Frisches gesetzliches Alter Teenager Löcher gefickt

Frisches gesetzliches Alter Teenager Löcher gefickt
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Mother's Problem Chapter 3 A horn blared, and it snapped Patricia out of her trance of staring at her passenger and she gave the car gas. That didn't prevent her passenger, one of her students about to go to college from masturbating vigorously. Patricia was disappointed the moaning girl was muffled by the pair of panties shoved into her mouth. The moans of pleasure really should have been reverberating through the vehicle, but the girl had been extremely modest to manage such things.

It made her wet thoroughly thinking about the moaning. Alicia had surprised Patricia earlier in the classroom. The nervous girl had practically professed her love for her idol teacher. Patricia would have put a stop to it, but then an idea crossed her mind with her son Daniel. Daniel represented the cause of all of this anyways.

If he hadn't been so shy and needing instruction on the ways of love, she wouldn't have preyed upon her own son. Presently she had an idea of sucking the girl into a relationship with her son. Not that she wanted him to be, but it would be delightful to include someone to share. And sharing she planned. Alicia and her son were both in for a surprise with what she had planned.

A shudder went through her as she had a little orgasm. The suspense was proving too excessive for her to handle. In fact, she had been so close to going into a reckless abandon of pleasure since the meeting earlier with Alicia in the classroom.

"We are practically there," Patricia said. "Oh thank god," Alicia said after pulling the panties out of her mouth. "I'm getting too excited waiting." Patricia could agree and was almost talked into having sex in the back of the car with the younger woman.

A fear of being caught kept Patricia from accepting, though, if she was as horny now as then, she wouldn't have thought about it. "It will be worth it," Patricia said and she knew it was. Even if she was concerned about the girl not accepting what was about to happen, Patricia knew that at least she would get to get her son's hard cock inside of her.

Both Daniel and she lived in a house that was out in the country. It could be described best as a two-story brick multicolored brick house. It had already been paid off, one of the things had been proud of being as young as she was. Even on a teacher's salary, she had made huge sacrifices to make sure she was well-prepared. College remained the final thing she needed to pay for and had invested heavily too.

Those investments had paid off early, and she used that money to make sure both of them lived a comfortable but meager lifestyle. For a three bedroom home, not two of the bedrooms were being used. A weird thought but if all went well, maybe Patricia would offer Alicia the other bedroom. The girl had mentioned she was having many issues at home. Even if the extension was made for Alicia to move in, Patricia would have to be certain the girl was okay with the situation in the house.

As Patricia pulled up into the driveways, she was thrilled to know that her son was home. A fact denoted by the garage door already being open. Not that she would park her car inside the garage.

There wasn't enough room out there. "That's a lot of stuff," Alicia said in observation. "Yes, Daniel enjoys some weird hobbies," Patricia replied. "He made all of that?" "That's him," she said. "Always out working with his hands building something incredible with them." "I can't believe its a castle," Alicia said.

"Are you prepared to go in?" "I'm nervous." "No shame in going back," Patricia said, but she knew it was a lie and something she didn't want to happen at all. She mentally cursed her continual professionalism and her mentoring. "Yeah," Alicia said staring out into the garage.

"There is, but what if he says no?" "Daniel wouldn't say no to a beauty like you." "I'm delighted that you think so but I'm nervous to propose him." "Well, the time is now," Patricia said before getting out of the vehicle.

She walked up to the front door. Before she got there, Alicia had run up. "I long for you so badly, but if he says no, I don't know if I can continue." Patricia knew the girl's fears were for naught.

Daniel, even as geeky as he was, would definitely say yes. What would the issue evolve into if the girl rejected the love between mother and son? That fear was something to have, but ever one for dramatics, Patricia would arrange the most outrageous thing she could to shock the girl. The two of them went into the house. Before the door was even closed, Patricia had turned around and attacked the younger woman with a passionate kiss.

By the time the two of them pulled apart, each had been locking eyes with a woman whose eyes were glazed over with lust. "Daniel," Patricia called out and watched Alicia dance in frustration.

She kissed the girl once more and repeated her call. "Yeah, mom?" Daniel called from somewhere in the house. It sounded like he was in the kitchen. "Come here please, I need you to meet someone." Alicia gasped, and Patricia broke out in a smile.

