Selfmade while I watch a porn

Selfmade while I watch a porn
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Sheriff John McLoud lounged in his office chair, his hat tipped forward over his forehead as protection from the harsh sun light, his hand resting on his gun as was his habit. He thought about doing the rounds of the local bars, checking on the whores and all the other onerous duties of a new territories Sheriff but he couldn't be bothered, so he just sat there.

Around three o'clock Jake Bannister arrived in a tearing hurry, "Sheriff, Sheriff, come quick, Widder Mason been raped!" "You sure?" he asked, "Why she has to be fifty and she bigger round than a barn door!" "In the night Sheriff," Jake explained.

"You get a description?" he asked. "Sure, twelve inches long at least and three round," Jake explained. "Negro, white, Irish, what we talking about here?" he demanded. "It was dark," Jake explained patiently. "It damned well must have been!" the Sheriff agreed, "So lets round up the Negroes, do an identity check." "Why Negroes, you racist or something?" Jake asked.

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"You want your weenie examined?" he replied, "That old bitch staring at your crotch while your weenie curls up like some French Snail?" "Still sounds Racist," Jake agreed. "Ok, round up everyone with a ten inch cock and above." the Sheriff suggested, "Go up to guys and say 'Say, you got a ten inch cock,' see how long you get to keep some teeth." "We could get a girl to do it," Jake suggested, "One of the pretty girls from the saloon, she could help out, we could deputise her." "Sure," the Sheriff replied, "That's a swell new name for it, you thinking of bending her over the desk and poking her ass while she licks my cock?" "We could swap over half way through?" Jake suggested.

"Or we could do some real work," the Sheriff declared, "But lets do it, get a whore to ask the guys how big they gets." "We could ask at the whore house," Jake suggested, "Just ask the girls who has a ten inch plus cock." "Girls don't have, cocks, except down in Mexico," the Sheriff explained patiently, "Oh right, I got you," he added quickly as he realised what Jake meant.

"I guess the girls will lie, how would they know a ten inch cock?" Jake asked. "You got a point there," the Sheriff agreed, and he sat his hat straight on his head, "Lets find us a Negro." They never had far to look, Erasmus was sitting in the shade of the front porch with his shoe shine kit, brand new never used since he moved from Florida a year ago, but it was what he did.

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"Hey Rasmus, you got a ten inch cock?" the Sheriff asked. "Not looking at your ugly face boss," he replied. "We need a ten inch cock to take a mould off of," the Sheriff insisted.

"Well you find a pretty lady to suck me and I'll show her twelve inches of man meat!" he exclaimed. The whore house was quiet like a morgue, "Thirteen thirteens is one hundred and fifty seven, fourteen thirteens is," a childlike voice was chanting.

"Dolores, oldest child whore in Carson County," Jake explained, "Hey Dolly get down here." "Oh sir, I can't, I'm wearing my nightie," she trilled, "Ok it's off," and she tripped lightly down the stairs, "Oh, it's you," she said as she stood there completely naked, her small girlish breasts tiny mounds on an otherwise flat chest, her blonde hair in little piggy tails like she was a school kid.

"We got a job for you," Jake explained. "I don't take no cock up my ass, no way," Dolores insisted, "Not for nobody!" "We don't want to." the Sheriff explained. "Then what which way you want to do this three way?" she asked. "We want to know which guys have twelve inch cocks Dolly," the Sheriff explained. She laughed, "Gee you must have a loose ass Sheriff!" she tittered.

The Sheriff gritted his teeth, "Not for me!" he insisted. "You want to stop by one day honey," Dolly suggested, "Let me straighten you out!" "Some guy with a twelve inch cock raped widow Mason at her ranch," the Sheriff explained, "So we need to do an identity parade." "You must be plum loco," Dolores sighed, "I'll go get dressed." She went back upstairs reciting the list of Kings of Englnd and soon came down wearing a pay school uniform from back east.

Blazer white shirt, tie, black skirt and polished shoes. "Gee," Jake gasped. "That's you on the list then," the Sheriff laughed as Jake's cock visibly swelled. "Well you sure ain't," Dolly countered with a sneer. Dolly agreed to ask around later that evening but first they went to find Erasmus, he was still waiting on the porch. "You want to come down the blacksmith?" the Sheriff asked. "Nope but I guess I must," he agreed.

They went down Eli Brown's blacksmith shop, "We want a bronze cast of Erasmus's cock." the Sheriff said. "Okay, you want a bronze cock?" he asked, "Where the hell do you think I can get bronze?" They looked around at each other, "Whats so special about his cock anyway?" "Ten inches?" Jake offered.

