Milf cum in mouth peeping tom on our asses

Milf cum in mouth peeping tom on our asses
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Author's Note: Hello readers, it has come to my attention while re-reading my stories that I need to work on my structure to make it more reader friendly. I haven't changed the story at all but just making it easier on the eyes. Also, please note that I use italics as inner thoughts of the main character and since my favorite genre of movies are musicals I use the the italics for musical breaks as well. For those of you who are not aware of my work, I try to make my stories as illustrative as possible so you, as the reader, will have a clear visual of the characters and the environment.

Please enjoy and like always constructive criticism is welcomed! Prologue The things I do to get pussy. This is what I thought walking up to the fifth floor of Angela's apartment complex. She lived in an old building on the lower East Side and its elevator is out of order.

It was a good workout but after pulling a calf muscle the day before playing basketball this was not something I was looking forward to, but the end result of getting some ass ALWAYS seems to trump everything else! Niggas and pussy…lol "OH… my GOD… give me that fucking dick! Harder… harder… PLEEEASSSE!" Amanda cried. "Whose pussy is this, huh, who owns this pussy!

Say my name bitch. Say my motherfucking name!" I yelled while fucking her from behind. "Jay, this is your pussy! It's your pussy baby, AWWWW!!!" I always liked fucking Amanda. She just oozed sex.

Let me describe her. 33 years old, Caucasian, brunette with A- cup breasts and an ASS to die for! (White girls and ass&hellip. the new evolution of the human species, LOL) She has pretty brown eyes and gorgeous face.

She loves nasty, dirty sex and I'm ALL for that. The perfect woman, I would say, a lady outside in the street but a porn-star in bed. Sorry for going off on a tangent, back to the action!

"I love this pussy baby. This pussy is amazing. Get over here and taste it." I panted. It seemed her pussy got wetter and wetter the nastier I got. "Oh, Daddy yes, yes." she moaned out in her little school girl voice. Turning around and without taking her eyes off of me she slowly slid down to her knees. She kissed and licked the head of my dick a few times teasing me.

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"What does Daddy want? Does Daddy want me to put his big fat dick in my mouth, huh?" I was never into the whole 'Daddy thing' initially when I started fucking Angela a few months ago, but what is a nigga to do? A pretty face and a fat ass get me every time! "Yes baby, Daddy wants you to put the whole thing in your mouth nice and slow and remember… no teeth." I could see her beautiful brown eyes tearing and mascara running down her face as she took more and more of my dick in her mouth until she reached the base.

Slowly taking my dick out of her mouth and with a slight cough she continued in her school-girl voice "This is what Daddy likes, right?

You like your white slut taking your big fat dick in her mouth" I fucking LOVE this woman. She knew the right buttons to push to get me off. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and started to face fuck her. With every pump, I would give more and more of my dick for her to swallow.

With the last pump, I would reach her throat and hold it there for a few seconds until she would tap my leg indicating that was her limit then I would take my dick out. Her saliva oozing all over my cock, the long trail of spit that followed from my dick to her mouth and her taking a big gasp for air. "Daddy is not through with you yet, come over here." Still holding a fistful of her hair, I lifted my left leg up and had her start sucking my balls.

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She took a deep breath and started slurping on my nut sack. Slurp, Slurp, Slurp "You really DO know what Daddy likes" I taunted. "Mmmhmm" was all she could muster as I was ready to blow. "What do good girls like baby? What do good girls crave?" I asked looking down at her. "We love CUM daddy. Please give me some. right here" she moaned as she pointed directly in her mouth. Did I tell you I loved this woman? She started jerking and sucking my dick at the same time.

"Here it comes baby, oh my GOD here it comes!" I yelled. I CAME LIKE A RIVER but Amanda just swallowed and swallowed every drop of cum! She smiled like a giddy school girl as she opened her mouth to show me all of it was gone and then shrieked, "BYEEE!" I fell back on the bed exhausted, sweaty and exhilarated at the same time.

Amanda crawled up to me and laid her head on my chest. "I wish you could stay tonight" she stated while holding my flaccid dick in her hands. "Are you talking to me or my dick?" I said jokingly. She stared up at me and replied "OH, shut up" as she lightly hit me on my chest. "I wish I could stay too babe." I kissed her forehead and continued "but you know your husband is coming back tonight.

Plus, I have to go to work." She pouted "I know… I know… I'm just saying that's all." Getting up from the bed I looked back and said "Babe, I have to get ready to head into work. I'll text you later tonight, ok." "You better.or you not getting any more of this" she replied as she put her fingers in her pussy, put it to my mouth and then kissed me.

I couldn't help but smile after that. She was such a nasty little slut. Heading into the bathroom to take a shower Amanda yelled out to me from the bedroom "So, who are you working with tonight?" I shouted back as I was stepping into the shower "I think Dr.

Robinson is on tonight. The nurses' working is Helen, Liz, Robert, Vicky and me." I could hear Amanda fast approaching the bathroom. "Liz is working tonight? She is usually not scheduled for Thursday night. I hate that bitch!" she said angrily.

