Sister really needs your big cock in her hands again

Sister really needs your big cock in her hands again
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It was the start of the summer and no one was going to deny me a break before going off to college in the fall. My girlfriend, Coleen, told me that she would be working at some summer camp for our church, so what little possibility there was in losing my virginity was now dried up.

It's not like she was prudish, she could joke with any sailor, as they say, she just was "saving herself" for marriage. Coleen was hot, she knew it, and she could make you suffer, too. Our last night together she actually let me feel her up, but no clothes came off. I guess it didn't really matter, at least she was an excellent kisser.

I bet the guy who finally gets to put his cock between her ruby red lips will never find the need to roam. Oh well, Coleen's gone now. I will still be masturbating while thinking of her. Moping around the house for a day or two, I decided that come Monday morning my life was going to be different. I was going to get in better shape.

Going over to the school, it wouldn't cost anything to use the gym. So what little money from my job might get used on some dates, if I get up the nerve to ask someone out. I was shooting for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing at the gym, and so far these two weeks I stuck with it. It was Tuesday into my third week, and the only thing I had to do today were some chores my mom wanted done. I never had issues with helping my mom, she raised the three of us, my two sisters and I, by herself since my idiot dad walked out of our lives and took up with someone 20 years younger.

Of course that wife ended up leaving him for someone younger, and my dad ended up dying from some sort of cancer, at least that is what his family told us. Mom said once that she thought he committed suicide, but never had any real proof.

He was never a big part of our lives even when he was still living with us. It was only 10am, and I was still lingering in bed. I was daydreaming, looking out my window. My window just happens to be the only place from our house that you can see directly into our neighbors, the Lindenmeyer's, house. This time when I looked over, my head still on my pillow, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, because what I thought I saw was Jenifer's mother giving a blowjob to some guy who was definitely not her husband.

The guy looked like he was my age. Still not buying what I saw, I rolled over to grab my binoculars from my drawer, and yes, Mrs. Lindenmeyer did appear to have someone's cock in her mouth, and that someone looked like Ben Johnson, one of the guys I went to school with and who I thought was dating her daughter, Jenifer. He was standing in their kitchen, leaning back against the counter, with Mrs. Lindenmeyer on her knees, her head bobbing up and down, I couldn't actually see his cock in her mouth, as her head was directly in front of him.

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His hands resting on the back of her head. I stand there watching, not able to look away. She now had him out of her mouth, her head turned to the side, and she was licking him up and down his shaft. Ben apparently was not happy with this arrangement, and he turned to sit on the stool next to him. This new arrangement now meant that Mrs. Lindenmeyer was now almost facing me. I stand there watching, not able to look away, even though I could be discovered if she looked in my direction.

I can now see his cock penetrate her mouth as she is again bobbing her head up and down. I discover that I am now standing right by my window, just as it appears she is now staring at me through my binoculars. Our eyes seem to lock onto each other. She stops her head movement, but keeps his cock in her mouth. She seems to wink at me, then continues to suck his cock until he pulls out of her mouth to cum on her face, which she seemed to enjoy.

The whole time she kept looking at me when she could steal a glance. I stand there watching, not able to look away. As they seem to be leaving, she turns to me and blows me a kiss, then turns to leave. Dumbfoundedly I stand there, oh maybe 10 minutes, maybe 5.

I don't really know. Dazed and confused wouldn't even begin to describe how I was feeling. The sound of the doorbell breaks my thoughts, but the thought of who it could be has me afraid.

Mrs. Lindenmeyer, would she dare? Is it just me fantasizing? Only one way to find out. The bell rings once more before I get there. Looking out the peephole, and yes to my shock, it's her. The woman who just watched me watch her give a blowjob to her daughter's boyfriend. I finally open the door, "Um. yeah. h. hi Mrs. Linden.

meyer." Whispering to me, "I know what you saw and I know that you saw it, and I don't mind. feel free to visit next door some morning. or. now if you'd like.", waving to me, "Bye. for now, I hope." She turned and left. Again, I was as frozen as an ice statue. I knew I couldn't go the way I am, so I turn and run to the bathroom, shower, put on some deoderant, brush my teeth, run a comb across my head, then run to my room to dress.

