Amorzinho de olhos azuis mostrando os seios perfeitos

Amorzinho de olhos azuis mostrando os seios perfeitos
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"Dustin! Please, don't stop!" I moaned while Dustin basically tore at my asshole. "Fucking God. So. tight. Argh!" Dustin panted. I squirmed, accidentally finding a better position. It only intensified the pleasure Dustin was giving me. I shut my eyes tight as Dustin came inside of me again. But that didn't stop him. Dustin kept fucking me as he stood up. He started walking to the bathroom with my legs around his waist, bouncing up and down. Dustin bent me over the counter and kissed my back.

I gripped the towel rack to keep from biting my own lip off. Seeing as we've both came multiple times already, we were highly sensitive.

"Dustin! I'm cumming!" I exclaimed through clenched teeth. "Same here, baby. Let's go at the same time." Dustin groaned. I nodded and stood, pressing my back against his chest. Dustin exploded his largest load yet inside of me and I screamed as I came, too.

Dustin sighed and pulled me into the shower with him. Turning on the warm water, he put it on a bit colder than he liked. "Dustin," I whined. "You don't have to do this. I'm fine with hot water." I smiled. Dustin chuckled and squirted shampoo on his hand before rubbing it into my new dyed black hair. "Oh, I know. I need cold water when you're in here." He said, rinsing my hair off. I shook my head and grabbed the soap while Dustin washed his hair. "Can you get my back?" I asked him, turning around.

His hands slowly rubbed up and down my back. I moaned a bit at his touch. Dustin's hands slid around my waist and his chest collided with my back.

He nibbled at the top of my ear and pinched at my nipples a bit. I bit my lip and groaned. "Oh yeah. I need this water if I wanna survive this." Dustin muttered.

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Tugging on a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, I sighed. I put on a slightly over-sized sweater and tugged a grey beanie on. I fixed the sweater so it exposed one shoulder. The zipper almost cut me in the process. Stretching my sleeves out so it stopped where my fingers started, I turned around.

Dustin entered my view in faded blue jeans and a teal shirt. I slipped on a checkered pair of wrist bands and waited for Dustin. He smiled and took my hand before dragging me downstairs. "You wanna watch a movie?" He asked. I nodded and jumped onto the couch. Dustin chuckled and put in a random movie. Sitting down beside me, he threw a blanket over us as I snuggled closer into his side.

Kissing the top of my head, we watched the beginning part of Captain America. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- I yawned and stretched as the movie ended. Getting up from the couch, I saw that Dustin was asleep. Smiling, I noticed the bulge under the blanket on his lap. "I'll take care of that." I smirked. Happy that Dustin was a heavy sleeper, I tore the blanket away from him. Carefully un-buttoning his pants, I made sure he wouldn't wake up. I slid his pants off along with his boxers. Licking my lips, I held his dick in my hands.

A small groan came from Dustin. I kissed the head of his dick before taking it into my mouth. Closing my eyes, I slowly bobbed myself up and down. "J-Justin? Oh!" Dustin groaned.

"What are you doing?" I groaned in response. Dustin placed his hand on the back of my head and slowly pushed me down.

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He helped me take all of his dick in. Sucking as hard as I could, I made sure not to graze my teeth along him.

I stopped sucking and licked up and down the underside. Looking up at Dustin, I saw he was staring at me as he bit his lower lip.

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I closed my eyes again and took his whole length down my throat. Dustin came and moaned loudly. I tried my best to swallow everything, but I started choking. I coughed a couple times before swallowing most of Dustin's cum.

He gripped my hand for support as he came down from his high. I slowly stood and scooped up everything I spilled, into my mouth. Dustin smiled softly and pulled me to his lap. By now, I was straddling him with my ankles locked behind him. He pulled his pants and boxers up.

"You are beautiful," He whispered. "But I hate hearing you cough. Never do that again without my permission, okay?" His face and voice was stern as he said the last parts. I nodded and bowed my head a little, guilt flooding through me. "I'm sorry.

You were just. Well, you were hard and you always take care of me. I just wanted to pay you back. I thought you'd like it. I'm sorry." Dustin smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me flush against him.

"Not at all! I loved it!" He exclaimed, slight panic on his face. "I appreciate it, too. You're just too precious to me. And I want to treat you like the Godling you are." I blushed and squirmed at his last comment.

Dustin chuckled and kissed along my jaw. My hands crept up to his broad shoulders. I tilted my head so he could have more access. I've finally decided that Dustin owns my body. I'll let him do whatever he wants with it. Torture it if he wants. Please it if he wants. His lips trailed up to the corner of my lips and stayed there for a while, placing soft kisses. Then, they trailed down to my neck and my bare shoulder.

