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Faketaxi Frechen Roten Kopf Mit Einem Großen Paar Titten
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Chapter 1 I paid attention to everything the entire following month and I stayed out of trouble with my Mistress. So far this was a record for me. I went another month and another with no trouble and no punishment. Eventually I lost track until a Saturday morning. I woke feeling my Mistress stroking my face, "Good morning, Sam." My eyes opened wide in an instant, "Mistress?" "Who else would it be? Do you know what today is?" "Yes, Mistress…Saturday." "I knew that, but did you know it's a very special day for you?

At midnight it was one year since I last had to punish you. Congratulations!" She leaned in to kiss me—just a little one. "I have decided that we can make some changes in the rules. I still want you here when I return from work; I want you naked at home—I love having free access to your body, but maybe I'll join you more often. I'm still going to pee on you. Do you know why I do that?" I thought for a few seconds before answering, "To show and remind me that you can do anything you like with me?

To demonstrate your authority over me?" "Yes, Sam--a daily reminder of my dominance over you. The two changes are as follows: first, you will be allowed to initiate sex; second, I will call you Sam and you are to call me Sam, also." "Mistress, would you mind terribly if I continued to call you 'Mistress?' It reminds me every minute of your authority and domination over me.

Maybe, in time… but for now I'd like to stay with it." "Very well, now you should initiate sex with me. Go ahead." After all this time I wasn't sure I could; I was tongue tied, so Sam came to my rescue.

"OK, repeat after me—Mistress, I would like to&hellip." "Mistress, I would like to… "Fuck your tight little&hellip." "Fuck your tight little&hellip." "Ass!" I couldn't believe it—my Mistress was offering me—her worthless slave—her beautiful ass.

"Well, don't you want it, Sam?" "Yes, Mistress, I'm just…shocked by all this. I never dreamed&hellip.Mistress, I want to fuck your tight little ass." "That's a wonderful idea. I just happen to have some lube right here, but before we start I want you to understand that I will not tolerate any backsliding. If you misbehave now I'll beat the crap out of you." "I understand Mistress, and thank you." She handed me the lube and got into position—head down on a pillow, her beautiful butt in the air.

"Before I fuck you, Mistress, I'd like to eat your ass a little, may I?" "Sam, remember darling, you can initiate sex. Do whatever you want to do to me." I rubbed my finger into her pucker. "Mmmmm, that's nice, Sam, I can hardly wait for you to push your big fat cock into me." I pushed her cheeks apart, targeting her sphincter with my tongue.

I teased her until she begged for me to push it in. Then I rewarded her, knowing that she loved my tongue in this forbidden place. When I took it out I replaced it with a lubed finger.

Spreading the slick stuff around I added another, and eventually another.

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"Fuck, Sam, you're overloading my ass…it's tingling like crazy. I can't wait…please…please fuck me." I couldn't help it—I started laughing. "Sorry, Mistress, that's usually my line." Sam joined in the laughter until I removed my fingers. I aimed my cock at the small gape that remained in her sphincter. The lube worked perfectly as I slit into her easily. I waited until knew she was ready.

"Are you OK, Mistress?" She turned her head, smiled, and replied, "OK? I'm a hell of a lot better than that. C'mon, let's see some real fucking. I think I'm going to want it hard." I moved my hands to her hips for leverage and began to drive my cock into her. She was so tight—the friction was incredible. I was going to cum hard really soon, but that was the last thing on my mind. I lived to serve my Mistress and I wanted it to be fantastic for her, too.

I reached under her with both hands—one for her cunt, the other for her clit. I rubbed both hard and fast until she began to shake like a rag doll. I could see waves of ecstasy rolling through her body. Just looking at her was more than enough to set me off. I pushed into her, moving her up the bed as my first huge river of cum jetted from my cock.

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Again and again I came into her sensational ass. When it was done I fell on the bed, narrowly missing her. My cock still in her ass, I pulled her to spoon as I smothered her neck with kisses.

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"That was incredible, Sam; you're incredible." "Maybe, Mistress, but I'm nothing compared to you." We lay there almost an hour as we gathered our strength.

My cock had softened; cum poured from her ass. I didn't care—we could always buy another mattress. My Mistress turned to embrace me—to caress my face and kiss me.