While she had used the distraction of calling Daniel to her, she had slipped a hand into Alicia's pants. She found a burning hot bare and wet pussy.

"That's a relatively big clit you have," she said huskily to the girl. "I can't wait to expose you to mine." Patricia pulled away suddenly when she heard the footfalls of Daniel walking towards them. Turning around, she greeted Daniel as he walked up with an embrace and a passionate kiss to match the one Alicia had just experience. When she broke the kiss, she spoke to him. "This is Alicia Daniel. I want you to say high, and she wants to ask you something." Daniel, who was ever shy, only nodded at his mother in reply.

Patricia looked back at Alicia. "Come on up after you ask. My bedroom is the third door on the right. And you Daniel, this is how wet she is for you," Patricia said before shoving her fingers into her son's mouth.

She wanted no illusion as to what was going on for the both of them. And she walked upstairs, making sure to strip on her way up. She was completely surprised Daniel hadn't in fact expressed anything. Even a tripping over words would have more like him. Either he had gained more confidence or the shock of the situation was enough to render him unresponsive.

Patricia went into her bedroom and instantly began stripping off her clothes. Naked, she stood in front of her mirror once more and allowed a thrill of exhilaration go through her. Lifting her breasts up, she gave each a squeeze and before kneading them. Before long, she was soon rubbing her entire body down in front of the mirror. When her hands started rubbing her enflamed labia she forced herself to stop. Shaking uncontrollably in desire, she decided to freshen herself up in a way to distract herself.

After using the restroom and wiping down her privates she sprayed some perfume and reapplied some lipstick. After she had finished, she went back into the bedroom and sat on the bed. While she waited, her thought then began to think about how the conversation was going downstairs.

She also wondered who was going to walk through her bedroom door. If it was Alicia a ton of sex was going to go down.

Her son, same thing, but only after Alicia had to be driven home. There was a knock on the door. Before she answered, Patricia, spread her legs and presented her sexiest view possible. "Enter," she said. The door opened and Patricia smiled almost evilly and Alicia was revealed in the frame of the door. The adolescent woman's eyes lit up when she saw the object of her lechery splayed out before her.

"Well?" Patricia said with a busted sound of annoyance in her voice. "He uh said yes," Alicia said with a stutter.

"That," Patricia said. "I knew he would. I meant why are you standing there agape? Don't you want to sample what you've earned?" "Oh god yes," Alicia said in a desperate plea. Patricia's hot cunt throbbed in agreement. "Then what are you standing there for?" She asked. "Get undressed and worship at the altar you so wanted." The younger woman came into the bedroom and began undressing before Patricia. She shuddered again in impatience, but a thought crossed her mind that gave her pause form continuing the tryst.

"So what exactly did my son say?" Alicia stopped stripping and stood in the doorway in her bra and panties. "He said that surprised." "What about me?" "He said you guys had sex." "We don't have sex we fuck. Just like you and me are about to do." "Oh," Alicia said. "What are you saying?" "I intend on having both of you before me to please not only each other but me too. I don't want to be left out." "That's it?" Patricia's gaze fell, but it was.

For her, the fear wasn't being about considering another partner. She merely didn't want her son to abandon her. Alicia provided a cement to keep Patricia and her son together. If they all loved each other openly then everything would work out. When Patricia looked up, Alicia had fully stopped and was walking over. She allowed the more petite woman to gently draw her into a kiss. A kiss like two long lost lovers would share to comfort each other.

It was ginger, and she was moving into the kiss as their tongues danced together. Before long the younger woman pressed her onto her back and was kissing down her skin. "That feels extremely pleasant," Patricia moaned listening to the peck of kisses Alicia was leaving on her.

Each touch currently made her womanhood quiver in small releases. "Oh my god," Alicia said suddenly with a cry.


It broke the spell and Patricia looked down through her breasts down to the pupil. Alicia was between her legs at the edge of the bed and only form her eyes up could be seen. Eyes that were locked onto hers. "What?" Patricia asked in alarm. And she was troubled. After so many years the sole person so far that had seen her sex had been Daniel. As much as she loved her son and his opinion, it undoubtedly was the opinion of another that pushed on edge.

