If you like sociable girls more babes on flirtsexlovecom

If you like sociable girls more babes on flirtsexlovecom
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom Hard Breeding Prior: Missing Mom -3 Bred Like a Dog Prior: Missing Mom -4 Preggo Slut Party Ricky has kidnapped Jolene and has her at home with his girlfriend Kendra.

Ricky had already fucker her once. The abuse continued with a brutal breeding session with Ricky and Kendra. Ricky and Kendra take the bitch to a Poker Party to get money to pay the bills. Jolene wanted to fall to the ground but the men held her up. Now she felt men's cocks. A cock rubbed up against her ass. A huge hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head around. A big Mexican looked her in the eye. I am going to win this tournament and I get to fuck your ass.

Feel that cock, it is going to be splitting your ass." He spit on her face. "Fucking trash." The next guy seeing the spit running down her red face spit on her face. "Pig, fucked up Pig." The next guy pushed her down slightly and started rubbing his cock against her belly. She could feel his cock quivering as his cum shot over her preggo belly.

He spit on her face and passed her to the next. Only half way down the line the men were getting rowdy, impatient. The next man screamed in her face. His cock rubbed against her belly, another belly fucking. The men started sitting down to their poker tournament as Jolene was passed down the line, her face and hair was covered with spit.

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Cum dripped down her belly and ass. The spit ran down her tits and the cum down her legs.

One man was left. "Fucking Slut." He rubbed his cock against her adding his cum to mess. He held her by her Pony Tail so all the men could see the slut bitch. "Sooie. Sooie. Sooie. The men screamed as she was led in front of the poker tables. Ricky bent her over facing away from the men and Kendra pulled her cum coated cheeks apart.

" Number One player get to fuck this slut ass." "Ream Her Butt." Laughed Kendra "Two and Three get to double fuck Her.

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While you play she will be tied up here, for throat fucking. Cum on her belly or tits. Ricky pushed Jolene to her knees in front of a pole. Kendra tied her wrist cuffs to the pole above her head.

The she tied the ankle cuffs to the pole. Jolene opened a black bag and pulled out two black leather straps with buckles.

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" The Helpless bitch screamed when Kendra whipped Jolene's right breast with the black straps. "WHAAACK." The belt slapped across the other tit. The tit meat rippled and Jolene quivered in pain. "WHAAAACK" Cum and spit that coated the breasts flew in the air. BANG BANG BANG. The men were pounding the table, screaming. "YEA, MORE MORE, SMACK THEM." Kendra took a strap and wrapped it tight around the base of the left breast. She pulled as she could and buckled it.

The breast red from the beating bulged out. The second tit got the same treatment as the first already started to turn purple. Jolene's head hung low as Kendra tried to force a plastic mouth piece to keep the bitch's mouth open.

Jolene twisted her head, no please. "Oh god, no, I can't. Don't". She kept her mouth closed tight. "SLAAAP" Kendra smacked the bitch face and then held her nose closed. Already a poker player was ready to be the first face fucker. When Jolene's mouth opened gasping for air he forced in the plastic mouth piece inside her gums.

He twisted the tortured breast in one hand held her hair in the other. "I am gonna fuck that slut face of yours." He held her face next to his and spit in her mouth. A big grin on his face he spit, on her face. "PIG, WHORE." Tied to a pole, arms over her head, ankles strapped in place, the bitch was helpless.

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Her bruised tits bulged bound with leather straps. He mouth was held open with a plastic mouth piece. The first man in line, a burly muscle man with big arms and tatoo's rubbed his cock over her face while held her head with one arm. He pushed his cock against her her eyes, across her cheeks and teased her lips. He cock slapped her face, teased her tongue with his cock head.

He explored the inside of her mouth with his dick. Finally he shoved his dick down her throat.

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Kendra could see the outline of his thick cock on in Jolene's throat, she reached around rubbing her had against the bitch's throat up against his cock. Jolene's eyes bulged out, her face red as she fought to breath.

The man's hips began to shove back and forth as her brutally face fucked the helpless preggo.

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Grunting he shot his load down her throat. Jolene gasping for air coughed up the mess. The cum was still running down her preggo bump when the next mans stepped up. The Next Morning: Kendra was counting the money from the Poker Party Gang Bang while Doctor Rosen was tending to Jolene.

"You guys really fucked this Bitch over." "She is OK, but you have lay off the ass and pussy fucking. She is totally raw in both holes. "What happed to her ass, looks like she took a good ass ripping." "Yea this Mexican thug won the Poker contest, he literally fucked the shit out of that ass." "I mean he ass fucked her for over ½ hour in like four positions." "I would have loved to see that, laughed Doc." "See, Her tits are raw, even the slightest touch is very painful." Jolene jerked as Rosen lightly brushed a tit.

"See, you can have all kinds of fun with her" Even with the pain Meds it is easy to get a nice jump." He ran his hands over Jolene's face, swollen and bruised. "She can barely see out of one eye." Doc Rosen laughed, he dropped her beat up head over the end of the table.

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Rosen pulled his dick out of his pants and started running it over her face. See, I am being soft, she won't fight, she is so afraid of what I can do.

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In a moment Doc's cock was in the bitch's swollen mouth. "You are one sick fuck laughed Ricky. But I am next." Jolene desperate to avoid more abuse and craving more pain med's sucked the Doctor's cock.


He coated her lips with his cum smearing it around her face. Lick it up, good for you. "Doc Rosen laughed. "Ricky, you are next." The next morning Jolene was lying bed, curled up. She awoke as the pain meds were wearing off.


She looked around as she heard a commotion and banging. Two guys were carrying in a big screen TV followed by Ricky and Kendra carrying boxes. Jolene cried to Kendra. "Tha pain is coming back, it is bad, can I have my Meds." "FUCK YOU Bitch." "Thanks to our little party slut, we got extra cash for some movie equipment and you are going to be our star." "Kendra, No, I can't take more, I need time, Please." The delivery guys, two big moving type guys began setting up the Screen while Ricky and Kendra unpacked the camera and lights.

Jolene tied to her bed could only watch. Please no, no, what is going to happen, what are you going to do." The men done setting up the screen moved over to Jolene on the bed. She cringed as they ran their hands over her bruises and cuts. "Man, this Bitch is fucked up." Kendra started filming.

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"That's it guys, run your hands over that bitch meat." Kendra zoomed on Jolene's swollen face. "Please, don't." Jolene kept babbling, begging. "No Pity for you Knocked-up Slut. Going to be a long Morning." To Be Continued.