It was a wonderful kiss—long, deep, and emotional. "I'm wondering, Sam, if you realize how relieved I've been over your behavior these past months. Don't forget—when you were fucking up I had to be strong enough for both of us. There were times I didn't think I could do it, but then I remembered how much I love you—how much I've always loved you, even back to our first time together.

I knew then you were submissive; that's why I brought my valise—I was pretty sure I'd need it. Then I almost blew it, didn't I?" "Mistress, how did you know…that…I&hellip.? "Sam, you were so easy to read. What did you do when I pulled you into my bedroom?

Nothing—you were frozen and you gave me that lame excuse until I took the lead. Also, I treated you as my child, telling you 'Good boy, do what mama wants' and you did. Then the next morning you ate my dirty cummy pussy because I said I wanted you to. Very few men would agree to do that, and you asked me to jerk you off—that's the first time you gave me power and authority over you. When I brought my hand to your mouth you ate your cum.

Then I ratcheted up my dominance, just to be sure, and every time I did you grew more submissive. I was certain you'd agree to be my slave. In past relationships I would have enjoyed inflicting pain—I'm a bit sadistic—but I hated having to punish you because I loved you." "I don't know anyone else who could have dealt with me, Mistress.

That's how I was when Marjorie found me. There's something in me that I can't control. I'm self destructive. I need to be dominated by someone much stronger than myself. That's you. You're the strongest person I've ever met.

Do you know that since I met you my company's profits are up more than a hundred percent? In the months since I lost Marjorie they dropped almost fifty. I owe you everything. Please don't ever leave me." "Is that some kind of offer, Sam? If it is you're going to have to do a lot better. You need to call me by my name and ask me." "I'm your slave, Mistress.

I don't know if I can do such a thing." "First of all, Sam, you can, and if you really want me, you will. I have my pride, you know." I summoned up all my courage. "S…S…Samantha&hellip." "Come on, Sam, I know you can do it." My Mistress caressed my face, encouraging me—giving me the kindest look I'd ever seen.

"Samantha, will you…marry me?" "GET DOWN AND SUCK MY TOES!" I jumped in terror. I caressed her feet, sucking and licking her toes. When I was done she ordered me to eat her pussy.

I was shaking at how my Mistress had changed due to my audacity. "Punish me, Mistress, I deserve it for my terrible boldness." "I'm going to give you the worst punishment I can think of. I'm going to marry you.

I love you so much, even with all your faults and problems, not that I don't have my share. But don't ever forget who's still in charge, and just because we're married doesn't mean I'll accept any disobedience from you.

I'll still discipline you if necessary, maybe even harder because you'll need it." "Mistress…uh, I mean Sam. I'd like to buy you an engagement present. I'll buy you a wonderful ring, of course, but I mean something really special like a car or a diamond necklace." "There's only one thing I'd want, Sam—a collar just like yours. I'm a slave to your love." She pulled me up from her cunt. We kissed and kissed all morning. Chapter 2 I dressed my Mistress as I often did, kissing every part of her body, before dressing myself.

I took her out to lunch and then we shopped for a ring. I had a very good friend who was an expert at designing jewelry. I would have bought any ring in the place—at any price—for her, but she wanted a simple solitaire of only about 1.5 carats. I asked him if he could design a collar similar to mine, but gold with diamonds all around. My Mistress loved the idea, but she had one condition—it would be permanently locked--once it was on it could never be taken off.

He measured her neck and told me he could have it in a week.


I paid him $15,000 for the ring and gave him $10,000 as a deposit on the collar. We returned home; I stripped just inside the door and sat at my Mistress's feet—an appropriate place for a slave. "I was just thinking, Sam. You're going to have to meet my parents. I think I need to tell them you're older than me so they don't have a heart attack when they meet you." I looked at her and she laughed.

The expression on my face was pure terror. She leaned down and kissed me. "It'll be OK, don't worry. I'm still marrying you whatever they say." "Mistress, do they know anything about …our relationship. I don't know if I can lie about it. I'm not ashamed to be your slave, you know that, and my behavior around you is ingrained in me. I'm always going to sit at your feet—that's my place. I'm sure they will ask about my collar." "They'll ask about my collar, too.