I looked at her confusingly and asked, "Babe, why do you hate her so much. I know she is a new nurse but she picks up on things fast and she absolutely adores you." Amanda gave me that 'are you stupid' look and said sarcastically, "You know why I hate her".

She walked into the shower with me, "because she wants this" as she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Oh, my God this woman is insatiable.

"Babe, come on." I pleaded, "You know I have to get to work and you ARE NOT helping any matters by doing this". Putting her finger to my lips she shushed me and whispered, "These are doctor's orders" looking up at me with those brown doe eyes "you can stop me at any time you want." My eyes rolled back as she got on her knees taking my cock in her mouth.

Amanda's head game was so on point there are times I would just have her suck my dick instead of fucking. She is that good! Her deep throat game, the sound she makes and the amount of spit she would produce, simply incredible.

She was definitely PORN- STAR status! I really did have to go so I pumped her face with a few strokes and was about to blow when she took my cock out her mouth and said, "I want that dirty, hot cum on my face baby." Like I said before, she knew what buttons to push to get me there. I took my cock out her mouth and aimed it right at her pretty face.

"Here it comes!" I yelled. Three shots of cum all hit her right in her face. One to her forehead, one to her left eye and one shot across her face. She rubbed it in like baby oil while the water from the shower was cascading over her.

It was such a beautiful sight! Cumming on a pretty girls' face is so intoxicating. I've always loved it. This was a Kodak moment! Amanda got up after she rinsed all the cum off her face and kissed me then whispered, "Get out of here; you're going to be late for work." Looking at her sarcastically, I kissed her again, slapped her on the ass in which she yelped "OUCH" as she jumped.

I rushed to put my scrubs on and headed out the door. While about to head down the stairs I realized I forgot my car keys. Why is it when people are in a rush we always forget our keys? Heading back into the apartment I see Amanda draped in a towel shaking her head and holding my keys up in the air "You are always forgetting these. Remember, I'm on call tonight just in case Dr. Robinson is overwhelmed and no flirting with Liz." "O.K Doc, I got you." I gave her a final kiss and headed out the door.

As you probably figured out I'm a nurse, Amanda is a doctor and we work at the same facility. She is Dr. Amanda Brand to be exact. Great doctor but a greater friend and, as you are aware, lover. Not so good at being a wife though. Fuck it, his lost. I know this was a lot to take in the beginning at first ladies and gentlemen but let me introduce myself properly. Hello everyone, my name is James Kevin Bridgewater, RN.


My friends call me Jay or JKB. I know you're thinking, Jason Kevin Bridgewater? Who the fuck goes around introducing themselves with their middle name included?

I've always done it. Not to be pretentious but it always had a regal tone to it. Sue me, I like it…LOL. I'm 39 years old, 6 feet tall 220lbs, athletic build, and coming from a mixed household. My father is from Cuba and my mother is from Jamaica. Picture Laz Alonso&hellip. yeah, that's me. While heading to work from Amanda's apartment I turn the radio off just to clear my head. Have you ever driven in your car with the music off just to clear your head?

I do that a lot, especially recently these past few years. The only sound is the road and your car; very therapeutic. Coming to a stop light I see this drop dead gorgeous young Latina who is probably no older than 16 walking in front of my car.

Talk about bubble butt, OMG, damn she was fine but TOTAL jailbait. What is in the water nowadays because girls definitely didn't look like this when I was 16! But what really caught my interest was the young man who is probably no older than 16 as well; walking behind her looking as if he was trying to build the courage to try to talk to her.

I chuckled while staring at him. "I use to be you kid" I muttered to myself as the light turned green and I drove off. How lucky am I?

I begin to think. My life could have gone into so many wrong directions over the years but with good fortune, support from family and friends and some key right choices along the way I am living the dream I've always envisioned for myself when I was younger. I'm single, have great friends, no kids, living in the best city in the world: NYC, making mid six figures and getting pussy like it is a Wal-Mart sale item.

Life is PERFECT. Driving to work I think back to when I was that kid's age and how I was so extremely shy, awkward around girls and how one man showed me the way. I have never met or even spoken with the man but I owe him a debt of gratitude just the same. His name is Mr. Steven St. Croix. What would Steven do is inspired by him. This is my story. Hope you enjoy! Part 1 FINALLY, things have slowed down this shift I think while sitting down by the computer entering my notes.

Working in the E.R. can be a bit hectic at times. I'm glad I ONLY do this part-time now. This shit can burn you out fast! I know, I know, I know I'm only 39 but when you worked in the E.R. for the past 10 years, multiply that by 2 in real life. Plus, I did just cum like 2 times before I came to work! I knew I should have stopped at the gas station and got that Red- Bull.

God-damn you Amanda and your sweet ass! I chuckle to myself then drift off thinking about her and our latest fuck-fest. "What are you smiling about mister?" I hear off in the distance. I turn and I see the girl Amanda warned me about. Yes, you guessed it&hellip. Liz.