"Look," Eli said and he reached under a bench, "Cast iron cocks, for the widows see, ten, twelve, fourteen inches right up to." "Jesus!" Dolly gasped as she saw the huge monstrosity Eli was handling. "It's a Table Leg darling," he explained, "We got cocks up to twenty four inch ready to use, just need the rust gotten off and a coat of paint." "We'll take a twelve," the Sheriff agreed.

"Good choice," Eli said, "But get rid that rust Sheriff or you'll be shitting blood and then die." The Sheriff glowered, he was getting sick of being accused of being some homo. "Sure thing, I'll get you a check sometime," the Sheriff said and he stuffed the iron cock in his belt and they went back to the jail house.

Eli shrugged, "Check who's he kidding," he moaned as the sheriff had a well earned reputation for not paying his dues. "I guess you better fetch Widow Twankey," the Sheriff said.

"Widder Mason," Jake corrected, "This is serious." "Sounds like a pantomime to me," Dolly admitted, "But you get the widow and the Sheriff can rub his cock." "Oh funny," the Sheriff sniped, "Why don't you rub it?" "You say the cutest things!" Dolly laughed, "But I guess I'll pass." Sheriff McLoud sat on the porch rubbing the rusty iron cock with sandpaper and a wire brush while half the town fell around with laughing at him, not that they let him see them laughing and then finally with the cock polished he gave it a coat of black lead paint.

"You finished rubbing your cock?" Dolly asked later. "Sure," he admitted, "Where's Jake?" "He's coming," she confirmed, "Only that old goat don't waddle too fast." He had to agree, but the steps started creaking and Widow Mason waddled in, the Sheriff sighed. She looked fifty if she was a day. Her huge bosoms wobbled obscenely as there was no way she could find a brassiere big enough out west. She had to be sixty inches around her tits, with a fifty nine inch waist.

Maybe sixty round the waist if you could find it. Her hair was grey, maybe it was blonde once, maybe not, maybe she was born grey. "Hi, you got raped right?" the Sheriff asked. "Sure did, twelve inches of iron hard cock." she agreed. "Gee that poor bastard must have been desperate," Dolly whispered to herself. "He fucked into me three times," Widow Mason agreed. "Sure, and how did he escape?" Dolly asked. "Out the window when I was not looking," Widow Mason agreed. "Right we got cock hunting to do," the Sheriff announced, "Now is this around the right size?" he asked and he produced the iron cock.

"I guess," Widow Mason admitted.

"You maybe want to try it?" Dolly asked. "I said it looks right." Widow Mason insisted. "Well I don't believe you!" Dolly insisted. "Yeah Katherine, I reckon you ought to try." Jake suggested. Poor Widow Mason, her beady little eyes were nearly popping out at the thought of the iron cock inside her. "Well," the Sheriff asked, "You gong to check it feels right, we need to know if its ten inches." "Ok, give me some space," she said and when nobody moved she added, "Get out!

Now!" They left the widow alone with the iron cock, there was a rustle of clothes and then some muffled gasps, "You Ok in there?" Jake asked as he stepped inside the office to see Widow Mason sat on the table with her draws down and the iron cock inside her, although only the flange on the end actually poked out of her between her tree trunk sized thighs. "Guess it must have been bigger," she admitted "Either that or Iron ain't like real cock." "Right," the Sheriff agreed.

"You want to try a real cock," Dolly said, "Can't you find a guy with a ten inch cock?" The Sheriff looked in, "Hey Erasmus," he called, "Got a job for you!" "What's up boss," Erasmus asked. "You want to fuck the widow so she feels what a twelve inch cock feels like?" he asked. "Nope, not really," Erasmus replied.

"You want to find a new shoe shine pitch?" the Sheriff asked. "No boss," Erasmus replied, "I'll do it," he agreed, "You want to rub my cock Dolly?" "Sheriff is the chief cock rubber," Dolly suggested.

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"Look, this ain't funny no more," the Sheriff threatened, "So get and poke the widow OK!" Erasmus dropped his pants, "Gee," widow Mason gasped, "That sure is big!".