Hmmm, it's probably best to be honest about it then they'll be prepared for future visits. By the way, I enjoy having you at my feet. Right now, I have to pee, and you know what that means." "Yes, Mistress, I accept it gladly—it's a part of you so I love it as I do any other part of you." We raced hand-in-hand to the bathroom where I took my customary position beneath her.

She ran her fingers through my hair, caressing me just before she peed in my face. Using my hands I spread it over my face and chest. I willingly opened my mouth and drank. My Mistress stripped—I helped her, of course—and we showered together. I reached for the soap, but she beat me to it—she washed me for the first time then I washed her. I dried her and offered her robe.

"Dry yourself and come to bed. I'll be waiting for you. Don't forget—who initiates sex? I laughed. "You do, Mistress." I joined her a few minutes later. "Well, Sam, I may be initiating this, but I'd like to know what you want to do. It is your special day, after all. "Mistress, since I fucked your ass I think it only fair that you fuck mine." I rose from the bed, left the room, and returned with the strap on.

"Remember, Mistress, you told me you thought I enjoyed it too much? You were right. I almost came even though I was wearing the cage." I lay on my back on the bed, putting a pillow under my hips, raising my ass and increasing access. I pulled my legs up, further raising my asshole.

My cock was pulsing and rock hard. My Mistress stepped into the strap-on, applied lube to the dildo, added some to my butt, and pushed. Initially, it hurt terribly, but in time I relaxed to accept the intruder.

My Mistress began to fuck me. She seemed to enjoy it even though she obviously couldn't feel what I had when I had done her ass. My cock was hard and hot. "Go ahead, Sam. Jerk it. I want to see you explode.


I want to see the expression on your face when you cum." I put my hand on my cock, stroking it—slowly at first, but increasing the pace with every second. Sam leaned forward, my legs on her shoulders; I was surprised when she pinched my nipples, squeezing them with her fingernails.

My hand was really moving now; I could feel the rumbling, the clenching in my balls. I looked into my Mistress's eyes. "Mistress!" She responded with a warm smile as I blew.

I directed my first load to my chest. My Mistress redirected the rest to her luscious body. When she pulled out of my ass she dropped the strap-on to the floor and fell onto my chest. We were both covered in cum when she moved up for a kiss.

"Thank you, Mistress. I owe you a big one. Make it two big ones." "Don't worry—I plan on collecting." Chapter 3 The following Saturday we went to pick up Sam's collar. It was really beautiful. My friend had inserted 20 top quality half-carat diamonds all the way around the band.

He told us that he used 10-Karat gold because of its strength and showed us the clasp. It looked fairly normal—a springy prong that fit into a tab, but other bracelets and necklaces had a means of depressing the spring to release the prong. The collar had no means of opening it. Once on it was going to stay on. Sam picked it up, handing to me. "Will you do the honors, my love. I did yours so I think it's only right you do mine." I carefully placed it on her neck and snapped it shut.

We kissed briefly and I paid the remaining $30,000 for it. On the way out of the store I told my Mistress there was one other thing I had to do. I removed the silver chain from her neck, opened it and removed the Allen wrench for my collar. I closed the chain and returned it to my Mistress.

I threw the wrench in the sewer. Sam's face lit up like I'd never seen it. She jumped into my arms and gave me the best kiss of my life. We agreed to take vacation time the following week and flew to Mississippi to see her parents. Going through airport security was a bitch. We had to be individually frisked because of our collars. The TSA agent told us to remove them—we laughed.

"We can't. Hers has no mechanism for removal and I threw the wrench that opens mine away. You'll have to handle us differently. We will gladly submit to frisking or even a body search." Sam had phoned her parents right after we became engaged. Initially, her parents were thrilled. However, when she told them that I was 63 (she was 29) the reception became chilly. Wait until they learned about our relationship! They met us just outside the baggage area and hugged Samantha.

Her father checked me out and extended his hand. "I'm James Harris, Samantha's father. "I'm Sam Warner, Sam's fiancé," I replied as I returned his handshake. Mrs. Harris was less enthusiastic. We had decided that I would explain our relationship.