Dustin shifted us a bit. I was under him as he supported his body with his hands beside my head. He started lightly biting and sucking on one spot. Dustin pulled away, emitting a whimper from me. Dustin blew on a new hickey and ground his hips against mine. I moved my arms to behind his neck and pulled him towards me fast. Our lips connected and his tongue immediately snaked into my mouth. Everything was slow and teasing. The doorbell rang, sending us both pulling apart quickly.

"I'll get it!" Dustin and I yelled at the same time. He stood up, helping me up too. I ran my hands through Dustin's hair and fixed it. I straightened out my beanie and my bangs. We walked to the door hand in hand. I opened it to reveal Jasper and Alecks. "Hey guys," I greeted, opening the door wider. They smiled at me before coming in. I let go of Dustin's hand, receiving a poke to my side. I glared playfully at Dustin before I was picked up and slammed against someone's body.

I looked down and saw the blood red spikes. "No! Alecks! Put me down!" I laughed. Alecks set me down but didn't let go of me. "You're so cute! I just wanna keep you in my closet forever! And dress you up like Ciel from Black Butler! Why can't they make Justin dolls?! Why, oh, why?!" He whined. I pat his back and chuckled. "I missed you, too Alecks." Dustin pried Alecks' arms away from me and wrapped his own around me.

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"Don't smother my brother!" Dustin exclaimed. Jasper laughed at Alecks' pouting. I slipped away from Dustin's hold and walked into the living room.

I could hear the trio bickering as they walked down the hall to the room I was in. I grabbed a huge pillow and hugged it. Aaah. Cold pillows are the best. The three came into the living room as I sat down and turned the TV on. Dustin sat beside me, motioning for Alecks and Jasper to sit on the other couch. The two cuddled up together and kissed. We're fine with their incest. What would they think of ours? Surely, they wouldn't be mad. That would be simply hypocritical.

I chewed on the corner of my lip and glanced up at Dustin. He took my hand in his and laced his fingers with mine. He brought it up to his lips and kissed my knuckles. He nodded, letting me know his intake on our slight problem. Clearing his throat, Dustin caught the attention of the brothers in front of us.

They glanced at our intertwined fingers and cheered. "Is this what I think it is?!" Jasper exclaimed. I licked my lips and nodded, leaning into Dustin. Alecks jumped up and down, clapping his hands. "I knew it! Oh, we've been waiting for so long!

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You two. you're just ADORABLE together!" Dustin chuckled at the two's reactions. He kissed my temple, then my cheek. I blushed when his fingertips brushed along my side. I snuggled deeper into the big pillow and hid my face in it. "Aww!" Alecks cooed. "Jasper, why can't we be like that?!" "Alright, but I'm going to have to make you innocent again." Jasper teased, the smirk evident in his tone.

"Nevermind." Alecks grumbled. "So. what now?" He asked as I lifted my head from the pillow. We all shrugged in response. "I think I know what I wanna do." Dustin admitted with a wicked smirk that sent chills through me. "Hmm, Justin?" His voice was low and rough. Unf. He grazed his nose along my neck and stuck his tongue out slightly. "Dustin. we have guests." I moaned. I tried pushing him away, but my arms felt like jelly.


"I think they're too busy sucking each other's faces to focus on what we're doing." He whispered. I glanced at the two and saw that they really were too occupied. I shrugged and slid my arms around Dustin's neck. He lifted me up onto his lap and gripped my waist. I pursed my lips slightly and rested my enclosed hand on my cheek. Dustin bit his bottom lip and slowly let it go.


Leaning forward, I caught his bottom lip in between my teeth. I closed my eyes as Dustin's lips and mine moved in perfect sync. "So damn sexy." Dustin whispered.


He trailed down onto my bare shoulder and pulled my sweater down with his index finger. The collar came up to my neck as the rest of the fabric exposed my bare chest. Dustin enclosed his lips onto my nipple and licked. He pulled away and blew cold air onto the damp nub. My back arched in pleasure as he worked on the other one.

He did the same but licked and blew slower. He bit down on my zipper and slowly pulled it down.

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Taking off my sweater, Dustin licked his way up to my neck. A low growl coming from neither of us stopped us. I looked behind me and saw Alecks, without a shirt on, sitting on Jasper's lap, who also didn't have a shirt on.