"That ain't big, I ain't turned on!" Erasmus complained. "Let me," Dolly sighed but Widow Mason grabbed Erasmus and pulled him to her. "Hell I don't mind my cock in you but I sure as hell still want it attached to me!" he protested. Widow Mason sat on the edge of the Sheriffs desk with her fat bulging thighs spread wide apart and someplace in a mass of curly black hairs her cunt dripped with anticipation as she waited for Erasmus's cock. "The things I do for you guys," he complained as his long black cock slowly disappeared inside the folds of flesh.


"Has it gone in yet?" he asked. "I guess," Widow Mason agreed. "Let me," Jake suggested and he stood back and kicked Erasmus up the ass.


Erasmus jerked forward, "Oh god, that's so good!" Widow Mason sighed. "So, I done it, can I get back to shoe shining?" Erasmus asked, but Widow Mason had her hands on his backside pulling him ever deeper inside her and Erasmus realised he didn't have a chance to escape.

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"Gee I feel horny," the Sheriff admitted. "I'll leave you two to it then," Dolly agreed and she went to leave. "Hell no. I'm horny for a woman, not a kid, not a guy a woman!" the Sheriff protested. "Look honey, everyone knows you like guys," Dolly chided. "I don't damn you," said the Sheriff as Erasmus closed his eyes and imagined he was fucking a steer as he rode Widow Mason for an orgasm, "But I don't go for little girls neither." "Well like I said," Dolly replied," Any time you want straightening out, you be my guest," and she was gone.

Erasmus was getting into his stride now, the old desk was creaking as he humped and the whole thing was siding nearer the wall with every hump intil suddenly, 'Crack,' one of the legs busted off. and the whole thing keeled over. "Oh Rasmus, that was the best I ever had," Widow Mason agreed as they lay in a heap. "What about this rape?" the Sheriff asked. "Maybe you could send the suspects around my place?" she asked hopefully. "You sure it was rape?" Jake asked as Widow Mason scrabbled her way to her feet.

Erasmus stood up, "Gee." he said and just about collapsed into a chair. Someone walked up and knocked the door, "I say," he said in an English accent, "Some bloody woman stole my horse!" "That's him!" Widow Mason shouted, "That's him, I'd know that voice anywhere." Sheriff McLoud walked outside, A well dressed cowboy was standing on the porch, "Say, you been raping Miss Mason?" he asked.

"If you mean the old crone who stole my horse and locked me in her barn the answer is emphatically no," he sighed. "This him?" Sheriff McLoud asked. "Ohhh, sure is," she simpered. "You a Gigolo or something?" the Sheriff asked. "Only for ladies Sheriff, your reputation precedes you," the guy admitted, "She owes me twenty dollars." "You said a whole night!" Widow Mason explained.

"Hey hold up," the Sheriff says, "What reputation?" "You know very well," the Cowboy explained patiently. "Well it 'ain't right!" he insisted. "Right, so you're fucking whores every night from sun down to sun up?" the Cowboy asked. "Not exactly," the Sheriff admitted, "Hell I'm the law, I got standards." "Exactly," said the Cowboy, "Now if you was a real man." "What the hell do I have to do to convince you?" the Sheriff asked.

"Maybe take over from Erasmus when he finishes?" Jake suggested. "Right, well, nope, I guess I can live with the jibes," the Sheriff admitted.

About then there was a squeal like a pig dying, Widdow Mason was squealing fit to burst, Erasmus had been humping her like a demented hound dog and then he must have let fly because she was a howling and a hollering and squealing like it was killing time at the abattoir. It was too much so they all went outside to get some air before they threw up.

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"Do you see why I escaped?" The Cowboy exclaimed. "No wonder you don't go for women boss," Jake agreed, "If that's a woman." "She's too old," the Sheriff sighed.

"What about Dolores, I mean Dolly?" Jake asked. "She's a kid." he sighed. "She been a kid one hell of a long time," Jake explained, "I guess women just ain't your scene." "So what's with the rape?" the Sheriff asked.

"I never raped her, she paid me!" the Cowboy insisted. Just then Dolly came back, "You got any cocks for me?" she asked. "No, we found us our rapist," Jake explained. "She paid me," the Cowboy insisted.

"Hell, whoring without a license, thats serious." Dolly explained. "Why?" the Sheriff asked. "Cause you have to have a whoring license right?" she asked. "Sure," the Sheriff agreed. "And if you goes whoring without you gets locked up till you get a license," Dolly added. "So?" the Cowboy asked, "How much is a license?" "Two Dollars, except only girls can get them," Dolly explained.

