Muscle stud giving anal drill

Muscle stud giving anal drill
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My name is Sophie, I am 21 years old and have just finished my final year in university with a first class honours degree in mathematics. I must confess I am rather a plain Jane, I am of average height, slim build, straight long brown hair, small breasts and still a virgin.

My uni friends call me a swot, I was extremely focussed on my studies and somewhat behind in the sex department. I have been fortunate to have been offered a very good job in the city and was in the process of finding somewhere to live.

I responded to a private advert offering board and lodgings in one of the nicer areas of town, the tube station was five minutes walk away and the rent quoted seemed affordable so I telephoned making an appointment to see a Miss Jackson at 3 Green Street the next day.

Having located the address pretty easily I ring the bell and it is answered by a very attractive middle aged lady in a pretty cotton summer dress. I introduce myself and she warmly welcomes me into her home. She explains she is single and wanting to rent a room to help with the mortgage and is looking for a single lady but makes it quite clear she frowns upon gentleman callers.

I hastily explain that I am very serious about my new job and that I have no interest in boys at the present time as my career is more important to me. She has a dog a beautiful golden retriever called Rory, I fuss him and scratch his ears, she says she's more than happy if I want to take him for walks some days when I am around.

She shows me around the ground floor of the house, the rooms are beautifully decorated in a modern style with up to the minute furniture.

There is a large lounge, a dining room and a high tech kitchen with an attractive conservatory behind opening onto a very private and leafy garden with a hot tub! I compliment her on her home feeling very excited that I have found such an attractive place to live.

She then directs me to the stairs and follows me up to the first floor. Up on the landing there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

The first bedroom she explains is used as an office type area and that I was welcome to use the computer and printer should I need to, I thank her and explain that I have a laptop but on occasion the use of the printer would be very gratefully needed.

The next room is the one available for rent, it is a large double room with a king-size bed, plenty of wardrobe space, two bedside cabinets and a small sofa. It is a nicely furnished room and well worth the rent being charged. The next room she explains is her own and we pass by it. The final room is the bathroom, it has been renovated as a wet room and has been tiled on the floor and walls with a drain in the middle of the room.

There is a large sink, toilet, bidet and a large shower area with a clear glass screen on the far wall just to protect the toilet, sink and bidet from splashes. Again it is a very luxurious looking room and I secretly congratulate myself on finding such a bargain place to live.

We return downstairs, I show her my references, pay my deposit of two months with a month's rent in advance, she again reiterates her no men rule and I happily agree. We arrange that I will move in the following weekend and she gives me my keys, she explains she will be away that weekend but tells me this will give me time to settle in and get my bearings. I thank her for her time and look forward to seeing her soon and leave.

I am so excited I cannot wait for the weekend to arrive, Friday cannot come soon enough. On Saturday morning I pack up the car with my clothes and belongings, there doesn't seem much but I have never been a one for lots of clothes having promised myself a shopping spree when I get my first salary.

I have no need to bring bedding as Miss Jackson has explained this is all provided. I say goodbye to my parents and make the two hour journey to London arriving at 3 Green Street just before lunchtime. I spend the whole afternoon unloading the car and putting all my possessions in my room taking my time to set my room out how I want.

By the early evening I am suddenly realising I am quite hungry so decided to shower and investigate the kitchen. I strip off and put on my bathrobe which my darling Mum has managed to shrink, it is now rather short and I have to pull the belt tight to cover myself, I make a mental note to add this to my shopping list.

I step out onto the landing and walk along to the bathroom and step inside pushing the door to, as I walk further into the room the door swings back open. I turn to close it again and realise the catch is broken and there is no lock on the door, it can't be helped, anyway there was no-one else there and it would be just females so I didn't worry about it. I shrugged off my robe and stepped under the shower enjoying the powerful jets of water pummelling my tired body; I washed my hair and soaped myself clean, turn off the water and dry myself.

The house is very warm so I put on my new silky pyjamas Mum has bought me and wander downstairs to the kitchen. Miss Jackson has left a note on the kitchen top welcoming me and directing me to a lasagne she has left in the fridge for me to heat up to eat and also asking me to feed Rory which I do. I polish the meal off with relish, wash up what I've used and put the items away returning to my room. I push the door to and realise that the door catch is also broken like the bathroom door, I am a little perturbed but shrug it off and give it no more thought.

I slip between the cool silky sheets and soon drop off to sleep; at some point during the night I have obviously gotten hot as when I wake in the morning the sheets have been thrown to one side. It is a lovely sunny day so I dress and decide to take Rory for a walk and get my bearings and return to the house later in the afternoon.

Miss Jackson has returned from her weekend and is in the conservatory with a lady, she introduces me to her close friend Elaine. I politely shake hands as she looks me up and down saying what a pretty young lodger her friend has found and I mumble my excuses and disappear to my room. I am still rather tired so I clean my teeth, change into my pyjamas and get onto the bed, it is still very hot so I do not bother to cover myself.

At some point during the night I am awoken by a noise and lay very still to listen. I can hear moaning coming from Miss Jackson's room the noise gets a little louder and then stops, I put it down to her dreaming and drop back to sleep.

I wake early, it is my first day in my new job, I jump out of bed grabbing my towel and dash along the landing for a shower. As I am showering I am certain I hear voices but assume it is a radio somewhere in the house and continue lathering my body; I suddenly stop as I feel I am being watched and turn around to look at the door just as Miss Jackson disappears.

Again I shrug my shoulders and finish my ablutions as I do not want to be late for work and return to my room to get dressed. As I walk along the landing to leave, I pass the open bathroom door and look in, Miss Jackson is in the shower and I am transfixed for a brief moment then I avert my eyes and scurry dwnstairs.

I rush out the door and walk quickly to the tube station to catch my train, once I am settled in my seat on the train, my mind drifts to the brief image of Miss Jackson's naked body in the shower.

I recall her large breasts covered in lather and am certain her pussy was shaven, the train carriage rocks back and forth along the tracks and I feel a tingling in my groin thinking about my gorgeous landlady.

My mind is snapped out of its image as the train stops at my station and I rush into the hub-bub of the city and start my first day. The next few hours wizz by in a whirlwind and by the time I am back on the train returning home my mind finally has time to think again about this morning's vision. When I arrive back at the house I am disappointed that Miss Jackson is not home and prepare myself a sandwich and go to my room to study some files on my laptop that I have brought home.

Realising I need to print off some reading matter I disconnect my memory stick from my laptop and take it into the spare room and plug it into Miss Jackson's computer. I go to turn the screen on and realise it is in sleep mode so I move the mouse to activate the monitor, immediately appears a very erotic picture of two women, one has her head between the other's legs licking her glistening wet pussy. I sit for some time taking in the graphic scene on the computer and again feel a tickling heat between my legs.

