Teaming up to satisfy a ramrod

Teaming up to satisfy a ramrod
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[ b] Showing my wife a GREAT night out!![/b] OK this is about a night we went out and my girlfriend said she will do anything I ask I am you slave she keeps telling me this for the last month or so. I have tested her few time over the phone do this and do that and take a picture to prove it and send it to me. And she did so! It was awesome.

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But I really wanted to test her more and see how far she would go. Well Cristal is a very pretty woman 36 years old (looks like she is 20 ) 5'10" 165 tall and great looking she has brown hair to the middle of her back very cute eyes and lips you want to kiss all day. She has nice tits not to small but not huge just right for whatever you want to do with them! Legs are long and nice and her ass! Dammm I love her ass!

Nice and round great to get a hand full they just fit right in your hand she got one of those ass no matter how many time you seen it you still look and go dam!! I love that ass.! Sorry but Anyway we decided to go out dancing at a country bar in Tulsa OK the Caravan a nice place, fun, big dance floor and lots to look at. Well I made her where a dress didn't care which one and a thong that's all I demanded and she came out with this white lacey dress and with the teasing of seeing through it but you can't and a low cut shirt and her tits looked like they grew over the last hour she had them pushed up and ooo my god they looked awesome!

A pair of boots she was so hot looking we about didn't go out!! But we did and we danced a few and drank some when she sat down I noticed her dress was right at her knees and she is a lady always legs together and you would never get a panty shot with her. I know I've tried for years ( dam parents) but what I noticed was I saw a guy standing by the dance floor watching her out the corner of his eye and when she sat down he turned to get a better shot I caught him.

And you could see he didn't get a shot of anything with the look of dissepiments. You guys know what I talking about! Well I asked her so you say you love me right? She said of course I do. I asked her want to have some fun?

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Sure what you want to do? I said you said you do whatever I say! So I want you to get up and throw this bottle away and when you sit down open your legs a lot and lift your dress up some and that guy over there will be watching you.

Give him a little thrill!! and let him see your white thong! She said noway!! But I looked at her and she said sorry. And she got up and threw the bottle away. I couldn't wait to watch this guy and try to look again! But When she started to sit down she saw him starting to watch her.

She got a little embarrassed. but she did what she was told to do! And sat down sideways on the chair and spun one leg around the chair and then the other. so they were under the table. By her doing that her skirt was about half way up her thighs and still covering everything to most people but that guy where he was standing got one hell of a show. I swore I saw his jaw drop when he saw those nice legs going all the way up to that sweet little white thong shinning at him.

She kept them apart for a few seconds. Acting like she didn't mean to and no one was there to look. he never took his eyes off her little thong covering her sweet pussy. When she closed her legs we looked his way and he then looked up to see if we caught him and then he turn sooo fast and look at whatever he could not make it look like he wasn't looking!! It was so funny! Cristal could not believe this guy was looking at her!

She still believes that guys don't look at her. I point out all the time that guy is checking you out and that guy and that guy but she don't ever believe me. I try to tell her all guys look!! But don't know if she truly believes me. But anyway His buddy's come over to him and you can tell he was talking about it Cristal kept her legs closed so they could not see anything and make him look like he was lying. Then it was like he said something all 5 guys looked at once! I looked up and boy you should of saw them they turned so fast it looked like tennis match their heads moved fast and away!

And at the same time !! I kind of giggled and so did Cristal. I see it all the time so this was kind of old to me but really new to her! I asked her how she felt she said dirty ( but I liked it) I said when they look back give them a big shot then look at them real fast then close your legs and let's see what they do. So it was only a few seconds later when one started looking and she opened her legs a little looking away from them but keeping then in her sight it wasn't a few seconds when the elbows starting flying telling them to look!

they all were looking and trying to see and she spread her legs real wide for them all to see it all her long legs going up to that little patch of thin white cloth cover that o o so sweet treasure all men want.


I was thinking that, that just made their night I bet! Well she turned around and look right at them and none saw her face looking at them for a few seconds seems like minuets then she closed her legs and they went dam you could see the joy and the sadness at the same time joy at what they just saw and sadness at it was over but they all looked up at her and saw she was staring at them! Then basically they all went O SHIT! and look away. At light speed! We laughed so hard! Well I said enough teasing let's get something to drink and we got up and left the table still laughing at them.

Well she did so good at that and it turned us both on so much I said I got another assignment for you she said anything my love! I said I got to the bathroom and I'll be back in a minute. So I left but I didn't go to the bathroom I walked away and started watching her. looking around at the guys and I noticed this one that caught her eye!

he sitting at the dance floor he is nice looking maybe 18 or 20 years old. Tight blue jeans and a button up cowboy shirt.