"Right, so you thinking maybe you raped her?" the Sheriff asked. Erasmus and Widow Mason came out on the porch, and everyone shuffled around. "Like you get life in jail for whoring," the Sheriff asked. "Or get your cock lopped off and be a girl," Dolly added helpfully. "Or you do your time for rape," the Sheriff suggested. "And what time is that?" the Cowboy asked. "One week," the Sheriff explained. "In jail, one week for rape?" the Cowboy asked. "Hell no," Jake laughed, "Tied naked to a rail outside the saloon like a dog so any widow woman can climb right on your cock and there ain't nothing you can do about it!" "Gee!" the Cowboy exclaimed, "You're kidding right." "Well think it over," the Sheriff suggested, "I guess losing your cocks no big deal?" The Cowboy fainted.

They left him there and went back inside the office. "How you know about the law Dolly?" the Sheriff asked "Hell I ran out of school books about five years ago," she said, "So I started on law books." "How old are you exactly?" he asked. "A lady never gives her age," she reminded him. "I reckon she must be pushing twenty," Jake said thoughtfully. "Twenty?" the Sheriff queried. "No way, I'm thirteen!" Dolly insisted but nobody believed her. "I reckon if you let your hair down," the Sheriff suggested, and he reached out and started to unravel her pig tails, "And washed those fake freckles off of your face." "Hey leave me alone!" Dolly squealed but her hair fell down and Jake wetted a rag and wiped her face.

The Sheriff felt yearnings he couldn't resist, "You know you offered to straighten me out," he whispered, "Now's as good a time as any. Get out all of you. Give us some privacy!" "I guess I talked myself into that one," Dolly agreed and let the Sheriff raise her short skirt to show her perfect hairless vagina, "Only you better kiss me or say sweet things of something because homos don't turn me on." "Ten Dollars?" he whispered.

"Keep talking," she agreed. "Fifteen?" he suggested. "Enough, you wanna climb aboard for a trip to heaven?" Dolly asked. They looked around, the desk was broke, the floor was filthy, "My place or against the wall?" Dolly asked. The Sheriff never replied but instead dropped his pants and grasped his cock, "Gee!" Dolly exclaimed, "Hell you're well hung for a homo." He lifted her by the waist and pushed her against the wall as she guided his cock up against her moist pussy lips so he could lower her down "Be gentle with me," she said automatically.

The Sheriff began to hump, once, twice, three times, "Oh shit I'm cumming!" he exclaimed. "Oh jesus, pull out!" Dolly wailed but she was far too late as a jet of spunk surged up inside her.

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"You filthy stupid moron, my gentlemen always pull out you fool," Dolly protested. The Sheriff looked around, about two dozen faces was pressed against the window, "What you looking at?" Dolly demanded. "Show us your tits!" someone demanded. Dolly undid her shirt and pulled it aside, no one said much as she showed her sad little tits.

"You're too beautiful," the Sheriff said. "You wanna see us fuck again?" Dolly asked, as she saw the Sheriffs cock was far from being soft again, "Then you pay a dollar each?" "What?" the Sheriff asked. "Fuck me again," she replied, "It has to be worth fifty dollars." He never needed no second bidding and he drove his cock up between her lips as she stood on one leg against the wall, she was so full of spunk it slid right in and they was lost in each other for ages, so long that everybody got tired of watching and went down the saloon.

Gently fucking against the door post like lovers until Dolly let herself enjoy a sly orgasm, which she never did with her gentlemen, and then finding he was still hard goaded him into pounding her to a screaming shuddering earth shattering orgasm so intense that she cried out, "Fuck me!" They stood locked together for a long time as the Sheriff's cock gradually softened, Dolly just stood quietly and even let the Sheriff kiss her on the lips.

but eventually they had to separate and get dressed They set to work to straighten the office afterwards, the table was busted so it took a while, and Madam L'Oisseaux from the whore house came to fetch Dolly. "She's underage," the Sheriff explained. "The hell she ain't she must be twenty four if she's a day!" Madam insisted. "Mother!" Dolly protested, "Oh well I guess you should know." "Work time!" Madam insisted, "I got a queue of gentlemen waiting." "We ain't finished," the Sheriff explained, "She's straightening me out." "And how long will that take?" Madam asked.

"All night?" he said. "A week maybe?" Dolly suggested. "A month maybe?" the Sheriff suggested. "More maybe?" Dolly added, "You reckon I could be your secretary or something?" "Don't see why not, you passed the interview," he suggested, "And I got a nice soft bed in the roof we ain't tried yet." "Shit," Madam protested and she went outside, "What about the rapist?" To be continued