I cross and uncross my legs trying to alleviate the discomfort but this action seems to make things worse, I start to feel a wetness between my legs so I hastily seek the files I need to print and return to my room. I abandon the paperwork on the bed and rush to the bathroom to pee; pulling up my skirt and pulling down my panties I inspect the crotch which is very wet.

I touch the wetness with my fingers and feel it is creamy and slippery. I bring my panties to my nose and smell them, it is definitely not pee, I dab my tongue on the patch it tastes creamy and musky. I take some tissue paper from the holder and wipe my self, the sensation of the paper against my wet slit is absolute bliss. I hastily pull off my panties, flush the loo and return to my bedroom clutching them in my hand putting them in my dirty laundry basket.

My pussy is still tingling so I sit on the sofa hitching my skirt up, I tentatively put my fingers between my opened legs and touch my slit feeling its slippery skin, the feeling is so nice it is like an itch you cannot stop scratching. I stroke my pussy back and forth exploring my cunt hole and my clit pulling the skin open further to touch myself better.

Never before had I explored myself in such a way and the visions of the women on the computer and Miss Jackson's naked form in the shower kept flashing into my mind. All of a sudden I am distracted from my reverie as I heard the front door slam announcing the arrival home of Miss Jackson, I hastily pulled down my skirt and returned to my position sitting on the bed going through my paperwork and working on my laptop.

Mrs Jackson shouted up and asked if I wanted some supper to which I replied yes please, so she responded it would be ready in an hour. I finished off my work, answer some emails from uni friends inquiring on my first day at work and went downstairs intending to offer to help.

As I walked into the kitchen Miss Jackson was standing on a step ladder reaching high into one of the cupboards, my eyes were drawn to her long legs as I followed their length disappearing up into her skirt.

She obviously could not reach whatever she was looking for and placed one of her feet onto the worktop giving me a clear view up her skirt revealing a very skimpy thong which didn't leave much to my imagination. Again the tingling started between my legs, I suddenly remember I was not wearing any panties and feel my cheeks flush, I was distracted by a small cough and hastily looked up to see Miss Jackson smiling at me trying to pass me a dish.

I took the dish from her and offered her my hand to help her down from step ladder, as she grasped my hand she looked into my eyes and licked her top lip holding my gaze, she seemed to hold my hand for rather a long time and this seemed to make my pussy tingle more. I broke her gaze and stuttering offered to set the table for supper, I sit down waiting for the meal to be served up and the telephone rings, she disappears off to answer it.

Rory gets up from his basket coming to greet me, he puts his head up my short skirt and nudges my bare crotch with his cold noise. I go to push him away but he can smell my muskiness, buries his nose into my pussy and takes a lick. Hearing Miss Jackson is still on the phone, I am unable to help myself as I open my legs and allow him better access to my wet slit.

The sensations this dog is creating are unbelievable and I am unable to stop him. His tongue licks at my juices, venturing into every crevice, I am so turned on. My bliss is instantly interrupted as I hear Miss Jackson finish her call as I hurriedly push Rory away and sit up straight crossing my legs.


She prepared a lovely supper and opened some wine and we sat talking for some time mostly about me, my sheltered upbringing and my dedicated studies at university, I confess to her I have led a very sheltered life. She continued to top up my wine glass questioning me on my young life, I guess the wine loosened my tongue. She inquired if I had had any boyfriends to which I quickly said no saying I hadn't had time for that sort of thing, she pushed further and I confirmed that I hadn't had a relationship at all, she nodded and commented on me being a virgin still at twenty one what a rare thing that was these days.

I eventually realised the time and offered to help her tidy up to which she said no she would manage and I disappeared back to my room to read a book for a while. I must have dozed off as I woke about 2 hours later, realizing the time, I changed into my pyjamas and went along the landing to clean my teeth. I was stopped in my tracks in the bathroom doorway at the sight of Mrs Jackson in the shower again, she looked up at me and told me not to worry to come on in and do what I needed to we were all women together and she didn't mind.

I walked to the sink and started to clean my teeth, I could see Miss Jackson's image clearly in the mirror and I watched her in the shower. She lifted her leg up on to a stool and started to lather her pussy, I watched her rub the soap into her pussy and reach for a razor.

I was transfixed by the razor scraping the lather off of her skin revealing the top of her slit and gliding through her pussy lips. There was only so long I could clean my teeth for so eventually I rinsed my mouth and left the bathroom wishing her goodnight. By now my pussy was itching like crazy from Rory and from further visions of Miss Jackson, I lay on the bed covering my lower body with a sheet and slipped my hands into my pyjama bottoms opening my legs to allow me access to my sodden snatch.

I started to stroke myself, my fingers slipping easily up and down, this didn't seem to alleviate things so I moved up to my clit and started to rub it in a circular motion.

I closed my eyes and visualized Miss Jackson shaving her slit, Rory licking my soppy pussy; my fingers worked faster and faster on my button causing my heart to race, I started to feel my thigh muscles tense as I innocently failed to realise I was building myself to my first orgasm.

How can I describe it, an explosion in my cunt, my body spasming as my muscles in my groin contracted pushing cum out of my cunt hole, the need to slow my fingers down as my clit screamed at me not to touch it so hard.

I lay there panting and softly stroking myself in my euphoric state, eventually I opened my eyes and realised Miss Jackson stood in the doorway, her bath gown open she was rolling a nipple in her fingers smiling at me, she said nothing, turned and walked away, I had no idea how long she had been standing there watching me!

That week was very hectic for me, I threw myself into my work only seeing Miss Jackson fleetingly at home. The weather was so warm and sultry even at night which prevented me from sleeping, in the end I took off my pyjamas and slept naked with just the sheet covering me.

One night I woke, I was so hot I needed a drink, so I put my minuscule bathrobe on, since Mum had shrunk it, it did not cover a lot, barely the cheeks of my arse but knowing Miss Jackson would be asleep I thought it would be okay and made my way down to the kitchen.

I got a glass from the cupboard and poured myself cold water from the jug in the refridgerator, as I turned round Rory got out of his basket to greet me and instantly stuck his nose into my pussy, the coldness of his noise against my skin caused me to jump.

Remembering his ministrations some days ago, my pussy started to tingle, I placed the glass on the table and sat down feeling the delicious cold of the wood of the seat against my bare skin. Rory saw this as his invitation, moving round to place himself between my legs which I open uncontrollably and slide a little further down the chair to give him easy access. He starts to lick my pussy lazily, dabbing at the hot flesh, my juices secrete from my cunt causing him to lick faster and harder.