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he was about 6' tall and around 150 pound. he was alone and reminded me of me when I use to go to the bar thinking I would get a girl and take her home and have my way with her! but I was always too shy to do anything so a lot of thinking and a lot of looking and starring and listening to my friends about how this girl wants them and what they did to that one and they would do that to this one and so on.

But you could tell this guys luck was not going well. I went over to him and introduced myself. I said Hi my name Is John and he said his was Frank. I said I got a question for you Frank. Well first you here with anyone? He said just my buddies but we all kind of split up after we get to clubs and go on our own ways till its time to leave I said k then I got another question for you it Might sound a little weird but it's a fact and the best deal you will ever have in your life!!

If you want it to be? He said what? I told him I am here with my girlfriend and she said she is my slave and will do anything I tell her! But I want her to have a lot of fun!

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So Here is what I am offering! You see her over there the cute one in the white dress? He said yes I saw her walk in and dancing a few times. I said well that's her and I am offering her to you! He said what? In total shock! With the weirdest look on his face! I said it's the deal of a life time!


We been watching you and you don't seem to be having such a great time here so we want to offer you the best night of your life and to always remember this time. We have a hotel near here and you can do whatever you want to her! And to top it off we will let you take one picture of her but no face shots! You can take a pussy shot, ass, cum on her. or in her, dripping off her, fucking her whatever you want !

That way you have proof for your boys. (that do nothing but brag and probably never get any but say they do!) but you will have proof!!

He looked shocked as hell! Like a deer in headlights so I told him its simple man we are clean and haven't done this before and never will again probably but she wants excitement and I like to watch her. I'm not gay so no funny stuff just you fucking away and me watching!

But you can do what you want to her but I do have 3 rules #1 no ass fucking!

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You can finger it lick it U can cum on her ass, or what ever just no fucking it. #2 Don't cum in her mouth! 3 After you get off we are done!

Take your picture and You will leave or we will be glad to take you back here not a problem. Other than that have the best fucking time you ever had and no strings attached and just have fun because I know we will.

That's the best offer anybody could dream of and its all yours!! So what you think? He was thinking hard you can see he can't believe what he is hearing and is just stunned.

I said So man don't pass up a deal of a life time. I guarantee you will never have this offer again in your life time I bet you will never ever meet someone who has either. So don't throw this away a great night of fucking, and a life time of memories!

And a bad ass picture to have! And if you say no you will live forever saying man I should have done it! For rest of your life!! You can tell he was getting over being shocked and now was really thinking hard about it!!

I said let me prove it to you I got Cristal attention and fingered her to come over and she did. I said Cristal like you to meet Frank and Frank this is Cristal I told her to give him a kiss on the cheek and say hi she look at me and I nodded and she did what she was told. I asked Frank so? And Cristal asks what we were talking about? He was embarrassed as hell again I said Frank this is the biggest deal you will ever have if you say yes we will leave and you can go tell your buddies whatever you want and that you will be back in awhile and Cristal will walk you out, now Cristal had a confused look on her face.

He was thinking about it and I said maybe this will help I grabbed Cristal and whispered in her ear I told her what to do and that Frank here is going to fuck you and your going to let him do whatever he wants!

She turned so red and I said do it!! She said ok I will do what you say! I then said soo Frank! You up for it? I said Cristal find out if he is up for it! She leaned over and put her hand between his legs and rubbed his package through his blue jeans and whispered in his ear so are you going to fuck me? And lightly bit his ear! I asked her well? She said yes he is now getting up for it!!

He thought for a second and with all the blood leaving one head for the other he said ooo o o k stuttering I said great! I'll meet yall out side in the van I told Cristal to walk him out when he is ready she said ok. I went out to the van and got it going and pulled up front and they were just now coming out holding hands I stopped and they both got in the side door of the van. And I drove off for the hotel I said Cristal baby maybe he needs a little preview why don't you give him a little blow job.

She said yes sir and dropped to her knees and started undoing his paints he was kind of nervous ( I know I would be) but she got them undone and pulled out his dick nice size and soft but getting harder! She just started sucking on it! she could get the whole thing in her month but that didn't last long! it grew to full mass in seconds. It had o be a good 7" or 8" He just leaned back in his chair and was enjoying it!! And so was I trying to watch in the mirror and turning around when I could !

it got me sooo hot I was about to bust out my paints! It's a wonder I made it to the hotel watching my woman suck another guys dick!

She stopped when I parked and I said lets go inside for more fun!! We got out he tried to get his dick back in his paints hard as a rock it wasn't all that easy and we went to the room. He flowed with Cristal holding his hand pulling him with us to the hotel. We got in the room and I said remember the rules other than that do what you want to her!