"Huh, excuse me?" I reply. "I see you over there with a coy little smile. So, what are you thinking about?" she asks.

I continue looking at her just trying to come up with a smart- ass remark but for the life of me I'm having a brain fart so I just said, "Nothing much.

Just… thinking about something earlier." "And… what is that?" she continues with her eyebrows raised.

Damn, she is persistent. Now, generally when someone keeps asking you questions like this you just tell them 'NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS' then keep it moving but like I told you before… NIGGAS AND PUSSY…lol. "Well, if you must know, Ms. Nosy Pants, I was thinking about you" I said playfully. Brain-Fart over.

"And… what about me… were you thinking about?" she asked slowly. Oh man, she is making this too easy. "If you must know. I was thinking about where you were going to take me after our shift is over. You know a nigga be hungry." I told her as I smiled and rubbed my belly.

"Is that, right? Why must I be the one to take you somewhere and not the other way around?" she said with a smirk. Checkmate! There are often signals during flirtation when it is time to kick it up a notch… AND THAT TIME IS NOW.

"Now that you mention it. I know the perfect place for us to go where the price is right and the ambiance is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Are you game?" I ask her while looking right in her eyes. "Yes, I'm in" she says looking right back at me and smiles with her beautiful pearly white teeth, winks then turns around and completes her charting.

I turn around in my seat to complete what I was doing and thinking please God don't let anyone ask for help right now because you know I can't get up. My dick is at full mast pushing through my pants with no signs of going down anytime soon!

People often say to think about sports at a time like this; here goes: LeBron James, Steph Curry, Tom Brady&hellip. The back of my mind I'm thinking: Liz's mouth on my cock! Putting my tongue in her pussy, putting my tongue in her ass!

Oh God, PLEASE TURN OFF MY FUCKING BRAIN. Amanda had a right to be jealous of Liz. Liz Montgomery is an absolute DIME- PIECE. Let me describe her. 24 years old, Dark- Chocolate, 5'7", gorgeous face, a body to die for and probably the prettiest teeth I have ever seen. It's like she baths her teeth in Crest white strips, unbelievable. Think of Tika Sumpter from the television show 'The Haves and the Have Nots' that fits Liz to a tee. "Great job tonight everyone.

I couldn't have done it without you guys help and I mean that." Dr. Robinson says as he walks over to the nursing station as all the nurses turn around. "No problemo doc we all got your back" Robert said above all in his Spanish accent. Robert Mercado is the head nurse of the E.R.

unit. He is top of the line when it comes to emergency room nursing and has been doing it for 35 years so it is probably nothing he has not seen. Dr. Greg Robinson is one of the three Resident E.R. MD's working here tonight at St. Michael's Medical Center. Dr. Amanda Brand is the E.R. Director but she likes to have her residents learn on the fly without them having to hold her hand in a manner of speaking.

Yes, that is my Amanda. The youngest Director in NYC. She is brilliant. She has a condition called Eidetic memory: A condition in which an individual possesses an ability to vividly recall images from memory after only a few instances of exposure.

Plain English: she remembers every fucking thing she sees! LOL. Also, Amanda knew Robert was working tonight and would not let Dr. Robinson do anything to compromise the Emergency Department. So, when she asked me earlier who was working tonight…She knew EXACTLY who the fuck was working, she just wanted to find out if I would lie or not.

Honesty… above all else is what she valued the most and that is why she gave me the blowjob in the shower. I was being a good boy. "Thanks again everyone and have a great day. Get some sleep." Dr. Robinson said as he walked off. "He's a good guy" Helen said next to me. "And boy does he have a FINE YOUNG ASS" Vicky whispers so only Helen and I could hear.

Helen almost fell out her chair with laughter and squealed, "GIRL, you too much!" "Come on Helen; don't tell me you wouldn't want to ride on that D -Train" Vicky says while pushing down on her seat in a humping motion.

I look at both of them and shake my head but smiling at the same time. "JKB, you know what I'm talking about. You know about that D- Train, right?" Vicky asks me. "Ms. Vicky, I have NO idea what you are talking about. The only D- train I know about is the one around the corner that takes your crazy ass home." I say jokingly. "MmmHmm, you know that D- Train alright enough. That's the train you trying to put lil Ms. Liz on. Don't think I didn't see you two a few minutes ago, looking all FUCKY, FUCKY with each other" she retorted back.

With a sly smile and a blush, I just turned around in my chair to continue my notes. Helen got up, walked over to me then turned to Vicky and said, "Hush Vicky, leave JKB alone.

What he and Ms. Liz do on their own free time is between them. Look, you making him blush." Vicky just laughed and laughed.

Her laugh is just so contagious that Helen and I just started laughing as well. Helen Singletary and Victoria Edwards have been working at St. Michaels Medical Center for 25 years and are best of friends.

They work the same schedule and have been riding the train together to and from work for the past 22 years. You will hardly see one without the other. They are like Oprah and Gayle, besties to the end.