I get to the front door of her house in what seemed to be 15 minutes, tops. My heart is pounding something fierce, but I can't seem to push the doorbell.

It wasn't really a problem because the door opened, Mrs. Lindenmeyer answering. "James," again whispering, "I was wondering when you'd get here.", opening the door for me. "Please come right in." I walked into the hallway, then stopped. I turned back to her after she closed the door, "Um, I didn't mean to be.", she stopped me with her kiss, her right hand on the side of my face, her left hand clasping my right hand, pulling it up to her breast.

"So, you didn't mean to be. watching me suck that boys cock?", she said slowly then paused, but I couldn't answer. "Did you like seeing his cock in my mouth?", holding her right index finger just in her mouth.

I mustered a feeble nod. "Well, just so you know. I liked you watching me. As a matter of fact, I've been watching you too. I've watched you masturbate that big cock of yours", she was sending shivers throughout my body, her left hand cupping my cock, "for the past couple of months now, and you know something else?", I shake my head no.

She steps close to me, resting her hand over my now erect 8 inch member, "I've wondered what you would taste like. even when I wasn't watching you with your cock in your hand, if you know what I mean." She stops to softly kiss my lips. "I know that you play with your ass, too. I watched you use that hairbrush handle, and hoped that I might.", she kisses me, ".get.", kissing me again, ".the chance.", both hands gently holding the sides of my head, "to play with your ass, too." She gently pins me to the wall, kissing me, her left hand covering my cock, and her right wrapped firmly around the back of my ass, her fingers reaching up into my cleft as much as she could.

No other choice but to enjoy the ride, I surrendered to her touch.

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Her hungry kisses pulling at my lips, her tongue inviting mine to play with hers. Her hand on my cock deftly found a way to undo my belt, and my pants soon hit the floor. "So, James!", she states, leaning against me her hand caressing me through my underwear.

"Has your cock ever been inside a girl's mouth?" I swallow hard, and shake my head no. "Well, then can I safely assume that you're also a virgin, too? I actually kind of like that possibility. that you are untouched. It also means that I can let you cum in my mouth, and I won't catch anything that would require a doctor." Her hand was now inside my underwear.


I wasn't sure what was happening, but when she touched my cock it erupted with a jet of semen all over her hand. She wrapped her hand around my cock seeming to try and catch as much as she could. She then took her hand out of my pants, held it up to her mouth and started to clean my cum from her hand using her tongue, looking at me as she did this.

She seemed to be purring the whole time too. Once she finished with her hand, she leaned back into me to kiss my lips. I could feel her pulling my underwear down around my knees, all the while she's kissing me. Suddenly she breaks the kiss and descends to her knees.

She takes my still erect cock in her hand, and I flinch at her touch. It was then she looked up at me and took me into her mouth. Her velvet warmth enveloped me, sending tingles down to my toes, as she slowly accepted more and more down her willing throat until more than half disappeared past her pursed lips. It was only after she stopped moving that I noticed the vibrations of her humming. Still staring me directly in my eyes, her mouth begins to slide up and down my shaft.

My knees almost wanted to give out, but I catch them in time. It fascinates me that I can see Mrs. Lindenmeyer with a cock in her mouth, but the realization that it's my cock was just to much and I cum again. As my cock explodes in her mouth, she just as calmly swallows everything I offer.

"I know you're young and eager, I just hope I can teach you to hold back your orgasms so you can give my mouth a proper fucking. And if you haven't noticed, I like having a young cock in my mouth." And with that she kissed my mouth, offering her tongue to roam freely. "Come with me, I want to teach you how to lick my pussy the way I need it." she grabbed my hand, my pants still at my ankles, and I shuffle along as best I can.

Before we get to the stairs, she turns to me, "Here let me help you out of those pants.", and she kneels in front of me, untying my shoes and removed them, then pushes my pants the rest of the way off. On the way back up, my semi-hard cock hits her in the face. She stops, looks up at me, and takes me in her mouth once more, and thrusts it into her mouth a couple times.