Anything special you like her to do to you just ask! and he got scared again maybe afraid of me watching and all but he just kind of surged his shoulders. I said Cristal why don't you make out with him she went to him and started kissing his neck and then his lips and a long french kiss as she was undoing his shirt and paints he was playing with her tits through her shirt. I said take you shirt and bra off for him and she did. He just looked at them in amassment!

and that this was happing! she took his off and they kissed and played some more he started kissing one titty and rubbing the other and then he dropped his hand down her smooth side to her ass and gave it a nice squeeze! I told her to take off her dress I want to see that ass!

She did all she had on now was her thong why don't you help him out of those tight paints and she un did them and took off the belt and slid them down and then took off his underwear and his dick just spring up ! she grabbed it and pushed him on the bed on his back and she got on her knees and started sucking him again. Rubbing his dick with one hand and playing with his balls with the other! It was turning me on so much I started rubbing myself through my paints! She got him worked up pretty good sucking and playing with his ball he had put one foot up on the bed for her to have more room to tug and rub his balls she rubbed then and sucked on them some and you can tell he was enjoying the shit out of this.

So I said baby he probably wants to see that nice shaved pussy. So she stood up and took off her thong bending over at the waist showing him all her all so sweet ass and that first glimpse of that shaved pussy poking out.

It was so wet you could see the wetness! His eyes didn't leave it!! I asked do you like that? because I love it !!i said baby give him a closer look go stick that sweet wet pussy above his face for a closer inspection and she crawled up on the bed and she straddled his head with one leg on both side in the 69 position but was on her knees but up right with him looking at her very wet pussy and ass only inches from his face he just looked and grinned and started raising his head up to lick and suck on her lips she then bent over after a few minutes and started sucking his raging hard on again he paused while she took him all in again and then he started eating her out grabbing her sweet ass and sticking his tong in deep as he could she started playing with his balls again and pulling on them and rubbing them and scratching them from dick to ass and back Again.

I had my dick out now and rubbing it like crazy. It was such an awesome view of her month sucking him and licking his balls and pulling on them and I walk around to look at him eating her pussy it was such a turn on.

Way better and a lot different than watching a porno. ( they just don't compare to live) well they did that for awhile and I told her he probably wants to fuck you do you want to fuck her?

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He just nooded with his toung in her pussy licking from clit to ass hole and back again!! So How do you want to fuck her? Again he got again! And Cristal took over and rolled over and laid on her back and I said shit dude just get up there and fuck the shit out of her so he climbed on top and pressed his dick against her super wet lips they were so wet from him eating her out.

You could see her juices dripping down her ass. He pressed a little and it just slid in like it sucked him in! And he began to fuck her. I was watching her face and the enjoyment and excitement of this dirty deed being done to her and the pleasure of fucking a stranger and me watching.

But it was a great felling!! let me tell you there is nothing like watching another guy going up and down ramming his dick in and out of your woman's pussy! you can see the wetness from her on his dick and his balls slapping her asshole making a very wet slapping sound! and her pussy lips sliding on his dick in and out you can see when he pulls his big dick out her lips were like trying to say no come back and they would go up his shaft trying to hold on!

then he would plunge back in and they would disappear back into her hot pussy!! It was turning me on so bad I told her to grab my dick and rub it ooo ya they did it that way for a bit and I told them lets change it up some and he got off her and she got on all 4 and he started fucking her from behind! You can really here the wetness form her now with his balls and dick slapping her pussy and in and out and faster and faster!

I was loving it she was giving me a blow job now moving in and out on me with his thrust in and out of her pussy and it felt great. Her hot mouth sucking me and Franks dick in her pussy he was rubbing her pussy with his thumb and up to her ass but never stuck it in I thought he was going to but he didn't he just keep getting her pussy juices and and getting her ass nice and wet and he just rubbed the hole teasing it I think she wanted him to finger her he would touch it and she would pull back from me pushing in to him every time he touched her ass hole!!

we switch a few time me fucking her and her sucking him I asked her you like the taste of you pussy baby she nodded with 2 dicks ramming in to her one dick in her month and one dick from behind. And she was sucking the hell out of him.

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Damm this is great! I told her to lay him down and get on top and fuck him and to get off so she crawled up on him and lowered herself on his dick nice and slow it seems like it went in for a mile !

and man I thought the view couldn't get any better but the view of it from this angle was great! His dick going in and out her lips grabbing his dick and watching them go in and out. her ass hole was puckering in and out with her thrusts sitting there going up and down I started rubbing her ass and down to her pussy letting her move in to my fingers bouncing off each hole I said you better get off before he does!! or you will have 2 dick in you again!! and you mouth is not one of them she started really grinding her pussy in to him taking a big stroke and then moving her hips back and forth grinding her clit on him I keep playing with her ass and then went a little lower and rubbed the edge her pussy and kind of making it tighter on his dick you can feel it going in and out and I rubbed right next to his dick going in and out getting my fingers wet he kind of freaked for a sec and then he got in to it with the extra felling and he started fucking her back bucking his hips up and down.