His tongue pushes into my cunt hole trying to lap up as much cream as possible, his cold nose rubs against my clit causing my breathing to increase. He is now licking my cunt so hard he is making it sore so I gently push his head up so that his tongue is working my clit. My orgasm builds as I watch this dog lapping at my love button, my legs start to shake and I explode inside, he continues to lick me as my spasms push my cum out and squirt on his face causing him to lick harder and faster.

I cannot stand it and push him away, the sensations are too intense, I slouch in the chair panting for breath, my legs are like jelly, I feel unable to move. Rory lays in his basket licking his engorged pink cock, I watch him as my heart calms down, I am twenty one what have I been doing all my life to have missed out on sensations such as all this, I shudder and realise that getting off on a dog is not the correct thing to do but do wonder why I haven't tackled this sex thing sooner.

I drink my water and return to bed falling into a deep blissful sleep. By Friday night I was exhausted and looking forward to a weekend recovering, work had been pretty intense and the hot weather did not help things. As I rode home on the tube my mind drifted back to Miss Jackson, I had missed seeing her this week and flashes of her naked image came into my mind causing that itching feeling between my legs. I wondered why I felt this way, did this mean I fancied her?

Was I a lesbian? I tried to close the images and feelings out and concentrated on getting home. On entering the front door I was greeted by wonderful cooking smells, feeling disappointed at my disinterest in the food and slightly listless I shouted hello to Miss Jackson who replied dinner in an hour and took myself upstairs to my room. I stripped off my office clothes, put on my silky pyjamas and lay down on the bed. I must have drifted off to asleep and was woken by Miss Jackson stroking my thigh as she sat next to me on the bed.

I lay there next to her, enjoying the relaxing feelings as she stroked my thigh, her hands felt so soft through the silky fabric of my pyjama bottoms. The feeling was so good, so I close my eyes, immediately the naked images of Miss Jackson appear and my pussy starts to tingle. She has her arm draped over my head, her breasts are very near my face, I can see her cleavage out of the corner of my eye and am certain I can feel her erect nipple pushing into my soft cheek.

She moves her hand to my belly, whilst sleeping my pyjama top has crept up a bit exposing some of my flesh, she continues to softly rub the palm of her hand back and forth over my midriff. My pussy starts to feel really wet and I wonder if she can see a wet patch in my pyjamas. Her hands creep higher up underneath my top just skimming the underside of my breasts, my nipples are erect and aching to be touched, what on earth is the matter with me I scream inside my head, I am desperate for her to pinch my nipples.

I lick my dry lips and bite down trying to keep my breathing steady, I keep my arms pinned to my sides even though I am itching to rub myself, the sensation of her hands on my body are so intense. Her hands drift further up and rub over my nipples, I cry out at the touch of her, she pinches each nipple between her fingers rolling my nubs teasingly.

She moves closer to me on the bed and pushes her tits closer to my face, if I dared to poke my tongue out I could lick the cleavage of her huge bosoms but I am too afraid to interrupt her hands on me.

Her hands stop teasing my hard nipples and slide down my body skimming over the material to my crotch, she pushes her hand between my legs pushing the material into my sodden crease. My breathing starts to increase, I am so maddenly turned on by the attentions of this woman that I feel I could cum on the spot.

She brings her hand up to her mouth, I can see her fingers are wet even through the fabric of my pyjamas, she sucks her fingers into her mouth to taste me.

I watch her transfixed, words cannot describe the sensations coursing through my body right now. She moves her hand back down and slips her wet fingered hand under the waist band of my pyjamas, her fingers run through my pubic hair pushing between the fork in my pussy lips. I shuffle my legs further apart trying not to appear desperate as she runs her fingers up and down my soaking wet slit, I moan and tilt my pelvis up to meet her touch.

Again she removes her fingers bringing them to her mouth provocatively licking my juices and stands up offering her hand pulling me off the bed. Still holding my hand she pulls my body into hers, putting her lips to mine she pushes her tongue into my mouth licking my lips, I open my mouth to allow her tongue to explore, my tongue furtively caresses hers as the kiss becomes more intense.

I can feel her nipples hard against mine as she snakes her hand around to my arse grasping my cheek and pulling me closer so our groins touch. She unbuttons my top gently removing it from my shoulders I can feel her breath on my breasts as she leans into me. Her hands hook into the waistband of my pyjama bottoms, she tugs them over my hips and lets them fall to the floor telling me to step out of them.

I stand naked in front of her, I am by now so wanton I make not attempt to cover myself. She undoes the front fastening of her dress, removing it to reveal a red lacey transparent bra with matching tiny panties, I cannot help it as I stare at her huge breasts with large nipples surrounded by big brown aureoles through the translucent material.

She puts her hands behind her and unfastens her bra bringing the material forward to release her massive tits, as I look at them the nipples become erect, the dark brown circles become erect also crinkling the skin and pushing the nipples further forward. I reach my hand out to stroke one, they are so soft but the nipples are hard like rocks, leaning forward I suck it into my mouth rolling my tongue lovingly over her hard nub.

She supports the boob in her hand, watching my mouth move over her breast and moans softly. Pulling away she holds my hand, leading me into the bathroom she turns the shower on and pulls me under the hot water with her. She washes my body lathering my skin with her hands covered in shower cream, washing my aching breasts with her slippery soapy hands, cleansing my legs sliding her hands between my legs teasing me.

She then produces the shaving cream, smothering my dark pubic mass turning it white and foamy, then glides the razor over my skin, clumps of pubic hair glide down my legs and I watch it disappear down the drain. She motions for me to lift my leg onto the shower stool, using her fingers she's pulls my pussy lips tight ensuring she shaves off all my hair.

Once I am bald, my pussy becomes so sensitive to the air and water as she uses the shower head to ensure I am free from foam. Turning the water off she drapes our bodies in large fluffy towels and we dry ourselves off watching each other intently. Kissing me seductively she leads me back into the bedroom and lays me on the bed kneeling beside me, leaning over she takes each nipple in her mouth tugging at the tender flesh drawing my tights buds between her teeth sucking them inwards. I arch my back towards her mouth as her other hand drifts down towards my slit pushing between my puffy lips, I open my legs to allow her better access.

I am wetter beyond words, the whole stroking, showering, teasing thing has my juices flowing, I can feel them trickling down between my arse cheeks and dripping onto the bed.

