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Pounding whitney westgate sweet pink pornstars hardcore
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If your looking for a huge, sex filled story, go somewhere else. If you want a story about love, compassion, and sensual sex, then read on. As it was in the previous chapter, comments and criticism are welcomed. Thanks and enjoy the story! "baby, can I stay home from school today?" I say, grinding my hips hard against him.


"alright, but don't get used to it. This is only because you have a legitimate reason to be sore, it isn't because I got laid." Robby said sternly. I knew he still had to be fatherly with me, and that was fine, but right now what I really wanted was a romantic partner laying under me.

"can you be romantic with me today Robby? I've never really had a boyfriend before." he stared at me for several moments, looked at the clock, and said, "babygirl, if it were any other day I would, but I have to get to work today, final screenings are today, and if I make the cut then I will finally be able to get a house were I don't have to sleep in the basement.

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I will call the school, you just lay in my bed today okay?" Robby said to me as he got up and started walking to the bathroom to get ready for work. "baby can I shower with you?" I yelled, but when I tried to get up, my legs wouldn't hold me. "owwwww!" I screamed as I fell to the floor. Almost instantly Robby was right there picking me up. "I should have warned you baby, after all that, you may have a little trouble walking." Robby said as he wiped my eyes and started to kiss my face everywhere but my lips.

"o-okay. I'm sorry you had to come save me over something so silly." I sort of mumbled. Robby lifted me away from him so he could look at me. I'm not ugly, but I have hardly any curves, and I'm anorexic, all of my bones are visible except in the face. I know Robby is going to feel really bad about what we did, but I hope he doesn't stop. Then he pulled me close again, and kissed me.

"I still have to go to work baby, and don't worry about me saving you, it's nothing for someone as beautiful as you." Robby laid me back onto his bed and gave me the remote to the 42" tv he has mounted on he wall. I turn my head to ask him a question, but the bathroom door was already shut.

I flipped through the channels, since I couldn't find anything better to do I stopped on the military channel and watched "snipers; special killers".

After about 20 minutes, Robby came out of the bathroom completely naked, and picked me up. "time for your bath baby." in the time me and Robby have known each other, Robby had never given me a bath. It made me feel good to know he wanted to now. "okay just lay down, I will wash you." he said. I began to speak, but Robby put a finger up to my mouth, which I sucked into my mouth and moaned on to tease him.

"babygirl, we need to talk. I will still had sex with you, but there needs to be rules. I have to follow them just like you do okay?" Robby said, then without an answer he continued. "first things first we need to respect eachother. If one doesn't want to do something, then we won't do it. Sex has to be consensual. And no more using the other while they are asleep.

Okay?" Robby looked down at me, and I suddenly got really shy. I covered my barely even there boobs, and said, "yes sir". "good. Now, I also think that we shouldn't have sex right before one of us has something important they have to do. So no sex on schooldays." that was to much, I had to say something.

"Robby that's not fair! Then we can only have sex on the weekends, I can't wait that long! You can't just stop after you make me feel that good!

Don't do that to me Robby please?" I started to pout, which I knew was Robby's weakness. "fine. But no sex before the day of a test,and no sex 2 days in a row." I nodded my head, and Robby continued.

"and also, you may not be aware of it, but what we are doing is considered statutory rape. It is very bad, and I could go to jail for it. So we have to be careful okay? It's okay for us to be flirty in public, but no rubbing each other." I had no problems with that, so I nodded again.

"your bath is done babygirl, time to get out." Robby said. "carry me?" I asked. "why of course". Robby lifted me out of the draining tub, and set me on the toilet. After I gained my balance he began to dry my body with a towel. Normally I would have helped him, but the idea of him rubbing my entire body was making more wetness for him to dry.

After he finished drying me, he picked me up and carried me to my room, were we picked out a few clothes for me to wear while he was gone. All I had was the bookworm looking, show nothing clothes cause Robby was super protective, so it was a dull outfit.

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But robby was the one who put it on me, so that made up for it. After that, he carried me back to his room, laid me on his bed, pulled the blanket over me and kissed me before he said, "I'm gonna call Lexi, she will watch you while I'm gone." robby said and then left the room.

About 10 minutes later I heard the front door open, then I heard the back door open. Suddenly a huge mammoth dog was laying on the bed next to me, and I had a tray of food on my lap. "breakfast in bed? Your spoiling me robby." I said.

I looked up to see his expression. He was very happy. "you want to be my girlfriend, then deal with it." he smiled and kissed me again. It felt so good to hear him say I was his girlfriend, and to know that he was mine.

Lexi came into the room a few minutes later, and Robby handed her the keys to the house, and left. It was awkward sitting there, because I didn't know what was okay to say to her. Thankfully she broke the ice. "I'm disappointed in you destiny." she had a stern look on her face. "wh-what did I do miss lexi?" I stuttered. "you seduced Rob. He is scared that you just wanted sex, and that he was just bein used. And he's even more afraid that he used you and that you regret what you let him do.

He cried when I got here, and he doesn't want to hurt you. Do you actually love him destiny or is it just a sexual urge?" Lexi said. I had never seen her like that. "oh my god Lexi, it was amazing.

I swear I love him, I have loved him since he held me when my mom died. He was always there for me, he has always treated me like I matter, and I don't care, have him stop having sex with me, I just want him to love me." I said. I knew for a fact it didn't matter what Lexi thought, but I couldn't stand the thought of someone thinking I didn't love Robby. "please, how do I show him I mean it?how do I make him believe it?" I said with tears in my eyes.

"I tell you what, I can help you prove it to him, but it's going to be difficult. Make him something with your own hands, tell him you love him, do the house work, anything you can to make things easier for him.

