Public invasion free porn movie scenes

Public invasion free porn movie scenes
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My Wife a Topless Dancer or a Porn Star The Cherry Pit A GO GO topless Bar and My wife Jane. Most of this story is true as my wife actually did apply for a job as a topless dancer and could have went to work dancing as one!

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I almost always stopped at the Cherry pit on my way home, I was never there very long, just long enough to get a nice hard on. The women were almost always attractive friendly and very new at dancing topless as the pit was one of the first dance club in our local area!

Being young and almost always horny plus having a beautiful young wife that was equally horny and more than willing, made it easy for me to fuck her brains out every chance I got.

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I would almost always arrive home with a very stiff bulge and would grab Jane and kiss her along with pressing myself against her.

She would usually say, I know where you have been, she never minded at all, that I stopped there, as she always received the benefits from my brief stops at the pit. Before, and at first, she did not know that I had done so. She had asked? what, in the world had caused me to become so hard?, and I told her where I had been. We had only been married a little over two years at the time and I was always thinking of different ways, things and places to take her where we could have interesting sexual encounters and to make our sex life better.

She had also told me that She had, on several occasions told me that several of her girls, the ones in her fantasy's liked to be naked and in front of a bunch of men and that being a topless dancer or to star in a porn movie might just be another way to satisfy this fantasy. My wife was also a closet exhibitionist! I told her fantasy was one thing, and that dancing in front of a bunch of horny men who had been drinking or auditioning for a porn movie could lead to situations that might not end with the pleasure of fantasy.

The next thing I know Jane was talking about applying for a job at one of the new topless bars. Now most guys including me have fantasized about their wives or girl friends being a topless dancer and even a porn star. The thought of this happening was always quite a turn on for me, and the thought for her was equally so. Key word here is thought!. She had given just enough thought about this, to where she had found the perfect place.

It was in one of the unincorporated sections out between the city and the county and was, so she thought, far enough away so that no one she knew, especially her mother would find out, and besides it would only be part time anyway. I had told her that she would never go through with applying for a job like this let alone actually dance topless in front of a bunch of strange men and would never go through with it.

This comment only seemed to make her want to prove that she could really do it. Now you have to understand that my wife even though she was in her early 20s, was still very naively innocent, and only looked at this like many of the other things we did, in that it would be an enjoyable and pleasurable sexual experience, ending much like all of her fantasy's.

When the day came, she had bought some very sexy red and black Lacey see through underwear. She said, that she did not want to go by herself, and to prove that she had actually gone and tried, had asked me to take her to the audition.

I agreed thinking that this would dissuade her from actually going through with her threat to do so, it seemed the more I tried to talk her out of it the more determined she was to go through with it.


What she didn't know was, that in the unincorporated area where this topless dance club was located there were no laws or ordinances prohibiting not only topless dancing but also bottomless as well. It was in the late afternoon when we parked in the club lot.

I was surprised when Jane got out with the little bag her outfit was in and walked right into the building. I think she had expected me to stop her, and was surprised when I didn't. Later she told me what, had happened. Their were several guys, a bouncer and a porn movie producers two black helpers she did not know at the time that they were involved in porn movies and maybe one other a bartender.

One of which told her where she needed to go. Three other girls were already there for the audition, she thought all of them were younger better looking and had a more shapely body than she. Their was an older woman that was doing the interviews and would decide who would get the job and who would not. All three of the girls would get to do their dance, they got to pick their music and could dance the way they thought would help them get them the joball of them were in a small dressing room just off the dance floor, and my girl was the last to enter.

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This older gal who she thought might be the wife of the owner, was talking with the other girls about their costumes and what was expected of them. Now you have to remember that this was the middle 60s and all of the dos and don't s had not yet been established as this like the Cherry Pit A Go Go were all relatively hew.

In the dressing room she was told to put her costume on and to get undressed right there in front of all the other girls. These girls had already done so and were just setting there waiting and watching my girl disrobe. Normally this would not have been a problem, to get undressed in front of other women, but the setting and circumstances of auditioning for a job as a topless dancer made her quite uncomfortable,and a little embarrassed especially when this older gal leaned over and started fooling around with first her lacy black and red top squeezing her breasts and then her briefs in front of the other girls, as if this was an everyday thing, and said oh I am just checking the fit as I can see by the tags you have just bought them and pulling on one said you ought to remove these before you dance.