"It's just so gorgeous." Patricia felt the heat rise in her cheeks. "Thank you." "No ma'am," Alicia said. "Thank you." Happiness swelled through her at that point.

"Have you ever eaten pussy before?" She asked. If the roles had been reversed, she recognized her own answer would have been a resounding yes filled with confidence before she delved between puffy pussy lips. Alicia's answer was an underwhelming no. "Should I be concerned?" Patricia asked. She wasn't trying to give the girl a hard time about it. Thinking about what she was going to say next to the girl was suddenly stopped and she felt her labia pull apart.

"Oh," she cried out as a sudden pulling was felt on her lips. "You have a huge clit," Alicia said with a slurp.

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"Its a curse." Patricia didn't get to finish the thought before she was left writhing on the bed now. Slurping and licking sounds filled the room, but she scantly heard them. What she did hear was the roaring of her orgasm building.

In a sudden finality, she gratefully plunged over the edge of restraint and into the pit of bottomless pleasure she had been seeking all day. Once her body came off the first orgasm, Patricia's gluttony for blissful release dominated her mind.

Powerfully she closed her thighs around Alicia's head and issued her a warning before grasping the girl's head.

"It's gonna to get sloppy down there," Patricia said with a promise. Alicia hadn't stopped her attentions and Patricia shuddered in an orgasm. When it died down, she began to grind herself against Alicia. "Use some fingers hon," she said in command. "Just like that," One of the things that Patricia could be prideful of, and she knew from the testament of having sex with her son, is how tight her cunt was.

If could guess, she surmised that only two of Alicia's fingers had penetrated her. It wasn't enough and nowhere close to being what she could. Not very close to her son's girth either but the sucking on her clit made-up for that. Her next orgasm hit and it was a powerful one. One that sucked the control of her body out of her. "Oh my god," Alicia said.

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"What?" Patricia asked through her pants. As much as she wanted to look past her heaving chest, there was just no way for her to come out of the fog her body was in. "You squirted," she replied. "I'm sorry," Patricia said halfheartedly. "Don't be. It's delicious." Patricia manages to sit up and she gasped looking at Alicia.

Sure, she had squirted many times before, but what covered her current lover looked like someone had turned on a literal cum hose. Typically Patricia would have marveled at just how much, but Alicia had done something to make the cum have a milky appearance.

"What did you do to my pussy?" She asked. Alicia smiled big. "Have you been with another woman before?" Patricia asked. "No ma'am," Alicia said. "But I've watched tons of porn." "You can't get like them with no experience." "I swear," Alicia said while still trying to get the milky cum off of herself. "When was your first?" "A grad student who was my teacher while I was in school," Patricia began.

"She instructed me in everything about pleasing a woman. The lady could have been a goddess with what she could accomplish." "Have you managed to stay in contact?" Alicia asked while sucking her fingers.


The erotic sight stirred the pot once more and Patricia shuddered in delight. For her though, it wasn't about being selfish. She knew that if she wanted to keep her admirer enthralled, there had to be more offered than just allowing a one-sided eat out session. "Actually, no," she said, almost feeling sad as the memories of her old mentor dredged up from memory. "She ended up getting married to a conservative man and well, I had to move on too." Mostly because by the time things seemed to be getting complicated between the two of them.

Plus, in the end, it ceased when she became pregnant with Daniel soon after the affair ended. "That's tragic," Alicia said. Patricia shrugged and looked over the nude woman. Pushing down her own needs to ask for more, Patricia made her move. "It's time for me to return the favor." "You don't have to that," she said, and Patricia watched as the girl squirmed.

It occurred to her then that maybe the other woman had only considered pleasuring her teacher in affection and that would be the end of it. "Oh Alicia," Patricia said. "If you want to experience me again, get you pert ass over her on the bed and spread." "By all means ma'am," she instantly responded jumping onto the bed and lay next to Patricia, who immediately sat up.

"Now let me show you how a pro does it," Patricia said before leaning over and kissing Alicia. She immediately proved the young's girl's mouth with her tongue, tasting herself in the process. Moving quick, she ran hands softly over the other woman's skin. Alicia moaned into the kiss and felt herself wildly overwhelmed. All she wanted, to begin with, was to show her idol teacher her attention. Presently she had a date and possible boyfriend and her teacher returning sexual favors.