Along with Robert, Liz and me we are one of the three E.R. teams that work the night- shift. St. Michaels gets extremely busy and more so during the night.

In NYC things are always happening. Robert saw us three while he was finishing talking with a patient's family member in the distance.

He quickly walked over and tapped the desk and chided "Hey, hey, hey guys, what is all this laughing about? Finish up your work so you can clock out. You know Human Resources is on the nursing department about clocking in and out on time and I don't want my ass getting chewed out again by the Director.

You see I don't have any ass left!" We all looked at Robert and nodded. I gave him a salute and chuckled, "Aye, aye Captain" Robert smiled and mumbled something in Spanish and walked away.

"Hey, Robert" I called out to him. He turned back around giving me the expression of wassup. "The Director didn't chew your entire ass away. You still got some ass left back there." His face was priceless.

He looked as if he wanted to laugh but…beat my ass at the same time. He looked around to see if any patient was watching and put his middle finger up and proceeded to walk off. Helen, Vicky and I just started to giggle.

"Boy, you talk about I'm crazy. You INSANE!" Vicky declared. "You've been hanging around with us for too long" Helen added. "You're probably right." I replied "Let's finish up and get the hell out of here." Heading toward my locker I usually check to see if I forgot anything such as my stethoscope, pens, wallet and phone&hellip.

OH SHIT, my phone! I did tell Amanda I was going to text her and like I said before she has that condition where SHE REMEMBERS EVERY FUCKING THING! I totally forgot because it was such a fucking crazy night.


Gunshot wounds, heart attacks, strokes and the typical drug addicts trying to get pain medications. You can definitely lose track of time. I glance down at my phone… GREAT… 5 text messages from guess who? You got it; Dr. Brand herself. Oooh, picture mail.

I open it up. oh yeah, pussy pics! Amanda is such a dirty bitch! (Ladies, I mean that in the most respectful way possible). I love the way she is! One pic had her completely shaven pussy spread open by her two fingers with the caption: Don't you want to put your tongue in this!

Another pic she had two of her fingers in her pussy with the caption: This is not enough. I need Daddy's dick in me. I'm looking at the pics and looking around to see if anyone is close by me when all of a sudden I get a poke in my side that startles me. "Are you ready, hot stuff?" I turn around quickly. "I'm sorry James. Did I scare you?" Liz asks apologetically. "Oh, no babe. I was just looking through some emails and it seems like I was not paying attention." I responded.

"This is twice you have done that today to me. I did call your name out before I poked you. Are you ok?" Liz questioned. Thinking to myself: Yeah Liz I'm fine, I just have Dr. Brand sending me pics of her pussy and it kind of distracted me but are you ready for breakfast? "Yes ma'am. You have my undivided attention. It was just some bills I was thinking about paying off.

Sometimes I just forget the dates of when they are do." Good save, Nurse Bridgewater, good save indeed.

"Let me just get my backpack from the locker room then we are on our way" I smiled. Liz smiled back; boy, does she have a great smile. "O.k. I'll wait right here" she beamed. While in the locker room I sent a quick text to Angela: Sorry sexy, but we were swamped here in the E.R. and YES, I do want my tongue and dick in that pussy of yours but you know what I really want but your ASS is just too scared to try… no pun intended&hellip.

you know what, pun was intended… lol… miss you. You coming over tonight? As Liz and I are heading toward the elevator I see Helen and Vicky walking in the same direction. Like I said you don't see one without the other nearby.

"This was a long, crazy night. The struggle is REAL." Helen groaned. "YES, it is" Liz conceded. "I just can't wait to get on that D- Train, right Liz?" Vicky asked with a smirk. "D- Train?" Liz questioned. Helen coughed and spit out some of her coffee she was drinking then jabbed Vicky in the side and I quickly turned around giving her the evil eye.

Vicky looked at us both and gave a shrug as if she didn't do anything wrong. "Ahem, don't you take the D train home just like us?" Vicky added. Nice save Vicky, nice fucking save… SMH. "Oh, no I take the B Train. I live in Brooklyn" Liz replied. "REALLY.

Brooklyn" Helen and Vicky echoed. I just glanced over at Liz with an eye brow raised. Liz gave all three of us a once over and laughed and continued "YES, Brooklyn. You Manhattanites always have something against people not from this borough. YOU KNOW there is a WHOLE other place outside of Manhattan?" Helen, Vicky and I looked at each other then looked at Liz and said in unison, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE?" While laughing I joked, "I assumed after 145th street and the bridges it was just a wasteland." We all continued to burst out into laughter and Liz playfully rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me.

We finally made it to the lobby of the hospital and Vicky and Helen said their goodbyes and Vicky did give me a final look and a wink. I just shook my head and waved her off with my hand; I don't think Liz caught our interaction. As the elevator closed to bring us to the garage area she turned to me and said, "I like working with those two. They are great nurses and they are fun to be around." "Yeah, I've been working with them for the past 5 years.