I took my wet fingers and rubbed her asshole again getting it wet and I slide in my finger and ooo my god it felt great tight and warm and you can fell his dick through the thin wall of skin from her pussy to her ass I stuck it in further and started pushing on his dick man you can fell everything from him every vain and the head going in and out! it was too much for me and I just shot my cum all over the floor and I think it got Cristal excited by seeing that she got off just then also.

You could tell it had a great effect on Frank and he was starting to moan and Cristal asks where you want to cum. in me?? On me?? She sat up and said on my tits? And pushed them together! As she pushed him deep in to her!!

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Then touching her belly and rubbed it how about this? Or How about on my pussy as she rubs it around his dick ? Or on my ass? Where do you want to cum at?? I said remember you can take a picture you want one fucking her?? He said no. I don't want to show my dick to people I said cool. I understand! But don't know relly why it was big and nice looking but ok! so you want to cum in her? You can see he can't think very well with Cristal going up and down on his dick. He said ooooo oo can I can I cum in her and (you can tell he was getting close!) and then take a picture of it coming out and running down her ass.

I said sure! I said you have to roll over to have it running down her ass so Cristal rolled him on top never taking his dick out he began to fuck faster and faster thought I was going to see smoke! he was going so fast! She raised her leg to wrap around his back so he has full pussy!!

And he was using it pounding away!! I said cum in her!

Fuck her! Cum in her pussy! and to my surprise I think it got Cristal off again hearing that because she started Cumming again he was fucking like a rabbit now and Cristal just keep Cumming and Cumming probably for over a minuet! He then grabbed her ass with both hands laying all his weight on her and then he started missing a stroke or two and then started moaning !

and Cristal then grabbing his back and head and holding on tight said cum in me baby cum in my pussy breathing heavy and then he took like a really deep thrust and held it in she wrapped her legs around him tighter and squeezed him tight trying to get him in as far as she could! She was still getting off and then you here an ooooooo ooooo ya.

Cristal said ooo man I felt you Cumming in me !! it was awesome!! Oo ya he sat there for a few seconds milking out the last of his seed out in to her as deep as he could. He then got up off her breathing hard and he was tired and I asked where is your phone?? He got it and Cristal was still laying on the bed and to my surprise was still getting off some!

and with her legs up to her chest and her pussy and ass just a shinning all wet and red from the pounding she just got we had a great shot of her very wet pussy and ass it started getting hard again just watching that awesome sight she was rubbing her clit and smiling we waited and then there it was a little bit of the white stuff. I said its coming out!

He took the picture! And it started running down to her ass hole and Cristal pulled her legs back more and rubbed her pussy and it started gushing out a lot ! I was like Dammm this kid hasn't came in a long time! That was a lot! What's bad watching it come out got me hard as hell again! It was running down her ass pooling up some then dripping to the bed! her pussy and ass were covered in cum and I told him make it a good one it's the only picture your getting!!

He said I already took one disappointed I said ok no problem. He took one more! And dam I wish I did to now but and I took my finger and rubbed her pussy an stuck it in her ass and pussy at the same time man it just made me want to just jump back on her and fuck her they went in so easy with all that cum and pussy juices it made it so slippery and maybe I bet I could ass fuck her with all that cum on her and in her it was soo wet and slick I wouldn't need lube!!.

Well I came to my senses and said well we batter get him back! and we got cleaned up and dressed and I said thank you and Cristal said thank you also with a cute grin. And gave him a kiss He said I should be thanking you!

We got in the van and drove him back to the Caravan and he got out and we saw his friends at the door they couldn't see me but when Cristal got out I told her to say good to him right so she gave him a deep kiss and grabbed his ass and he did the same. And she told him thanks again! And gave him some thing? I saw him look and it was her pussy juice and cum stained thong!! And he just grinned! And she said have a great night and he said I already did.

He walked to his friends that were in shock!! They were saying what the fuck! we want details! we want details!! Well me and Cristal left and went back to the room and when we walked in and you can still see the cum from me all over the floor and where it dripped out of her on the end of the bed and just a great smell of sex all over the room and we got all worked up again.

And started kissing and took her dress off and her top off through her on the bed and said you liked another guy fucking you? How dare you like it I'll show you a good fucking I started to @&%[email protected]%& well that is another story!

Ill tell later! Hope you enjoyed part of our night? Hope you have a good night!