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That way any anger would be directed at me. When we entered their home we were shown to separate bedrooms. "Daddy, Mother, I'm not a kid. Sam and I have been living together for almost 18 months and we've been sleeping together even longer. We are NOT sleeping in separate rooms." Well, that was a great start to our visit. We went into the living room to sit and talk.

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Naturally, I sat at my Mistress's feet. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable in one of the chairs?" her mother asked. "No, Ma'am. I always sit at Sam's feet; it's my place." "What do you mean—your place?" "OK, here it comes," I thought.

Sam put her hand on my shoulder to let me know she was with me. "We have what would be considered an 'alternative relationship.' I am an architect and builder. I own a major shopping mall with more than a hundred stores near our town, four big apartment complexes, and, I don't know, maybe a dozen strip malls. I'm worth millions. I am extremely creative in my work; that's why I have been so successful. BUT, I have a big problem when it comes to control.

I can be sloppy and careless—irresponsible-- and it can become so bad it's self destructive. I need discipline and control from another person. I have accepted Sam as my Mistress. She has given me the strength to control myself. It hasn't been easy for either of us. In return for her support I have agreed to be her slave." Both parents gasped loudly.

"Sam has free reign over me. She may do anything she wishes with me and my body whenever she wishes." "Surely, you don't mean anything," her mother replied. "Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

Let me tell you about a typical day for us. I rise earlier than Sam. I make coffee and bring it to her in the bedroom. We usually go into the bathroom." I looked back at Sam; she gripped my shoulder and nodded.

We had talked at length about this and had agreed on full disclosure. I continued, "We go into the shower where she empties her bladder on me.

She does this to remind me of her authority over me. We shower and I wash her body. I dry and dress her and then make breakfast for the two of us. I am usually naked all through this. I clean up the kitchen and usually I service Sam with my mouth." More gasps. "Then Sam goes to work and I dress. Sam requires me to be home, naked, and kneeling when she returns at 5:30. I remove her clothes and service her with my tongue again." Sam tapped my shoulder and whispered in my ear before I continued.

"Oh…Sam reminded me that recently we have skipped this and had full-blown sex instead. Then, still naked, I make dinner—I often like to grill in the back yard—and we eat. Sam is usually naked, as well. I clean up the kitchen and join Sam in the living room, sitting just as I am now—at her feet. She decides when we retire. We often have sex again and go to sleep. On the weekends Sam requires that I be naked while we are home. She enjoys access to my body." I stopped there.

"This is the most perverted thing I've ever heard of. I'm disgusted that you would trap my daughter into such a filthy lifestyle." "Daddy! You obviously don't get it. I'm sitting in the chair; Sam is at my feet. I'm the leader, Sam follows my lead. You're blaming Sam for something I initiated and any perverted activities we had were also carried out by me.

It's only within the past month that I even allowed Sam to call me Sam or initiate any form of sex. If he tried to I would punish him severely." "What could you possibly do? He's much bigger and stronger than you are." "Daddy, when Sam agreed to be my slave he also agreed to accept discipline from me. I did some terrible harsh things to discipline him and he accepted it every time.

He needed to be disciplined and I gave it to him. If you want to know what I did, I'll tell you. I restrained him and spanked his naked butt with a cane—a bamboo rod about four feet long. Believe me it hurts. I also paddled him several times- once I gave him forty blows for a series of misbehaviors. I also made him wear a penis cage to control his sexual urges and I hit him in his testicles when his misbehavior was sexual.

I did all these things because I love him very much—he needed it to control himself and his behavior." "Let me understand this—Sam, you allowed my daughter to smack you in the balls?" "Yes sir, we have rules that I must follow. I tried to initiate sex with her when I was not permitted.

She restrained me and hit me with a riding crop. The last time, maybe twenty times. It hurt but I deserved it for breaking such a serious rule.

It showed me that I had to pay attention to what I was doing. It turned me around. I haven't been punished in over a year. I know this seems bizarre to you, but I love Sam and I am so lucky to have her.

She has given me strength I didn't know I had. Everything I am today I owe to your daughter." I turned around and Sam kissed me before she spoke. "Daddy, Mother, we could have hidden all this from you, but Sam hates lying and he's not ashamed of our relationship. We're very happy together—I've never been happier in my entire life. We want you to accept us, but even if you don't I'm going to marry Sam.