She lightly slides her wet fingers covered in my juices up and down my slit, I am moaning softly as my heartbeat increases, every time she reaches my clit she circles over the top and back down, the feeling is torture. She slips a finger gently into my virgin cunt, slowly pushing in allowing my cunt muscles to stretch to cope, then slowly slides her finger carefully in and out, I urge her to push in deeper but she says she does not want to break my hymen.

Her thumb massages my clit back and forth over my hardness, my moaning has become louder as I try to tilt my pelvis and push harder against her hand. She moves around the bed, laying between my legs, I can now feel her hot breath and tongue as she kisses and licks the sensitive thigh flesh close to my pussy, I try to move my body so my pussy is in her face but still she continues to tease me.

Eventually when I think I can take her teasing no more, she hungrily licks the length of my slit, sucking in the juices as she reaches my clit, the rush of cold air past my skin ripples sensations through me. She licks my clit button dabbing at the tender flesh again teasing me beyond words, I pluck up the courage to speak and whisper to her to make me cum, again no response, so I plead with her.

She closes her mouth over my clit sucking it inwards, holding my button between her teeth she rubs the tip of her tongue vigorously over it. At last my orgasm erupts, I wail at the intensity of it, bucking my hips into her face as I squirt my juices over her, her eyes are wide at the shock of discovering the full force of my climax.

My body ripples and spasms in multiples as the orgasms keep coming, she stops chewing on my clit and licks the tender flesh gently letting me absorb the pleasures of my body.

She comes and sits by my side draping her arm over my head, gently peeling the strands of hair from my perspiring face, I turn to look up at her, she smiles reassuringly at me. Her breasts are right next to my face, I kiss the soft smooth skin rubbing my cheek and lips over the velvety flesh. She moves one of her large distended nipples offering it to my lips, I lick the dark circle of flesh which instantly wrinkles and the nipple hardens. I draw it into my mouth licking it coating it in my saliva, I suck it between my teeth rubbing my teeth over the nub, She moans in appreciation, pulling both her large breasts together she offers both her nipples together, I try to pull them both into my mouth but cannot quite manage it, so slaver and lick them each as quick as I can alternating between the two.

By now she is kneeling over my face, dangling both nipples down to my eager mouth, she moves placing her knees either side of my shoulders, her pussy is in front of my face now. She softly encourages me to lick her, opening her pussy lips with her fingers, she has large inner lips, they are pink and wet with her juices.

I stick my tongue out, furtively licking her folds tasting her juices, they are musky too but a stronger flavour than mine. I run my tongue over every crevice, sucking her inner lips into my mouth tugging on them, her juices drip onto my face and into my mouth.

I move my mouth up to her clit, closing my mouth over the whole area rubbing the flat of my tongue over the protruding flesh. She tilts her pelvis, pushing her clit further into me, I pull it into my mouth holding it there with my teeth rubbing my tongue over it as hard and fast as I can. She moans and encourages me to do more, harder.

I am inexperienced in these things as I start to tire, she grabs my head grinding her pussy into my face rocking back and forth rubbing herself on me. She rubs her soppy wet cunt all over my face faster and faster as her orgasm builds, I am struggling for breath but continue to lap at her wet clit.

As she cums she squirts cream and fluid all over me bathing me in her sex, the spasms in her cunt subside so I lick her gently mopping up all her cum. She moves off of the bed and leans over to kiss me deeply, tasting her juices in my mouth, satiated I roll onto my side and drift into a very relaxed sleep. I spend Saturday and Sunday morning visiting my parents, they ask how I am getting on in my new digs, I smile and reply that they are really nice and I am enjoying myself.

I cannot tell them any more, they will be horrified, getting off on the dog and a lesbian encounter with my landlady! I wave goodbye to them and drive back to the city, as I drive I cannot help but think about Miss Jackson, my pussy aches to see her again, I arrive home late afternoon.

I enter the front door, shout my hellos, Miss Jackson responds she is in the garden, so I walk through the house to the garden excited to see her but to be greeted by the sight of Miss Jackson and her friend naked sitting together in the hot tub! Miss Jackson invites me to join them, I am rather unsure but as my pussy starts to tingle I want nothing more than to slide in the hot tub and try to overcome my misgivings, I must confess I am slightly put out almost jealous.

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I shyly remove my clothes and climb in sitting opposite the ladies, Miss Jackson's huge boobs bob around in the swirling bubbly water whereas on closer inspection of Elaine I realise she is similar to me in stature, small pert breasts with hard erect nipples. They offer me a glass of champagne which I hastily accept, I drink the first glass very quickly in an attempt to settle my nerves. We start chatting, Elaine says that Miss Jackson has told her all about me, she smiles slyly like a cat when she says she is shocked I am still a virgin at 21, how pure to be so uncorrupted at that age.

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I am not sure what she means, as I look at her she drops her gaze to my breasts and licks her lips, not sure where to put my eyes I look at Miss Jackson just as she gives Elaine a deep and passionate kiss. Elaine reaches across caressing her huge tits rolling one of her nipples between her fingers, the fizzling water bubbles around my tits causing my nipples to harden, the underwater jets pulse against my already hot itchy pussy as I sit and stare at my landlady and her friend.

Miss Jackson breaks from her kiss and suggests I slide over to sit next to her and puts her arm around my shoulder pulling me close to her saying her favourite girls all together.

She kisses me on the mouth pushing her tongue between my lips exploring my mouth dancing her tongue with mine, I groan into her mouth knowing I am completely under her spell. She removes her arm from around my shoulder and slips her hand between my legs, stroking my thigh gliding up my leg into my pussy folds seeking my special place. I lay back in the tub parting my legs open further enjoying her stroking my lips, delving into my slit, I hear Elaine moaning and look across, Miss Jackson's other arm disappears into the swirling water between Elaine's legs, her knee is up and open, Miss Jackson's arm moving as she pumps her cunt.

Miss Jackson stopped what she was doing and suggested we all go upstairs to her bedroom, we all climbed out of the hot tub, wrapping ourselves in towels and disappeared back into the house. Her bedroom is larger than mine with a huge super king-size leather sleigh type bed, large mirrored wardrobes span the whole of one wall, her and Elaine climb onto the bed and she tells me to sit on one of the chairs to the side of the bed and watch for a while.

She starts to kiss Elaine, burying her tongue deep into her mouth, their hands roam all over each others' bodies, stroking their bare flesh, her mouth moves down Elaine's neck to her breasts sucking and licking leaving trails of saliva.

She sucks one of Elaine's small nipples into her mouth pulling and stretching her dark pink bud, her hand snakes down her belly delving between her friend's naked pussy lips. Elaine opened her legs to Miss Jackson, revealing her naked, bald, wet slit, her fingers slid up and down her crevice lubricating every fold with her juices.

