened, slid my other hand down the back of her pants inside her panties so I could fondle those firm, young ass cheeks.

I kissed her again while rubbing her naked ass from behind with my left hand and rubbing her crotch and pussy through her jeans with my right.

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I let my left hand go deeper between her legs from behind, teasing her little asshole with my middle finger and reaching closer to her sweet, young pussy. Christine was breathing harder now and writhing against my hands, which were now rubbing her both front and back - she didn't know which way to go.


I stopped rubbing her with my right hand and unzipped her jeans. I felt her tense up as I slid my hand inside her jeans and panties, but she didn't pull away at all so I slid my finger down her pussy slit.

My God, she was soaking wet! I continued to rub and feel her firm, young ass while I explored her pussy with my right hand, finding her young clit and rubbing it gently before sliding a finger all the way up inside that young, virgin cunt. "Oh my God, Uncle Roger, that feels so good!" I pulled my right hand out of her pants, holding her close with my left arm, my left hand still down her pants holding that sweet ass, while I took her hand and gently guided it to the tremendous bulge in the front of my pants.

Her hand rested there lightly, moving just slightly to explore my big, hard cock. "Have you ever played with a cock before, Christine? Have you even seen one?" "No," she said, hardly able to get the word out. "Do you want to?" She just nodded her head in response. I let go of her and unbuckled my belt, then unfastened and unzipped my jeans, letting them fall to the floor around my ankles. I slipped my boxer shorts over my engorged cock and let them fall to the floor, too.

My cock was standing up just as hard as it could possibly get. I am not a porn star by any means, but I am over seven inches long and pretty thick and grown women like my size. Plus, I have far larger than average balls. You can only imagine the effect my fully erect cock had on my 16 year-old virgin niece. She just stared for a minute. "Touch me, Christine." She reached out gingerly and wrapped her fingers around my hard, hot cock. The feel of her silky soft, cool fingers timidly grabbing my shaft along with the sight of watching my beautiful, virginal niece touching her first cock was almost too much to take.

I gasped and almost came right there. I struggled to gather my control somewhat. "Stroke it, Christine. And take my balls in your other hand." She started to gently stroke up and down the length of my cock as she cupped my huge balls in her other hand. She was getting into it now and it felt awesome. Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip and it was getting slippery as she stroked it harder and harder while fondling my balls. She was obviously enjoying playing with my cock.

"Uncle Roger, I love playing with your cock. It feels awesome!" "Oh, Christine, suck on it for your Uncle Roger. Suck my cock, sweetie." She stopped stroking it and looked up with a worried look on her face. "I'm nervous, Uncle Roger. I don't know how." "Just take the tip of it in your mouth, honey." She bent her head and took the head of my cock into her beautiful mouth.

The sight of that sweet virginal teenage mouth - those luscious full lips with my big, hard cock sticking out of it was almost too much to handle. "That's it, baby. Now just start licking it all over while you do that.

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Yeah, just like that. Now keep stroking it, sweetie, and lick my balls. That's it; take them into your mouth, too." She did everything I was telling her stroking my cock while she licked and sucked my huge balls. She took the shaft in her mouth again, sucking on it harder and harder as she got comfortable with doing it. This girl was hungry for my big, hard cock and was really enjoying this. I was trying to be gentle with her, but I couldn't last any longer with the sight of that cock in that beautiful young face.

"Oh baby, I'm going to cum. Will you drink my cum?" Her only answer was to suck my cock harder and harder as I exploded into her sweet mouth.

I shot load after load between those soft, pouty lips. She started to gag a little, but quickly regained control and cleaned up every drop, continuing to suck on it long after I was done coming. "That's it. Come here, baby." I reached down and pulled her up to me. She was a little wild-eyed with alcohol, pot and lust as I kissed her and started to fondle her huge breasts again.

I finished unzipping her pants and slid them to the floor around her ankles along with her silky little panties. "Let your uncle return the favor." I turned her around and gently encouraged her to bend over the work bench.

What a sight! The view of that firm young ass in the air, with that sweet, untouched pussy peeking out from between her legs, made my cock jump to life again.

Her immense, creamy white breasts were hanging and swaying underneath her as she rested on her elbows. I reached around and fondled her big, soft tits some more with my left hand as I rubbed and felt up her ass and pussy with my right.

I slid my middle finger into her tight little pussy and began to finger fuck her gently as she moaned with pleasure.

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I forced a second finger into that tight, wet opening as she moaned harder. I continued to finger-fuck her harder and harder as she got used to having them in there. "Oh my God, Uncle Roger, I can't take anymore!" Without responding, I moved behind her and got down on my knees. The sight and smell of that soaking wet young pussy was intoxicating.

I eagerly licked the length of her pussy slit from the clit all the way up to her sweet little asshole. Fuck, she tasted sweet! Time and time again I licked the entire length as she was writhing and moaning with pleasure she had never experienced before. I tongued her ass as I put my fingers into her twat again, then took her clit in my teeth and sucked it hard. Finally, I could take no more. "Alright, baby, it's time." I stood behind her and took my cock in my hand. Eating her pussy and asshole had made me every bit as hard as I was before.

I rubbed the head of my cock against her soaking wet cunt lips and felt her squirm against me. "Uncle Roger, are you going to fuck me?" "Yeah, sweetie, I want to put this cock into you so bad. Is it okay?" "Yeah, I've been saving it because I wanted you to be the first." I almost lost my balance when I heard her declare that she had wanted to fuck me all along. I continued to rub the head of my cock against her wet virgin snatch, savoring the feeling.

She started pushing back against it, forcing it between her waiting pussy lips. I grabbed her hips and pulled her against me as I pushed the head of my hard cock into that virgin pussy.

Christine let out a gasp. Fuck, it was the tightest cunt I had ever felt. I slowly stroked in and out, pushing it in about an inch farther each time until I got the entire length into her and my pelvis was bumping up against that firm, young ass. I started slowly fucking her in and out, using the entire length of my hard cock, feeling my balls slap against her at the end of each stroke as that tight little pussy grew accustomed to having my cock in it.

She was moaning as I reached around and grabbed her huge breasts and squeezed them again and again as I fucked that tight little pussy harder. After a short time, I felt that tender young body start to convulse and I knew she was going to come. "That's it, sweetie, let it go." "Oh, I love you Uncle Roger! I'm coming!" With that she started coming with all her might. My sweet, young niece coming all over my cock set me off.

For some reason, I decided not to take the chance of coming inside her and pulled my cock out of her pussy, jacking off furiously, shooting load after load of hot cum all over her ass and lower back, then sticking my now-drained cock back inside her to feel that teenaged pussy a little more.

(It was only later that I learned she had been on the pill since she turned 15). When we were done and had our breath back, we kissed, hugged and groped each other a little; our pants around our ankles and her shirt and bra still pulled up over her beautiful, young tits. I grabbed a shop towel off of a stack of clean ones and cleaned us up a little. "So, baby, are you okay? Did you like it?

Did you like fucking your favorite uncle?" "Oh, yeah, Uncle Roger! Please tell me we can do this again and again. Maybe next time you can teach me about anal sex." I can hardly wait.