Busty milf toying stepdaughters pussy

Busty milf toying stepdaughters pussy
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Fbailey story number 402 Is This Dress Too Short, Daddy Just what every father wanted to hear from his fourteen-year-old daughter, "Is this dress too short, Daddy?" Cindy smiled at me as she walked to the middle of the living room between the television and me and faced me. It was a very pretty simple pale blue dress with short sleeves, a slightly scooped neckline, and darts that enhanced her budding breasts nicely.

As she gave a slow turn it was quite obvious that that dress was indeed way to short on her. It was so close to showing me her panties that it wasn't funny.

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Then she raised her arms up over her head and did the same slow turn even slower. Her bright pink panties hugged her pussy nicely. They looked like they were glued to her mound.

The lower part was tucked slightly into her pussy lips forming a pretty nice camel toe.

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As her ass cheeks came into view it was clear that she had a pair of her thong panties on. She had recently talked me into buying some for her even though I thought that she was a little too young to be wearing something so sexy. I replied, "Yes, honey I think it is way too short. I can see your panty covered pussy and just about all of your ass." Cindy asked, "Can I at least wear it for Tommy tonight when he comes over?" I heard the pleading in her voice and replied, "Okay, but you're not to leave this house in that dress.

Do you understand?" Cindy said, "Yes, Daddy I understand. I have to remove this dress to go outside. As long as I can keep my panties on I can cover my titties with my hands." Then she laughed and ran off.

I hoped that she was just teasing me like she was going to do to that poor boy that she had coming over later. A few minutes later Cindy was back standing in front of me in just her panties with her hands over her small breasts like she had mentioned shortly before.

Cindy said, "Now what do you think Daddy?" Then she gave a slow turn like she had before.

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That was followed by her raising her arms up over her head and then giving me another slow turn. I had seen her growing titties before but I always love to see them again. I replied, "Very nice honey." Then jokingly I said, "If that boy doesn't molest you tonight…I will." I laughed and she giggled and then she ran up to her room.

I had to adjust the hard-on that was in my pants. When the doorbell rang Cindy ran me down to get to it first. She introduced Tommy to me and then they disappeared for a few hours. I watched some television and must have nodded off. I woke up to my daughter shaking me. I smiled and asked, "How'd it go?" Cindy replied, "Not so good Daddy. I guess you'll have to molest me now." I opened my eyes wide and asked, "What?" Cindy said, "Tommy played with my boobs a little bit but when I tried to shove his hand between my legs he pissed his pants, got all embarrassed, and ran home." I looked at her and asked, "Did you really do that?" Cindy smiled and said, "Yes, I really did Daddy.

I wanted him to feel me up and to touch my pussy. Hell, he could have fucked me if he had wanted too. My girlfriends said that he was a sure thing." I asked, "What was so important about him?" Cindy said, "He was my homework assignment.

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If I don't get felt up I won't pass my sex education class. You'll just have to do it." I asked, "Why me?" Cindy said, "Because you offered earlier, remember Daddy." I said, "So all of that with Tommy was just your homework assignment from your sex education teacher." Cindy said, "Yes." I said, "So you want me to feel you up now." Again Cindy said, "Yes." Cindy saw my smile and slipped out of her tiny dress and her thong panties.

That was my first look at her pubic peach fuzz. Cindy walked toward me and stood right between my knees. I looked into her smiling face and reached up to place my palms on her breasts.

I felt her little pink nipples harden under my touch. Cindy closed her eyes and started breathing harder. I squeezed my fingers over the fullness of her breasts like spiders. I pulled on her breasts shaping them into a cone until my fingers were pulling on her nipples and stretching them out in length.

Finally at their maximum distension they snapped free. I watched my daughter's small breasts shake and shimmy like tiny bowls of Jell-O. It was so much fun that I did it several more times. Cindy was enjoying it too. Feeling my daughter's small breasts excited me, hardened my cock to new heights, and damn near made me cum in my underwear. I lowered my hands and slipped one, palm up, between her legs to cup her pussy. The fuzz tickled my hand, the heat was noticeable, and her wetness coated my palm.

She shivered from my touch and then she opened her eyes. Cindy said, "Daddy, what you did to my titties gave me an orgasm. You're going to get your hand all wet down there." As I eased my hand between her legs further I raised a finger up into her pussy lips. She was so wet and slippery that my finger slipped into her hole easily and allowed me to finger fuck her for a short while.

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Finally I pulled my finger out and moved it up to her clit. She cringed and shuddered as I stroked her clit. I assumed that she had masturbated before that day, but that having me do it for her must have felt much better. At least it always did for her mother. My finger could always drive her crazy. That was exactly what I intended to do to my daughter. Her knees buckled and I helped her to the couch where I continued to masturbate her. After two more orgasms she begged me to quite, like her mother used too.

Like I did with her mother, I made her suffer through another orgasm before I stopped. Lying there on the couch naked and exhausted Cindy said, "Thank you for helping me with my homework assignment Daddy." The next day when I got home from work Cindy was excited and told me that she had gotten an A+ on her homework assignment for me feeling her up and giving her an orgasm. When I panicked she said that she hadn't told the class who had done it to her, but that her teacher had wanted to know after the class had ended and she told her that I had helped her with the assignment.

Oh crap! That's all I needed, some nosey teacher turning me in for molesting my daughter. Cindy put me at ease when she said that Miss Amore was not going to tell anyone.

In fact it was after she had told her about me that she gave her the A+. It seems that Miss Amore approved of incest and was a product of it herself. Her next sex homework assignment was to give her 'study partner' a blowjob and to tell everyone in her class about it.