Her body jerked violently out of control as hands rubbed over erogenous zones. Too bad there wasn't much for them to grab onto. "You don't have to do this," Alicia said once the kiss broke.

She missed the warm tongue already. Suddenly her teacher began planting soft kisses across her shoulders, which caused her to shudder and the heat to rise between her legs. "You're so lithe and beautiful," Patricia said, loving how the girl squirmed around.

A little jealous, Patricia could scarcely imagine the amount of fun she could have with such a body. Burying the thought, she decided to find out just how untouched the girl was.

Alicia gasped when Patricia stroked fingers across enflamed labia. Her swollen mons felt like a furnace and a devious smile broke across her face. At her actual lips, copious amounts of arousal seeped through. "Don't you have an inviting cunt," Patricia said with hot breath on the girl's skin. Gooseflesh rose up in answer along with a moan.

Moving on from teasing, Patricia latched on to one of the girl's small nipples with a soft suck. While she gingerly took her time with the perversion, she also began manipulating the girl's sex. "Oh shit," Alicia cried out suddenly. Her body had begun stiffening in response, and she suddenly cried out. Patricia laughed as the woman orgasmed. It amused her on some level on how little it took to induce an orgasm. "Oh yes," Patricia said leaving her protege's nipple with a long suck.

Hands suddenly locked onto hers. "Please stop," Alicia pleaded. Patricia knew an overload of constant stimulation needed to be broken through. Especially if the girl wanted continual involvement between a mother and son.

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"I can't," Patricia said. "Spread your legs again." The look on Alicia's face was one of concentration. Patricia laughed to herself once the girl suddenly relaxed and her legs spread. "It too much," Alicia called out, but Patricia worked over the girl's sex with slow circles and enormous pressure.

"Give it a second," Patricia said, breathing hot breath once more onto the skin. In a second, she planned on giving the woman a true delight. "What's going on?" Alicia said with concern evident in her voice.

Patricia rubbed more and smiled feeling triumphant as the girl started violently spasming once more. While Alicia moved and moaned, Patricia to the chance to hook fingers suddenly inside the girl. The tightness was almost painful to Patricia, but she ripped into the girl's cunt and began to viciously assault the inside.

She discovered the girl's g-spot fast and reduced the young twat into a spurting mess. By the time everything was finished, the girl had passed out and Patricia felt hornier than ever. With a sigh, she went like a prowling predator to find her son. Patricia walked through the upstairs of her house shaking in wanton lust.

Feeling altogether lascivious, she walked to Daniel's room on a mission to scratch the itch deep in her cunt.

"Mom what?" Daniel said surprised, and she would have giggled at the sight of him can't she been in such a need. But being that he already was laying on his bed with his cock out, no doubt masturbating to the thought of his mother with another woman.

"I need your cock," she said climbing into his bed and straddling him. She sank down his length with a moan. "The problem with women they don't come equipped with something that can reach deep inside." "God mom," her son groans as she ground on him. "Mmm?" She moaned looking down at him.

His eyes were squeezed shut. Even though she had offered herself to him as his own personal slut, he hesitated. Biting her lip, she leaned down so that their faces were only inches apart. "You must get it together," she said. He opened his eyes.

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"Mom?" She had stopped grinding on his cock. "As super hot our incestuous escapades are, you aren't using me enough." "We fucked this morning mom," he said. "But not at lunch and not in between classes. My cunt is yours and before you know it, that girl in the other room will be too." His hands gently ran over her breasts. The perk globes of flesh still firm. She yelped in pleasure when he squeezed on her nipples. "From what I could see, she was too easily exhausted," he said.

Patricia supported that sentiment. Alicia had been willing so far, but her body needed some training to be a slut. A nice sex addicted and obedient slut. Just like herself. "I can't wait anymore," Patricia said. "For what?" Daniel replied. To answer him, she pulled her cunt up his length and sank back down on it. He grasped her breasts in response, sending more than a shudder through her body.

Gripping his shoulders, she leaned down and nibbled on his ear. "My pussy aches," she complained. "You have my dick in you," he replied plainly.

