Stripping teen here to make you cum

Stripping teen here to make you cum
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It was just a few minutes before 1am when my boss said that I had to make one last pizza delivery for the night. I wasn't happy about it because I was supposed to be done at 1. He handed me the pizza in it's heater bag and the address it needed to go to. I got into my 1994 mustang and headed for 19276 Creekside Dr. #14.

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It was going to be about a fifteen minute drive there and then about twenty back to my home. I wanted to get home and get some sleep so I could go surfing in the morning.

The weather man had said that the surf was going to be 5 to 7 feet which is perfect for my surfing skill level. My name is Rick.

I'm a seventeen-year-old white male, 5'10" and 144 pounds. I look like the stereotypical beach surfer boy, slim and medium length light brown hair. I was doing pizza delivery to make money for gas during the summer vacation between my junior and senior year of high school.

I had been doing it for just a little over a week. I planned to spend almost ever day at the beach. When I arrived at 19276 Creekside Dr. I found that it was the entry to a trailer park. I drove in and looked for #14. Most people think of trailer parks as being slums with low class people living in them. This one was neat and clean and the trailers looked to be newer. You did not see a lot of junk cars and trash.

I parked in front of #14, grabbed the pizza and walked to the door.

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I rang the bell. After a minute I rang it again and then a third time. I had just decided that the order was a prank and that no-body was home and I had angrily walked back down the steps when the door opened. I turned and saw a woman who was probably in her early to mid thirties standing there. Her hair was wet and she had a towel wrapped around her.

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"Sorry, I just got out of the shower. I thought you would take longer to get here." Her towel started just above her nipples and ended just below her crotch. Because I was at ground level looking up at her, my view angle allowed me to see up under the bottom of the towel and get a look at her naked shaved pussy. I wanted to stand there and keep looking but I climbed back up the steps and handed her the pizza and told her the price.

"Come on in while I get your money." "I'm sorry but we are not allowed to enter a customer's home." "Is this your last delivery for the night?" "Yes." Then you are not in any hurry and nobody will know.

Come on it." She shifted and the top of her towel slipped enough to show one of her nipples. "Oops, she giggled." I thought for a minute and then stepped in. She turned and walked into another room. I enjoyed watching the way her ass swayed as she walked. A minute later she walked back in with money in her hand but she had left the towel behind.

"Well, good lookin', if you don't have to get back to the pizza shop, why don't you stay and have some pizza and a couple beers with me. I really called because I was lonely anyway.

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I was hoping they would send a good looking young guy like you." It was obvious what she had in mind. I thought for just a second and then closed the door and sat on the couch. I have had sex with a fair number of girls, mostly beach bunnies, but I had never been with an older woman like this one. I often hear people say that older is good because they know what to do and they want it more. I hoped that was true. As I looked at her, I was impressed.

She was tall and slim. She had a tight ass and her tits were large and firm. She looked a lot better that I would have expected an older woman in her thirties to look.

"I'm not really hungry. Are you?" I answered no. She took the pizza and put it in the refrigerator and took out a couple beers. "Here is the pizza money for your boss and a beer for you." As she handed me the money and beer, she leaned forward and put her breasts right in front of my face. I opened my mouth and took one of her erect nipples in my mouth and licked it.

"Ummmmm !

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Isn't that better than any old pizza?" I replied, "You bet." We both downed part of our first beers. "I feel funny being here naked in front of you and you're fully clothed. Should I put my clothes back on or should you get out of yours?" My cock was already trying to rip its way thru the fabric of my pants. I started unbuttoning my shirt. She came over and helped me. Soon I was as naked as she was and she was sitting next to me on the couch with my hard cock in her hand.

She leaned over and started to lick my shaft and suck on my balls. Then she lowered her lips over my cockhead and slurped on it while licking around it. I put my hand behind her head and gently pushed down. She understood what I wanted and lowered her mouth over my cock.

She stared bobbing up and down on it, going a little deeper each time till she had taken all of my six inches. She stopped and looked at me, "If you are good for more than one time and would like me to, I'll make you cum with my mouth the first time.

Would you like that?" "Yes I can and Yes I would," was my answer. She lowered her head back down and started giving me a great blowjob. After a couple minutes I told her that I was getting close.


She picked up speed and sucked harder and took my balls in her hand till I blew a big load in her mouth. She never spilled a drop. She kept sucking till I started to get a little tender and go soft. She let my prick fall out of her mouth and looked up at me. "Did I do good?" I told her that she was the best. She got up beside me on the couch and kissed me.


I got a little bit of taste of my cum from her lips but I didn't mind. "Would you like to return the favor, Stud?" I knew what she was asking. I did not say a word. I just slid down off the couch and got between her legs. She opened them wide, reached down and spread her labia for me. I leaned forward and grabbed her engorged clit with my lips and rubbed my tongue over it. "Fuck yes. Just like that. Oh yes", she said as she pushed her mound against my face.

She grabbed my hair and pulled on my head. She started rocking her hips in a fucking motion. "Oh, Oh, Oh.

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Shove your tongue in my hole and tongue fuck me. Do it deep." Her pussy gushed as she had her first orgasm. Her body went limp on the couch but she still held my face to her pussy. I slowly and gently kept licking her slit from clit to ass hole. "Oh God you're a great cunt eater." "I'm glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing it.

Are you ready for more?" "Oh fuck yes. Make me cum again.


PLEASE!" I went back to licking her with more enthusiasm. It wasn't long before she started getting hot again. She moaned and pushed her pussy back at my face with her fingers twined deep in my hair. It didn't take long for her to start her next orgasm. She almost screamed out, rapidly fucked her mound against my face and rolling her head from side to side.

"Shit, I'm cumming again. Fuck me. Fuck me Nowwww." I jumped up and shoved my hard again manhood into her snatch. "Yesssss.

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Fuck my cunt. Fuck me as hard and deep as you can. Give me that hard cock." I plowed into her over and over and over. I was wondering if, at her age, her pussy would be loose but it was nice and tight. My cock felt so good stabbing at her cervix. Her orgasm peaked and she came partly back down and I slowed my stroking but kept at it. After several minute while she was softly saying things like, "That feels nice. My pussy is still twitching. You have such a nice cock.

Don't stop." After a few minutes of slow and gentle fucking I saw her starting to build to another high. She reached down and started rubbing herself so I started picking up speed and force. She reached another peak at the same time that I reached mine. I didn't ask her where she wanted me to cum.

I just shot a big load of my seed straight at her womb. Her reaction was to scream out "Fuckkkkkk!" and then collapse. It was almost like she died. I pulled out and took my cum covered and rapidly going limp prick to her face.

She opened her mouth and gently cleaned me. "Let's go to my bed and rest for a while. Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?" I answered, no. "If you are not in any hurry to leave, I would love to have you fuck my shit hole when you can get it up again." "I'm game but it may be a little while before I am ready again.

But my parents won't worry if I don't come home. I sometimes stay with friends and do not get home." She slowly stood and took my hand and led me to her bed.

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"I was just thinking that we never told each our names. I'm Jade." "I'm Rick. It's really a pleasure to meet you, Jade." It was dawn when we woke. I woke because I felt Jade starting to nurse on my morning wood. When I opened my eyes she said, "Good morning sleepy bones. Are you ready to see what it feels like to have that nice cock of yours buried in my ass?" "You bet, but first I have to go take a big piss." "I'll go with you.

I'll get in the shower and give you a place to aim it. I have not had a golden shower for months." I could tell that this was going to be one hot day of sex. I didn't know if I would get to the beach at all that day. 713