Chibolo me lleva a su cuarto aprovechando que sus padres lo dejaron con la casa sola

Chibolo me lleva a su cuarto aprovechando que sus padres lo dejaron con la casa sola
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Hi ya'll it's me Georgeann again. This time I'd like to tell you how I met Tex for the first time, a biker who has been a close friend to my husband and I ever since. It was 1981, Tom and I were living in Ocala, our bike shop was doing good and my first born, my daughter Carol, was just shy of turning one years old. I'd finished rebuilding a 1976 super glide, a big step up from the 1969 sporster I had learned to ride on and hadn't been able to put many miles on her.

With Carol spending the week with Tom's parents, I was at the shop helping out. The usual crowd was hanging around, Tom and Carl wrenching on bikes, Jeff, Yoda and Fritz were hanging around, bullshitting as usual, plus customers stopping in and out. It was a very hot July day, so all I had on was a tight white boys wife beater tank top that I had tied in a knot under my boobs, a pair of very short daisy duke denim shorts and a pair of leather sandles.

With Tom's encouragement, I was flirting and flashing my boobs and giving beaver shots to whoever was interested, they all were. Tom teased me telling me I was interrupting his and Carls concentration and suggested I go for a ride on my recently finished SuperGlide. Tom said they had to have this Panhead they were working on finished before 4pm, so the customer could pick it up and we'd get paid the $7,000 for the custom work we had done.

Back in 1981, that was a lot of money to spend on a Harley you already owned. Much to the dismay of the guys, I ran upstairs to one of the small apartments above the shop where Tom and I kept some clothes and set up for our sexual encounters with people we picked up and didn't want to take home.

I left my boys wife beater tank top on, put on a pair of denim jeans, socks and my leather engineer boots. Even though it was a very hot and muggy day, I took my denim jacket with me. Back down at the shop, I went over my pride and joy, stuffed my jacket in my saddlebag, kissed my other pride and joy and told him I'd be back in a couple of hours, it was only 11am.

I put my helmet on, straddled my Harley, turned the petcock on, turned the iginition key to the on postion, pulled out the choke, then pressed the starter button.

My finely tuned 74 inch V-twin roared to life and the biggest vibrator I had ever owned began to work it's magic on my very horny and hungry pussy. I blew a kiss at my husband, then peeled out, a huge grin on my face.

I zigzagged towards I-75, turned on it heading northbound and easily throttled up to speed and entered the traffic of the interstate.

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A half hour later, being female, yeah, I know, I had to pee. I pulled into the Ellisville rest area, just south of Lake City, shut down my Harley, locked the forks and took my ignition key as I listened to the motor ticking from the heat.

Walking kinda funny, doing my best not to grab at my pussy I made it to the restroom before I pissed my pants. Oh, there was a wet spot on the crotch of my jeans, but not from having to piss. I couldn't tell you how many climaxes I had during that short 70 or so mile ride. I moved the bike over near one of the picnic tables in the almost empty rest area, again, shut her down, then sat on top of one of the cement picnic tables, pulled out my pack of Marlboro's and lit one.

A couple of puffs later, the sky darkened and I began seeing lightning before the sound of thunder reached my ears. Then the rain began. SHIT!!!

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I was more or less shelthered from the worse of it, all the picnic tables were covered by a small cement pole type canopy, but the rain was still blowing in sideways, but I was getting too wet. Then I remembered I had to put the plastic baggie over my carburator or my baby would never restart. Cursing, I ran out, immediately got drenched, but got my saddle bag open, pulled out the plastic and put it over my air cleaner.

I debated if I wanted to spend the time getting even wetter to go to my other saddle bag and get my denim jacket, but decided to run for the relative shelter of my picnic table. I was soaked.

My tank top, my jeans and my boots were soaked thru and clinging to me. I had to admit the rain did feel good, it cooled me off. I could see steam riseing from the asphalt and the bike as the cold rain cooled off the heat of the sun. I giggled looking down at my chest. The tight boys white wife beater was totally transparent, it clung to my body like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. My 34dd milkers looked massive, my dark, brown nipples were totally erect and every tiny dimple and bump on my aurola's were defined so that even a blindman could see them.

My breasts were filled and rock hard, almost to the point of hurting, I hadn't breast fed Carol since the night befoe. The rain was blowing more heavily now and the wind was blowing it under my small shelter, keeping me wet, but not as if I was standing out directly in the storm. I looked at my watch, it was barely after noon, but the sky was so dark, it could have been midnight.

