Nun anal creampie by BBC

Nun anal creampie by BBC
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NEED A JOB - VACANCY AT CUM FASHIONS. Advertisement in local paper . Vacancy for Top Photo Models .successful applicants will have the opportunity of a lifetime, wanted by the best fashion agencies all over the world. Expenses will be covered, successful applicants may obtain a contract with a Top Fashion Agency.

Please send resumes, photo's, and contact details. All successful applicants will be contacted and required to attend an interview,only one male and one female will be selected - one reserve person will also be determined.Good luck to you.

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Send details to TOP MODELS INC. at P.O.BOX 6969 WOWSVILLE. ACT. Managers > John & Anna "John we have sorted out 50 potential young people, for our Model experience from 500 entries. We can either divide them up into two groups of 25 and have two audition/interviews, or shall we reduce this number down to a select 20 and go from there.What do you think"? "Anna dear, I like quantity, you like quality to play withI mean interview.

. but I know you my lovely,you'll get your way . you choose." "Hmm okay my horney stud, we will separate them, males in one, females in the other, and reduce the numbers . I have spoken"Anna laughs to herself. "Okay my love, 10 males and 10 females of quality .

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the interviews of each group are to be 2 weeks apart . so that we don't overwork ourselves". "Yes John . the best quality . you choose the young men for meand I'll choose the young women for you, and we will not peek at each others lists - so that it is much more exciting on the day." "Anna I love the way you think, Yes .

good, here is your list of women, I'll take the list of men. Meet you latter this afternoon in the spa with some winewe can alleviate your energies I know how horney you get after looking at the photo's". ************************************************************************************************ Three weeks latter . Monday 9.50 am. Venue TOP MODELS OFFICE WOWSVILLE. John thinking to himself. Hmm yes, this is a great auditions room.I am pleased how I have decked it out. It has plenty of space, a large desk, the interviewers chair and the applicants chair, a large triple seat leather lounge on one side of the room against the wall.

A single bed against the other wall - - covered with an expensive decorative bedspread and pillows.On the wall overlooking the bed is a very large mirror ( two way mirrorgiving a great view of the entire office area,for security reasons and more). A sliding door leads to the mirror roomhidden by curtains. " Ahh there you are Anna, you look absolutely ravishing in that low cut, body hugging ,satin dress . ah and I see no bra or knickers, your are the temptress . your making me horney looking at you ".

John hugs her and grabs her curvy arse. "Not so bad yourself big boy or should I say down boy" she fondles his half mast cock through his trousers. " Back off John we don't want to spoil our well laid plans". She pushes him away. "We have the men today Annaunfortunately we have three cancellations, hopefully the others will be on time. As usual we work as a team . you wink at me when you decide on your target, and I'll leave you too finish the interview . those of no interest we will dismiss quickly okay".

"Yes lets see what happens, if nothing I'll be so horney for you latter", she licks her lips and giggles. A knock at the door, its 9 a.m. John answers the door. "Peter is itokay Peter this is my partner Anna, I'm John .(shakes hands) . please sit down". (all seated) Peter replies "pleased to meet you".

Thinking to himself ,Gee Anna's hotboy I'm nervous, I'll give it my best shot. Anna asserts herself " your file shows us that you are 27 ,Spanish, had many jobs, mostly labouring, the occasional modeling gig . you are obviously very fit, tell us why you think you can walk down a catwalk and sell clothes Peter" ? Anna thinks - Hmm nice smile, well toned bodymaybe a possibility. "Aahhh, well, umm, I am strong, and umm, and women like strong bodies, clothes fit me well".

"Peter walk around this table as if you were displaying clothes" .( he does and is very stiff gaited) John intervenes," Okay Peter give me some poses and I'll take some pictures for our final selection process . good . more . good. Thank you Peter we'll be in contact if your the lucky applicant.

good bye .( he's gone) . Sorry Anna, but I could see how disinterested you were .you poor dear .here suck some cock for 5 mins.mmmmm thats nice mmmmm .ooohhh don't bite. you bitch . you will want my penis latter in good condition I'm sure. he he ". Anna scowls at him, then winks. At 10.00 am .Knock knock at the door.John answers again. "Hello Steve ", John gives instroductions and instructions.

Anna had noticed a strong bad body odour from Steve when they shook hands, thus her libido took a dive, again the disinterest, again the formalities were done by John, and Steve was sent on his way.