They are like family. I love them." I replied. "Aww, you're so sweet." Liz cried. I just looked at her, mocking her expression as the elevator opened and said, "Let's go." Walking up to the passenger side door of my jeep to open it for Liz she said excitedly, "Nice car Jay!" "Thanks Liz, I saved up my pennies to get this bad boy." I beamed. Like I said previously; I'm a single man living in the world's greatest city.

Of course, I have a nice car. Like every man, I LOVE MY CAR and am not ashamed to admit it. Let's take a time out so I can describe it. 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, Pearl white exterior and Black interior, Big wheel tires with chrome accents, tricked out with the latest gadgets and a privacy window for…you know…LMAO.

While driving on the West Side Highway Liz and I chatted about a lot of things. We talked about sports, her favorite team is the New York Knicks (Bless her heart.

Too bad they suck ass), her favorite movies which for some odd reason was Aladdin or anything Disney related. She found out some things about me such as where I grew up and my favorite movie in which she almost died laughing when I told her it was The Sound of Music (don't hate, it is a GREAT movie). We also talked about work and how she was so happy to be part of the E.R.

team. As we were talking she then realized we were leaving Manhattan then she turned to me and questioned, "Uh, Jay where are we going?" "I told you I knew the best place in town but it is New Rochelle; are you ok with that?" I asked. As she sat there without saying a word I continued "Just give me a slow yes instead of a quick no." She laughed and blurted out, "YEESS." We continued talking about nothing really but just stuff.

It was nice conversing with Liz; she just had such a bubbly personality and like I said before her smile was just infectious and could brighten anyone's day. We arrived at our destination; New Rochelle, NY.

As I parked in the parking lot I could sense a little trepidation on Liz's part. I got out the car and hurried over to the passenger's side door to open it. Liz looked at me and asked softly, "Jay… where are we?" "We are at my place Liz. I'm going to cook us breakfast." I admitted. "I dunno Jay, I wasn't expecting… this." Liz said reluctantly. I looked at Liz straight in the eye and held my hand out and plead, "Do you trust me?" As if she didn't hear me she softly replied "What did you say?" "Do you trust me?" I echoed with my hand still extended to her.

If you saw the movie Aladdin, you will understand the reference. She smiled that perfect smile that only Liz can and uttered, "Yes, I do trust you." Liz grabbed my hand and we proceeded to the elevator of my building hand in hand.

"Don't think I didn't notice what you just did, you cheeky little bastard" she jokingly said as she nudged me. "My lady, I haven't the faintest idea what you are referring to" I smirked. "I'm hungry. Let's get some grub." Arriving at my apartment I took Liz's coat and put it in the closet. To say the least, Liz was impressed. "I never imagined your place to look like this!" she praised.

"Hmmm. I see. You thought single man, bachelor pad, pig sty… right?" I asked. "You DAMN right" Liz conceded.


"But you proved me wrong. This is quite NICE. You have good taste" she added. I laughed, "Why the hell do you think you are here? I just don't bring just anyone to my apartment." Liz raised an eyebrow and lightheartedly said "Yeah, yeah, yeah… I bet you say that to ALL the girls." As she was walking through the hall to the living room I walked up behind her ever so slightly, put my hand on her shoulder, whispered in her ear "Nope" then gave her a lingering kiss on the cheek in which she did not back away from.

Liz turned around and look up at me with those beautiful brown eyes. I held both of her hands smiled and said, "make yourself more comfortable I'm going to get breakfast ready." She gave a quick nod. "I'm making French toast" I added.

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"French toast! Oh, boy let me go freshen up" Liz teased as I pointed out where one of the bathrooms were. Now, let me explain my apartment. Just like my car I take great pride in it. This apartment has landed the deal for me getting pussy SOOOO many times. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. I say cleanliness leads to PANTIES DROPPINGNESS!!! LOL. As you are aware I live in New Rochelle, NY. Not too far from the city but far enough from the craziness the city can provide.

Plus, you get more bang for your buck the further away from Manhattan you go. My apartment is 2 bedrooms- 1.5 baths, GORGEOUS Granite Kitchen with an Island and Stainless Steel Appliances and complete with hardwood floors.

All for the price of $2900 month. YES, that is a lot but a nigga likes what a nigga likes. I had my mother interior decorate for me and let's just say without going to any further detail, the place is immaculate. While getting the Brioche bread from the pantry Liz comes out of the bathroom and smiles "I never had a man cook for me before.

I have to take full advantage of this." Being me, my mind is always in the gutter I reply, "You can take advantage of me anyway or anytime you want" "Oh, REALLY" Liz bubbled. I gave her wink for acknowledgement. "We'll just see about that, smooth talker" she quipped. As I was cooking, Liz and I continued having casual conversation about work and where she saw herself in 5 years etc. We had very good chemistry and we talked like we known each other for years.

