Are you trying to peek at my pretty pink panties

Are you trying to peek at my pretty pink panties
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Ok people final installment of my Anya series, hope you have enjoyed. I will not be writing any more fiction on this site (probably), but you can find more of my work on I have written one story for Heroes and one story for Trueblood, more story based than the Anya series but still very hot. I am under the pen name FutureErotic once again and here is the ULR to my profile, should you wish to check out my other stories

thank you all for your comments xoxo Future Part 5 Screaming with everything in her Anya shoved her shoulder against the door, 'stupid move' thought Anya seconds later as she cradled her throbbing arm and shoulder. "Fuck you both" screeched Anya not even caring that she sounded like a crazy cat lady.

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"Bastard's didn't even leave me water" mumbled Anya as she surveyed the room. Against the right wall was the horrible wardrobe that couldn't hide a mouse in it, and a surprisingly descent dresser with a huge mirror.

Grumbling as her eyes began to ach from strain Anya fumbled over to where she remembered the bed was, but before she could sit down the door opened. Screaming Anya launched herself in the general direction of the door, squealing she tripped over the carpet.

Landing on her face right in front of two very male feet. "Well… nice greeting that. Nothing like a girl falling at your feet" drawled James arrogantly in a way only he could master. "Shut up James' growled Anya as she pushed herself up.


"You have no idea how much trouble you are in, I am going to watch you fry." "Don't be such a drama queen, just think of this as a change of scenery… for a very time, now here are your glasses' something touched her hand, reaching down Anya instantly put her favorite glasses back on her head.

"And here is some food and a few items of clothes, Thor picked them" Glancing down in disgust at the g-string and short dress that left nothing to the imagination, but seeing no alternative in the near future, Anya grabbed them roughly and threw them on. Instantly feeling better with even the small barrier the clothes provided. Running her hands down her stomach Anya breathed deep for strength before turning back to James. "Be reasonable, you cannot keep me here.

Not only is it morally wrong, but it's also impossible. I have friends and family who would notice me missing, and if you don t let me go I promise I will destroy yours and that Neanderthal cousin of yours lives" Anya growled out the last bit, all too willing to let his mind go wild at what she would do to him.

"Please we both know you don't have any friends, your family wouldn't even notice your disappearance until your school rings. And guess what? We took care of that, not to difficult just a phone call notifying the principal you would be away on holidays for awhile.

And you don't have the heart to destroy me; you're too soft despite your prickly attitude. Now take a shower, eat your dinner and go to bed. We promise that the fun won't start until tomorrow at least." Spluttering in denial that no one would notice her disappearance, Anya watched as James left the room, and locked it quickly behind her. "Shit" mumbled Anya, eyeing the bed in anger she stormed over to the large chair that sat against a wall.

Reaching over Anya grabbed the plate of so called food, not what she would call food. All the plate contained was a bowl of what looked like porridge and an apple, holding her stomach self consciously Anya didn't have to wonder as to why they where only feeding her rations. But still she managed to eat it, not knowing when the next meal would be. "Stupid men" growled Anya as she settled more comfortably into the chair, no way in hell she was going willingly to that bed.

Too exhausted to even shower Anya felt her eyes drift shut, and the world thankfully faded away. Anya watched the water fall from the rocks above her, the drops splashing onto her feet and legs. Laughing she ran under it, soon saturated she jogged over onto the sandy beach.

Sighing and feeling free without clothes Anya stretched out, her arms lying next to her head and legs crossed together to better catch the sun light. Gradually the light began to diminish and Anya reluctantly opened her eyes to the night sky.

There were no stars or even moon, everything was darkness. A deep chuckle sounded from behind her, gasping in fear Anya shoved herself up and turned towards the noise. "Who's there?" demanded Anya to the dark. Nothing replied, thinking it in her imagination Anya settled back into the still warm sand to enjoy the calmness of her mind.

Realizing something was wrong Anya looked down at her legs, and watched in amazement as the where drawn apart by unseen forces. "No" screamed Anya, realizing what was happening.

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She had known she was dreaming, somehow Anya always knew when she was dreaming and almost always controlled the dreams. But when she couldn't it was a sure sign of something happening outside of the dream, to her real body.

"Wake up Angel, time to face your fear" the strange comment was followed by laughter, from two separate people. Forcing her eyes open and her mind out of her dream Anya stared into Thor's ice cold features. His strong waist was forcing her legs apart, and his hands where playing with her stomach and navel. "Ah sleeping beauty finally awakens" whispered a voice next to her ear, gasping Anya turned her head to stare into James's moss green eyes.

Without a word he slipped his hands around her waist and cupped her breasts, realizing what they were planning Anya began bucking against them.

"Ah, ah Angel time to admit what you want" grabbing her arms James pinned and tied them together and above her head, ending any hope of really breaking Thor's nose.


Her attention still on James and her arms, Anya didn't notice the gag Thor was holding until it was shoved and securely fastened in her mouth. Screaming in fury from behind the gag Anya began to kick Thor as best she could, only to have him growl in anger lean up and shove her legs apart and flat on the bed, like she was doing the splits.

Without having to say a word James hands replaced Thor's in holding down her legs, and she was left helpless. Panicking Anya whimpered as Thor's cock slipped against her pussy, second later she felt the head slide into her. Moaning in discomfort at the feeling Anya tried to shove Thor out of her by bucking her hips, but he just used the momentum to push deeper into her.

"Now angel you have a choice. You can either fight us and what you are feeling yet again, or you can admit to yourself this is what you truly want. Because this is what you want, believe me I know. Even now as Thor slips into your only slightly wet pussy, I am willing to think that in a dark part of your mind, you are thinking how much you want it to hurt a little. You like that" tears in her eyes Anya shook her head desperate to deny the truth to him. Realizing that nothing was going to help her situation and what he and Thor where believing Anya closed her eyes and let her head go limp.