As I sit watching them, I have complete view either directly or via the mirrors, my pussy is weeping fluid as the heat in my groin persists. I am so turned on, I opened my legs and place one on the arm of the chair, I can see my exposed pussy in the mirror and whilst watching them on the bed, I glance at my reflection stroking myself. Miss Jackson has buried several of her fingers into Elaine's cunt and is pumping her hand vigorously knuckle deep into her.

She moves position and straddles Elaine's chest, her head is between her legs sucking her clit whilst continuing to fuck her with her fingers. Elaine starts to give out muffled moans as she hungrily slurps, licking at Miss Jackson's slit. The sight is too much for me as I strum my clit button with my fingers enjoying the feelings enhanced by the sight of these two women.

Miss Jackson stops and goes to the wardrobe, sliding open one of the doors, revealing a huge collection of sex toys, she removes a penis shaped object attached to some strapping which she steps into. Pulling the straps around her hips and in between her legs protruding from the front is a rather large plastic penis.

Fascinated I continue to slowly caress my clit with my wet fingers, Elaine turns over onto her front and kneels on all fours. Miss Jackson knelt onto the bed behind her, slowly sliding the cock-like object into her exposed cunt, I realise that this is what they call a strap on as she slides the plastic cock in and out of Elaine.

Elaine's moaning gets louder as she increases the tempo grasping her hips and plunging the cock into her. By now I am strumming my clit as fast as I can, imagining the object fucking me, my orgasm rushes through me as Elaine's does also as she collapses her head to the floor allowing Miss Jackson to bury her cock deeper into her. As she recovers her breathing Miss Jackson suddenly remembers I am still in the room and withdrawing the wet sticky penis from Elaine she clambers off the bed.

Approaching me she stands in front with her cock sticking in my face and asks me to lick Elaine's juices. I suck it deep into my throat, tasting her friends juices, rolling my tongue over the phallic shape.

Elaine recovers from her prone state and lays on the bed watching us, she asks if I would like to be fucked with it, I hastily nod my head wanting this buried deep into my virgin cunt.

Miss Jackson tells me to lay on the bed, she and Elaine swap the strap on, Elaine kneels between my legs and Miss Jackson lays with her head next to my thigh. I can feel Elaine's hot breath on my skin as she gets closer to my pussy, Miss Jackson gently pulls my legs apart, opening me to her friend. Elaine licks my tight little slit, running her tongue up and down the folds of pink shiny flesh as Miss Jackson holds my pussy lips apart. Elaine sits up and moves the cock closer to my pussy, Miss Jackson tells her to be gentle as my hymen has not been broken.

With her help she inserts the penis gently into tight opening of my cunt, Miss Jackson continues to rub my clit making my juices flow and lubricate me. Elaine slides the cock a little further in stretching my cunt walls until she meets the resistance of my hymen, she pulls back and with a shove tears my tender flesh causing me to moan loudly in pain. Miss Jackson tells her to fuck me faster as this will help ease the soreness, so her friend starts to pump the plastic rod in and out of my cunt.

My attention to the discomfort is diverted to the glorious feeling of the cock sliding in and out of me and Miss Jackson rubbing her thumb furiously against my clit. Elaine fucks me furiously as my orgasm builds, my legs are juddering as the sex train courses through my body, my cunt grips the cock in spasms and my juices explode all over Elaine's naked pussy and Miss Jackson's face.

Gasping for breath, Elaine withdraws her cock which is coated in my juices mixed with traces of my blood, whereas Miss Jackson leans over and gently licks at my swollen pussy sucking up my juices. I lay on the bed in a prone state, my body exhausted from my first penetration climax, I breathe in ragged gasps completely unable to move.

Miss Jackson and Elaine are kneeling together on the bed, kissing each other deeply tasting my juices, pushing their breasts together. I sit watching quietly as they fold their legs around one another their pussy's touching as they start to grind against one another. Their urgency increases, clits mashing against one another, slurping and sucking loudly as their juices lubricate them.

Miss Jackson starts to moan, quickly followed by Elaine, each clutching each other's legs to push their clits tighter together. The grinding and gyrating of their hips is so furious as they both orgasm ramming themselves into each other as the spasms grip their bodies.

I am starting to doze now, too tired to do anything else, Miss Jackson and Elaine are laying together on the bed hugging each other in an orgasmic haze so I roll off the bed and go to my own room desperate for sleep as I have work in the morning, also remembering I have to contend with a new boss and a hectic week!

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Thank goodness I remembered to set the alarm as would have slept for England, fortunately the bathroom is empty as I could really do without any delays from Miss Jackson this morning. I shower quickly, clean my teeth, dry my hair and apply make-up before she is even awake. I am just racing along the landing when she calls me back, I have five minutes for breakfast, so I roll my eyes and turn around smiling.

She kisses me lightly on the lips and says she hopes I enjoyed last night to which I confirm I did but I am in a rush to go to work, she presses into my hand two egg shaped items attached by cord and a small remote control device.

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She hurriedly explains if I feel horny during the day I should insert these into my cunt and use the remote device, I thank her and rush downstairs and stuff them in my handbag. A few mouthfuls of breakfast later, I am sitting on the tube travelling to work, my mind drifts back to last night and a smile appears on my face as I think about it.

The thoughts together with the rocking motion of the train start to make my pussy tingle but my reverie is soon shattered as the train comes to a halt at my stop. On arriving at work, I am introduced to my new boss Mr Edwards, he is quite a bit older than me probably forties, very handsome in a sharp pin stripe suit, he is very pleasant and seems to be quite easy going, I settle down at my desk and start my day.

Just after lunch, he asks me to do some work down in the vault sorting some old files which need archiving, he explains he needs this particular job finishing today, so there could well be some overtime. I disappear down into the basement of the building to start clearing the files, it is very quiet down there, lighting is adequate but not bright but at least it is heated. The work is quite boring, checking dates and putting items too old in a pile to be destroyed, because the work is easy my mind drifts back to Miss Jackson and Elaine, needless to say it doesn't take long for the familiar tingling in my crotch to start.

I cross and uncross my legs hoping to quell the itch but it does not work! I suddenly remember Miss Jackson's gift to me that morning, rummaging in my handbag I pull out the mysterious egg contraption, sitting on one of the desks being stored down there I hitch up my skirt, pull my panties to one side and slip both the eggs into my wet cunt leaving a length of cord hanging out.

