Trap showing her beautiful body on webcam

Trap showing her beautiful body on webcam
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It was another day in paradise, not that most people would describe it like that.


Carly however has a very different idea of paradise. At age 22 she was getting ready for another day at her favorite work, training new slaves. She wasn't actually free herself. She had been captured four years prior to today. It was the summer break after her senior year at High School in New York and she was going to start college in Los Angeles together with her boyfriend.

They had decided to make a new start in California after High School and made a vacation out of driving across the US. Their parents were off course not enthusiastic about their plans, but stubbornness in teenagers usually prevails. Somewhere in Kansas, on a back road, they were ambushed and captured.

Carly had never seen her boyfriend or family since then. Maybe a bit of a background is needed because who would be happy in this kind of situation. Carly was an unusual person. She knew it since she was about twelve years old. Carly had been in a physical fight with another girl over some boy and made a shocking discovery. The girl was already on the ground and pretty helpless.

Carly decided that another kick was in order and she felt a strange sensation. She was enjoying hurting the helpless girl on the ground so she kicked again, and again. She was suspended for almost a month, because the girl had to be sent to the hospital.

Carly liked the sensation the fight gave her, she decided to test the feelings. Over the years she discovered a lot about her situation, she was a sadist in almost every way, and Carly was very confused and conflicted about that. She had tried to suppress it during her High School years, even dating a boy who wasn't into those kinds of things.

That was kind of her happy moment, because she was rather average in all things. Not ugly or dumb, but also not very smart or good looking. She was rather short, barely five feet tall, with A-cup breasts and long brown hair. She was very good at just blending in, not being noticed too much.

She did have a cute face and was intelligent enough to keep some conversation going. However, Carly could never fully suppress the sadist inside.

When she and her boyfriend had their first night together she felt something missing, besides all the nerves and hormones associated with two virgins trying to please each other. That feeling of missing something never went away during their lovemaking. Porn was also no option; her parents forbade computers in her bedroom.


So when she was captured a whole new world opened up for her. She and her boyfriend were taken to a very isolated compound where they would be trained and sold.

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Males and females were strictly separated so she never found her boyfriend before he was sold. Training was harsh, they were starved, food was a reward for obedience. Not following orders would mean a trip to the whipping post and saying goodbye to at least a day's worth of food. Clothes were also restricted, most girls wore nothing at all and only the ones who behaved extremely well had any scrap of fabric on their bodies. They slept in giant rooms with their heads shackled to another person's feet.

There was no privacy, no comfort, not anything, only the training. There were daily exercises in various things, from cooking and cleaning to sexual pleasure. And the trainers could do anything to any of the girls, if one of them fancied a fuck they would bend over a girl. Carly found it oddly intoxicating. The power these people had over her, she wanted that.

To do whatever you want with another person, no matter the pain, humiliation or injury of the person; that was enough to get her sopping wet. So when her chance came she took it. A new girl had disobeyed a guard to suck his cock or she wasn't convincing enough or something. But instead of administering the punishment himself he gave Carly (she was simply closest by) the order to punish the girl.

It was twenty five lashes with the cane and the guard said to also burn her tongue for not using it as it should be used. Carly was a nervous rack by this time, she had never done this before and wasn't sure this was right.

She dreamed of absolute power, but now a part of her dream was here and she hesitated. Only when she herself felt a cane hitting her back did she snap out of it. The first strike was weak and barely even felt by the girl. The second strike was hard, fast and judging by the scream very painful. It wasn't everything Carly had imagined it would be. The rush of power was there, but she felt sorry for the girl.

The third strike was also hard and fast, it hit the girl right in between the shoulder blades. Another scream, the girl was writhing in pain. The rush was still there, the pity was less there.

After the tenth strike the pity was gone, just the rush of power remained. Ten beautiful welts adorned the back of the girl. Carly was getting really excited.


She switched to the front of the girl and struck her right on the nipple. The scream that followed was the most beautiful yet. Carly was drenched by now, her pussy was so sensitive just a touch would set her off.

Another strike on the girl's tummy made her whimper and Carly couldn't take it anymore. The next ten strikes were fast and hard, no time in between them. The guard stopped her and lifted one of the girl's legs. 'The last three strikes are to be exactly on her pussy, miss and you will strike her again.' The guard thought he was punishing the both of them with this, he was wrong.