"Chin up sweety.we have four left for today, I'm sure Anna will get to play ". Anna ,bemused and irritated by the slow morning." Yes John, but usually I have a little tease and fun before they leave".

"One more this morning Anna. at 11.00am . the rest from 1pm onwards "Its 10.40 am . I'm going to wait outside our office", Anna goes out, sits on chair.

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As Anna is sitting there, a handsome man comes out of the lift,walks briskly to where she sitssays hello and sits, it is 10.43am and she knows it's Ronaldo from the applications. Annathinking mmmm he's nicely attired, smells delicious, oohhh I have some internal stimulation. yummmyyy.This one I'll play with and maybe more .oh look, he's checking me over .good, he he.

Ronaldo, observing this woman outside the office, wow look at this chick, clinging satin dress, gorgeous, wow is that her nipplesshe's going to use her sexual appeal to beat the other girls for a job, he he smart move. " Hi I'm Ronaldo . great dress"!

" Hi I'm Anna, why thank you.your sweet. Are you here for the auditions" ? ( look at himhe can't take his eyes of my breasts, he he this is going to be fun). "Yes. I bet there's some old farts in that roomthat will put us through misery, to boost their ego's. But I am smart and patient they will be like putty in my hands . you'll see. I also badly need this job".

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( wow I'm nervousI need to go to the toilet) 'Excuse me .almost time to go in." "Thanks for sharing' (great information for me he he . will he be surprised) " good luck". Anna enters the office when Ronaldo goes to the toilet, laughing, and explains to John why ! John can see she's excited, there's that gleam in her eyes and bounce in her step.

John, " the usual introduction Anna'? "Yes I will observe your interview for the basics with Ronaldo, from the two way mirror and fanticize of course. Then you will introduce me and excuse your self and I will do the rest, it is important that he thinks you have left the room.

You will have to play with yourself behind the mirror,latter this afternoon I'm sure I'll have use of that proud cock of yours, if not, I'll make it up to you tonight .

he he he. I cannot wait to see the expression on Ronaldo's face when he see's me, you'll love this one John I promise". 1[b]1.00a.m.Knock knock. Ronaldo enters, escorted by John formalities are completed .Both men are seated.[/b] "Welcome Ronaldo, I will take you through the first part of the interview, then my partner will finish up because I have to leave for a photo shoot shortly, hopefully a positive outcome will be had by all". (thinking nice choice Anna .oh I'm getting a little horney .

Anna's going to perform soon . yuuummm) some questions may be personal, do not answer if you wish, but this industry is based on sexual appeal". "I understand sirI will be totally upfront with you". ( gosh they are thorough) "As I will be with you Ronaldo, I have many important connections in this business as does my partner, so to cross us would be doom to any career aspirations you have in this field .

Now tell me a brief history of yourself.Do you prefer men or women in a sexual sense"? " I like men's company as friendship, but I love women in the sexual sense, I am not gayI appreciate attractive women they turn me on . is that okay sir "? "Fine . just a few more questions . my partner will be in soon. her opinion in choosing the right male will go a long way to the final choice".

( Ronaldo answers the remaining questions adequately) "That's it for me. good luck Ronaldo". (shakes hands). Anna struts confidently into the room, leaning over and kisses John lightly on the cheek. "Ronaldo this is my partner Anna .

I'll leave you in her capable hands". (leaves the room, to take up his position behind the two way mirror). Ronaldo, mouth open, embarrassed, . that was the bosses partner outside. shitshit. "Close your mouth Ronaldo, take a moment to settle, take a deep breathyou'll need it".( she stares into his eyes, he glances away, good Anna thinks, he is not so strong in mind so his body will be mine.

he he) " Yes mam . my apologies for my comments outside ". (Anna holds up a hand and stops him speaking) Anna walks around to the front of the desk, swaying her shapely buttocks.John is watching intently and chuckles to himself as he can see Ronaldo is mezmerized by Anna's beauty and sexual appeal.She then walks up to Ronaldo leans over and straightens his tie, giving him a full view of her full firm breasts trying to burst out of her lowcut dress.

Ronaldo's eyes nearly pop out in desire to touch and fondle. Anna thinking, oh this is going so well, I am getting wet in anticipation, now to stir everyone's nerve endings . he he "Now Ronaldo I have some tasks I wish you to complete, without hesistation or question, as I'm sure John told you this business is fickle, and sales depend on sexual prowess and loyalty, your attitude and full attention is of the utmost importance.You will constantly be on display if you get this job.

