Dude is letting alluring sweetheart smack his hard boner

Dude is letting alluring sweetheart smack his hard boner
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This is all fiction! None of this is true, also, sorry about the horrible grammar, still learning (If I copy anyone sorry, it was not intended.) Dungeon Games/Saw part 1 The first thing that Amy noticed when she awoke in the dark, damp area was that her head was stinging. Her right arm rose to push softly against the top of her head, when she did this she winced.

She drew her hand back, and looked at her fingers. A dark, red substance was smeared along her fingers. "Blood," she thought, before she looked through the room, her voice rising "Where am I, Anybody here!?" She had been known for her bad temper, she tried to act like she was strong, but inside she knew she couldn't stop her trembling. Her voice shook, and she cursed herself silently. She was scared, in the dark, alone. No idea where she was. There was a small crackle, making her jump and throw her head around, finding a speaker up on the ceiling, which made the noise.

"Hello Amy, I have been watching you. You are an interesting female, and this is why I chose you to be my guinea pig for my experiments.


You will be freed from this place once you have done the tasks assigned to you, if you do not, you are likely to either die, or be maimed. The choice is up to you," The speaker crackled again, leaving her in silence. But then there was a large creek, and the wall seemed to open. "Hidden door, I just have to remember where it is, then I can get out of here," But one problem was that there was no hand to open it. She was confused as to how she or anyone else coming in would get out.

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The man in pure black set a tape recorder next to her, and found out how they would leave. A slow elevator seemed came down from the ceiling, this was when she just noticed the ceiling had a large hole in it. She sighed in aggravation, knowing that they were watching her.

Once the man in black was raised up, and gone, she grabbed the tape recorder, and hit play.


"Again hello, Amy," it was the same voice, it was male, for sure, and it seemed like his throat was try or something, because the voice was scratchy. "This is your first task, and this is the first task out of twenty, every time something comes into your room, you had better do what it says, or remember the consequences." As soon as it had shut up, the elevator made a screech, she knew it was coming down, but it sounded like there was something to heavy on it, making it scream with agony.

"Why didn't they just use the door…?" She looked around the rectangular room; there wasn't much in it other than a bed, and a table. The rest was bare, no way out. She frowned, and then winced as another throb was sent through her head; the wound was going to make this whole experience worse. Amy hadn't thought about anything on her form, so looked down at her body, she had been stripped other than her under clothing, her cell phone taken.

"Damn," she muttered, and sighed, guessing there was no way out of this other than to do what they say. Finally, the screeching came to a halt; it was too dark to see the black creature that was stepping out of it, there seemed to be two of them, both black, and extremely large.

She had no guesses to what they were, so just waited for what was going to come, to come. Once they had come into view, her eyes widened, standing in front of her were two, fully grown gorillas.

She let out a low whimper, pushing herself into the corner of the room, the walls were extremely cold, and she just noticed that she herself was extremely cold. She was too caught up in everything to notice her body temperature. The speaker clicked again, and the voice was heard. "They're names are Mark, and Derrick, they are fully grown Silver Back Gorilla's trained to.play with humans. You had better do as they say, or you might find yourself getting hurt." The speaker shut off, but then a harsh, and very bright light was shone on her, if the gorillas hadn't seen her before, they had now.

They both charged at her, grabbing her, and putting her in the middle of the room, on the bed.

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One of them stepped in front of her, while the other waited for his turn. The gorilla had laid her on her stomach, and pulled her towards him, he was just high enough that his girth was right in her face. She shied away, a low whimper leaving her lips.

The gorilla sent a fist to the bed, making her jump, and whimper again. She had no choice. She whined once, and slowly let his soft pink tongue leave the confines of her lips, slowly flickering against the tip of the limp penis in front of her. The pre-cum taste filled her mouth, she thought to herself it wasn't that bad.


The gorilla calmed down now, not looking down at her, but feeling the soft muscle against his penis. Before the penis had been limp, but now as it felt the saliva from the small girls tongue, it started to grow.

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She had never seen a penis before, in real life, but on the internet they had been maybe seven, eight inches. The gorilla was different, two inches thick, and almost a foot long. She gulped down once, and let out a slow breath.

She continued to rub her tongue along its length, before slowly letting her lips form around the tip, she actually had to stretch her mouth to fit it inside. Once it was inside though, she gave soft, curious sucks. Her tongue wound against the soft yet hard flesh, actually beginning to enjoy the saltiness of the pre-cum.

She pushed herself forward, taking about four inches of the length into her mouth, now sucking furiously. Her left hand began stroking the flesh that wasn't in her mouth, while the right slid down, and began gently massaging the gorilla' balls, softly pinching them, before slowly massing them both in her hand, she guessed the other gorilla had gotten impatient, because he moved behind her, and ripped her panties off, and pushed his already hard penis against her slit.

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She gasped, and pulled away from Derrick's cock, she guess this one was Derrick, but didn't care. Her lips parted, but she was too late, just as the words had left her mouth, he had thrust in.


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Ugh.oh.umf," she was pushed forward each thrust, the penis breaking easily through her hyum, and thrusting his entire length into her. She noticed that he was not as big as the other, maybe ten inches, and an inch and a half thick, but still bigger than a human. After the pain had subsided, she had began to enjoy it, turning around and thrusting Derrick's cock back into her mouth, taking four inches into her mouth, but then felt his tip at the beginning of her throat.

She had never done this before, but she tried relaxing her throat, and slowly, very slowly, began to push the penis into it.

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The gorilla was patient, and when she had gotten seven inches in, was the first time she gagged, but continued her way down his cock. Mark's thrusts were making it easier to get him time, when she thought she couldn't take anymore in, she was hit forward by the rough thrusts, making her face closer to the gorilla.

Amy was proud of herself when she felt that her hand was at the base, and her hand was also against her lips. She didn't think she could take any more it, but moved her hand, and moved forward. She wasn't able to take the last two inches in, but still, it was good enough. She began to bob her head back and forth, moving quickly, enjoying what she was getting.

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Finally, she felt the first squirt of his cum in her mouth, she moved back fast, and only kept the tip in her mouth, sucking hard. The cum was salty, and hot, she enjoyed it, and moaned against it. She swallowed, and swallowed, letting the thick liquid down her throat, finally when he was done, she gave the cock a few more licks, and a few more sucks, before his cock went limp.

During all of this, Mark had been pounding away at her pussy, she moaned and pushed back against him, while this was happening Derrick's cock got limp, so she put the limp three inch cock in her mouth, and sucked again, just so he didn't have to wait.

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The gorilla named Mark continued for about five more minutes, before his load was shot into her, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she moaned, finally the last few globs of cum were deposited in her pussy, and both gorillas left to the elevator.

She was almost sad to see them leave, hoping she would see them again. End Should I do more? Let me know.