Just the frequent lightning would brighten up the area. I smiled, thinking of Tom as I pulled my pack of cigarettes out of the leather pouch he had given me for Christmas, it kept my cigarettes dry and my Zippo dry.

I lit another cig, protected it by cupping it with my hand and returned my cigarettes to thier dry home. I was allso glad it was a new pack, it looked like I would be here a while. My eyes wandered over the almost deserted parking lot. The only cars were a full sized window van with a family clear down the other end of the rest area, parked next to a State Police car. On the other side of a narrow grassy area, three tractor trailer trucks were parked.

They weren't close to where I had parked my bike, but nonetheless, my mind started imagining being in the sleeper with the driver, sucking and getting fucked by some stranger with a huge cock till the storm passed.

I'd done it many times before, most of the time with Tom waiting out by the picnic tables for me to finish. I was half way finished with my second cigarette, maybe 15 minutes or less at the rest area when I saw a big guy in leathers pull up on a PanShovel, loaded with sleeping bags and shit strapped to the sissybar and handle bars.

He took his time as he pulled up just past my bike, killed his engine, then backed it in, rear wheel against the curb, like I had mine. He was a small giant of a man.

Taller then my husband and easily a good #100 or more pounds then Tom. Full, long black beard. He smiled as he approached, asking if he could join me. I laughed and said sure. "Dam, I'll never get use to Florida weather!," he said with a jolly laugh, like a very young santa before Santa got old and whiteheaded.

He took off his helmet, "Dam, now I do remember why I came to Florida, your offense little lady, I call them like I see them. I'm Tex, thats Bree," the big man introduced himself, then pointed to his Harley. I looked at him questionally, "Thats my bikes name, Bree, short for half breed, she can't decide if shes a Shovel or a Pan," he explianed laughing again like Santa. "Hi, I'm Georgeann, nice to meet ya and thanks for the compliment.," I said, sticking out my hand to shake hands with the giant.

He took my hand in his bear claw, but to my surprise, he was very gentle. "The pleasures all mine, Georgeann.pardon me a sec.," he said, I noticed him stare at my tits, which were still wet and getting wetter, then raise his eyes skyward and I heard him say,"Hey Lord, listen, I know I was just cussing ya a few minutes ago 'bout this fucking rain and shit, Bro, I'm fuckin sorry man.

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I should have known ya had ya reasons, I'd like to tank ya now for this fucking storm, making me pull off here and finding this little Angel sitting here.," Tex said, then looked down at me and busted out laughing. His laugh was contagious. I started laughing too, making my boobs jiggle around. I couldn't help notice the big man's eyes were glued to my boobs. "Ya ol'man taking a leak?," he asked. "Probably, or more likely getting sucked off my some bimbo.he's back in Ocala working, I went for a ride and had to stop to piss.if I would have know it was going to storm like this, hell, I would have just pissed my jeans as I was rideing.," I told him laughing.

"Now thats my kinda girl!! Nothing wrong with a little piss action.," he said. Umm, I wonder if he knew he just hinted about likeing golden showers? If so, now thats my kinda man!!!

I lit another cigarette and offered one to him. He shook his head yes as he took off his soaked leather jacket and his t-shirt, exposeing a huge barrel of a hairy chest. He had man boobs, kinda sexy, and big nipples too. He wrung out his t-shirt and jacket as best as he could and put them under the picnic table where it was a bit dryer, but not much. Then he pulled off his water logged boots and socks and did the same with them.

All he had on was a pair of very dirty and greasy jeans. He looked sexy. He sat next to me on the table and we chatted a bit. I found out he was in Florida looking for work since the oil industry was in a slump back in Texas, so far he hadn't found anything that paid enough for him to live.

I found out he did welding and knew how to drive a wrecker. I didn't say anything or offer him a job, I wanted to know more about him. I told him I was 17 and the mother of 3, been with my guy for almost 10 years. He couldn't believe I was a day older then 14! This guy knew how to make my ego ballon!!! A half hour later, the storm seemed to be getting worse, so I left the little shelter we had and ran to the restroom area and used a pay phone to call Tom and tell him what was up.

He said it was storming there too and offered to come get me in the pick-up truck and trailer, I told him I was ok, I'd weather the storm. I said if it didn't get anybetter in another couple of hours, I'd call back and he could come get me. I hung up the phone and saw a trucker coming out of the mens room, his eyes on my tits.


