Trashy whore groped by oldie

Trashy whore groped by oldie
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Intro: I have been a huge fan of this site for as long as i can remember. I finally decided to share my story with hopes that readers will find the same enjoyment from it as i have found from many quality stories posted on this site.

Once again it's my first story so please feel free to give me feedback. If the overall feedback is positive ill write another instalment.

This is the story of my first time. names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identity. My story starts 3 years ago. I was 17 years old, and a grade 11 in high school. Prior to my grade 11 year, I had been a competitive swimmer for 7 years. And being just after i quit, i prided myself with my athletic build. I was 6'3, 190lbs with a clear, tanned complexion and brown hair. I considered myself a little lengthy but i had been told by a handful of girls that i had a "hot" swimmer body.

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Up until this year i had only dated a few girls. I was fairly inexperienced when it came to sex, and I based everything i knew on what i had learnt from watching porn. The few relationships i did have, for the most part involved making out and on a couple occasions went as far as me fingering a girl or receiving a hand job.

Never did it progress any further until i met Sarah. I had very recently broken up with my girlfriend, and in all honesty i was upset at how my relationship had ended. We were just beginning to get real "intimate" and physical when things ended. Im not one of those guys who puts effort in to relationships for the sole purpose of getting laid.

however, i was a typical horny 17 year old boy, and sex occupied my mind all day, everyday it seemed. So, i was sitting on my couch at home one night, watching tv and every few minutes checking Facebook with my laptop.

Like many teenagers my age, Facebook was the new thing, and everyone used it. I heard a beep, and noticed i had received a friend request from a girl named Sarah. Before accepting, i checked out her display picture and thought her face was familiar but i wasn't sure where i had seen her before.

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She looked cute from what i could tell and i accept her friend request. amazed within a minute or two of accepting her, she started a fb chat with me. Our conversation was very casual at first.

She told me how she was a grade 9 at my high school and how she did gymnastics and such. the conversation slowly turned as she asked about my girlfriend, obviously interested in my relationship status.

I told her we had broken up recently and how i was "single and ready to mingle" (trying to make it seem like i was completely over it). Her response surprised me. she immediately responded saying "im sorry to hear that things didn't work out… but im kinda glad. I have had a crush on you since the first time i saw you in the halls" catching me off guard, I took a minute before responding and thought about what she had just typed. I decided to play it cool and said "well im flattered.

maybe you and i should hang out sometime?" Thinking that this grade 9 girl would be slightly shy about just telling me she liked me i didn't expect her to take me up on my offer immediately. i figured i was pretty safe and it would take some time before she felt comfortable enough to hangout. (seeing as we really had no friend connections or anything with each other to kinda break the ice).

however she shocked me again when she said "omg i would love that. how about tomorrow night? im going to a friends house after school and spending the night." turned on by this young girl's confidence i agreed to meet her at her friends house.

We talked for another hour or so about directions to her friends house and what we should do together and finally we exchanged phone numbers.


After saying good night to her, ( and receiving the ever important "good night XO" from her i fell asleep wondering where this was going. Thinking back, If someone told me where it was heading, i would never have believed them.

I got to school the next morning. keeping an eye out in the halls for Sarah. curious as to what her reaction would be if we ran into each other. I figured she would be shy and possibly even avoid me at school. but i was proven wrong when our paths crossed between 3rd and 4th period.

she was with her friend and i was alone after just leaving my friends to get to class. I saw her and her friend coming down the hall towards me and she had already noticed me and had the biggest smile on.

we stopped momentarily to say hi, and she asked me if i was still ok with hanging out after school which i replied "absolutely". her and her friend continued walking away. That's when I really noticed Sarah.


she was wearing a colourful sun dress (unusual for someone her age) but she looked incredible in it. And i couldn't help but notice as she was walking away that she was incredibly hot for a grade 9. She had the perfect ass, and her breasts made her look like one of the seniors at school. It goes without saying that my mind was elsewhere during 4th period physics, and i was having trouble concentrating on anything. finally, the bell rang, i collected my things from my locker, and headed for my car.

I picked up a bite to eat from subway as i gave her and her friend enough time to get home and settle in. finally i finished my early dinner and drove to the friend's house. I Walked up to the small house near the school and rang the doorbell. I was happy to see Sarah answer the door and invite me in.

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She acted like we had known each other for years and it made seeing her outside of school really easy. She invited me downstairs to an entertainment room and introduced me to her friend Amy.

