Horny amateur hunk loves to fuck

Horny amateur hunk loves to fuck
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My name is Laura. I say this because I have no recollection of what my real name is. When I was 5 years old, I was sold to a man who I was told was my uncle. I wasn't until I was 10 that I understood why I was sent away. I don't know for certain if I was sold, but speaking to other girls, I believe this is what happened.

We travelled very far in a small car to a house that had many girls. I was excited because some were my age, but there were many more of various ages.


I was happy for the most part because I was fed, clothed and allowed to play all day. I started going to "school" when I was ten, and I remember it wasn't like the school I attended when I lived with my parents. All the ten year olds were gathered in a room that had desks. It almost looked like a classroom, except there was no chalkboard.

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My uncle (we only knew to address him as uncle) was standing at the front of the classroom as we chatted away with each other. I was wearing a short pleated pink skirt, white knee high socks, white Mary Jane shoes, a white collared t-shirt and a pink thong. The thong bothered me at first we were never given anything else to wear.

We were told it was our "uniform" and that we must wear it at all times. "Settle down girls," uncle said. "Today you begin school." "School! We don't like school!" many of the girls replied.

"It's not like the school you attended before girls. This is a "special" school, for very special girls," he explained. "A special school?" Candy asked. Candy and I slept in the same bed and we were very good friends.

"Yes, a special school. Not many girls get to receive this kind of education. How many of you can't wait to be a teenager?" We all raised our hands.

The teenagers at the school got to drink, smoke and had their own beds. They seemed so cool to us. When you were a teenager, you could leave the house to go to "parties." We were all so curious and jealous of them. "Well, today you begin to learn what it means to be a teenager. A good teenager always obeys her uncles.

She doesn't complain, or ask questions when she is with an uncle." All men were called uncles, although I knew I could never be related to some of the men I saw coming and going. "That is rule number one. Never complain or ask questions to an uncle. Say it with me." We all repeated it in unison. Just as we finished, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," said uncle. In walked 16 teenagers, all dressed in the school uniform. As they entered, they walked down the aisles between the desks and stood next to each of us.

"Class, say hello to your big sister. She will help you with your studies." I was so excited. I didn't know any of the older girls and they looked so beautiful and confident. "My name is Laura," I said to the girl standing next to me. "Hi Laura, my name is Alison.

You can call me Aly," she said smiling at me. I couldn't help but stare at her breasts, they were so big and straining against her shirt. I guess she noticed.

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"Do you like them?" she asked. "They're so big! I still don't have any," I said in a sad voice. All of us couldn't wait for ours to grow in. The older girls seemed so sexy with their big breasts. "Don't worry, you'll get yours soon enough.

Now let's get back to listening to what uncle has to say," she said. "Now girls, you know rule number one. Rule number two, is very similar. Never complain or ask questions to your big sister. When your big sister asks you to do something, you must do it. Okay?" We all nodded our heads. This class was a lot better than the ones I had when I was with my parents.

"Now your big sister will be the one to give you your grades. She will judge you on your enthusiasm and willingness to perform the tasks she assigns to you. If you fail to perform the task, you will receive a punishment. Do you all understand?" he asked.

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We all nodded our heads. We had never received a punishment before.

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Sometimes they would spank our bottoms if we were misbehaving, but this sounded serious. "Starting today, you will live with your big sister. She'll help you gather your things. Class is dismissed." What a short class, I thought. Aly took my hand and we went to the big room where all the girls my age slept. We gathered all my stuff and she took me upstairs to the 2nd floor. We were told it was forbidden for us to be on any other floor except the first unless we had a big sister with us.

I skipped in excitement. "Are you excited Laura?" Aly asked. "Uh huh! I've never been on the 2nd floor before," I said bubbly. She smiled and we both giggled.

Her room was the last room down the hall from the stairs. She pointed out the bathroom on our way. "Your room is so big!" I said. "It's our room now Laura. Now stand here and let me have a good look at you," she said. I immediately stood at attention in front of her. She was my big sister and I was wasn't going to disappoint her on my first day. She walked around me looking me up and down. When she was behind me, she lifted my skirt and patted my butt.

"You have the cutest little butt Laura!" she said giving it a soft tap. "Thank-you Aly!" I replied. "That's a good girl," she said. I felt good when Aly complimented me. A lot of the girls my age were unsure of how we looked as we had not started to change yet to become women. "Now here is your first lesson Laura," Aly said as she pulled down her white thong from underneath her skirt. "Take yours off too Laura," she commanded. I was a little confused, but I remembered I must not ask any questions or disobey my big sister, so I took mine off too.