We didn't realize the time had passed so fast while were eating and talking it was almost noon. I didn't even check my phone in all this time.

oh, shit my phone. Angela! FUCK. "Excuse me Liz. I have to go to the bathroom. Will be right back" I stated. "Ok" she replied. I quickly get to the bathroom and pull out my phone. 3 messages from Angela: 1st is a picture message of her two fingers in her asshole with the caption- Is this what Daddy wants? You can have it tonight when I come over.

2nd message- should be by your house at 9 pm if nothing unforeseen happens. 3rd message- Babe, I'm sorry but Richard has a business dinner and he wants me to accompany him this evening. I will try to leave as soon as I can LOVE YOU.

I quickly text her back: Babe, don't worry about it. I understand. Go have dinner with your husband and his colleagues. Just make sure you are not wearing any panties tonight.

You know how Daddy likes his little slut. Love you too. Now, you may be wondering…… LOVE YOU? Let's be clear.

I'm not one of those people who are hung up on the LOVE word. I say it just like someone would say Good morning or Good night.

Angela knows how I feel about her and I know how she feels about me. We are friends first and foremost but we also have amazing sex. So, we sprinkle in a LOVE YOU now and again. No big deal. I put my phone back in my pocket and head back out to Liz who I find sitting on the sofa smiling back at me.

"Are you one of those people who eats and then shits right afterward?" she joked. I mockingly laugh, point at her and respond, "Someone is REALLY funny." Liz mimics someone who looks astonished and mouths "Who ME?" I plop right down next to her and poke her in her side in which she giggles and I continue with faint protest as I roll my eyes "YES, you. I make you a nice breakfast and you insult my bowels like that. Why, I never." She looks at me and just busts out laughing "Jay, YOU ARE JUST TOO MUCH." We both start laughing.

After the laughter died down we just sat and stared at one another. There is that awkward silence that usually follows of what to do next? This is a pivotal time. We can make it a great end to a great start, a good end or it can completely CRASH AND BURN. Choose Wisely. "Well, Jay I guess…" I interrupt her. "Liz, come here." I softly said.

"I don't know" she remarked. I moved a little closer to her and held out my hand and repeated "Liz, come here." She scooted over and now we are face to face. "I've been wanted to do something for the past few weeks but I have not been able to build the courage to do until now." I stated. Total and complete bullshit on my part but fuck it.

It works! LMAO. "Jay, I don't know if we should…" Liz started. I interrupted her with a quick kiss. Afterwards, Liz and I just stared in each other's eyes for a brief moment but it seemed much longer than that.

"Sorry Liz but I had&hellip." I began. Liz with one quick motion pushed me back onto the couch, jumped on top of me and kissed me.

Now with the first kissing session I have with a woman it is a feeling out period. You just don't want to put your tongue down her throat. A little tongue action just to see how she reacts. That is how I approach all females and this is how I dealt with Liz. It was soft moist kissing, some sucking on her bottom lip and I gave her a little tongue in which she accepted all while squeezing the delicious ass she has.

I could feel the heat raise up in-between her legs as she was grinding on top of me which in turn was giving me a raging hard-on! "Is that for me?" Liz panted while kissing me. "Why don't you take a look and see if he wants to come out and play" I offered.

She smirked as she reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock over my pants. "You're a BAD BOY Mr. Bridgewater. What kind of game does he want to play?" she asked. "It's better that I show you" and with that I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around me and headed to the master bathroom. Now, I don't know about you but working a 12-hour shift in the E.R. then heading home with a girl to eat breakfast which is immediately followed by sex MUST include a shower of some sort!

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I'm NASTY but not that GOD-DAMN nasty! I knew Liz had a great body but DAMN! I didn't know she was hiding that. Just goes to show you never know what you have until you unwrap it. All I could do was just stare as she took her clothes off in front of me. She looked up at me while taking her pants off and just smiled and giggled "Are you just going to stare or are you going to take off your clothes too?" "Sorry babe, sorry, but I just have to say DAMN!

I didn't know you were hiding ALL that." I bellowed. Like I said Liz looked like Tika Sumpter, Google her and you'll say DAMN too. Stepping into the walk-in-shower the warm water hits us as we kiss and lather each other up with soap.

We take turns washing each other's bodies with me taking my time to explore every curve and crevice of her body with me paying special attention to her pussy. She quivered and grabbed onto me a few times as I ran my fingers between her pussy lips touching her ever so delicately.

I was touching her like she was FINE- CHINA. Damn, this girl is incredible. She begins to lather up her hands with soap, stares down and sees my cock standing at full attention then joked, "I see someone is alert and oriented." "You know it; dick is reactive to touch and stimulation, Nurse Montgomery" I said and continued, "How should we proceed?" While slowly stroking my cock, and looking up at me Liz teased, "Well… I don't know.

I think it needs a further look. Mouth to dick resuscitation might be necessary. Let me examine my patient." With that, she eased her way down to my dick and what she did afterwards was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. She took my cock in her mouth, without touching it with her hands, and slowly swallowed and swallowed and swallowed until she hit the base. What got me almost to cum immediately was while my entire dick was in her mouth, basically in her throat; she stuck her tongue out and licked my balls!