The first hit was exactly right, the scream was gorgeous. The second hit her outer pussy lips, a hoarse scream followed.

This was the last hit, the last time Carly thought she would feel that rush of power, she was going to make it last. She missed, just on the girl's inner thigh. The poor girl had no voice left to scream with, her mouth opened in a soundless scream. 'Again' the guard yelled. Carly hit a little closer to the girl's pussy, but she missed again.

'Again, again, again', three strikes all closer to the mark but missed. The guard had a sick grin on his face that betrayed his enjoyment of the punishment. Finally Carly hit her mark for the third time, her arm was burning with the strength she had used. The guard dropped the leg and the girl fell like sack of potatoes in her binding. 'Now take a pair of pliers and a lighter and burn this bitches tongue' the guard commanded.

Carly happily obliged. It was tricky, but she got the job done, she wouldn't be using her tongue without pain for a couple of days or even weeks. 'That sort of obedience should be rewarded, don't you think bitch' the guard asked the tortured girl.

He cut the ropes holding her up and she fell hard on the concrete floor. 'You thank her bitch, eat her snatch till she cums, no hands allowed.' The sick grin was still firmly in place, only it also adorned Carly's face who sat down with her legs opened.

The cunnilingus wasn't enjoyable to say the least, but the fact that it was an order and it hurt the girl so bad because of Carly's actions made it very good. Carly came like never before, howling like a banshee only moments after the girl started. She hadn't realized she was that horny. The guard watched amused at the budding dominatrix having her most powerful orgasm ever.

"What is your number" he asked Carly, "0201052012" sir. "Follow me" he said as he kicked the tortured girl against the head for good measure.

It was the first day of a very enjoyable life for Carly. After her first torture Carly was introduced to the directors of the facility. The guard described and showed her torture of the girl via security footage, Carly got wet again watching the tape. "You can see, she is wet yet again just watching the torture. She would be perfect to help discipline the cattle.'' The directors were a bit impressed by Carly but wanted to know what she had to say. "I'll be whatever you masters want me to be'' Carly responded like she was trained to do.

A big bald white man sitting in the center of the board nodded sagely. "Well, I would propose that she remains a slave, but in the service of the facility. She would be permanently stationed in the discipline area to assist the trainers in their duties. Carly threw herself in her new position with fervor. She learned how to use all sorts of pain inducing tools; fire, whips, canes, clamps, knives and many more.

She learned the art of physical punishment but also mental punishment. Her favorite was the first male slave she had to punish. He had attacked a guard and was to be cowered into submission. It was a huge man, standing more than a foot above Carly. He left the dungeon three days later unable to sleep on his back for almost a month. From that day every time he saw Carly he would back off subconsciously.

The years flew by with so much joy, which brings us back to today. It was a special day today, the newest batch of captures was brought in for their first day of training, Carly always enjoyed those. The first training was always what happened if the slaves didn't obey, it would mean muscle aches for tomorrow.

Carly stood in the middle of three guards when almost twenty new girls were brought in, the boys would be after this. They were naked, nervous and very afraid.

As the guard pushed the last slave in a blonde girl somewhere in the back of the group began cursing and yelling for her freedom. She would be first Carly decided. The girl was beautiful, much better looking than Carly at least. She had perfect height, slender waist, a good ass and full c-cup tits. Carly was a little jealous of this beauty, but at the end of her session the girl would be crying and Carly would be sopping wet.

"Welcome to my humble abode" Carly said to the group. "For your education and to ensure an enjoyable time at this training facility we are going to show you what happens if you do not obey the commands of these fine gentlemen who guard you and this facility. They are to be obeyed at all times, their will is law here.

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Will the blond girl in the back please step forward first?" The girl stood rooted to her spot, a rebellious look on her face. Carly nodded to one of the guards who grabbed the girl by her hair and dragged her to the middle of the room. "Apparently we have a volunteer" Carly joked.

The girl was then dragged to a triangular piece of wood on stilts. "This is a wooden horse, all girls want a pony or a horse when they grow up. Now you get the chance to ride one, I hope you enjoy it.