"Yes," she said. "But will you do about it?" "I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk momma," he said to her delight. Patricia allowed what happened next one-hundred percent. With a squeal of delight, she found herself suddenly on her back. "Come on kiddo, fuck your mother," she said. "Fuck you?" He replied with a grin. "I'm going to wreck you." She was pulled until she could see her spread lips accepting his cock between them.

Uncomfortable being in the position, she was about to observe something when he suddenly started pounding her pussy. "That's right my boy," she began with a moan. "Fill me up." Daniel grunted in exertion in reply, though Patricia cared less about that.

She just cared about the feeling of euphoria spreading in her body. A feeling that peeks fast and ushered her into a gushing orgasm. Patricia had, of course, tried her own taste. On the lips of men, woman, fingers, toys, and food. Never had her pussy squirted into an orgasm so hard that she had to drink the fluid just to breathe.

"God Daniel," she said after a few coughs. She heard the messy noise her pussy was making as the extra lube squelched between his cock and her fuck tunnel. "Slow down please." The beast that her son had become didn't seem to listen.

In fact, to her, it seemed as if his thrusts became harder. It soon prompted another gushing orgasm, but this time, she lost complete control of her body as it spasmed. "Dammit mom," she scantly heard Daniel swear. All she knew is that her body violently convulsed as it bathed in rapturous delight. Everything was right in the world, and she had to catch herself from passing out.

"Daniel?" She said trying to focus. "Yeah?" "Where are you?" "On the floor," he replied. She laughed. "I buck you off huh?" She began laughing uncontrollably at his misfortune.

"Hey," he said anger in his voice. "I was practically there." Patricia tried to stifle her laughter. After a bit, she even succeeded and all feeling came back to her. "Sorry baby," she said.

"Want to fuck your mother up her ass to feel better?" A smile broke across her face when she heard him scramble to get up. She watched her son climb back into bed and he sat on his knees between her spread legs. "Don't you need lube or anything?" He asked. "Or maybe another position?" "Nope. Just grasp my ankles and lift me until you see my starfish. You can figure it out from there." He obeyed her instructions and she shuddered in pleasure as he struggled to force his cock into the tight orifice.

She struggled to relax but the anticipation of getting fucked in the ass made her squirm in delightful anticipation. "Baby," she said. "Stop fucking around and stick your cock in my ass." "You used to kiss me to make it feel better," he said with a tsk.

Patricia opened her mouth to reply but instead of being a catalyst to reply, it became an expression of surprise as his cock abruptly slid up her back door. There was no pain in Patricia, just a feeling of fulfillment. "Oh god," a voice said. It startled the both of them and Patricia let out a yelp of surprise. Alicia stood in the doorway, naked and wearing an expression of astonishment. Patricia wrapped her legs around Daniel and prevented him from pulling out.

"What do you think?" Patricia asked Alicia. There was a moment that she too had been horrified, but the girl did know that mother and son fuck. "This doesn't bother you does it?" She felt Daniel move, but a flex of her legs and he got the message.

He looked at her, but she didn't acknowledge him by returning the look. Though she could see horror etched on his face in the corner of her eye. "How did you take such a thing up your ass?" Alicia said. Patricia laughed immediately and relaxed the vice lock of her legs around her son.

"Lots of practice my dear," she said. "Is it something you want to try?" "And much more," she said. The look of astonishment had changed to bewilderment.

Patricia bit her lip again and moaned. "Alicia, my son's cock is the best. You'll learn to treasure it." She now took the time to look at Daniel. His look of fear was still on his face, but she nodded at him.

His cock slid out and back into her and she bit her lip even harder as it slowly reamed her. "It looks enjoyable," she said. "Honey, why don't you get a shower," Patricia said. "It's getting rather late.

Let me finish with him, and I'll get you home." As much as Patricia would have loved the observation, she did have to be responsible somewhere. Especially if not being meant the possibility of discovery. The amount of scandal of not only a student and teacher but incest too was delightful in practice, but not in public knowledge.

"Okay," Alicia replied and she was gone. As soon as she left Patricia looked back to her son. "Now son," she said. "Fuck me now." "Really mom?" She shifted her hips, impaling herself on and off his cock.

