Flashing Her Tits On A Plane

Flashing Her Tits On A Plane
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Jordanya was an intern that had been with us for the last few months.

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She was a very outgoing and fun person with a beautiful face, long red hair, green eyes, D cup boobs, a trim waist, a nice round butt and she was about 5' tall. She flirted with me a lot but always said "I will never cheat on my boyfriend". There was no way that I could forget what happened when she had only been with us for two weeks. She came in way before the rest of the crew to help out with a weekend promotion.

I was in the building working on a problem and she saw my car and called me to let her into the building. She carried a change of clothes with her and she explained that she had been out shopping and finished early. She looked stunning with a red halter top, white mini skirt and hi heels.

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I was pretty sure that she wasn't wearing a bra. She came into my office and I told her "you look incredible! Would you mind if I took a few pictures of you with my new camera phone?" She blushed and said "go ahead." I took shots of her in many positions including many shots of her teasing like leaning over to give me a great boob shot and even one of her leaning forward and looking over her shoulder with her upper body twisted so that I got a peek of her butt cheeks, a side shot of her boobs (unfortunately with her top still on) and her face with a very hot look on it.

She looked at the pictures and we both agreed that she looked very hot in them.

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I then let her into the storage area to setup, which was next to my office but was accessed from another area. A few minutes later I heard her scream and say "Ray help me I am stuck! Ray please help quick!" "OK hold on" I said and ran around to help her.

When I got there I had to get my camera out and take a quick picture before I said or did anything. She had climbed up the shelves to the top level to get something and her top had gotten caught. As she started to come down she slipped and it pulled her top over her boobs leaving them exposed and it wrapped around her arms and her face. The only thing stopping her from falling was the top because her hands and head were caught in it and her feet were on a shelf leaving her butt pushed way out.

This gave me a great shot of her butt with only a tiny string of her thong and her completely exposed boobs. I climbed the shelves and stuck my head between her legs and picked her up to support her. She then was able to pull her arms and head free of her top and I then brought her down to the floor.

"Would you mind if I took another picture?" I said to her as I whipped out my camera. "You've earned it so go ahead but you can't ever show it to anyone" I took several shots of her before I got her top down from the shelf and handed it to her.

She came around to my office and got her clothes and changed and that ended the event. She kept teasing and flirting with me but would always say "I will never cheat on my boyfriend". A few months later I got called into work on a Saturday night for a studio emergency. When I was done I went into my office to finish some paperwork and I heard someone crying loudly and Jessica was trying to calm them down.

I heard Jessica call the upset person Jordanya. I decided to walk around to find them and see if I could help. When I walked into the room Jordanya ran over to me and hugged me tight, pressing her fantastic boobs into my stomach just above my cock. She was still crying very hard and I held her to hopefully calm her down. The Jessica said "I have to leave for an appearance at a club, can you take care of her?" I said "sure but you owe me one" and she shook her head and left.

It took me a while but I finally got her calmed down enough to talk by running my hands down her back and kissing the top of her head.

She explained "this has been the worst day of my life!" When I sat in a bench and asked her why she explained that she caught her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her this morning, she came to help out with an event at the station midday and when she went to leave her car was dead. Jessica gave her a ride home to shower and change clothes but she couldn't take a shower because the clasp on her bra was broken and she couldn't get it undone.

She said she had been OK all day but it all just hit her while she had a moment at the station. Then she came over and sat in my lap facing me, hugged me tight and started crying again. I held her and kissed her neck to get her to calm down.

After a few minutes she started to calm down and I noticed that each time I kissed close to her ear she shivered a little and her nipples were poking me in the chest.

I then whispered in her ear "why don't we go out and see if I can fix your car?" She shivered and moaned long and low and then perked up and said "Wow that would be incredible, Thank you" and she gave me a quick French kiss and then stood up.

I had her car fixed in a few minutes and she thanked me with a very hot long French kiss while rubbing her hard nipples across my chest. She gave me a very hot look and said "why don't we go in your office and see if you can help me with my other problem?" She took off her long station t-shirt and handed it to me. She revealed a very nice low cut blouse and then I noticed that she was wearing a pleated mini skirt and heels. I followed her back to my office and she sat on my desk facing my chair and told me to sit down.