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I bet he loves you, in fact I would put money on it." Lexi said. I thought about it for a moment. "you mean I don't have to. Fuck him to prove it?" I said. "I thought that guys really liked sex? Wouldn't giving it up to him make him feel like I love him?" I said.

"no destiny, if you haven't noticed Robby is a bit different. He gave up his chances at a life to keep you out of a group home. He had a scholarship, and he was on track to be a great mechanic. But he chose to work at his uncles shop, and give you a home." I looked down at the bowl of cereal Robby had brought me. I suddenly felt ashamed of myself. I had let Robby give up a great future just so I wouldn't be away from him.

I started to cry, then I asked Lexi, "is it to late for him to go to college? I don't want him to give up on it for me. That isn't right. I cant do that to him. Help me fix this please!" I was sobbing, Lexi gently rubbed my back and in a soothing voice she said, it's okay destiny, rob wanted to do it. He couldn't sleep at night knowing you were scared or alone.

He would have given up his own life to make you happy. Do you really want to pay him back?" Lexi said. "yes I do" I replied without hesitation. "well then, first things first. Robby's house is a bit messy. You should clean it up, that would be a nice surprise for him." I moved my food to the side, and tried to stand, but my legs just barely held me up. "I might be slow Lexi. I'm really sore from everything Robby did last night." "that's alright, what's important is that you try.

Here. Robby doesn't get to know about this until later." Lexi pulled out a small box and a bottle. "what's that?" I said. "it's a special kind of vibrator. It's called a butt plug, put it in your butt, after a little while it won't hurt and it will help stretch you so Robby will fit. Here, go put it in." Lexi handed me the box and the bottle.

I went into the bathroom and lubes the toy. It looked to be fairly large, almost as big as Robby's penis at the top, but about half way down, it got pretty thin.

I put it on the toilet lid, and sat down on it. My butt was still very sore and sensitive, but it went In without to much trouble. I pulled my pants back up and went out to help Lexi clean the house.

"now, destiny do you know what this is?" Lexi was holding a small remote with only a few buttons. Then it hit me. "oh no. Lexi please don't do that" I said, then I felt the vibrations in my butt, and I knew I was had. "don't worry, you have to hold the button for it to keep working.

I'm going to give this to rob, and he can decide what to so with you." Lexi said this in a stern voice, but winked at me when she said it.

We went through the house cleaning everything.

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We started at 8:30 a.m. And it was 5:30 pm before we where finished. I was so tired I was going to lay down, but I heard the front door open and Robby yell for his sweetheart, so I ran as beat I could and jump hugged him, which he caught me with ease. I held on tight, and for a long time he just stood there, holding me. Then the doorbell rang. I looked through the window and saw Emily standing in front of the door. Emily had been using Robby since before I moved in with him, and had always treated me like crap.

"ugh I thought she wasn't coming back!" I yelled and ran to my room. I laid on my bed crying.


Robby always gave Emily what she wanted, and sue was dressed slutty so she could get him back. She was going to steal Robby from me and I hadn't even had him for a full day.

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Then I heard robby say something, Emily screamed and I cracked the door open to see what was happening. "get out Emily. It's my house, your not welcome here anymore." robby said. "yea whatever like your gonna find anyone who wants you. Just take what you can get and let me stay." Emily said with a smug look on her face. "I have a girlfriend, and she won't go cheat on me and she actually cares.

I don't need you, I need her. Now leave before I get violent." Robby said.

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Robby had never been violent around me, but I knew he was vey capable of hurting someone. He had almost killed the guy that tried to rape me.

Emily slapped him, and then left. I ran out and hugged Robby, he hugged me back and I said "I'm sorry about all that Robby. I hope you and your girlfriend are happy." I said, crying.

"of course we are, how can I resist you babygirl?" Robby pulled me up and kissed me. "anyway, guess what happened at work today? I got the promotion! I am now lead mechanic in the diesel shed. And I now make enough money that you won't need to work.

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I can take care of you now." Robby kissed me again and smiled at me. If I had any doubts, they melted right there. I bit my lip and asked, "can we go to the bedroom Robby? I want to celebrate!" I ground my hips against him, and felt the pain in my pussy.

If he took me up on this offer, I was in for a less then fun time. "no, not tonight baby. I have a lot of work tomorrow, and you have to go to school. Plus, this is the last week before winter break. Can you wait one more day?" Robby said, with a hint of disappointment in his eyes. "okay no sex, but I have to have some of your cum Robby" he didn't argue, just carried me into his room.

He went to lay me down, and I rolled off and pushed him onto the bed. "not this time, your mine now buddy." I said then laid on him and started kissing him. "I want a taste. Help me get these off." Robby didn't say anything, he just unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. "they stay on, or else I might have to fuck you." is all he said. I licked and kissed all around the base of his cock, waiting for it to be fully erect before kissing up and down the shaft, even sucking on his balls for a moment before kissing and then fully taking in the tip.

I savored the flavors, and started bobbing my head up and down like I saw on the porno's. I tilted my head, and pushed hard, shoving his cock all the way into my mouth. He was in my throat now, though I had to relax and be very gentle and go slow, he seemed to love the feeling, so I kept going, pulling it out only long enough to breath and then going back at it. I have no idea how long it was before he groaned that he was going to cum. I had to decide quick, do I want to swallow or spit.

I decided to swallow, pushing him as deep into my throat just as he let the first shot out. After the second spasm, I pulled back until just his tip was in, and started milking him for whatever cum I could get. He moaned again, and thrust his hips up trying to get deeper into my mouth. I bit down on him to keep him there, and sucked up every drop he gave me. After he finished jerking, I crawled up next to him and cuddled with him.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. "did I do good Robby?" I asked. "mmm yes you did. Don't worry so much baby." we both knew we had things to do today, but it was already late, and we didn't have the will to let go of each other.

Eventually, we both fell asleep.