I switch the remote on and am pleasantly surprised to feel the eggs vibrating inside me, the longer I press the plus button and faster and harder the eggs vibrate massaging my cunt walls. I open my legs wide, closing my eyes enjoying the feelings in my body, even with the eggs pulsing on the maximum setting it is not enough so I slip my hand across to my clit and start to rub myself.

My orgasm starts to build and I close my eyes again, shutting my mind off only thinking of Miss Jackson imagining it is her fingers or mouth working over my clit. My other hand unbuttons some of my blouse, seeking a nipple to pinch, teasingly rolling it between my fingers.


The orgasms explodes in me, my cunt muscles grip on to the vibrating eggs, my legs juddering as the spasms take over me, I release my nipple and seek out the control to slow the vibration down. I open my eyes and realise my boss is standing in front of me gazing at my pussy spread wide open, my cunt full of vibrating egg! Before I can stop myself and make myself decent, he hastily pleads with me not to move, to continue stroking that beautiful naked cunt of mine.

He has a huge lump in his trousers which he is rubbing, I realise he has a huge hardon from watching me play with myself, how much has he seen I wonder. I am unable to move, I feel totally unashamed at sitting on a desk, in front of my boss, my legs open wide having just masturbated to orgasm, so I merely sit there stroking my wet pussy and gently pull the eggs out by their cord exposing my cunt like a pair of fish lips gasping for air. I cannot deny I am curious about his cock, having seen teenage boys at school flashing their dicks it wasn't like I hadn't seen anything like it before but they hadn't got my attention like his had.

He continued to stroke the length of it probably about nine inches, it was difficult to tell through his trousers, he softly asked if I mind if he got it out, I said it was fine my me. He unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock, it was definitely a good nine inches, rock hard and pink as it stuck out directly at me, it certainly looked a lot more attractive that Miss Jackson's plastic version.

I wanted to touch it, I was fascinated by it so I climbed off the desk not bothering to pull my skirt down and knelt down at his feet reaching out to feel his protruding member. He groaned as my fingers lightly caressed the warm soft skin, touching the whole length, watching a drop of precum appear at the tip. I grasped his massive member trying to close my small hand around it but without success, I massaged my hand around his cock pulling up and down at the same time, watching transfixed as his foreskin pulled back a little exposing the purple head of his cock.

He whispered to me to suck it, I say whisper, he more like begged and pleaded with me to enclose my mouth over his cock, even him saying that to me caused more precum to appear and drip on the basement floor between my legs.

I moved my head forward, kissing the tip of his cock then licking my lips to taste him, he tasted different again to how myself and Miss Jackson, a similar muskiness but saltier.

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I opened my mouth wider drawing his cock in licking the head sucking it further into my mouth, I could only get a few inches so I wrapped both hands around the rest of his cock, feeling his soft skin pulled taught around his member.

He started to gently push his cock in and out of my mouth using his hips so I started to bob my head up and down to copy his rhythm continuing to suck and lick his cock. I put the tip of my tongue inside the foreskin licking the skin around and around his huge tip, he groaned loudly at my attentions.

This obviously excited him more as he grasped my head with one hand, pushing his cock into my mouth as far as he could trying not to choke me, his other hand ventured into my opened blouse and pinched my nipples. I moved one of my hands down to his balls and stroked the soft hairy flesh, suddenly I felt his balls tighten in my hand, his moans turned to grunts, feeling his cock swell, he fucked my mouth even harder as I felt something hot spurt into the back of my throat.

Realising he was cumming I moved my head back a little so I could taste his cum, I was having to swallow pretty fast as he ejected ropes and ropes of stuff into my surprised mouth.

His cock started to soften as I finished licking his juices off and I stood up to face him, he told me he wanted to taste me now and guided me back to sitting on the desk kneeling before me he peeled off my panties, opened my legs, and ran his fingers over my bald pussy.

Sucking his cock had really turned me on, my juices had gathered between my lips and were now all over his fingers as he brought them to his mouth to taste me. He had large hands, well manicured but the backs were a little hairy, I watched as he moved his hands back to my milky white pussy, so different from Miss Jackson's hands against my skin.

He pulled open my pussy lips, closely inspecting me, his face so close I could feel his hot breath against my wet folds, he stuck out his tongue and quite aggressively licked my exposed pussy.

The sensations were so different from Miss Jackson's mouth, rougher, bigger tongue, more powerful, so so different but I didn't want him to stop.

He covered my pussy with his mouth rubbing his bottom lip against my cunt opening, his tongue and top lip on my clit, without warning he clamped his mouth on my clit sucking the small button of sensitive flesh into his mouth, it hurt but it felt sooo good!

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Without warning he suddenly plunged two of his fingers into my cunt knuckle deep and started pump them in and out of me.

It took my breath away as I gasped at more different sensations attacking me, I opened my legs wider wanting his fingers to push deeper into me feeling an orgasm in the making. He suddenly stopped, standing up, his massive cock is hard again and pointing right at my cunt, he placed the tip at my opening. Pushing firmly, without hesitation, giving my cunt very little time to accommodate him, he buries his thick cock deep into my cunt, he grasps my thighs and jerks his cock deeper into me, I grunt at the sheer force of him having only experienced the strap on.

It doesn't hurt but does feel a little uncomfortable, I am still a little sore from losing my virginity the previous evening and my little cunt is certainly not used to a cock of any shape or form this big. A large blob of spit dribbles from his mouth and lands on my clit, he roughly massages it around my clit with his thumb as he continues to push his huge cock in and out of me, watching transfixed as I my cunt walls grab and suck with the motion. He starts to fuck me quicker, pulling his cock nearly all the way out of me before ramming it back in as hard as he can, his balls smashing against my arse cheeks.

He grabs my knees bringing them up and pushing them down either side of my chest exposing me more allowing his cock to be buried deeper into me stretching me even wider, bringing my pelvis up towards him, I open my blouse exposing my tits to him, he leans over pushing even deeper and bites at each nipple, the pain is so pleasurable. His cock is really tight in me, I push my hand down between my legs, feeling the width of his shaft sliding in and out of me, I move up to my clit and start to rub it hard wanting to climax also.

I cum first, my cunt muscles squeezing his cock as I coat it with my cum, he fucks me even harder as ropes of cum spurt into my womb ramming his cock into me with each ejection of spunk. I can do nothing but lay across the desk, waiting for him to withdraw his cock, my cunt is so sore but I cannot deny I have not enjoyed the experience as I lay on the desk feeling a whole new load of sensations through my body.

Suddenly he withdraws, hastily tucks his cock back in his trousers and disappears back upstairs without a by your leave, it is all so quick I am still laying across the desk virtually naked wondering if the whole experience was a dream! Slowly I gathered my thoughts together, retrieved my panties wiping myself as clean as best I could on such a small scrap of material, it was pointless putting them back on so I screwed a piece of paper around them and dropped them in the waste paper basket.