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Dustin pulled my chin towards his face. "Ignore them." He said in a low, rough voice. Unf. If only one could fuck a voice. His hand positioned itself on the back of my head. I closed my eyes moments before I felt Dustin's cheek against mine. Without warning, he pushed my hair back and licked the soft skin behind my ear.

He pulled away as I opened my eyes. His hand traveled down my neck, down my torso, and into my jeans. "Dustin." I moaned. Dustin ground his hips under me. I leaned forward and nuzzled his neck, opening my mouth to give him a hickey. Dustin's hands roamed everywhere, leaving behind a trail of a burning sensation. A trail of pure lust. He un-buttoned my pants and zipped down the zipper.

Taking my dick out, he teased and pleasured it. The worst he did was jerking me off to the point of an orgasm, then stopping immediately and not letting me do anything to relieve myself. "Fucking say my name." He growled in my ear.

Dustin slapped my ass hard. He was starting to lose control and I was loving it. "Dustin." I groaned. "Louder!" He demanded. "Dustin!" I yelled when he jerked me off furiously, causing me to cum in his hand. "Oh yeah. That's it," He panted. He lifted his hand to my mouth. I eagerly licked it clean of my cum. "Alright, that's enough." Dustin said after a while. I pulled away from his damp hand and licked my lips. "You still have to get to work." He said, motioning to the clock.

12:45 p.m. Oh crap! I ran upstairs as fast as I could without falling and fixed myself up. Putting my dick back in my pants, putting on a new button-up shirt, spraying on cologne so I won't smell like sex, etc. I put in my blue contacts and light black eyeliner.

I always put that on for work in case Dustin decides to come by and flirt. My workmates knew that I was gay. just not that I had a twin or a sibling for that matter.

Before our relationship, Dustin and I kissed a lot. And not in a brotherly way. I thought it was all innocent before, though. Living in a big city, not many people knew each other. I was thankful for that. I bid the three downstairs goodbye as I rushed to my car. "Forgetting something?" Dustin asked as he held up my black converse and jacket.

I thanked him quickly while grabbing my stuff. Placing a small kiss on his cheek, I whirled around and ran. Although I didn't miss the ass-slap he gave me. I yelped but continued anyways. I hopped into my car and sped out of the driveway. I know we're rich and all, but baking is a hobby. Being paid to do something you love is a good feeling.

If only I get paid to do Dustin. No! Bad Justin! I sped to the small cafè and ran inside. Grabbing my apron from the hook on the way to the kitchen. "Hey Justin. You and Penny are working the register today." Eric said, carrying out a platter of newly baked cupcakes. I nodded and took a tray of unfinished strawberry tarts. Penny met me at the front of the store, her wavy blonde hair randomly blowing in the non-existent wind as she served a customer. I set the tray down on the counter and took out the whipped cream.

Spraying a hefty amount on each tart and sprinkling it with sugar later on, I set them into the display case. Penny worked the long line of customers as I took orders from the ones who ate in. A familiar head of red hair came into my view a few hours later. Alecks, Dustin, and Jasper approached the counter. "Hey guys. What can I get you?" I asked, picking up my notepad. "I'll take a blueberry muffin." Alecks grinned.

"I'll have just a coffee, if you will." Jasper said, wrapping his arms around Alecks' waist. "And I'll have you on a silver platter. Along with a can of whipped cream." Dustin winked.

"Dustin!" I blushed and shifted uneasily. "I'm afraid only strawberry tarts can compete with the sweetness of mon cher, Monsieur." Tony appeared behind me, carrying a new cake he made. His French accent and vocabulary something he was always proud of.

Dustin glared at him as Tony slung an arm over my shoulder. "And you are?" Dustin asked, his eyes narrowing. "Ah, I am Antoine la Majestueux. And you are?" Tony raised an eyebrow at Dustin. "Tony," I piped in. "Meet my boyfriend, Dustin." "I see. You two would make wonderful babies together!" He exclaimed. I blushed deeper as Jasper amd Alecks bust out laughing. "You know," Tony continued. "Considering if one of you was a woman. Although, Justin here is already as delicate as one.

Take good care of him, eh?" Tony threatened Dustin. Dustin nodded awkwardly as Tony sauntered back into the kitchen. "So. a piece of apple pie, then?" I asked. Dustin nodded. I scribbled their orders down and got their food. The three took a seat at one of the booths. Balancing their food, I walked over to them and carefully set it down.