Do a couple of walks around the room catwalk style, please .mm yes nice firm walk, confident, good". Anna walks over to Ronaldo, "Please stand, tell me about the materials you have on as I touch them, (running her hands over his chest .

he explains about the shirt) yes good . now the trousers, (running her hands over his buttocks to his front just stopping short of his penis which is bulging out . he explains about the trouser material) yes good.

Now Ronaldo my dress what is it made of and describe it . first you must touch it to appreciate the texture . come now shyness will get you know where.

feel its full body, here let me help you this once. (Anna takes his hands and places them on the satin on her buttocks,then turns rapidly and he is surprised his hands are on her mound), here feel the nice material cut under my breasts,( he fondles the material holding her breasts, Anna moans lightly) Ronaldo's mind races, my gosh, if not for this material she would be naked, oh god I may blow in my pants.

"Now Ronaldo in the fashion business, things need to move quickly, so in the change rooms you will have helpers to help you change rapidlyfor time is money. so I am your helper. ( she quickly removes the tieundoes his shirt, motions for him to remove his socks/shoes, she undoes his trousers and lets them drop to the floor, oh, no underwear.smiling) "What's this you have an erect cock pointed at this old fart as you put it before outside and its winking at me, (she grasps his cock in both hands, and fondles his balls, he shudders, his body shaking his penis explodes and squirts cum on her satin dress).

John struggles to contain his urge to laugh. continues playing with himself,watching.he he he ( he blew it ha ha). Ronaldo trips and falls over his clothes on the floor, shock written all over his face.

Before Anna can react Ronaldo has his clothes and runs for the door,managing to have his pants on as he exits, uttering some expletives. John came into the room laughing, Anna was pissed off, " What the fuck happened, it was going so well, strange man". That was her best dress, and she didn't get to fuck him, eventually she saw the funny side and laughed with John. "Anna more bad news. two more cancellations . the weather is very bad outside, it's almost a cyclone, you can't go home and change, the weathers horrible".

Anna takes her dress off, in the bathroomshe knows this material ,if wet and dried she will look daggy, so she has the brilliant idea to cut out the cum stains in circular patternsshe does this and puts the dress back on, and looks in the mirror .

" Wow thats even better and more provocative. I would even fuck me .he he he .John, is that American negro Carl still on the list. what . he is . I have a good feeling about him". "If Carl's cock is in proportion to his body, they'll hear you screaming in the street my sweet, providing you don't lose him as well".

A light lunch was eatenAnna thinkingwishing the afternoon interveiws would be more rewarding . John on the other hand, was full of anticipation, because unbeknown to Anna, John had secretly planned and prearranged for two of his ex-college buddies to come in next.One was Carl.(Anna had never met them before) They were identical twins brothers, negro 6' 6", 120kgs, tall, both muscley and athletic ,ex football players, handsome and intelligent, both willing to help John with his plan, as they owed John plenty of favours from the past.

John had informed them that Anna liked to be in charge/dominant, that they were to act the role, of wanting the acting position initially, but they are to squabble a little between themselves, when they both enter the room, at the same time, to make it real for Anna.

They will need no encouragement after they see how fucking hot she is -John assures them, they are to use whatever means to give Anna a really, really good fucking, take no shit from her, be firm, forceful, loving but above all take great care with her, or John will make life unbearable for them.

this they new to be true from past experiences with John. John said he will not intervene if he is happy with proceedingshe will claim to be afraid of them. but will reveal all at the end to Anna. It is 1.55pm, Anna is pacing up and down, "he's late . the negro guy". "Relax you'll blow a fuse. he'll be here . sit down. compose yourself. there that's better.oh I love those holes in your dress . you should have been a dress maker". "Fuck off John.your annoying fact I'd appreciate it if you'd let me do this interview alone, right from the start:".

"Anna we work as a team. it's much safer that way". "Please John .it is important to me. please honey. pretty please " ! "Okay Anna .

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your call, I'll wait and watch". John departs. A knock at the door, Anna answers. "You must be Carl come in". Closes the door. Carl was about to speak ,another knock at the door, Anna answers.

Colin enters standing next to Carl, everybody looks surprised . two identical twins present and dressed alike. There is some confusion . they both produce interview lettershaving appointment times for 2pm., both applying for the same position. Colin and Carl are annoyed at each other, strong words being exchanged. John chuckles to himself and remains in the hidden room, watching the goings on. "Now gentlemen.hey guys, stop yelling at each other, that's better.