I pulled down my skirt, sat down and continued to work on the files as it was already four o'clock and I did not want to be stuck here too late. A couple of hours later Mr Edwards came back down into the vaults, he had brought down a couple of cups of coffee, he leaned on the desk and just watching me work. Eventually he spoke, he apologised for his actions earlier, to which I merely shrugged, I didn't feel he needed to know I had enjoyed it, he then blurted out that he loved his wife dearly but that they hadn't had sex for over three years.

I asked him why, had something happened, he said no and that one day she started to not be interested and time had gone on, today was the first day he had had sex with anyone since then. I couldn't help myself, I merely said any time he needs it and I could help; to come and find me. That was the start of our odd relationship, we never ever kissed, he would sometimes summons me to his office, force me to kneel behind his desk and suck his cock until he came.

Other times he would follow me into the photocopying room, he would pull my panties to one side, bend me over the copier, finger fuck and diddle my clit until I came or just fuck me roughly from behind, when he had finished he would just zip his flies back up and leave the room; me?

I had to scurry to the bathroom with my legs as close together as possible trying not to deposit cum on the office floor. The best times were down in the vault, he still fucked me roughly, there was never any love in it, he always made sure I came as he loved to feel my cunt muscles stroking his cock covering it in my cum but he was always rough with his cock and rammed me rough and hard. I still continued my relationship with Miss Jackson and sometimes Elaine, with them it was always tender and loving, I'm sure Miss Jackson knew I was having sex with someone as she did my laundry, sometimes by the time I got home my panties were covered in Mr Edwards' cum.

She never said anything, just continued to teach me how to please myself and other women, I adored her but still loved the manly way Mr Edwards took me. One day Mr Edwards came down into the vault, he perched on the edge of the desk, I was on my hands and knees on the floor sorting some paperwork, I looked up at him and notice the bulge in his trousers.

I automatically unzipped his fly and pulled out his half erect cock and started to caress it with my mouth and tongue. Kissing the end, licking up and down its length, drawing the tip into my mouth running my tongue between his foreskin and the head. He groaned pulling my head deeper onto his length, I had got better over the weeks sucking his cock, I could take him deep into my mouth and down my throat without gagging.

Grasping my head he started to ram his cock into my mouth, I grasped around the base of his cock which always helped him to orgasm, suddenly his balls tightened as I felt his first rope of cum hit the back of my throat.

I tried to swallow, as more and more cum filled my mouth, I had to move my head back to bring his cock out of my throat to enable me to swallow all his cum. Once he stopped ramming his cock into me I carefully licked his cock clean and he once again tucked it back in his trousers and pulled up his zipper. I can't help but wonder how clinical it all feels; so I just settle back down to sorting the files, he continues to sit perched on the desk, eventually he coughs and speaks. He asks if I would consider coming to his house and helping his wife, he explains that she probably will not like me being there but he has a plan to force her into resolving their lacking sex life as he loves her to pieces but cannot continue this way.

I agree to his request, he has asked me to dress in a suit but without underwear, forewarning me it may not be a pleasant introduction but assuring me I will be perfectly safe and we arrange for me to come to his house that evening at seven pm.

I leave the office at five, stop at Miss Jackson's for a brief shower and change, hop back on the tube to arrive at Mr Edwards home for seven. I knock on the door and he lets me in, explaining his wife is taking her evening bath, she does not know I am coming and shows me upstairs to their bedroom; I can hear water running in the ensuite bathroom as he ushers me in, closes and locks the bedroom door. Mrs Edwards comes out of the ensuite wearing a rather dowdy dressing down, long down to her feet buttoned from the neck to the bottom, she shows surprise and Mr Edwards explains that I am here to help them with their sex life, she is angry but he tells her to sit down in the chair facing the bed, she meekly sits down but I can tell she is not happy.

He then starts to remove his clothes and tells me to do likewise, the shock on her face as we both strip proves to me she does not have a clue what is going on, she opens her mouth to protest but he tells her to sit quiet.

His cock is already semi-erect as he instructs me to kneel and suck his cock, I obediently lower myself until my face is next to his cock and draw his member into my mouth. Mrs Edwards sits facing us, she is so shocked she just stares at us, her mouth wide open. I start for the second time today, sucking, licking his cock, drawing it deep into my mouth then letting it go, licking at his balls pulling the skin into my mouth, returning to his cock burying it deep into my mouth and down my throat.

She continues to stare at me sucking her husband's cock, I impale his member deep into my throat making gurgling sounds as it hits the base of my throat, I try to look up at Mr Edwards but I am distracted by her hand unbuttoning the top buttons of her bathrobe as she starts to caress her nipple underneath the material.

I suck harder on his cock knowing he is close to orgasm, pushing his length in and out of my mouth, as he starts to cum I pull his cock out of my mouth and massage his cock with my hand pumping the ropes of cum into my waiting mouth an inch away, showing his wife that I am drinking all her husband's salty cum, she continues to watch licking her lips stroking and pinching one of her nipples. I close my mouth over his cock and suck the last of his juice out of the tip, pulling out of my mouth licking the cock head clean.

Standing there stroking his cock as it becomes limp, he tells me to lay down on the bed opening my legs wide to show his wife my pussy. She watches me intently as I do as her husband asks me, stretching myself wide showing my naked pussy lips slick and wet with my juices.

He lowers himself to his knees and hungrily licks my juices up and down my wet folds, he buries his rigid tongue into my cunt then moves up to my clit sucking on it loudly, pulling my little button stretching it into his mouth, I cry out moaning loudly.

I look over to Mrs Edwards who has a complete view of what her husband is doing to me, her bathrobe is unbuttoned completely and now lies open; she is stroking her hairy open pussy watching us. He puts two of his big fingers into my cunt massaging my g-spot, continuing to suck my clit in short bursts, I arch my pelvis up to meet his fingers pumping into my hole squelching in my juices.

My orgasm builds fuelled by the sight of Mrs Edwards stroking her juicy pussy, as the feelings rush through my body, my cunt pulls on his fingers, covering them in my juices, stroking and spasming against his plunging hand, I have to push his head back to stop him sucking my clit so hard the sensation is too intense.

He sits back showing his wife the juices of my cum all over his hand as he brings them to his mouth licking each finger sucking my cum off of them. I look at Mrs Edwards, I pat the bed next to me and suggest she comes over, Mr Edwards sits in her place watching us. I am gentle with her, I stroke her arm, moving over her shoulders down to her breasts, she has the most perfect breasts full not too big, glorious nipples with dark pink aureoles.