That's it—period! Now I want to explain about these collars. I gave Sam his when I became his mistress. It's a slave collar. Sam gave me this one—gold and diamonds when we became engaged. It's also a slave collar—I'm a slave to his love. Mine has no provision for removal, other than sawing it off. Sam's had a little wrench. When we left the jewelry store he threw it in the sewer so there's no way to take his off, either. Does that tell you anything about our commitment to each other?

Incidentally, his cost about two hundred bucks, mine cost $40,000." It was getting late and I knew Sam was hungry. We hadn't eaten since breakfast.


"Sam and I would like to take you to dinner. It's been a while since we've eaten and I know Sam is starving—I can hear her stomach growling." Sam gave me a playful slap, followed by another kiss. "Please pick someplace nice—and expensive." The car was silent on the way to the restaurant. Mr. Harris asked me, "Are you really worth millions?" "Yes sir, somewhere between a hundred eighty and two hundred, depending on the market any given day and much of that is due to the support Sam has given me." "This whole thing is really weird." "Yes, it is, but it works for us and I wasn't kidding when I said I love Sam.

She means everything to me." "If you're worth all this money I assume you're going to have a pre-nup." Sam and I had never discussed this so she was a bit surprised when I answered, " No, no pre-nuptial agreement. I have entrusted her with my life; money is nowhere near as important.

Sam has had the opportunity to spend as much as she wanted since we've been together. Instead, she has continued to work for her money.

I've already made her my primary heir in my will and I've ordered credit cards for her, as well. I reached into my pocket, pulled out two cards and gave them to Sam.

"These came to my office yesterday. I forgot to give them to you in all the commotion with the trip. You can punish me when we get home." Mrs. Harris was aghast, "You'd punish him for forgetting to give these cards to you?" "I'll have to think on it. I didn't know they were coming so I wasn't expecting them.

All the same, he was supposed to do something and he didn't." "What would you do for something like this. It's so minor. It seems silly." 'If I decide to punish him I'd probably make him wear his cock cage for five days. No sex during that time—no sex for him, he'll still have to take care of me." Her parents shook their heads until I spoke. "We have rules. I broke one. I need to be punished. I'm always honest with Sam about this." Chapter 4 The rest of the visit was strained at best, but they did hug and kiss Sam at the airport and Mr.

Harris did shake my hand when we left. Mrs. Harris couldn't even look at me. My Mistress did punish me—five days in the cock cage--five days of servicing her with nothing in return. My balls ached by the time I was released. It was almost worth the agony to receive what Sam had for me on my release. She initiated, fucking me on the kitchen table, again on the floor after dinner, and twice in bed overnight. We returned to our routine.

I was good—no punishments. We went through the week until Friday when Sam told me we were going out. Her friend was having another party. 'Mistress " I begged, "please!" "Don't worry, Sam, I'm not making you do anything and you're keeping your clothes on. Would you please get some more of the Chardonnay and make sure you get enough for yourself." I drove her after dinner.

She pulled out the leash when we exited the car. I stood still so she could fasten it to me. "Here, Sam, you're getting the other end tonight." I realized then what she was going to do. "Please…please, Mistress, don't …please don't." "Now, Sam, my mind is made up.

I owe this to you." "Mistress, you owe me nothing. I owe you. Please put the leash on me. I'll service the women. I'll even do the men—a hundred of them if necessary, but please don't do this." "Kneel, Sam! Right here in front of me." I fell before her submissively, my head down in shame. "Sam, I don't want to punish you for something I'm doing.

You are to play along with everything I do. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress." When I looked up at her there were tears in my eyes. "Oh, Sam, you are so sweet. No wonder I love you so much. Here, take this Kleenex and wipe your eyes. I'm doing this and that's that. Please get up, take the leash and get the wine. It's show time!" My Mistress led me into the living room. There were numerous cheers and catcalls until they saw that I was holding the leash. I sat in the same chair that Sam had occupied the last time.