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"You do have a beautiful young cock, and it's nice and thick, too. Also, you taste so much better than I had imagined. Your cum has a sweetness to it, and a bit salty, too." She again has me rising, and wraps her lips back around me, and pushes as much of my cock as she can into her mouth, about three quarters of it is in her now.

"Damn, I can't seem to get you all in my mouth, but I think I might know a solution to that problem." Getting up, she takes my hand and I obediently follow. Stopping me at the door to what I assume is her bedroom, she turns to me. "James, I hope you understand something here, my husband and I have an agreement.

We can fuck whomever we want, but. we both have also agreed that we would not use our bed to do that. You, on the other hand, well, I have fantasized about you a number of times, and. well, I want you to fuck me in my bed. You have to promise to keep this to yourself, at least this part of it.

Do you understand?" I blindly nod my understanding. "Good, then why don't you be a good boy and help a lady get naked." Then she kisses me, wrapping her arms around me. She breaks our kiss, "There's a zipper at the top of my dress in the back. Pull it down, please." I do as I'm instructed, and half a minute later, Mrs. Lindenmeyer is standing before me in her panties and bra. I'm almost shocked to notice how large her breasts are. "James, if you could bend down and pull off my panties, I'd love to start your lessons in using your tongue to please me." And with that, I slowly lower myself to my knees, and I reach up, putting my hands on her hips.

"That's good, James, now take hold of them and pull them off me." As I do this, I can't help but stare at her bald pussy, this being the first real one I have ever seen, other than all the pictures and movies on the internet. I just stare at her folds as she steps out of her panties. "Do you like what you see, James?" "Yes.

yes I do. very much." "Well, if you like what you see, would you like to touch it. maybe taste it?" "Can I?", and with that, she places her right hand on the back of my head, and guides my mouth to her cunt.

I inhale her fragrance and become intoxicated by how wonderfully exotic she smells. I tentatively kiss her pussy lips. "Ah, James, that's wonderful. Now, put your tongue out and lick me." Following instructions, and gently lick her in the middle of her pussy lips. "Oh, James. point your tongue and lick me here." Pointing to the top of her pussy, the spot where her folds come to an end. Her hand on the back of my head holds me firmly to her cunt, and I feel my tongue push between her lips.

"Oh yes, James, hold your tongue still while I rub my clit on it." She then proceeded to push her pussy into my mouth. "James, you are such a quick learner. I'm glad that my pussy is your first. I'm going to teach you how I like my pussy licked, but most of all, I want to teach you how to make me squirt. Those are the best kinds of orgasms." All the while, she is rubbing her pussy on my face. "Oh, James, please keep licking me, I'm going to cum.

Maybe. you could suck on my clit.", then realizing my ignorance, she pulls back from my face, spreading her pussy lips to expose her clit to me. "Right here, James. Wrap your lips around this and suck right here.", guiding my willing mouth back to that spot. I try to wrap my lips around the nub at the top of her pussy. "Yes, James, just suck a little harder, oh yes, you will make an excellent cunnlinguist." I love the feel of her thrusting her hips against my face, but even more, I love how she tastes.

Almost sweet and sour at the same time. With her head leaning back, she begins moaning and her hips pushing harder against my mouth. She is now convulsing in shivers, her hands holding my head, pulling me closer to her pussy. I can feel my mouth filling with some sweet tasting liquid, which I eagerly drink. She is now slowly rubbing her clit against my nose, each pass causing her to shudder.

Her eyes are now locked on mine. "Oh, fuck. James, I haven't cum like that in a while.", she kneels down to kiss my mouth, her tongue advancing past my lips.

My entire body is tingling from her tantillizing touch. Her lips are setting fire to my soul. She takes my hands, "James, do you think you are ready to give me your virginity? It turns me on to think I will forever be your first." Her left hand is now stroking my cock back to life. "But what turns me on even more is to think that the boy who I have watched on several occasions make himself cum will now be fucking me with his huge cock and cumming inside me." I sat there completely dumbstruck.