As my fingers graze over them the skin puckers, tightening her nipples as they become erect, I move my hands over her belly then returning to her breasts. I play with her nipples, teasing them, pulling and rolling her tight buds between my fingers, I feel her breath as she exhales in a huge sigh. Leaning over I lick and kiss her milky white flesh, moving down to her breasts drawing a nipple into my mouth flicking my tongue over the bud of flesh, I nip at it gently, she moans softly cupping my head in her hand encouraging me to continue.

Mr Edwards sits watching, stroking his hardening cock as I softly caress his wife's breasts, I move off of the bed kneeling down beside her; placing my hands on her thighs running my hands across the smooth flesh, putting pressure on the inside encouraging her to open her legs.

She obliges revealing to me her pussy, her pubic mound is coated in a light covering of blonde downy hair, her juices making the hairs coated in it glisten. Very slowly I slide my hands inwards along her thighs stopping at her pussy lips, I slide my thumbs up and down slipping them inside the wet folds stroking the flesh hiding her clit button. She leans back on her hands trying to open herself up to me more, I pull back her flesh revealing her inner folds, pulling the skin tighter her clit peaks from it's hood.

With my tongue I start at her cunt hole, slowly licking her wet skin up to her clit rubbing my tongue over the tight knot of flesh, she exhales again moaning to me for more. I flick my tongue over her clit massaging the tender area, I cover my index finger in saliva and very gently slide it slowly into her cunt careful not to hurt her in any way.

Mr Edwards is getting impatient, I know he needs to cum again, I am sure his wife is not ready for him yet, so I tell her to lay on the bed with her head on the edge of the mattress, I place my knees either side of her head positioning myself down her body with my head between her legs exposing my cunt to Mr Edwards hoping he will take up on the hint to fuck me rather than her just yet.

Balancing my body over her with one hand I reinsert the finger of my free hand into her cunt, feeling no resistance I insert another finger, searching for her g spot, she arches her pelvis pushing my fingers further into her, I start to increase the speed of my fingers pushing into her and suck on her clit making slurping noises, her clit vibrating against my mouth.

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Her husband stands behind me rubbing the length of his cock up and down my slit, coating his member in my juices; he places the head at the opening of my cunt, grasping my hips he slides the whole length straight into me.

I open my mouth off of her clit and gasp at his action, his wife moans loudly; she has a birdseye view of her husband's nine inch cock buried to the hilt inside me. In his usual aggressive manner he starts to ram his cock in and out of me, pulling out to the tip plunging back into the hilt, I suck on Mrs Edwards clit as hard and fast as I can.

I have to remove my fingers from her cunt to balance myself from his forceful fucking, his wife's moans become louder she is close to cumming feeling my mouth sucking on her clit and watching her husband's cock pulling in and out of my cunt. It feels like she has cum for the first time ever, her hips buck up to meet my hungry mouth as her spasms come in continuous waves, pushing her juices out of her trickling down her slit.

Her husband rams harder and harder as his climax builds, he pulls one of my legs off of the bed grasping behind my knee opening me even further plunging even deeper into me as ropes and ropes of his cum shoot into me.

His frantic pumping finally eases as the last of his cum leaves his cock and starts to soften, he pulls back and collapses in the chair, my cunt is left opening and closing like a fish gasping for air.

I pull myself upright to move from my position, Mrs Edwards grasps my thighs telling me to stay where I am. I feel her breathing as she brings her head closer to my pussy as she draws in the smell of her husbands cum mingled with mine, I look down to see her catching a blob of our cum as it trickles from my cunt. She sticks out her tongue drawing more of our fluids into her mouth, Mr Edwards sitting watching urging his wife to suck up all his juices and make me cum.

She puts her mouth to my cunt sucking the juices out of me, I put my fingers over my clit, rubbing my fingers firmly over it faster and faster, watching her drawing all the sticky white cream from me.

My orgasm takes over me, my body racks with spasms, I struggle to stay where I am removing my hand to re balance myself but know she is now softly licking my clit and don't want her to stop.

As my energy finally returns, I manage to stand upright, Mrs Edwards moves and sits back on the edge of the bed, I lean over and kiss her, she opens her mouth to me drawing my tongue into her as I taste my and her husband's juices. Her husband stands waiting for our kiss to end then he guides me to sit in to the chair, his cock is becoming hard again, I mouth to him to be gentle with his wife, she is so beautiful I don't want him to fuck her brutally like he does to me.

He lays down on the bed, gesturing for his wife to lay beside him, so she scoots up the bed and they lay naked together in each others arms.

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He strokes her softly, kissing her tenderly, I am amazed how different he is with her to how aggressive and cold he is with me.

He kisses and licks her skin, sucks softly on her nipples, she moans to him asking him to make love to her, he moves between her legs as she opens them wide for him.

He spits saliva on his fingers and coats his cock, very gently pushes the head into her cunt, he is so careful with her moving the tip in and out of her cunt stretching her to take him.

Eventually his cock is all the way in and he slowly draws it in and out of her, his head leans over her, drawing each of her nipples into his mouth sucking and licking them. She lifts her knees higher drawing his cock deeper into her, her hips bucking up to meet her thrusts encouraging him to fuck harder. I am transfixed by them, Mr Edwards was my first male experience, I took his aggressive manner as being the norm for the male sex, I then realised that they do have a softer passionate side.

They cum together her moaning, crying into his hair, him grunting as he pounds his cum into her, it is my cue to leave, I quietly dress, let myself out of the house and travel back to Miss Jackson's. You would wonder whether my strange affair with Mr Edwards would end but it didn't, it became less frequent but it did still happen, strangely I had a lot of work to do in the vault. He would come down, coming into the room rubbing his huge hard cock inside his trousers, I would either kneel submissively to suck his cock until it was dry (something apparently his wife did not enjoy) or he would bend me or make me kneel on a desk and he would ram his cock in me until he came.

He never ever kissed me nor helped me to cum, so I would either rub my own clit while he fucked me or pull up my skirt after sucking him off to rub myself to climax.

As for Mrs Jackson, she continued to love me, share herself with me, I was open with her about Mr Edwards, she would listen and afterwards we would pleasure each other, I adored her it was always so soft and gentle my time with her.

Elaine came to visit about once a month and we would have fun together but I loved having Mrs Jackson to myself.

As for Mr Edwards, I think he and his wife seemed to have repaired their sex life but he seemed unable to stop himself from seeing me yet the sex always was brutal and cold but I didn't mind, I could always return to Miss Jackson…&hellip.