"Now lift the front of your skirt like me," she said. This was the first time I had seen hair on a vagina. It was very neat and trimmed. Some of the other girls had started to get some hair, but I not me. Oh how I wished I had hair! Aly pulled up on the top of her slit as I watched. "See that little nub? That's the clitoris," she explained. I mimicked her wondering if I had one too. Sure enough, I saw the same little nub poking out between the lips of my vagina.

"Rubbing or licking it makes you feel really good," Aly explained. "Rubbing or licking?" I asked puzzled. "Lie down on the bed and I'll show you," she said. I lay down on her bed. She walked over and flipped the front of my skirt up. "Spread your legs like this," Aly said as she lifted my knees and spread my legs to either side.

"Now close your eyes Laura. It's ok to moan if you want. This will feel really good.

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I promise," she said reassuring me. I remember being very nervous as I closed my eyes. I felt her kissing my thighs and gradually getting closer to my pussy. I started to feel really warm and there was an aching feeling coming from between my legs. When she kissed my pussy, I gasped a little. As her tongue slowly made its way up my slit, I couldn't help but moan. She spread my lips with her fingers and began sucking on my clitoris. I moaned in sheer pleasure as she firmly and methodically began sucking.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh," I moaned. She began to suck harder. "Unnnnnnnngh," I moaned. My hips started bucking up towards her mouth. It felt so amazing. She began to suck and lick even faster. Suddenly, my body went rigid, I arched my back, my toes curled and I felt an explosion that sent waves throughout my body. "Oh my god!" I screamed. Her mouth never left my pussy. She had her arms curled under my thighs pulling me up against her mouth as she continued to suck.

My body shook with every wave as they shot out from between my legs. I lost track of how many times it happened and collapsed exhausted on her bed. "Open your eyes Laura," Aly said softly. I opened them and looked up at her. She was sitting by my side on the bed lightly stroking my head. "That was an orgasm," she explained. "When you play with your clitoris enough, you get an orgasm.

It feels like an explosion that sends waves of pleasure through your body." "That was exactly how it felt!" I exclaimed. "It felt soooooo good!" "I'm glad you liked it!" Aly said. "If you help your big sis' with everything she says, she'll be sure to give you one just like this as a reward." I was hooked.

I would do anything to feel like that again. "I promise I'll do anything for you Aly! Anything!" I said practically pleading. "That's a good girl, Laura. Now wouldn't you like to make your big sister feel good too?" she asked.

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"Anything you want Aly! I promise I'll try my best!" I exclaimed. Aly lay down on the bed, flipped her skirt up and spread her legs. "Show big sister what you learned today," she said. I quickly started kissing her thighs just as she had done.

"Slow down, Laura. Take it slow. I want you to kiss softly and slowly. When you go slowly, it gives me time to get wet," she explained. I remember getting wet now when she was kissing my inner thighs. I slowed down. As I got closer to Aly's pussy, it started to smell a little musty.

I didn't want to disappoint my big sister, so I ignored the different smell and kept kissing. "Now spread my lips with your fingers Laura, and suck my clit," she cooed. I did as I was told and she let out a long soft moan. "Mmmmmm&hellip.that's good Laura. Just like that," she groaned.

"Now lick my pussy up and down." I licked her pussy and tasted the juices that were flowing from her. It didn't taste bad, just different. I started feeling warm and tingly between my legs as I licked up her pussy juice. "Eat up all the juice like a good girl Laura," she said. I slurped and swallowed as much as I could. I started to really like the taste of her pussy. "Now suck my clit just like I did with you.

Long and hard followed by short and quick sucks," she said.

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I started sucking her like my favorite lollipop. She started bucking her hips and moaning loudly. "Don't stop! Keep going! Mmmmmmm……I'm going to cum!" she shouted. "Uuuuuuungh!" she grunted loudly.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and did my best to keep sucking her clit while her hips bucked wildly. "Oh god!" Aly screamed. "Mmmmmmm……I'm cumming again!" she exclaimed. Clear fluid began shooting from her pussy.


I was so surprised, but managed to get my whole mouth around her pussy and started swallowing as much as I could. Jet after jet of liquid shot down my throat as I nearly gagged on all the liquid. After five large streams, she collapsed on the bed. "Come here Laura, and give your big sister a kiss," she said exhausted. I crawled over to her face and embraced me in a kiss.

She parted my lips with her tongue and began stroking my tongue with hers. I soon began to do the same. She soon broke our embrace and said, "You learn so quickly Laura.

I'm sure you'll do very well here." "I really hope so Aly. I had lots of fun today. I feel so grown up now. Thank-you so much for teaching me!" I said. "Good girls keep their big sister happy. And as long as you keep me happy, I'm sure we'll get along just fine," she said holding me close to her chest. I lay my head down between her breasts and we both fell asleep.

We both bask in the glow of our orgasms and breathed in the scent of each other's pussies. I started to think that school wasn't going to be so bad after all.