Now you are twins is that right, and you have the same appointment times. Sort it out please, who will be first to interview and who will be second".

Anna thinking - wowdouble wow, fucking twinstwo hot spunky twins. talk about a change in luck, I've heard about the negro men being well hung, maybe I will find out. They continue to squabble, unable to make a decision. "Stop it you morons, shut the fuck up, I will decide". Carl/ Colin (In unison) " Morons".

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They both are thinking identical thoughts . fuck she's hot, look at those holes in her dress.yuuummm, that dress it reveals all her curves . those nipples . no bra. ooohhhh). Carl and Colin verbally arguenot budging, they both want the 2pm session as stated on their forms,they push and punch each other lightly. "Oh .stop that .

you hear me stop it. ( they continue ). your acting like animals,you fucking twats". Carl and Colin stop arguing ,turn to Anna, anger in their eyes,muscles bulgingAnna is close to them, feels the energy they are giving off.

John is thoroughly enjoying this from behind the mirror, chuckling to himself. "Who you callings twats lady, I haven't traveled 200 miles this morning to have a white bimbo insult me and neither has my brother Colin". "How dare you, you will treat me with respect, you are the ones that want a job". Colin had moved forward, Anna hadn't noticed - she was now directly between themclose, too close. Carl thinking she's so close .I'm smelling her scent, her ,look at her hot lips mmmmher tits ooo yuummmmyhis cock was now bouncing into action.bolt upright .

he was horney and getting hornier by the second. Colin thinking, I'm right behind her, mmmm smell her fragrance yuuummm yuummm, is that pussy juice I smell, wow what a gorgeous arse, my cock is so hard and erect it's pushing on her arse.I can't wait much longer to touch her soft skin. Anna thinking, Oh my gosh is it hot in here, or what, I'm a little scared . but fuck them I'm in charge and I don't want John to see me back down .

I can handle anything. she pokes Carl in the chest with her finger, looking him in the eye. "This is how it's gonna be guys. hey. . hey you can't.

JOOHHNN". (cry for help) When Anna poked Carl, he grabbed her hand she pulled free, she stumbled backwards into Colins arms,Carl attempted to grab her because he thought she might fall, in doing so his fingers got caught in the holes off her dress, ripping a large hole and her absloutely succulent breast poped out.Anna spun out of Colins hold, but was trapped against the desk, she covered her breast quickly with her hand .

but not before she saw the lust and hunger in both Carl and Colin's eyes. at this point John entered. "Hey stop that you bastards", (thinking he'd better play a good role here). "Oh shit, unhand me you creeps". Anna was mezmerised on the spot for a moment, her heart pounding,not used to losing control in any situation, watching John being man handled by these buffoons, they threw him on the couch.

Carl in a violent and very threatening manner to John,"You just sit there honky and don't move, or me and my brother Colin will beat you to a pulp to within an inch of your life,you just watch the show from the there". They focus an Anna. Anna shocked, the attention was back on her) . "back off boys . John help me" ! Anna was leaning against the table, nowhere to run.Carl and Colin, exchange glances.and smile. Anna was expecting violencethey both quickly took off their shoes/shirts and trousers.

Standing in boxer shorts with huge bulgestheir bodies are magnificent. She stands with her mouth wide open. John privately chuckles, she is oblivious to this. Colin softly speaks to her, "Now my lady. please step in between us now . there is the easy way.or there is the savage way and we are not savages . or are we my lady.(loudly ) NOW". Anna surprised by the loudness and tone of the voice, startles and steps between them, standing .the smell of animal lust oozing from the brothers.

Carl firmly speaks, "Now my lady, tug down each of our boxer shorts and see what awaits you. that will pleasure you like never before". Anna pulls down both boxer shorts hurriedly, standing between them, she has one hand on each cock, unable to put her fingers around them fully.

Carl and Coiln moan slightly in expectation. John has his hands on his own cock gently rubbing. She gasps, "Oh my god, they are so big".

Anna thinking, Oh my, these cock's are the biggest I've ever seen, they are pulsating in my hands, these are for me she feels and urgent warmth fill her body, her nipples tingling and taut, honey juices rapidly forming within, she was getting hornier by the second.