She took off her blouse revealing a great set of boobs barely encased in a lacy bra. I whistled low and she smiled. She stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor and kicked it off to reveal a see through red thong. She then grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it off.

She sat back up on my desk and while running her hands across my chest she said "I will do anything that you want as long as you help me get my bra off." I French kissed her and then kissed my way down to the valley of her boobs. Her bra hooked in the front with metal hooks that were badly bent.


I took me a while but I finally got it undone. I didn't take her bra off at first; instead I gave her another French kiss. I kissed down her left breast and pushed the bra out of the way as I progressed. He boob was perfectly round shaped with her hard nipple sticking up begging to be sucked. I teased her by licking around her nipple and blowing on it and she was shivering and moaning low.

"Suck it dammit!" She exclaimed and I finally did. As soon as her nipple was in my mouth she shouted and wrapped her legs around me tight pushing her thong covered pussy into my chest. I sucked on that nipple for a while with her moaning and pressing her now wet thong into my chest. Then I moved to her right nipple and pushed her bra off.

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My hand was playing with one nipple while the other one was in my mouth. She was squirming all over, moaning loudly now and pressing her drenched thong into my chest. After another minute she came loudly screaming and thrashing. She collapsed back onto my desk and relaxed her legs. I took off her thong while she was recovering and got a great view of her shaved pussy. Her pussy smelled fantastic and I could barely wait to lick it but I needed to tease her a bit first.

I kissed the top of her pubic mound and she shivered. I then licked around her pussy and kissed the insides of her legs and she started moaning. When I ran the flat of my tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy she jumped and wrapped her legs around my back. I licked between her outer lips and her inner lips never quite touching her clit and she started shaking and moaning louder.


Finally she screamed "Dammit lick my clit!" I then let my tongue do a butterfly dance on her clit and she was screaming and bucking in orgasm within a minute. I stayed with her still doing my dance on her clit with her coming for 3 or 4 minutes until she finally passed out. I moved her around into a more comfortable position for her and she stayed out for at least 10 minutes.

She opened one sleepy eye, looked and me and said "this desk is uncomfortable but I'm way too blown away to move".


I picked her up and laid her down on my couch. She pulled me down and French kissed me and mumbled "wow thanks a lot! I'm a little cold." I put my t-shirt over the top of her and the station t-shirt over the bottom of her and she smiled and was out again.

A little while later she woke up and said "I really owe you one but I am still too blown away to do much. Will you please take your shorts off and come over here so that I can suck your cock?" I was there with my shorts of in 2 seconds flat.

She looked at my soft cock and said "Mmm this could be interesting!" She took my whole cock in her mouth while it was soft and started sucking and licking it.

Within a few moments her talents had me rock hard and her choking on my cock in her throat. She back off for a second and said "wow you have a really big cock and I want it in me!

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The only problem is that I know if I come again I am going to be out for a while." I just smiled and she went back to licking up and down my cock for a little bit like she was thinking about it. She then looked up at me with this hot grin on her face and she climbed up and sat in my lap. She reached down and grabbed my cock and rubbed it back and forth through her hot juicy pussy lips. She then eased herself down until my cockhead was inside of her and then she came back up.

Then she eased herself down until I was inside of her about 2" and she came back up. She kept doing this teasing us both and each time taking another inch until all 7" on me was buried deep in her hot, wet tight pussy and then she stopped. Her boobs were in my face so I started sucking her nipples and she said "not fair you know how that gets to me!" Within a few moments she was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy and wailing.

Her pussy was so hot and tight like a juicy velvet furnace on my cock.

She came and she clamped her pussy muscles so tight that I couldn't move. She looked a little dazed but she was still with me so I laid her down on her back and started fucking the hell out of her.

After a few minutes she stated babbling and finally said "this is going to be it so you had better be ready" She then started screaming and thrashing and came squirting her juices all over my cock. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock in ripples from the base to the head and a few moments later I exploded into her and collapsed.

I woke up a little while later with my spent cock still happily inside of her moist heaven and her still asleep.