You know how Oprah talks about having an A'HA moment. That is what the fuck I had. Looking at her in amazement my eyes were about to tear and not just because the water was hitting me in the face!

I quickly took my dick out of her mouth and stood her up as the water was pouring over us. "You're not messing around?" I grunted. She smiled devilishly and answered "I felt a pulse. I believe I revived my patient." I just looked at her and nodded my head and proceeded to kiss her deeply.

Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you just wanted to devour them? That's how I felt at that moment with Liz.

Breaking off the kiss I whisper in her ear "I'm still hungry." As she looks up at me I turn her around quickly to face the wall of the shower, bend her over a little and I get down on my knees. I squeeze her butt and then spread her ass cheeks apart very slow but deliberate. Liz looks back at me moaning while I'm doing this then all of sudden shrieks with pleasure when she feels my tongue lapping up her pussy. I'm in HEAVEN. She tastes SO amazing.

She starts holding the back of my head and grinding on my face. If I could put my entire head in her pussy I would; I was so intoxicated by this woman!

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"You're eating my pussy so GOOOD! Eat that pussy baby!" Liz panted and screamed. Taking a quick breather from being buried inside of her I could see her pussy pulsating. "Oh, baby please don't stop.

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I want some more!" Liz cried out. I proceeded to dart my tongue in and out of her giving her a good tongue fucking! "I'M GOING TO CUM… OH MY FUCKING GOSH… I'M GOING TO CUM" she yelled out. I'm not lying when I say she tasted like Strawberry- Banana yogurt when she cums. Need to bottle that shit up and sell it to the masses! I stood up behind and grabbed a hold of her because her legs were buckling a little bit from her orgasm.

"Are you OK babe?" I asked concerned. Liz looked back at me with a grin and said winded "I'm&hellip. a lot of things&hellip. right now. and… OK is not how I would&hellip. describe it" She turned around and we passionately kissed again.

I picked her up and headed to the bedroom. With Liz, I didn't want to just fuck her fast and hard.

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There would be time for that later on. I wanted to relish every minute of this. The first fuck is key, especially if you ever want to fuck again. Niggas can lose the pussy really quick if you don't do this right. Women can forgive a lot of things such as performance anxiety, condom issues etc. BUT a HORRIBLE first fuck they WILL NOT. I've been there…Trust a nigga when I say DO IT RIGHT the first time.

I laid Liz on the bed nice and slow then walked over to my night stand and got my phone. "Jay, don't take any pictures. I'm not that kind of girl" Liz cried as she covered up.

I shook my head, smiled and replied "Liz, I'm not taking any pictures babe, I'm just setting the mood." And with that I hit my playlist on my phone which was Bluetooth connected to my speaker system. I fucking love technology.

This playlist I chose are songs especially for FUCKING: (1) Trey Songz (he's the fucking man): Slow Motion, Touchin- Lovin, Na-Na, and Can't Be Friends. (2) Selena Gomez: Good for You. (3) Robin Thicke: Lost Without You. (4) Zayn: Pillow Talk. I have it so it is in a shuffle loop. If you not having good sex while these songs are playing, then you not doing it right.

I put the phone down and turned and looked at Liz laying on the bed. A woman could not look more ravishing than her, I thought. Slowly making my way up to her we kissed. "I want you inside of me Jay" she broke from the kiss and whispered eagerly. Ever so slowly I eased my dick inside of her. I want to savor every inch I put in (plus, I didn't want to cum too fast because new pussy be making a nigga cum quick, especially when your eager&hellip.

Ladies and gentleman YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I'M TALKING 'BOUT). I especially love the expression on a woman's face when you enter initially and Liz was no exception. The half open mouth while taking a deep breath in and looking me right in the eyes is PRICELESS.

As I got all of my cock in is when she finally took a breath and then we kissed again. To say she felt amazing is an understatement. She felt as if her pussy was molded for me. We were in tune with each other as we moved to the music that was playing. With every pump, she would moan and I would steadily increase the pace but to not got to fast just so I can still maintain control of myself.

I got up in a squatting position so I was directly above Liz so when I moved downward she could get all of my dick.

Oh, my god she was so wet! "Fuck me. Fuck me baby" she shrieked. That was all I needed to hear. While Trey Songz: Na- Na was playing, I would give half of my dick for a few strokes then mix it up and give her all of it which made her yelp with pleasure "Oh Jay, I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming!" Liz whimpered as she was shaking a little.

"Squeeze my dick baby and cum for me. Milk my dick for my cum. Milk it!" I ordered. With every pump I could see her juices coating my dick and that visual alone put me over the edge. "Do you want my cum baby? Do you need it?" I exclaimed. "Yes! Yes! Give it to meeee!" Liz shouted. It felt as if I unloaded a gallon of cum into Liz but I still was pumping in and out of her. Definitely, one of the most intense sex sessions I have ever had.