Colin firmly, "Kneel my lady and lick our precum together as onekiss and suck our shafts", ( they move closer, they lick their lips and moan." mmmmmm .goodyou are so good." "Oh yuummm", her eyes sparkle, she feels a wave of desire rush over her body. "Ohh mmmmmmmmmm yuummm". Fuck my mouth bearly takes them, my poor or lucky pussy he he he ,with that thoughtshe feels an instant electricity deep within her cunt.

They are messing with my scalp and hair, and playing with my breasts and nipples - while I give them both head . how errotic's this. " ooohhh yummmmm". Carl nods to Colin, they ask her to stand and face Carl, then Colin(behind her) takes the top of the back of her dress in his hands and waits for Carl to take the top of the front of her dress in his hands. Then simultaneously without warning tear the dress off Anna (it rips like paper in their strong hands), Anna is immediately naked and the brothers grin to each other.

Anna, totally surprised, "whhaaaatt . the. f ff. ( before she could finish Carl is kissing her passionately/vigorously, taking her breasts in his strong hands . needing/fondling caressing). Colin has his powerful hands roaming her back and the curviture of her sweet arse, whilst he devours her kneck with his tongue and lips).

Anna senses two very large throbbing cock's lurking below, bumping/touching her body, her hands barley reaching find the heads of both - she manages a breath. "Ohh GGODDDD, ooohh". She feels her love juices between her legs, preparing her pussy for action.

Carl nods to Colin again, they quickly spin Anna, so that Colin has Anna's breasts and lips, and Carl finds delight in her back and arse, they kiss, sucklick, and eat Anna all over much moaning of pleasure from all is heard. Anna, her thoughts racing, Oh I'm up amongst the clouds the heavens . being spun around. oh my, they do share with each other dont they ) he he he.

Colin is fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples, Carl is playing with her clit his fingers immersed in sweet cum juices from Anna, his fingers slipping into her pussy. John is now fully naked, with a huge erection ( not as big as the boys - walks over to where Carl isAnna's blind spotanyway she is too high in the clouds to notice, ---- John runs both his hands up Anna's inner legs,gathering all the dripping love juice in his hands -- rubbing it on his cock and groin area --- he runs his hands and fingers onto her clit and into her hottest of hot cunts, manouvering his fingers in her delicious pussy untill she orgasms standing, he gathers more liqiud honey for his cock and returns to the loungehappy.

Colin and Carl continue to devour her body. Anna gasps with orgasm, her body shaking, her pussy hot and throbbing." Fuck what you did with your fingers.ohhh amazing and OOHHH MYYY yes yes yes ohhh ". Her body was rockingwrithing in absolute/extreme pleasure. Carl nods to Colin( HUGE GRINS).they spin Anna around again she is already giddy from the orgasm. Carl softly to Anna, "You have been amongst the clouds in extreme pleasure, now bendtake my cock in your mouth and brace yourself my sweetness .

let your imagination run wild, because there is much to come". Anna totally spent, bends over and takes Carl's cock in her mouth and eats it with passion/hunger, she had forgetten for a moment Colin was behind her.Carl and Anna moan together mmmm.

Colin is appreciative that Carl has given him first go at this stunning pussy, she is bent over, Colin gently pushes her legs a little wider, instinctively Anna co-operates, her pussy winks and beckons him to enter. Colin rubs the tip of his penis on her opening, putting her lubricating honey from her on his cocks head and shaft, it is at the entrance slowly pushing into her,Colin grabs her thighs firmly with his hands and watches as his cock enters herthe glistening of her juices, her sweet aroma.

Anna takes a breath ,taking out Carl's cock. "OOHHH my cunt", oh my God, is that what I think it is, that big mother Colin is entering me, that enormous penis at my opening, oh god, it's entering slowlyOHHH shit my pussy is stretching, taking him slowly, all of him .

my bodies nerve endings are on fire. Carl smiles as he sees the effect of Colins cock entering Anna, he fondles her breasts and nipples. Anna concentrates on the invasion of her pussy.

"OOOOhhhh FFUUUCCKKKKK he's in, he's in, is he really in ,have I got that whole monster in me OOHH MMY ". Coiln utters,"Now lady lets see how high you can fly he he he". With that Colin grips her hips tightly, slowly at first moving his huge cock in and out her cunt, then increasing the pace, faster/harderharder/faster.

Colin pounding that gorgeous arse and delicious pussy with strong deliberate thrusts .