It was enough to coax him into moving. Apparently, the lack of stimulation had caused him to soften a bit, but Patricia came hard once more as her ass spread with his growing vigor. "Mom," he said. Patricia groaned as she knew that her ass was about to be delightfully filled. "Cum baby," she said grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them even more.

That effort rewarded her as he sank in just a bit further. A final shove of his cock and the heat of his cum spread through her body. "Yes," she hissed watching as his face contorted in different expressions of ecstasy. "Oh mom," he said after a final shudder. Patricia relaxed enjoying the euphoria that the both of them shared. His deflating cock and subsequent divorce from her ass made a shudder go through her.

"You ass is barely gaping," he said. "I keep it tight." She opened her eyes and watched as he left the bed. "What time is it?" She asked.

"Almost four-thirty." She swore silently to herself before getting up out of the bed. "Are you coming with us?" She asked him. Much to her surprise, Alicia replied to the question. "It would be best if he didn't. One thing for my dad to see my teacher drop me off, another to see me with a boy." "What would happen?" Daniel said standing naked now in front of the girl.

It made her proud a bit that he had adjusted into being more confident. Until then, he was quiet and shy. He most likely still was at school, but now he would have two women vying over him. Or well she hoped it would be two. There was a date to work out. "My dad would lose his mind and take it out on me," she said. "I'll get dressed," Patricia said before leaving the two of them by themselves. Anything Alicia had to say about her home life right now, couldn't be important to Patricia.

She knew the girl had a difficult life at home. That couldn't exist in the academic sphere right now. Not if she wanted to be a matchmaker for her son. Going into her room, she quickly cleaned everything out, reapplied make-up and found a sundress to put on.

Leaving her hair down, it took ten minutes to get ready. Going back to Daniel's room, she found that her son had dressed and the two of them still talking. She took it as a good sign. "Alright Alicia, are you ready to go home?" "Yeah, but we have a problem," she said with a frown.

"What?" Daniel remained silent while leaning against his deck. Alicia sat on the bed and Patricia liked how it made her pussy flutter at the girl sitting right where she was just getting fucked by her son. "So when we mentioned my dad, I forgot that a date would be hard to pull off," Alicia said. "I was just explaining how my dad will react." She had to blink. The girl worried about what her dad would say?

Patricia remembered being that way at first, but the lack of imagination honestly offended her. "Why does he have to know?" "Hey, be fair," Daniel said in protest. "You have a school project to do. Tell your dad when you get home that you stayed over to work on a literature project for my class at school." "I mean I told him I had something at school to do and would be late." "So keep that lie up. You don't want to go home huh?" "I don't but what about a date?" Patricia could see the girl was worried about the date.

As much as it burned to admit the girl had a point. At most, she would be able to stay an hour or two. Not near enough the amount of time at the right place to have a date. "Maybe I can talk to him?" The girl went pale. "Or maybe not. You are over eighteen." "He won't even allow me to get a job." "But you graduate soon." "With nowhere to go." There was a silence there that none of them it seemed wanted to shatter it seemed.

Patricia could perceive that. "What about me then?" Daniel asked. "What do you mean?" Patricia asked genuinely interested in what her son had to say. "I mean, you're over here because my mom set it up for us. Is that something you definitely want?" "Yes," she said. That brought a smile to Patricia's face. The lack of hesitation took her back a bit. Maybe the girl wasn't so much oh a shy one than she appeared to be. That would be an issue, but either way, as long as the sex continued between a mother and son, she could care less.

Daniel should be the man, but a strong woman may be better for everything. "I want this not only because I get your mother, but I've looked at you before." "Why not just talk to me?" "Look you two, I need to get her home.

Exchange email or numbers or something," Patricia said losing patience. "We don't have time to delve into this right now. I'll think of something, but in the meantime, let's get you home before you are in trouble." Alicia got up from the bed and much to Patricia delight, kissed Daniel heavily before walking away.

Patricia smiled knowingly at Daniel who wore a lustful expression on his face. "Soon enough," she said. "What?" No answer besides a swift turn. She followed Alicia through the house and soon both of them were in the car. Patricia stated it but then turned to Alicia. "I want to say, that kiss was hot." "Thanks," Alicia said. The girl's face reddened. "I want one too," Patricia said and then she leaned over and got her kiss.