The girl was lifted on and her legs tied to the stilts, her vagina was painfully parted by the pointed upside of the wood. "Don't move too much, we don't want to pluck splinters out of your cunt" the guard sarcastically said. Carly moved behind the girl and attached a bar of iron between the knees of the girl. "This is only so she doesn't fall off and hurt herself" Carly said to the group as the sadistic grin appeared on her face. The girl was yelling to let her go and that the horse hurt her.

But Carly had no such intentions. After the bar was secured around the cunt's knees she hung a large iron weight on the bar, it was only a kilo, but it would increase the girl's pain twofold.

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"Now who would like to help me" Carly asked the group. Of course no one replied, Carly pointed out a little redheaded girl, maybe 18 years old, as an involuntary volunteer.

The guard approached her and dragged her to the horse. She was also quite the looker, she had an hourglass figure with b-cups and an apple bottom. The girl was dropped on her knees in front of Carly, "satisfy me while I hurt this cunt in front of me". The girl was crying and had a very confused look on her face.

"Do you want me to spell it out for you? Lick my pussy while I hurt the blond cunt there. Or do you want to switch places with her?" More sobs and tears escaped poor redhead as Carly was handed a bullwhip.

"If you do not start within three seconds I will have two targets." The redhead relented and reluctantly started her cunnilingus. It was not good enough, Carly barely felt the girls tongue. The first strike with the bullwhip landed just above the blonde's ass, it made her jump a little which hurt her even more because of the wood in between her legs. Hearing the scream, the redhead finally put some effort in her licking.

Carly proceeded to whip the blonde girl until her back was littered with angry red welts crisscrossing each other. She never hit the same spot twice as it would lower the visual effect for the group. Finally with the last strike Carly came on the redheads tongue. "You did an acceptable job" she said to the girl and gave her a little kiss on the mouth.

It was utterly humiliating for the redhead.

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"Put her in front of the other bitch" Carly said to one of the guards. A panicked scream came from the redhead as she was lifted and secured in the same way as the blonde.

They were leaned into each other and their hands were bound behind the others back.

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"Now the fun begins, ladies. Pay attention or you will be next. One of the guards had separated a brunette from the group as he was fucking her from behind, her tears and sobs were distracting to Carly so she duct taped her mouth closed. After that she returned to the bound pair on the horse.

Carly pulled out some wires connected to loads of clothespins, she carefully put them on all parts of the girls bodies. Then put a weight on a double sided dildo and tied the ends of the wire to it. It was put in the mouths of the poor girls, if they were to let go of the dildo it would yank off all the pins on their bodies.

Carly then got into position behind the redhead and started whipping her back. Now it was focused on bringing enough pain so she would release the dildo. After ten whippings it worked, the blonde managed to hold the weighted dildo for a few more seconds but then it fell, ripping all clothespins with it.

The scream was beautiful, Carly was almost satisfied. "This is just foreplay" she said to the group. "If you really disobey anyone here, you wish your punishment would be this light.

Just obey and you never have to come here, of course I would love to see you all again." With that the crying and sore girls were untied and lifted off the horse.

Carly held back the blonde for a moment, "You did very well today, I will reward you in front of all these lovely girls so they know I can be nice sometimes." Carly then forced her on her back and gave a rough lick on the girl's pussy.

She had been on the horse for almost half an hour now so it was extremely sensitive and sore. It brought her no pleasure just more pain, Carly continued for a few minutes until the girl's screams turned to sobs.

"Now wasn't that a nice reward? Come on, you have another class in a few minutes." Carly dismissed the girl with a pat on her welted back. Most of the girls were emotionally drained by now, they had witnessed the torture of two girls and the sadistic pleasure the leather dressed girl had extracted from that. It would be in the front of their minds for a long time, just as Carly wanted. The two tortured girls would unfortunately never return to the dungeon, Carly had taught them too well for that.

The redhead did join Carly often in her bed, until the girl started to enjoy it. She was of no use to Carly after that, she wanted not only pleasure, but also humiliation and pain from her bed partners.

However she would randomly choose some girls or guys over the course of their training to reaffirm the lessons they learned here. It was her heaven and she would enjoy it for the rest of her life.