Handsome, tall and lanky, maybe in his late 30's. I noticed the long bulge forming down his left pants leg. I smiled. "Ya hear anything about the storm?," I asked. The trucker told me there was a huge accident just south of us at mile marker 411 and that the whole north and south bound was shut down. He said DOT was estimateing at least four hours before they could clear the multipe wrecks and open the highway again.

I thanked him and ran back to Tex. Now I was really soaked.

Tex was now openly starring at my tits. Well, me being me just had to ask, "Well, what do you think? Not to bad for being a old married woman and mother?" "Little Darling, I think thier perfect!!! I don't think I have ever seen titties as perfect as those," He said.

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I looked around, the cop car and the van had disappeared, only one truck was left out in the parking lot. With the highway shut down, no one else would be pulling into the parking lot. I pulled my wet tank top over my head, freeing my huge milk filled tits. I could feel them bounceing and swaying with thier freedom.

Tex's eyes tried to follow thier motion. I grabbed my tits, my hands were small compared to thier size. I grabbed just behind my nipples, and useing my thumb and forefinger, I began squeezing my nips. Milk began to flow, then squirt in several directions. Tex laughed in his throaty way and said, "Hold on there Angel, don't waste it.I mean, can I have a taste?" I smiled and said, "Well Tex, the highways been shut down, that trucker over there just told me it would be several hours before they reopened, no traffic, no cars to interupt us.I'll let you suckle on my boobs if ya let me suck on your cock." Tex said, "Angel, you drive a hard bargain, but you have a deal," then he leaned over and gently wrapped a huge, caloused hand around my left tit and fastened his mouth on my nipple.

I had a immediate orgasm. Tex switched to my other boob, suckled it, then I pulled him up and began kissing him as I groped his crotch. I tried to unbutton his jeans, he helped. I pulled his dick free and was plesantly surprised.

It was a good 9 inches, thick, uncut an drock hard.

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I sat on the bench, he stood. I attacked that big cock and made it disappear down my throat. Tex stood there blocking the view from the highway as I sucked on his dick.


It took several minutes, but I got a huge load out of him. His cock went soft, he pulled out and said he was going to take a piss. He started to turn, I grabbed hold of his dick, "Uh, Tex, um, would you mind pissing in my mouth?," I asked.

Tex grinned and turned back towards me, his cock was getting hard. I took the head in my mouth and Tex asked if I was ready. I knodded with a mouth full of his dick. Tex let his piss flow. I rapidly swallowed, Tex would stop the flow till I caught up, then start it again. When he was finished he said, "Your one special, kinky bitch, ain't ya," the he bent over and began kissing me.

He was feeling up my titss, then his hand cupped my pussy thru my jeans.


I oppened my jeans and pulled them down enough for his thick hand got inside and he began finger fucking me. Things happened fast. My jeans were off, Tex laid me back on the table, he sat on the bench and began eating my pussy.

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He was totally into my smooth cunt. He brought me to several orgasms before I was begging him to fuck me. He slid his cock into me and I loved it. His big dick felt good inside me.

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The storm was still rageing. We never heard the trucker that I passed at the restrooms approach. He was standing there jacking off a cut, 7 incher. Tex noticed him, but never missed a stroke as he fucked me. I motioned for the trucker to let me suck his cock.

He moved over and I started sucking his dick. Right about then Tex filled my pussy with cum and went soft. He pulled out. I let the truckers cock pop out of my mouth. Tex sat on the bench. I leaned over sucking his cock, the trucker went behind me and shoved his cock in me.

The trucker didn't last long, he came, thanked me and went back to his truck. Tex was hard again. I stradled his lap, guided his cock inside me and rode him on the bench under the protection of the concrete shelter.

Tex lasted a long time. I got off several times. After he came this time, I knelt on the ground and sucked his cock and balls clean. We redressed, sat and smoked a few cigarettes as we talked. I really liked Tex.

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I told him about my husband, our bike shop and the wrecker yard. I offered him a job, with fringe benifits. He was hesitant, I told him my husband was going to love watching Tex fucking me. "I gotta ask, is your ol'man bi?.Little Darling, I love pussy, I much prefer pussy, but once in a while.," he started to say, but I finished it for him, "you enjoy some man and man?," I asked. "Yeah, Tom is bi, but thats between us, ok?," I confided in him. The rain began to lighten, the storm passing.

Tex kissed me, gave my titties another sucking, then we dressed, got on the bikes and Tex followed me back to our shop. I took the Elisville exit and took hwy 441, the back road back to the shop.