"Don't mind Tony, Dustin. He's a bit of a loon." I smiled. "No, I am not, Mon Cher!" He hollered from the kitchen. "Eavesdropper!" I yelled over my shoulder. Tony poked his head out the door and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and set my attention on my friends and boyfriend. I poured Jasper his coffee, accidentally splashing a few drops on myself. I hissed in pain under my breath.

"Careful now. Don't want to make a mess out of yourself. I'm going to have to clean you up tonight if you do." Dustin said nonchalantly, scanning the droplets on my arm. I blushed and returned to the counter. I quietly served the other customers, stealing glances at Dustin from time to time. He'd catch me once in a while and wink. This continued for a few hours until we changed shifts. Penny got replaced by Jasmine and I had to work kitchen and counter.

Savannah went home due to a massive head ache. Taking out my batch of my special brownies, Tony took them from me. "Go, take your break Mon Cher. You've worked very hard today. Tend to your lover." He winked. I nodded shyly and took my apron off. I hung it up on the hook and walked over to Dustin, grabbing a few brownies on my way. "I have half an hour in my break." I said, setting the plate down. "Did you make these?" Alecks asked, his face stuffed with the chocolate dessert.

I nodded as I sat next to Dustin, his arm slinging around my shoulders. "You are amazing! I am kidnapping you one day." "No! Mine!" Dustin said like a child with a toy. He rested his chin on top of my head and huffed. I giggled as I watched Alecks try to feed Jasper a brownie.

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"Jasper," I said, catching his attention. I gave him my puppy dog face. "Eat a brownie? It would make me very happy if you did." He nodded and ate the one Alecks had in his hand. Jasper's pupils dilated and I smiled. "These are. You are. I am. Wow." Jasper exhaled. "Thank you." I smiled sweetly.

Dustin popped one in his mouth and shook his head. "Nope. Still not as sweet as you." I sighed and rested my head on Dustin's chest. Dustin stroked my cheek with the back of his pinky and ring finger. Closing my eyes, I relaxed. "I have the weirdest boner right now." Alecks admitted. I chuckled but other than that, didn't move at all. "Is it weird that I think you guys look like what a Ciel and Sebastian yaoi picture should look like?" I ignored Alecks this time.

I could feel Dustin's gaze on the top of my head as he continued to stroke my cheek softly. I yawned and pulled away before I fell asleep. I shook my head and opened my eyes, only to see Alecks grinning at his phone like mad. "Whatcha got there?" I asked him. He showed me his phone and there, on the screen, was a picture of Dustin and I moments ago. I rolled my eyes and stood. "I better get back to work.

See you guys later." I kissed Dustin for a few seconds before turning around and heading back to the kitchen. "Mon cher!

That was just too adorable out there! You and your lover are the epitome of perfect!" Tony gushed as he put on my apron for me. "Please, Tony. You over-exaggerate." I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

He shook his head and kissed my forehead. "I only speak the truth, mon petit cher." He grinned. I eyed the brownie tray behind him.

"Really now?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "Surely, you would honestly say who ate the brownies?" Tony started fidgeting. "Oui, Eric? I better go see what he wants in the freezer." He ran away, even though Eric didn't call him at all. I shook my head and smiled after the crazy French man.

I worked the rest of the two hours and went home with Dustin. Alecks and Jasper left about an hour before. Dustin rode here with Alecks and Jasper, so he rode in my car. "It was nice seeing you at work today, baby." Dustin said, taking my free hand and kissing my knuckles. "Really?" I asked him, not taking my eyes off the road.

"Of course! I'm just sad that you didn't bring that apron home. It would have been quite a costume for tonight." Dustin said, licking my finger after. I shivered and bit my lower lip. "Next time, baby." I promised. "Really?" Dustin grinned. I nodded shyly. "I'm excited now!" I chuckled and pulled into our driveway. I stepped out and Dustin jogged over to my side. Suddenly, he picked me up bridal style and kissed my nose.

He carried me into the house and locked the door behind him. Dustin carried me upstairs and tossed me onto our bed. He locked that door too and slowly crawled over to me. I smirked and pounced on him. I ended up straddling him with my hands on his shoulders.

Our tongues rubbed against the other's constantly. Dustin rested his hands on my thighs, his thumbs massaging my inner thighs. I smirked against his lips and pulled away a few centimeters. My lips brushed against his skin. Dustin started to unbutton my shirt. I just went ahead and ripped his shirt off. Dustin growled and hurried to get both of our pants off.

