Rubia Me Chupa La Pija y Me Coje

Rubia Me Chupa La Pija y Me Coje
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1.) SEX ( a poem I tried writing in a mans point of view) Fuck me, Suck me, Make me pleased, Let me make your wildest dreams. Whip me, Beat me, Spank me please, Kinky sex is all I need. Harder, Harder, Harder please, Make me moan with just one squeeze. Grope me, Hold me, Kiss me please, Just one chance to make me pleased.

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2.) USED (a poem about losing my virginity at 12, to a 16yr old) When we made love, You were my first, You were the best, And I was your worst. It hurt so bad, It mad me all sad. You didn't even care, Especially when you were done, I bled, and I was scared, You weren't there.

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I didn't know what to do, I couldn't ask my mom, And I couldn't ask you. I cried in horror, I cried in pain, I wished it was all over, Before I went insane.

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