She stepped to the center of the room. "The last time we were here I made a terrible mistake allowing my slave to service everyone and humiliating him by making him sit naked throughout the party. I have apologized and paid for my mistake. If you're looking for a show…you're going to get one.

If you're looking to get off, well, I'm sorry." She walked to the area where I had disrobed and removed her shoes. Next her blouse and bra found their way to the pile.

She removed her Capri's and panties. Naked she crawled across the room to my feet. She reached up and opened my belt and pants. I lifted my hips to help her remove them. She leaned forward and kissed my cock. I was trying not to have an erection, but my Mistress's naked body almost always did it to me. She looked up at me and winked just as she licked my helmet. I hated this—my Mistress deliberately humiliating herself, but I was helpless.

I was ordered to cooperate—I had no choice. My Mistress licked all around my helmet and down the sensitive underside of my cock. I couldn't help myself. I started to moan, "Oh, Mistress…Mistress." That's when she took me into her throat.

I looked up to find her friends wide eyed and moving in for a closer view. I was sure she was going to suck me dry, but suddenly…she stopped. She stood, turned around and lowered her hot cunt onto my cock. She rocked, grinding my cock within her tunnel.

Her cunt was pure silk, but I was numb—this was the only time I hated fucking my Mistress. Unfortunately, my body betrayed me once again. My head lolled to the side.

I was in rapture, but, contrary to my instructions, I had to take care of my Mistress. I didn't care if she punished me. She could smack my balls a hundred times if she wanted to she was going to cum! I reached around her gorgeous body, finding her clit instantly. I pulled back the hood with my left hand and rubbed with my right. My Mistress turned around to question me.

I mouthed the words—punish me if you want, but you are going to cum." She wasn't angry—she blew me a kiss and continued to grind me.

I was getting close so I warned her, "Oh, Mistress, I'm close," and I picked up the pace on her clit. She arched her back as her orgasm began; I felt my balls clench.

We came at the same instant as I drove my cock up into her. She shook so violently I was afraid she'd fall. I grabbed her waist, pulling her to me. I held her for several minutes, kissing her face and neck. She turned once she had recovered, grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me with tremendous passion.

The audience was speechless. My Mistress broke the kiss. "I still have one more thing to do." She stood up, turned and sucked my cock into her mouth. "May I clean you, Mistress?" She looked at me as if to say, "Why not?" She stood again, I grabbed her hips and flipped her over, placing her slimy cum-laden pussy at my mouth. I dove in eagerly, sucking away, licking up any cum or juice I could find.

She 69'd me, removing the residue from my cock. I had another motive—I was going to make her cum again. I attacked her sensitive clit, driving her wild. She came when I sucked it between my teeth and nibbled.

Finally, she collapsed on top of me. I lifted her easily, repositioning her to sit in my lap. "You cheated," she whispered. "I know. Punish me when we get home. I deserve it for disobeying you." Her response was to draw me into the kiss of a lifetime. I told her how much I loved her when we broke the kiss. She sat, naked, at my feet all night. We showered when we got home and climbed into bed. "I owe you a punishment, don't I" "Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry but I could not let you do all that work without cumming.

It wouldn't be fair." She reached into her drawer, pulling out the cock cage. She handed it to me—I knew what to do. I put it on and locked it. She got up, left the room, and returned with the restraints and riding crop. I didn't resist. I did this and I knew it was wrong. I held my arms out so she could secure me. In only minutes I was again helpless and at her mercy.

"I told you not to interfere, didn't I? "Yes, Mistress, I did wrong. Please punish me. I deserve it." "You certainly do, and now that I have you completely helpless I'm going to let you have it. She rubbed the leather tip of the crop across my balls. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what was coming next so I was surprised when she unlocked and removed the cage. "Mistress?" "I have a hard time justifying punishing you for giving me such great orgasms. Did you see those people?

They were so jealous. Every one of those women wished they were me and all because of what you did. But now I AM getting even. You are helpless, and I'm going to have my way with you—all night, if necessary." She ran the crop lightly from my balls up my cock and down the other side. She repeated this perhaps twenty times then she used her tongue. My cock felt like it would explode and my balls were worse.

