Mi amante muy bien cogida

Mi amante muy bien cogida
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Jessica moved like a ghost though her house, her head still swimming. She was home alone. She made her way to her bed and dropped into it. Her mind drifted, thinking about Mr.

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Janes. His cock in her mouth and buried in her pussy. It made her squirm. She mindlessly reached between her legs, slipping her fingers into her jeans and rubbing herself through her panties. They were still soaked, and she winced as she felt her sore pussy. God was he big. She unzipped her jeans and slipped them off.

She played with herself through the fabric of her soft panties, purposely teasing herself. She arched her back and moaned, sitting up and stripping her shirt and bra off. Mr. Janes had made her cum harder than she had in a very long time. But she needed more. She laid back own, sliding her panties down and off and rubbing her clit. She lost herself, fingers sliding in and out of her well-fucked cunt, toying with her clit using her thumb.

The sound of her phone vibrating broke her concentration. Relunctantly, she grabbed it and saw a text from a number not in her phonebook. 'Have fun?' She had a pretty good idea of who it was. She smiled and texted back. 'Mmm yes. Still am." She reached back to her pussy and her phone vibrated again.

'Show me.' She bit her lip. She thought about what he'd told her. Slowly, she raised her phone up, supporting her perfect breasts under her arm, and snapped a picture.

She sent it to him, and went back to playing with herself, now even hornier. A minute later, her phone vibrated again. 'More.' She fidgeted a little. She looked down at herself, and finally raised her phone again. She closed here eyes and slipped two fingers inside herself, and snapped a picture of her entire body and sent it, adding the text 'Better?' A couple minutes later, he texted her back.

'Much better. Now, meet me at the park at 10 tonight. Don't touch your pussy until then.' Her heart sank. She almost didn't stop. There was no way he'd know, right? But, reluctantly, she took her fingers away from her pussy. She didn't want to risk it.

* * * Ten o'clock came slowly. She didn't have a car, so she'd have to walk to the park. Thankfully, it wasn't far.


She had plently to think about on the walk there. Mr. Janes hadn't texted her since earlier. When she finally arrived at the park, she sat on the stone table, waiting. She felt a little uncomfortable as cars passed, feeling as if they were watching her, and fearing some of them might know her. Finally, she saw Mr. Janes white car pull in to park. He stepped out, well dressed as always.

She watched him closely as he approached. When she could finally make out his face, he looked up and smiled at her.

He stopped and stood next to the table. "Hi there," Jessica said, smiling. "Hello yourself," he said, beaming. "C'mon, let's go." He helped her down, and he put his arm around her shoulder, wandering through the park. They followed the paths, making small talk. The path got darker. The further they went, the less they spoke, but he kept her close. Finally, there was not artificial light around them.

The paved path had turned grassy. They were alone.


He turned her to face him, and slowly kissed her. She was caught a little off guard, but quickly returned his kiss. His tongue slipped between her lips, playinh with hers. He pulled her tight against him. She desperately moaned, feeling his hardness pressing against her. "You want it, don't you?" he said in his deep, unwavering voice. Jessica whimpered and nodded. "Say it," he growled.

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"I want it, Mr. Janes.

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I want your cock." She shook in his grasp from pure lust. He let her go, and started unbuckling his jeans. "On your knees, bitch," he barked. She didn't hesitate. She dropped to her knees and looked up at him. His thick cock sprang out in front of her. She tried to reach for it, but he slapped her hand away.

With one hand, he gripped her hair hard, and with the other, he slowly guided his dick across her lips. Jessica moaned in desperation, trying to inch forward, but he yanked her back by her hair. He slapped his cock across her cheek, then repeatedly patted it on her bottom lip.

Her fists were clenched tight, needing it. Suddenly, he forced himself into her mouth. She desperately swallowed his cock, swirling her tongue across it. It still tasted like her drenched pussy. He forcefully guided her head up and down on his throbbing dick, and she quickly picked up the speed on her own. He forced himself deep into her throat, causing her to gag before he finally pulled out.

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She breathed heavy, her eyes watery from gagging. He pushed her onto her hands and knees. She gasped at the force of it. He kneeled behind her. She could feel him unbuttoning her jeans.

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He yanked them down, and chuckled a little. She hadn't worn panties. She made a point not to. She didn't want anything between herself and the satisfaction of Mr.

Janes' massive tool buried deep in her womb. The cool night air against her soaking pussy and bare ass made her shiver.

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With no warning, he smacked her ass hard. She cried out and shook. He gripped her ass cheek hard, causing burning warmth in her ass, before he smacked her again. She doubled over, face to the ground, moaning. "Please Mr. Janes. please," she begged. "Please what?" he asked in a harsh whisper.



fuck me." she pleaded. She could almost hear his smile. The thought quickly left as he filled her up. She started to scream, but her clamped his hand over her mouth. She cried out desperately. Between his size and the fierce fucking she's had earlier, she thought her pussy would have been more prepared to handle his girth, but she was wrong.

Her young pussy ached and stretched around him. He grabbed her hips and viciously began pounding her teenaged cunt. She moaned and groaned in pain and pleasure. He pulled her backwards. He laid on his back and laid her on top of his, forcing her legs wide and he kept moving his hips, still filling her up. Finally, he faced her forward, impaled on his cock. "Now, ride me," he demanded.

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Her arms were being held by him behind her back. She awkwardly got her footing, and started riding him. He groaned loudly. She whimpered and moaned, feeling her pussy tighten up. "Mr. Janes. oh god." she groaned loud and came hard on his thick rod. She could feel him throbbing, and once again, a flood of his warm cum filled her up, warming her from the inside. She dropped to her knees and slid off him.

He laid still for a moment, catching his breath, and finally stood up. Jessica sat back up on her knees, and was quickly grabbed again by her hair. Mr. Janes forced his semi-hard cock back into her mouth. "Suck my cock clean, you filthy cunt," he demanded. She didn't resist. She swallowed what was left of his cum and her own juices. He helped her to her feet when she finished, and he zipped up his own pants. She slowly put her clothes back on, and he once again put his arm around her shoulder, leading her back to the car.

They didn't talk this time. They didn't need to. She could tell this was quickly becoming more than just sex. And she was loving every second of it.