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A long tongue twisting kiss that took both of their breaths away. "Oh wow," Alicia said. "Yeah," Patricia agreed. "I wish we had more time. I'm horny again," Alicia said. She was looking out the windshield at the white garage door. "Masturbate then?" Patricia said putting the car into reverse and driving.

She too already experienced the pangs of lustful need in her body. She almost missed when the nympho inside had been locked away.

Almost, though, and she put one hand between her legs to once again stroke her pussy. "How do you do it?" Alicia asked. The car came to a stop and then drove again. "Hold on, I need to go back towards the school right?" "Yeah." Patricia glanced over to see Alicia pinching one of her nipples through her shirt.

With a moan, the matriarch squeezed her big clit and almost made herself cum. Thankful to not have worn panties, she decided that she needed to keep that as a thing from now on. Never knew now when she would get fucked. "So?" Alicia asked huskily. "How do I do it?" She replied. "I started young like you. Masturbating all the time. And I do mean all the time. Eventually, one orgasm stopped being enough and before long, it became a challenge to see how many I could get before I tired out." "When did you lose your virginity?" "Around your age too," Patricia lied.

She didn't want to reveal to anyone how she did. That memory would stay buried. "To a neighborhood boy." That part wasn't completely false.

She did fuck a neighbor boy relentlessly as her first outside of the home. Though after a few months the unlimited access grew boring so she moved on quickly to other men.

"Do you believe me and Daniel could be a thing?" "You really like him?" "Yes." Patricia drove in silence digesting those words. "What about me fucking him?" "As long as I can enjoy you too, it's okay." She looked at the time on the clock and debated if there was enough time to pull over and take advantage of the girl once more. After a second, she concluded there wasn't.

Especially being that they drove past the school. "Where's the turn?" Patricia asked beginning to feel nervous. She didn't realize Alicia lived close to the school. "Next right," the girl said. "The yellow house on the left." "Won't he ask questions?" "No, I told them I would find a ride home. My dad never lets me walk home, to begin with," she said.

"He's terrified of some shadowy boy taking my love away." Patricia understood now. "I shouldn't have said anything like that. Drop me off here." The car stopped and Alicia said nothing as she crumbled out the door and walked the last few feet to the house.

As she went up the stairs to the porch, Patricia scantly saw a man standing in the doorway. With a sigh, she headed home, shivering off the feeling of disturbance she drove. Her thoughts then focused on her son.


Daniel her son, a young man and rising college student. She wondered if she had done any damage to him by offering the fountain which had given him life. That thought made her wonder what he had done as they left. A naughty smile broke across her face as she imagined him having a wank right after they left. Or at least, she hoped he did. The thought of her son pulling it to her just after he emptied himself into her ass was almost too much to think about.

Licking her lips, she moaned heavily as a bump in the road rocked her rewetting cunt just right. Before she had even made it back home, Patricia found herself once again delirious with the need for release. Worse yet, the traffic had picked up making her trip longer. When she got home, Patricia could have left the vehicle running to take care of her now blazing loins.

Shaking by the time, she parked and locked up the, exiting the car became a feat. It made her laugh as she walked into the house, realizing that her need for sexual gratification had always been like that.

Minutes, maybe even seconds after a sweet release, she needed more. And more she intended having. "Daniel," she called out, frustrated as she took off her shoes. She couldn't get naked fast enough.

Or find him. She called his name once more. There wasn't an answer. Frustrated, she was about to go upstairs to see if he sat in his room zoned out doing something when the front door opened. "Jesus mom," he said to her and she could understand why. Across the street, the male neighbor was out and looking right at the house. Daniel closed the door fast, but she knew the man had seen her at least partially naked before the door closed. "What are you doing?" She slammed him up against the door and yanked his shorts down.

"Mom, wait," he said, but she didn't listen to him. Instead, she took the soft phallus into her mouth with a moan. The thing wasn't impressive, but she did enjoy the taste immensely. Relishing the flavor of his cock as it dawned on her that he hadn't cleaned himself form the sex earlier.

Not that she worried about unwanted substances, but at least she had the opportunity to clean up before he fucked her. "Get harder faster honey," she said quickly before flicking the head of his cock with her tongue.