"Come on, James. Come fuck me on my bed.", and she stood up, offering her hands to me. She lead me to the closed door. Upon opening the door, the sunlight flooded the hallway, which momentarily blinded me. She leads me to her bed, and proceeds to sit on the edge. "James, could you reach behind me and undo my bra?", I step to her side, but she stops me, "No, I want you to watch from in front of me." I get on my knees in front of her, my hands on her knees, which she then proceeds to spread, allowing me to get closer to her.

The smell of her glistening pussy is almost too much. She takes my hands and places them over her breasts, holding my palms to them with hers.

"Squeeze them, James." I'm enthralled in how they feel, Mrs. Lindenmeyer feels much firmer than I remembered Coleen's. I enjoy feeling them, massaging them, all the while staring at them. "Would you like to feel them without my bra, James?", I nod silently as I look her in the eye. "Go ahead, wrap your arms around me and unfasten the clasp, then you can remove it and touch my naked tits." As I lean in, she kisses my lips.

I begin fumbling around with her strap, trying to figure out blindly how it works. After a few minutes of my inept attempts, "Here, let me help you. You really are turning me on with your innocence. It also turns me on to be your teacher, and I intend to teach you a lot." and kisses me while reaching around her back to unsnap the clasp with one hand. I watched her bra loosen it's hold on her breasts, and I pull the straps from her shoulders, and her bra falls completely from her body.

Her now exposed breasts are all I can see. "Go ahead, James, I want you to touch them, even suck on them.", and I slowly wrap my hands under her large breasts, her nipples were hard and looked like raisins sitting on top.

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She's now leaning back with her hands behind her, her legs spread wide, her scent filling my nose with its aroma. I tentatively lower my mouth to her nipple, and stick my tongue out to lick her.

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As my tongue flicks her nipple, my body is filled with a sensation I never experienced before. "Oh, James, you are such a natural at this. Go ahead and suck on my nipple." And she sighs as I wrap my lips around her taught nipple. It was almost an automatic movement, but my left hand found its way between her legs. The feel of her pussy in my hand was just amazing.

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My finger just seemed to naturally part her lips, and the wet slippery feel was too much for the both of us. Mrs. Lindenmeyer leaned back on her elbows, pulling her nipple out of my mouth. "James, I want your cock inside me, I want to feel it fill my cunt." By now my cock was hard again, and I felt a sense of urgency from both of us. She was leaning back on her elbows, her breasts sitting on top of her chest, her legs spread to expose her brunette muff, her pussy lips glistening in the bright light of the sun.

My cock now just inches away from her tunnel of love, "You don't have to be so shy, James.", and pulls me into her, my cock head disappearing into her slowly. This sensation was warm and incredible. Here I was, giving my virginity away, not caring what happened to it. "Oh, James, this is much better than all those fantasies. Your cock is just amazing." And with that she pulls my hips even further inside, my cock now inside her fully.

She just holds me tight inside her, her legs wrapped around my hips.


It feels as if she was slowly squeezing my cock somehow, tension and release, tension and release, her pussy enveloping my cock. "James, I want you to slowly start moving in and out of me. Go ahead.", and she sighs as she collapses back all the way on her back, lifting her legs, her butt just over the side of her bed. And I begin moving my hips back and forth, her pussy still griping my cock. Pushing back into her, the warm feeling just envelopes me. Pulling back out, I'm reminded of her mouth wrapped around my cock, and pushing back in, looking into her eyes, I want to stay like this forever.

"James, I want you to fuck me faster," and I try to do as she requests. "Ah, yes James, you really are a natural. You are so much better in the flesh than in my fantasies." I'm thrusting in and out of her about once every couple of seconds, and the tight feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock is sending tingles through out my body.

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"Ah, yes, fuck me. harder. faster. Please. you're going to make me cum." Her hips are now bouncing up and down in time with my in-out thrusts. I lean forward over her, and put my hands on the bed, then stand up on my toes. I'm now thrusting about once a second, and I can feel my sweat dripping off my face. "Yes, James, fuck my cunt. I need you to make my pussy cum." she said while wrapping her legs around me, pulling me deeper inside her.