Jane was at the time only 21 yrs old but as I said very naive, thinking that this was a normal thing that went along with applying for a job like this and allowed this woman to feel her up right in front of the other three girls.

The music started and the first girl danced but towards the end of the dance she turned around wiggled her bottom to the music and stepped out of her bottoms leaving it bare !!!. Jane almost choked as she thought this place was only a topless bar. Quickly the next girl did almost the exact same thing, the same was followed by the last girl.

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Until it was my wife's turn. By this time both the bouncer and several other men including the two black ones along with the bartender were crowding around the stage. They had been watching the girls dance and were giving each of the girls a big hand as they finished.

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The older gal had been first standing next to the dressing room, and then was down on her knees, on the stage and had been watching the girls very close as they danced. She had also been giving tips and suggestions on how to improve their dancing. Finally it was Jane's turn to dance. She loved to dance especially the fast and wild stuff that was popular at the time, but I was never the rock and roll king and always preferred to slow dance or let her dance with someone else.

So this was her chance to really let it hang out. She had after seeing the bottoms come off the first girl, had almost decided to put her clothes back on and leave but the music and excitement along with her fantasy of dancing nude in front of men was overpowering, as I said before she loved to dance but could be a klutz sometimes.

She said the lights seemed to be much brighter when she took the dance floor. She tried to do her best and later said she had been over exuberant and when it came time to remove her bottoms she almost tripped by catching her heel on the skimpy bottoms. She thought she had done okay especially when the men had given her some loud applause, were whistling and had been giving her more than some approving looks, at the very end of her dance she swung around the poll totally nude with these bright lights on just her, the feeling was incredible and something she had never experienced.

She felt that all the other girls did better, and after the the older gal said, well your dance was okay but you need more practice and that she would give her a call when they decided on which of the girls they would hire.


Jane figured that this meant her chances were slim to none in getting the job, and that it was just as well as she had not planned on dancing bottomless anyway. Boy was she surprised when several of the men approached her and asked if she was the gal who was there to also audition for the star roll in a porn movie! and as long as she was naked could audition for the part right now!

My wife said no protesting! But before she could turn around and leave the two big black men had grabbed her and had pulled her over to one corner of the club where some video cameras were set up!

Saying we know who you are and want to see what you can do, as he forced Jane to bend over, and before she could protest a big hard black dick appeared and the owner forcefully grabbed her head and guided it into her mouth and past beautiful red lips this ended any protest!


At almost the same time an equally hard black cock entered her moist naked little pussy and they started using her quite forcefully as she was helplessly impaled at both ends as they pumped her womanly charms! Just as both stiffened and had blown their cum load another man with a young dark haired girl that looked a lot like my wife entered the club and said, hey!

What are you guys doing you have the wrong girl!

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I have the one you want, and told them to let my wife go! Jane after sucking with cum dripping out of her cunt and also out of the corner of her mouth was helplessly in shock although she had fantasy's about black men, but never thought they would come true especially in this topless club that night!

Both black men with a sheepish smile tried to apologize! My wife almost always horny smiled and trying not to show that she enjoy what had just happened and said that's okay as she without thinking blurted out, I have always wanted to do that! I did not know any of this had happened, until several days later as Jane was afraid to say anything to me and I had assumed from what she had said nothing was going to come of it.

So was quite surprised when coming home after swing shift several days later at about 12.00 AM on a Friday night Jane met me at the door wearing the red and black see through lacy outfit she had worn for the audition.

She told me that she wanted to dance just for me, soft sexy music and a low dim lights followed as she tried to act as sexy and as raunchy as possible while taking off what little she wore, and was soon telling me that she not only got the job as a dancer, but she was also offered the job as a porn star but decided not to take either.

At the time we always had great sex but mostly it was parking out in the bushes. This was the first time Jane had actually done anything like this, and what had happened with the black men was a turn on for both of us as she explained what had really happened. I had fantasized just like she, of her being forced to have sex with two well endowed black men!

Because this was all her idea and she had not told me what had happened until now it turned out to be very enjoyable as we both fantasized about what had happened to her as we had some of the best sex ever up until that point in our marriage. Although, to Jane the thought of dancing nude in front of a bunch of men, as fantasy was quite sexually exciting to her, but when she really had the chance to do it along with her forced audition as a porn star.

Both thoughts had been quite exciting and was quite a turn on! I still love the thought of her dancing nude or even being a Porn star with black men and many husbands would feel the same way about having there wives do something like this!