She heard him slap the door. "Christ mom," he called out. "Yes, grow for me boy," she said as his cock thickened in her throat. It had taken long enough but to aid him, she sucked the growing phallus into the back of her throat. She didn't even gag as the bulbous head spread the sucking orifice. Hands went through her hair, and she gave him a few more hard pulls before slurping off his cock. Quickly she pivoted on the balls of her feet and presented herself to him.

"Come on son, fuck your mother again," she said looking back at him. He had a look of disdain on his face. "What did I get myself into?" he asked. "Not into me quickly enough," she replied licking her lips. She looked down the hallway when she saw him moving behind her. Knowing that he would struggle once he got himself positioned, she laid her chest to the floor to rotate her hips for an easier entry for him. Those hips also moved invitingly to him.

"Hurry up." The sudden heat rising on her ass took her completely by surprise and even made her involuntarily yelp. A sting of dull pleasurable pain emanated in her body. "You spanked me?" She asked. He had done it before, but the sheer force and unexpectedness took her back.

"Didn't you say I should be more assertive?" He said. Another smack on her ass sent her shivering in delight. "Hurry," she begged.

"Aren't you my slut?" Another smack, which made dig her nails into the hardwood floor. "Yes baby," she said. "Then impale yourself slut," he said. The change in his demeanor made her happy.

"Okay," she said. Another smack on her ass echoed in the doorway. She almost came from the veracity of it. "Yes, son," he said correcting her. "Yes, son," she said with a shudder after a pause. There hadn't really been much of a thought to her why he insisted she call him son. The thought of it originally repulsed her, but now, calling her son her actual son gave her something of perverse satisfaction.

Mind back to the task at hand, she reached underneath and to hick cock rubbing up against her swollen pussy lips. With some work, she tried to guide herself down his length. She tried, but he took her again by surprise and slammed his cock all the way. "Oh," she exclaimed as he began funding her cunt.

"Yes." "You like that whore?" She moaned and another slap on her rump. "I asked you a question mom," he yelled.

"Fuck yes son, I love it. Fuck me harder," she groaned into the floor. By now, she barely registered that his hard thrusts were making here slide.

Closing her eyes, she allowed Daniel to destroy her cunt. Each thrust made her mind race and begin to blank with pleasure. "Oh shit," he said suddenly. It brought begrudgingly out of her fog of pleasure.

"Not in me," she begged. "Let me swallow it." With the sudden feeling of her pussy being empty, she had barely a second to suck his cock back into her throat. After sucking him back once or twice before she greedily drank his cum as he spasmed into his orgasm. "Damn," he said before falling to the floor. Patricia smacked her lips, enjoying the treat.

"You taste good," she said after a few moments listening to him breathe heavily. "And you made a huge mess," he said. Her eyes opened, and she saw that his grey shirt was soaked in sweat. Looking at the floor, she saw what he had mentioned. There across the floor and spread out around her was liquid. She hadn't even noticed that she had cum hard enough to squirt everywhere. It confounded her that she had and then realized that she may have passed out.

"How long did you fuck me?" She asked in confusion. "Over an hour it seems," he replied. He had scooted back and leaned against the front door. "What was that about?" "Me wanting to fuck," she said. A feeling of contentment then washed over her, which was a welcome to the normal regrowing hunger of her pussy.

"Oh, I thought something happened with Alicia," he said. "No, dropped her off. She did masturbate a bit in the car, but nothing came of it." "You sound disappointed," he said with a sigh.

"I am, she is fun and more importantly, a new toy for me and you." There was a silence, and Patricia became aware of how sticky she had become. Uncomfortably sticky that made her want to shower. She looked at Daniel and saw he needed a shower too. An argument about how nice it would be to shower with him would be nice. "So did you meet her dad?" His question snapped her out of her going fantasy.

"No, I saw a shadow of him. I also dropped her off on the street instead of pulling up." "Sinister huh?" Patricia stood up. "You have homework?" "Yeah," he laughed.

"Better get on it boy. You may have control over me sexually, but I am still your mother," she said. He smiled at her, and she walked up the stairs.

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"Nice ass mom," he called after her.