Amy was nowhere near as good looking as Sarah but she seemed like a really nice girl. The girls informed me that Amy's parents were out of town for the night so we got the house to ourselves. The girls decided to play some rock band for an hour or so and i watched them play. declining every opportunity to take a turn at it. (not wanting to embarrass myself with my horrible ability at rockbound). The girls finally got bored of it and suggested they make a sandwich for dinner and we all watch a movie after.

I was happy with this, knowing that movies were always a safe bet for a date, or when ur just getting to know someone such as my situation. Amy threw on Fools Gold and we all got comfortable on the couch. Amy sat by herself on the love seat and Sarah and i sat on the couch.

Before too long Sarah was slowly shuffling her way closer and closer to me until she was half leaning on me. I loved the contact and i started getting turned on by how confident and comfortable she was with me.

Just then the phone rang and Amy jumped up and left the room to answer it. This got me more excited now that it was just Sarah and I.

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Sarah pressed up against me further and moved her hand to my thigh. WIthout taking her eyes of the movie, she ran her hand up and down my thigh getting closer to my now very hard dick with each pass. I couldn't believe what was happening and i just sat there in disbelief and let this beautiful grade 9 girl rub me through my shorts.

Sarah paused for a second and grabbed a nearby blanket and threw it over us, making sure to cover my lap. She started in right where she left off and began feeling by dick from the base to the head, now running alongside my right leg. Just then Amy re-entered the room saying it was her parents checking in on her.

She glanced at us now covered with the blanket but didn't say anything. to my astonishment Amy's presence had no effect on what Sarah was doing. she continued slowly tracing my dick through my shorts, periodically making sure the blanket was keeping her activity hidden.

Another few minutes went by and the phone rang again. Once again Amy jumped to her feet and ran out of the room. Finally Sarah took her eyes off the screen and turned to me " hey, do you mind if we lay down and get comfortable, im getting a little tired" not wanting to ruin what had going on but also optimistic about the new position she was suggesting i agreed and we shifted so we were laying side by side on the couch with the blanket over us.

Once we got comfortable Sarah rolled away from me on her side and shifted back, pushing her ass directly into by hard on, and nestled into me. she then found one of my hands with hers and began slowly playing with my hand rubbing it in hers. This went on for a few minutes before she took my hand.


and gently led it around her to the edge of her dress on her thigh. Pretty sure by this point that i knew what she wanted i began moving my hand under her dress slowly making my way up her leg. My movements were immediately met by Sarah reaching down behind her, and grabbing my dick. This time she was more firm with her grip, and she started stroking me through my shorts.

My heart began racing as my hand reached the top of her leg and i continued over top of her panties until my hand rested on her mound. I started working my fingers over her clit and she responded by pumping me faster. This was making me very hard but i knew that as long as she was pumping me through my shorts i wouldn't lose control. It took less than a minute before Sarah's panties were soaked with her juices.

I remember thinking to myself "this girl is sooo wet for me and we haven't even kissed yet" I kissed her on the back of her neck, lingering there a moment as i adventured under her panties and continued rubbing her. She was so wet that my hand was coated by now. I slid a finger into her and started slowly in and out.

She was incredibly tight. after a few minutes of this and watching sarah's heart rate and breathing frequency increase, and her hand now working a vigourous pace on my dick, I changed my strategy and dove a finger into her and started working her g spot. This sent her over the edge immediately. she stopped rubbing me and just kept a death grip on my dick. her pelvic muscles were spasming and she was thrusting erratically back and forth against me.

her pussy clenched my finger and she closed her legs together locking my finger deep inside of her.

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The sight and feeling of this combined with the possibility that her friend could walk back in at any moment almost sent me over the edge. This was easily the hottest thing i had ever seen. she slowly regained her composure and settled down.

exhausted from the orgasm i had just given her she removed my hand which was now just resting on her mound again. she turned to me and kissed me deeply. No sooner did we part lips when Amy came back into the room explaining that her boyfriend had called. Amy noticed us laying down now and asked in a playful tone whether we were comfortable or not, I couldn't tell whether she noticed the beads of sweat on Sarah's face.

so i pretended like nothing had happened. I was slightly disappointed that Sarah didn't get me off (but i would soon learn she was too), but at the same time i felt so good with what had just happened. After all, this was just the first time we hung out. After the movie ended i decided to go home. Sarah saw me to the door while Amy remained seated.

As I finished putting me shoes on i looked back to Sarah to find her smiling back at me. "oh my god" she said with a smile "We need to hang out again" I smiled and agreed. she gave me a quick kiss on the lips before i got into my car and drove home. no sooner did i leave the neighbourhood when i received a text from her "oh my god. you were amazing" End of Part 1