"Oh god, don't stop.", as her legs pulled me in once again. "I'm. so. close. Please. make me.", I could feel her starting to shake, ".ah god, James.", her hips now thrusting hard against me, her head rolling back on the bed, and her hand clenching the sheets, my hips now moving in and out about twice a second. All of a sudden, she is writhing beneath me, "Ah, James, I'm cumming." Her pussy is now convulsing around my cock, feeling both tighter and slicker.

After a few more thrusts, I feel my cock erupt inside of her. I've never felt an orgasm such as this, as my whole body seems to be enveloped in this singular sensation.

My toes give way a little, but her legs seem to catch me and pulls me back inside.

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Our eyes meet, she places her hand on the side of my face. "James, that was. just amazing." She pulls my lips to hers, her legs holding me inside her, as I collapse on top of her, my elbows now supporting my weight. Her kiss is just too much for words, almost saying "thank you" or something.


Her pussy still grips my cock now and again, which in turn makes my cock twitch. She is now embracing me with both her arms and legs, and her lips are embracing mine with her kiss.

My hands are holding her head, as we continue kissing. When we finally come up for air, "James, I'm so glad I caught you watching me. You don't know how turned on it made me, but now that I have had you, I want more. Here, climb up with me on my bed." I did as she asked. She laid down next to me, her head even with my stomach. "I want you in my mouth.", wrapping her hand around my semi-hard cock.

Looking me in the eye, she licks my cock from the base slowly rising up to the head. Her blue eyes are just amazing, with the black eyeliner bringing them out even more. "I love how your cock tastes with my juices all over it.", still looking me in the eye she takes about a quarter of my cock in her mouth, and just holds it there. I could feel her mouth sucking gently, her tongue moving in her mouth.

Removing her mouth, "James, do you think you want to fuck my mouth? I just love how it makes my lips tingle having a cock thrusting in and out of my mouth." Her hand still jacking me off. "Sure, if you want. What do you want me to do?" "Get on your hands and knees.", and as I do that, she slides under me, her head between my knees.

She takes hold of my cock and guides it to her mouth. In order to actually penetrate her lips, I have to slide my knees further away from her head. "James, I want you to slowly slide your cock into my mouth, I will let you know when to stop.

Then you can fuck my mouth just like you did my cunt." She rolls her head back, and I begin to insert my cock in her mouth. As more of it disappears into her, she wraps one hand around me, while her other plays with her pussy. I'm not really sure why, but I begin counting each thrust I make into her mouth. 10, 20, 45, 60, 75, at this point I can feel my cock begin to twitch. 90, 110, my movements are now faster, and she is frigging her pussy harder as well.

I lose count somewhere around 140, about the time I start to cum. I can feel her swallowing, and her hips begin to thrust up into her hand. I can only assume she was cumming, too. Looking at her bountiful body below me has me in flames, only to fan them higher by watching my cock pierce her willing lips.

I fall on my side next to her, feeling exhausted like never before. Mrs. Lindenmeyer sat up, "You know James, you are a quick learner. My husband hasn't made me cum like that in a while," taking my cock in her hand, "of course it might have something to do with this. You're much larger than he is." That was something I didn't really want to know.

"Mrs. Lindenmeyer." "James, please call me Silver, it's a nickname for Silvia. Now. what were you going to say?" Hesitantly, "Silver. can I kiss you for a while?" She smiled, and just leaned into me. I wanted to be next to her, so I rolled on my side, then pushed her onto her back.

I put my left leg over her hips, as I returned my lips to hers. As I kissed her, I felt compelled to squeeze her breast. I'm not really sure how long we were kissing, but she woke me up by holding her breast to my lips, sufficiently cutting off my air. "So, James, would you be a good boy and help me straighten up the mess we've made together.

Tomorrow you can stop by around 10, I'm sure we can make an even bigger mess to clean up.", then she kissed me again. We made the bed, picked up what clothes we left trailed throughout the house. As we got to her front door, she pinned me to the door, pressing her body to mine, my head in her hands, her lips to mine, and her tongue teasing mine.

My arms fell into place around her, my right hand around her ass. We groped each other like this for another five minutes. "James, if you don't leave now, I'm going to fuck you again, but Jenifer will be home soon enough. So then, tomorrow morning?" I kissed her firmly, "10am!"