I finally pulled out when my dick went limp then I laid on top of her. Staring at each other and smiling as we were glistening with sweat from our encounter all I could think was how spectacular Liz looked at this moment. It was as if she was glowing; that Bruce Leroy glow (I know you guys get that reference! If not, look up The Last Dragon). She smiled that radiant smile she has, kissed me and asked, "You are aware that is only round 1, right?" I looked at her with a puzzled look and said "Well… I figured&hellip." she started giggling "You little devil" I joked as I tickled her in her sides.

We tossed and turned in the bed play- fighting and laughing with one another. We did eventually go to sleep but woke up periodically during the day to get a little sex in. Either she would wake me up with a blowjob or I would wake her up by fingering her or eating her pussy. I'll probably say it was 3 or 4 more times we had sex that day. It was a hell of a breakfast! I woke up at 10 pm with a big yawn. Boy, did I feel good.

Looking down I see the reason for my joy, Liz.

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She is laying on my chest sleeping quietly and peacefully. I get out the bed ever so slightly as to not wake her. I grab my phone, go to my closet to put on my flannel pajama pants and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

While brushing my teeth, I check my phone and I get a few messages from my boys on meeting up for drinks this weekend; texts from other women I'm talking with about when we are getting together again. At the bottom of the message board I see 4 texts from Angela and I open it: First message is a selfie of herself in front of a mirror, damn she is looking good, with the caption- I'm thinking about you. Do you like? Second message: I'm not wearing any panties like Daddy insisted.

My pussy is so wet right now. Third message: I am totally bored and I'm trying to get out of here.

What are you doing now? Fourth message: I'm about to leave. Can I come over? I look at the time stamp 9:30pm. I quickly text her: Hey babe… sorry for the late response but I was exhausted and I just woke up now. It was a hectic day last night and I think I'm just going to grab a bite to eat and head back to bed. Can we meet up tomorrow afternoon after I finish with my doctor's appointment? I will pick you up.

I have a surprise for you! I put the phone down and finish up brushing my teeth and no sooner my phone chimes indicating a message has been sent: Amanda: Goodie! You know I love surprises! Plus, I need you to have full energy for me because I miss my Daddy. Me: and Daddy misses you too.

How wet is your pussy right now? Amanda: Don't start something you can't finish because you know I will come over and show you in person. Me: lol…ok ok ok I got you Doc.

See you tomorrow babe and wear something sexy and remember… NO PANTIES Angela: whatever daddy wants… see you tomorrow Yes! I dodged a major fucking bullet on that one because I did not want to see what would have happened if Angela showed up at my front door and Liz being there.

Shit would have gone DOWN. Damn I'm hungry let me go make some food I think to myself. Looking in the fridge I just stare into it hoping something pops in my head of what to make. I see a rotisserie chicken I recently purchased and some left over Chinese vegetable fried rice. Chicken Stir Fry. I open my phone, Bluetooth connect it to my speakers and put on some Pandora music.

One of my favorite songs comes on Ed Sheeran's: Shape of You. As I heat up my cast iron skillet I start singing and dancing along to the song until I feel someone grab me from behind rubbing my chest and swaying alongside me.

I turn around and I see Liz wearing one of my button down white shirts. This woman is FINE with whatever she is wearing and this was NO EXCEPTION. "Sorry to wake you babe. I was just cooking us some food and I love this song" I explained. "It's ok hot stuff" Liz replied as she had her arms wrapped around my neck and smiled. She continued, "The smell of the food woke me up but you singing and dancing is a bonus; plus, I LOVE this song too." Liz looked down at the pan and asked, "What you making?" "Trying to make some chicken stir fry" I answered.

I put the heat on medium then turned back to Liz, twirled her around then started dancing and singing along with the song: I'm in love with the shape of you We push and pull like a magnet do Although my heart is falling too I'm in love with your body And last night you were in my room And now my bedsheets smell like you Every day discovering something brand new I'm in love with your body Oh—I—oh—I—oh—I—oh—I I'm in love with your body Oh—I—oh—I—oh—I—oh—I I'm in love with your body Oh—I—oh—I—oh—I—oh—I I'm in love with your body Every day discovering something brand new I'm in love with the shape of you Liz just smiled that perfectly beautiful smile and laughed then sang back to me: Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on Come on, be my baby, come on We hugged and kissed after that.

This turned out to be a perfect first date. Nothing awkward. Just two people who really enjoyed each other's company and have a great connection. I finished plating both of our foods and walked into the living room and handed a plate to Liz. As I was sitting down I see her staring at me.

"Is there something on my face or in my nose?" I ask with a grin. She shakes her head and replies "Nope" I was about to start eating but she was still staring at me and I look at her and asked, "Ms. Montgomery, what is on your mind?" She gave me a sly grin and responded, "I was just wondering what you are hungry for?" As she said that she slowly opened her legs showing me EXACTLY what was on the menu. I LOVE MY LIFE.