I stuck my tongue out and licked up and down his jaw slowly. "Justin you tease," Dustin muttered. I chuckled lowly and whispered in his ear. "Justin's no longer here for tonight. Get ready for a wild ride." I nipped at his ear, receiving a groan from him. He flipped us so he was on top of me and ground his hips against mine. I could feel his excitement through the two pieces of thin fabric our underwear supplied. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he buried his face in the crook of my neck.

His finger nail encircled my nipple as his teeth not-so-lightly bit into my neck. I moaned loudly, my back arching. Dustin tore both our boxers off. He positioned himself at my entrance and thrust painfully.

"Oh, yes!" I screamed, welcoming the pain and pleasure. I clawed at his back as Dustin began to pick up speed and force. "More, more, MORE!" I yelled with every thrust. "I fucking love this side of Justin." Dustin said in between grunts. "Shut up and fuck me harder." I growled. "Gladly." Dustin replied as he hammered into me. I screamed as he came inside of me. Dustin held my hips still as I wanted more.

Dustin pulled out of me and slid his body down. Closing his eyes, he licked the head of my dick. I groaned and pulled him up. I had a different idea.

I sat us both up and put our dicks against each other. I jerked both of them off side by side. I came a bit earlier than Dustin, landing cum on both our chests. I waited until he came on our chests, too. Leaning over, I licked up all the cum off of Dustin as he did the same to me.

I kissed him and mixed our cum together. I swallowed most of it. Pulling away, a bit of spit still connected our lips. Dustin and I stared at each other for a while before I shoved my body against his. My lips came in contact with his neck. Dustin's hands roamed my sides and back, squeezing here and there. Suddenly, the last thing you ever wanna hear during sex was heard. A phone ringing. I groaned in anger and grabbed my phone.

Looking at the caller ID, a picture of one of my best friends showed. I sat up, my back to Dustin. "The fuck, Tyler? This better be pretty fucking important because I was having the wildest sex." I scolded him. Dustin chuckled and wrapped his arm around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder. "Sorry but I wanted to know if you could take care of Cro-po this Saturday.

I need to clean up around the house and I can't do that with him around." He pleaded. "One sec," I told him. I covered the mouthpiece and turned to Dustin.

"He wants to see if we can take care of his husky pup this Saturday." Dustin nibbled on my ear in thought. "We're good." He breathed. I struggled to keep in a groan. "Sure, Ty." I said, taking my hand off. "Thank so much! I'll let you get back to fucking the innocence out of each other. Bye little dude.

Bye Dustin." He yelled Dustin's part and hung up. I pulled the phone away from my ear and stared at it in shock. How did he.? Alecks probably told Remi and Remi told Ty. I tossed the phone. somewhere and arched my back. Dustin gripped my hips and nipped at my neck. "Your skin is so smooth." Dustin whispered. "As smooth as silk, as white as milk. As radiant as the sun, no one though this could be done. My, my, what perfection." Dustin sang.

I reached behind me, locking my hands together behind his neck. I turned my head away from his and tilted it to give him more room. Dustin lifted me slightly and positioned his dick under me.

I lowered myself but hovered a few inches. "Oh!" I said as he thrust into me. "Oh! Oh! Ah!" I turned my head and met my lips with his. We moaned into each others mouths as I pulled on his hair. "I will never get tired of this." Dustin groaned.

"AAAAH!" I screamed. I was quickly silenced when Dustin stuck two fingers into my mouth. I moaned, licking and sucking. "Damn, that's so hot." Dustin whispered. "You are so tight. You like my dick inside your tight little ass, huh?" "Yes!

Yes, I do! I love your big dick inside me." My eyebrows scrunched together as I held onto Dustin. "You fuckin' better." Dustin said, pulling out. I whimpered as he pinned me down. "Who's my little bitch for the night?" He asked, thrusting harder than ever. "Me! Oh, Dustin! I'm your little bitch. I am your fucking bitch!" I yelled. "Fill me with your cum, Dustin! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh, please." "I'm gonna cum!" He warned. I bit my lip hard to keep from waking up the whole neighbourhood.

Dustin shot rope after hot rope into me. He gripped my legs on either side of him.

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My legs started to hurt and I knew for sure that there would be a bruise there tomorrow morning. "I love you," We both sighed when we caught our breaths and laid down. THE END -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- A/N Okay, so you guys are probably like, "What? Another one? What about My Cousin, Chris? Blehrb." I'm working on it, okay? I haven't uploaded in a while and SORREE for uploading this one to feed your hunger for my very weird stories. Anywhores.

It's spring and I'll be pretty fucking busy with spring cleaning and the guys soooo. Yup. It might be up early, it might not. Who the hell knows?