'Screw them, if they want a show they will have to get it elsewhere.

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Let's see how they like fucking a corpse' thought Anya defiant to her very soul. "Fine, if you want to deny what you want that is your choice. But at this moment nothing is going to stop Thor from possessing your pussy, and me your arse." Running his hands lightly down her back Anya was relieved when he stopped just above said area. Because the truth was that the thought of anal sex terrified her, as it would any normal person. To guys like James and Thor it was just another hole to own, but to her it was an incredibly private thing.

Something she had decided she may never want to do because of the trust involved; only now the choice was about to be taken from her. A hand running over her nipples brought Anya's mind back to the present, whimpering slightly as the fingers twisted her nipples. Anya realized that while she couldn't hide her reactions, she could hide her eyes and the truth in them.

A hard mouth pressed to hers and Anya instinctively opened her mouth to the questing tongue, it curled softly around hers before slamming in and possessing every inch of her mouth. Screaming into the mouth Anya felt Thor's cock bury itself deep into her, strangely it didn't hurt. It simply felt like she was full, Thor's hips where wedged against hers and she didn't feel scared or hurt. She felt alive.

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Suddenly it occurred to her that closing her eyes was differently not the best idea. Because without eye sight they where no longer James and Thor the men who kidnapped her, they where two men who were giving her pleasure.

Taking a deep breath Anya opened her eyes and stared into Thor's, he seemed shocked but pleased that she had decided to watch the 'show' as they would probably put it. Looking down Anya watched as Thor pulled out and slammed back into her pussy, it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen and it made her instantly wetter despite her wishes.


Thor groaned and fastened his speed, suddenly Anya found herself on top, startled with the move she just sat there unsure of how to proceed. "Just do what feels natural" Anya gasped and looked over her shoulder, James was on his knees behind her, his hand rubbing his cock as he watched Thor lift her up and slam her down. Moaning Anya felt him connect as deep inside of her as he could get, forgetting James she leaned forward and planted her hands on his chest, now moving with him.

Panting Anya felt James's hand slide down her back, resting on her bottom he pulled apart her cheeks. Shrieking in fright Anya tried to dislodge him, "Thor hold her front down" Anya felt Thor's huge arms wrap around her back and chest, pulling her front down into a hug, but pointing her rear in the air.

Anya felt something cold drip down the crease between her cheeks, shivering she laid her head against Thor's shoulder, listening to the soothing noises her was making. "Good girl Anya, you such a sweet little thing, don't worry we know what we're doing". A cold wet finger slipped into her behind, "Ah" squeaked Anya in response to the intrusion; it was only one finger and already it stung, what would it be like when he shoved his cock up there.

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"It will hurt at first Angel, I won't lie to you. But trust me you will come to crave this" James murmured as he put another finger into her, she was so tight, he could only imagine how good it would feel with both Thor and himself filling her.

Unable to wait any longer James pulled his fingers out. Praying it wouldn't hurt her to bad. Gave a knowing look to his cousin. And slowly began pushing his cock into her arse, with each inch he gained Anya seemed to cry out a little bit louder from beneath Thor's hand.

Anya tried to scream for James to stop, it felt like he was shoving a battering ram into her arse. Tears falling from her eyes, she looked pleadingly into Thor's. He looked like he was regretting the pain she was being caused, but it was hidden under his stony appearance.

"Shhh" removing his hand from her mouth Thor began kissing her softly, he knew James would almost be in and that was when it would get really difficult for Anya. So he began soothing her, it wasn't something he ever expected to be doing for a women, let alone one he shared, but something about Anya just brought out a softer side of him. Running his hands up her side Thor began toying with her nipples, rolling them in his fingers slowly before pinching them slightly and pressing.

Anya began making her adorable noises as her body began to respond, "There's a good girl" grunted out James as she did an involuntary shove back onto him. Anya couldn't believe what she was feeling, only minutes ago she was screaming for James to stop and now she was pushing back. Thor meanwhile had moved his hand down to her pussy, one finger was slowly circling her clit, while another curled inside of her strumming her g-spot.

"Oh please" begging Anya tried to gain better stimulation. "Please what" growled Thor, he grabbed his cock and aligned it with her pussy. "Show us what you want Anya, what you crave." Sobbing Anya tried to get Thor to move his hips up, so he could match James who was now thrusting slowly into and out of her arse, each time groaning.

"Please Thor, please fuck me hard" whispered Anya into his ear, instinctively knowing that would be more stimulating for him than her yelling it. "God yes" thrusting as he spoke. Anya, James and he all shouted out as one when he pounded inside of her, "God so damn tight". Making gasping noises, Anya was just pinned between them as they thrust in and out of her in perfect sync. Moaning she felt Thor and James rub against each other, only a strip of skin separating them; surprisingly this didn't seem to bother them as it would other men, they seemed to feed of each other's pleasure, getting faster and faster in time with her crying out.

Soon Anya could feel herself begin to tighten up, both Thor and James where having trouble holding back so she could come first; it was crucial she enjoyed it if it was going to happen again. Anya was unable to hold herself back any longer, shoving against both of them she felt her entire body splinter into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had; it just kept on pounding through her.

While light was still flashing through her, she dimly heard Thor and James yell out at the same time and felt something hot splash into both her pussy and her arse.

Exhausted she collapsed to the side, her body releasing both Thor and James with a painful pull. James flopped down next to her and curled his body around her back, nibbling on her shoulder softly. Thor seemed to shocked to move, but quickly broke out of it when James punched him playfully in the shoulder.

He turned and cuddled Anya's front, they all fit together perfectly and no words needed to be said. Anna was home and with roommates like these who would ever want to leave. The end