I was getting desperate to cum—exactly what she wanted. "Mistress, Mistress, I need to cum…oh, God, I need to cum." "Really? Who decides whether you cum?" "You do, Mistress. Oh, God, Mistress." Her teasing went on for almost an hour; she was driving me crazy. I couldn't take it any more.

That's when she sat down on my cock. "Is that better, my love? You don't have to answer; I know it is. You want to cum and you're going to…over and over and over until you can't cum any more…until your balls are completely empty. Now fuck me." I drove my hips and my cock up. Again and again I drove into her, but when I was ready to cum she pulled off so I came all over my body. She moved her hands to my mouth allowing me to clean them.

I wound up drinking every drop. She allowed me to rest for about a half hour when she started in on me again. I had no idea how many times I could do this, after all I was 63, but my Mistress patiently milked me three times in less than five hours, more if you add in the orgasm she had given me at the party.

I was drained—totally and completely exhausted when she finally released me around six the following morning. She climbed into bed, her body resting against mine while we finally fell asleep.

Chapter 5 We planned our wedding and sent her parents an invitation—we never heard anything back from them until five days before when her mom called. I answered the phone. She told me she would come if I could send her a ticket for a flight. I did even better, chartering a jet for her. I asked her to stay with us, promising that I would be clothed the entire time. "Oh,damn!" she responded.

When we met with the minister he asked if we were going to wear these "necklaces." "Sorry, Reverend, they don't come off. We're stuck together for life." He shrugged his shoulders in acceptance which is what I guess you earn when you donate more than $100,000 to the church every year. It was a lovely and brief ceremony—fifteen minutes and we were officially married. Not surprisingly Samantha Harris made a beautiful bride. Her dress showed off her body magnificently.

The reception was great—open bar, top shelf liquors, filet mignon, lobster, and a host of other prime seafood, and a ten piece band. We had 300 guests. When it was over we drove home in the limo—the newlywed couple and her mother. "I feel like a third wheel," she told us. We laughed. "Mother, we have so much sex it's not going to hurt us to wait a bit. We're both glad you could come. I'm especially glad." "Samantha, you didn't really punish Sam for that credit card thing, did you?" "Yes, I did, Mother.

Five days in the cock cage. If you've never seen one it fits over his penis and scrotum and connects to a steel tube that surrounds his penis.

He can urinate, but he can't get an erection or touch his penis. Sam just loves wearing it, don't you?" "Well, Sam promised me he would keep his clothes on but I'd really like to see that. Maybe I'll get one for your father. There are times&hellip." Sam looked at me and I gave up.

When we got home Sam changed her clothes while I stripped. She brought the cock cage and the rings to the living room to show her mother then she asked me to demonstrate. I walked in naked, showed her the two pieces, pushed my cock and balls into the ring, lubed my cock, and inserted it into the cage. I locked the two pieces in place. "It's important to use the smallest ring that won't cut circulation. That's what holds the whole thing in place." Mrs.

Harris was quite interested. "May I touch it?" "Why not," I responded. She checked the ring and the cage carefully, asking me if it hurt to wear it. She examined my balls. "Were you wearing this when Samantha struck your balls? I can see how they'd make a good target—hard to miss them in that position." "Yeah, tell me about it." I removed it and dressed. An hour later the limo came to pick Mrs. Harris for her flight home.

She and Sam were in close conversation when the limo arrived. We hugged good-bye. "Well, my dad's in for a hard time. Seems he's been cheating with girls in his Sunday School class. Mom's giving him an ultimatum—wear a cock cage or get a divorce, go to prison, and be branded a sex offender. He'll take the cage. I just ordered two on the internet." "Two?" "Yes, one for my dad and an acrylic one for you.

It'll be delivered to our hotel. You can wear it through airport security. We're not going away for a month unless I have some disciplinary tools.

I love you, but I'm not letting you get out of control. If you misbehave or even look at women on the beach you'll be in it." I knelt before her, my head down. "Yes, Mistress, I love you. I'll do anything for you." "Good, because I want to have a child--maybe several. What do you think? "Mistress, I love you. I'll do anything for you. Dump the pills in the toilet—please!" My Mistress gave me a tremendous kiss before leading me to the bedroom.

"I think we should practice, don't you?" Next: Mr. Harris gets a Demotion