The class was made up of just girls. She told me that of the ten girls in the class that she was the only one that had gotten felt up. One other girl said that she had, but couldn't describe the feeling well enough to convince any of them. I became rather excited about getting a blowjob from my daughter. After I gave it some thought, I decided that if I played my cards right I might get three or four blowjobs out of it.

I could get one right away, one before her bedtime, and then another one in the morning before I went to work. There was a slight chance that I might even get one after dinner too that is if her jaw didn't give out.

So I asked Cindy what she knew about giving a blowjob. She said that Miss Amore had given her an instruction manual to read. She finished it before I came home.

I smiled at her and then dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. Cindy knelt on the floor before me and started to put her book learning into practice. She looked my cock over pretty good at close range, she kissed the head nicely, and then she slipped her mouth over the head. After a short time she removed it and smiled up at me.

She went back to sucking on my cock taking a little more into her mouth each time until I felt it hit the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled most of it out. When she was recovered she shoved her face down on my cock again trying to get it in further. I had to give her credit she certainly was persistent. I had to tell her not to scrape my cock with her teeth, not to squeeze my balls too hard, and not to try to deep throat me right away. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and I spit my thick creamy cum into my daughter's sweet little mouth.


She actually swirled it around in her mouth to savor the taste before she swallowed it. She looked up at me and asked, "How did I do Daddy?" I told her the truth, she had given me the best blowjob of my life, and she had too. I was one very lucky man because Cindy did give me another blowjob after dinner, one before bedtime, and she was right there for me when I woke up the next morning too. She didn't even let me go to the bathroom first. She told me that she loved sucking my cock and swallowing my cum.

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She was a natural born cock sucker, just like her mother had been before her death. That afternoon when I came home from work Cindy greeted me with a nice big hug, told me that she had gotten another A+ on her homework assignment, and that Miss Amore wanted to meet me Friday evening and would be here for dinner.

Cindy did not have another assignment that week. Miss Amore tried to get the rest of the class to start experimenting with some boys and improve their sexual experiences too.

I was dreading my meeting with Miss Amore but the police had not come knocking on my door so maybe I would be safe after all. Friday Cindy greeted me at the door as she normally did. She was in that same simple pale blue dress that just barely covered her panties when she was standing. Just for the hell of it I reached down and found out that she had not been wearing any panties.

I asked, "Is that what you are wearing tonight? Your teacher is coming for dinner soon." I heard a soft voice behind me say, "I'm already here." I turned around and saw a sexy looking woman of about twenty-five and she was wearing the same dress that my daughter had on. However, she was slightly taller than my daughter was and her dress came to just above her pubic hair. It was trimmed rather short and it was brown to match the hair on her head. Miss Amore said, "My name is Amanda and I wanted to meet you.

Cindy tells me good things about you. I just wanted to observe you two during her homework assignment tonight." Cindy said, "You have to break my cherry Daddy. But you have to give me two orgasms with your tongue first." I smiled and said, "That sounds like fun. How soon can we get started?" Then for no particular reason I walked over to Amanda, took her in my arms, and then I kissed her.

My hands rested on the lower part of her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy tightly into me. When we broke our kiss Amanda said, "Cindy, he seems to be more than ready right now." I stood there and watched as they both removed their dresses and went into the living room. I had to smile when I saw the length that they had gone through to make Cindy's first time something to remember. The shades had been drawn, the curtains had been pulled together, and the lights dimmed.

Lit candles were everywhere, soft music was playing in the background, and a mattress had been placed on the floor with silk sheets on it. I then undressed for them. I tried to make it seem like I was a male stripper but it came across as more of a comedy act. One of my shoes wouldn't come untied so I had to pull that shoe off, I practically hung myself getting my tie off, and I tripped and fell down removing my pants.

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Then when I pushed my underwear down my cock got caught in them and slapped against my belly with enough force to make my pre-cum splatter and hit both of those naked girls causing them to laugh. I helped Cindy down onto the mattress and started licking her pussy as if my life depended on it. I managed to give her the two required orgasms then I aimed my cock at her virgin vagina and pressed it in slightly.

I pressed harder and felt the resistance of her unbroken hymen. I talked to Cindy and told her what to expect the first time. When I got her permission to continue I pressed harder. The head of my cock was forced just inside her far enough to feel very good.

I waited for her to recover and then I sank it in all the way, in about three increments. Again I held it there waiting for her recovery. When she gave me the go ahead I gently fucked my daughter with her naked sex teacher watching us.

I was way too excited to last for very long so in less that five minutes I was flooding her womb with my cum. I knew that Cindy was on the pill so I just let it flow freely and then I let my cock serve as the plug for a couple more minutes before it slipped out on its own. I looked over at Amanda. She was fingering her clit, pinching her nipples, and moaning as her orgasm started to overcome her. Cindy and I watched her until she calmed down.

I pulled her to me, placed her on her back next to Cindy, and then I put my cock in her fuck hole. She cooed as I pounded into her a lot harder than I had into Cindy. Amanda cried out as her first of three orgasms hit her. I joined her on that last one and collapsed on her breasts.


I rolled over and got between them. I placed my arms under their heads and my hands on their furthest breast. Their hands met at my soft cock. We lay there intertwined together for almost an hour recovering as the two girls talked about how my cock had intensified their orgasms. They both agreed that masturbation was a thing of the past. From there my daughter's sexual education continued with Amanda and I both providing her with all of the mental and physical knowledge that she needed.

Amanda and I married that next summer.


Amanda's father joined us for Cindy's double penetration assignment. Amanda certainly did approve of incest. The End Is This Dress Too Short, Daddy 402