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he builds up into a crescendo of violent passion, his cock pulsating internally in her cunt, his body stiffens, his balls tighten and release a violent erruption of prime negro cum deep in her cunt. "AAHHHHH YESSSSSSSS MMMMMM" "OOOhhhhhh " fuck he's ramming me, he's like a fucking bull," OOOOHHHHHHH Yes Yes Yes". Anna's body convulses with excitement as Colin gushes fresh cum into her, her legs feel weaker, she feels his body quiver as he splits her pussy wide open.

Her pussy is overflowing with cum.

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A warm fuzzy feeling envelopes her. John has jerked himself of twice by now, a little sore he is content to watch, with extreme interest.

Anna is exhausted . standing . dizzy on her feet. . her's and Colin's juices dripping out of her pussy. Anna talks to no one in particular. " Wownow I have been well and truly fucked he he he ", then looks at Colin's limp dick. Colin nods to Carl and to Johnanother wry smile between the three of them.

Anna gives John an inquisitive look. "Why are you putting that blanket on the desk"? John replies, "To make sure you are comfortable my dear". "Whattt, whhy . oh no . oh noooo ". She see's Carl and Colin approach, Carl picks her up easily and places her gently on the blanket on the desk - she has no energy to resist .

looking at Carl's monstrous cock." Is that for me, as welloh my god"? Carl speaks,"Why yes my lady, that's homer, I call my penis homerhomer would like to taste the delights of your pussy, anything you would like to say my lady ? Carl firmly positions her buttocks on the edge of her desk, carefully parting her legs to expose Anna's battered but still succulent and moist cunt -- Colin and John are on either side, they commence sucking her breasts and nipples, and kissing her ears and lips lightly.

With one free hand each they hold anna's legs upright and in the welcoming position for Carl. Anna reaches her hands out on either side, and grasps Colin's and John's cocks massaging them to their delight --- she feels her sexual appetite returningshe is so, so wet and horney again. She looks between her legs and sees Carl, admiring her sweet cunt, he licks his lips, and bends down to suck and lick her clit and pussy.

She gasps for breath, her body aching, her hips rotating, clamping on his head. She cums again and again, juices all over his face and mouth. Carl cannot contain himself any longer, he thrusts himself in hard, holding her firm with his strong hands, his penis forcefully parting her cunt lips,driving in ever so deep, honey forced up the sides of his shaft.

His body drives his cock into her, faster and faster, harder and harder, fucking her with all the energy he could muster. Anna taking all of him, moaning and groaning loudly with pleasure. Anna is having multiple orgasms as her clit and pussy are on fire with pleasure.

Thinking, oh my god he is so big, I am so lucky. "OOOohh Yeesss mmmm YES YES". Carl plundered her cunt even more, with his thrusts,he violently cum inside her, much to Anna's delight she squeeled happily, he was spent, and she was well and truly fucked. Fully exhausted Anna lay naked on the table, cum oozing from her pussy. John then invited Carl and Colin to sit on either side of himall still naked. The boys were limp but John still had a stiffy. John explained his devious plan to her, telling her that Carl,Colin and John were old buddies whom agreed to help him with his plan.

She gave a wry grin and walked over to John and gave him a passionate kiss, seeing his erect cock, she lowered herself on him. Both let out a strong satisfied sigh. "John I am sitting on your cock, you sly prickyou are between two mountains of men right now.

You can't move, lets see if I can stimulate some more action". She then grasps Carl's and Colin's cocks in her hands and begins to masturbate them --- they respond by having one arm around Johnbut with their free hands explore Anna's available partsher breasts, especially her clit, she wriggles her arse on John's cock .she says." Oh John I'm cuming again all over you my sweet .

he he he". There is a knock at the door. "Hello anybody there .Hello". Carl opens the door naked, his full intimidating physique on display."Nobody here.Fuck Off". They all laugh.and resume activities. NEXT DAY Everyone departs on friendly terms. all contented. "Well John my wonderful and considerate man . I will get to it in the next few days and organise the auditions of 10 beautiful women for you, and fingers crossed you get as much enjoyment and excitement as I did".


"Anna that was the best session ever yesterday, I trust your discretion my love. Anyway should that be a fizzer, we can always watch your session with Carl and Colin, to amuse ourselves, I recorded it, he he".

"You Devil, why didn't you tell me.lets watch it now"!!! ************************************************************************************************