Hot coloured babe giving a bj

Hot coloured babe giving a bj
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My partner live away from eachother so we don't get to have as much time together but when we do we both go nuts. This happened the last time he visited He came to visit for a weekend so he booked a night in a motel. He picked me up from my place and took me to the motel where we checked in and headed to our room. We were getting comfortable when a mate showed up who hadn't seen my partner in a while who was smashed as he had been dropped off by a mate from a party he had been at.

He brang some drinks with him so we joined him. I was out on the balcony with my partner and mate when I felt my partners hand move to my ass. He began rubbing and I was getting horny but didn't know what to do since his mate was there.

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I moved closer to my partner then he moved his hand to the top of my pants and shoves his hand inside. He began rubbing my ass and slowly moved down towards my pussy. He began rubbing my clit and I looked up at him.

He then inserted a finger inside my pussy which really wet by them time and began sliding it in and out.

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I began to loose it I then was rubbing back and forth and was about to cum when he pulled his hand out. I looked at him and he told me I should go and freshen up as it was almost time to leave for dinner.

I was a little upset and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I was washing my face when my partner walked in and grabs me from behind. He starts pulling my pants off and begins fingering me again. He then told me to sit on the edge of the sink. I jumped up and within seconds he had his head between my legs.

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He licked my clit and pussy and I began to moan quietly. I was about ready to cum when he pulled me off the sink and pulled his jeans down. He spun me around and shoved his big hard cock into me.

I was in heaven I hadn't had sex in a while so I was all wound up. It didn't take long for me to cum and he kept on thrusting. By the time he came inside me I had had multiple orgasms and was satisfied. We then cleaned up to go for dinner. When I walked out I realized his friend was still there and my partner told me since there was a spare bed he was going to stay the night as he was drunk and had no way home.

I was a upset but said ok then we left for dinner. Dinner was great we went to one our favorite restaurants and enjoyed a bottle of wine together over dinner. When we finished dinner I was quite typsy and ready to go back to the motel to relax.

So we started to make our way back which was about a 7 min walk from the restaurant. We were walking when my partner decided to be cheeky. He decided to put his hands down the back of my pants like before. We were out in public so I was a little bit worried but soon got used to it. We were half way when we both couldn't contain ourselves any longer so went in search of somewhere we can play.

We found a building and it was dark so we hid behind the wall. He ripped my pants off and began fingering my pussy. I was ready to cum so I told him to go faster when I came I squirted all over the ground and we both began to giggle. He then shoved his hard cock in my pussy and fucked me till we both came together. We then pulled our pants back up and proceeded to walk the rest of the way to the motel. When we got back to the motel his mate was passed out so I decided to go for a shower to clean up.

My partner said he was going to get ready for bed shortly so I left him to it. When I got out of the shower he had changed into his boxers and was in bed.

I climbed in and lay down. We both said goodnight to eachother and tried to get some sleep. I was laying there for a while when I felt my partners arm reach around me which isn't unusual as we snuggle into eachother when we sleep but I guess that's not what he had in mind. His hand reached into my top and he began to play with my nipples making them hard and erect.

He then moved his hand down my pants and played with my pussy. I decided to take all my clothes off so I pulled his hand away and took my clothes off. He then went back to playing with my pussy whilst sucking and licking my nipples. He then pulls down his boxers and enters my pussy. He was thrusting away when I decided to switch to the cowgirl position so I hopped on top off him and took the lead.

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He then began to play with my ass and i told him if he wanted he could stick a finger in a play with my asshole. He did and by then I was very horny and still tipsy so I decided to let him do something he had wanted to do with me for ages. I looked at him and asked him if wanted to fuck my ass? He was happy but said no I don't want to hurt you. I then said fuck the pain I'm drunk and it is now or never.

He finally said ok but was still hesitant. But I quickly changed that. He then told me to get on all fours he then pushed his finger in and began to play with my hole again. He then put another finger in and asked if it hurt but I didn't. After when he thought I was ready he spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and did the same to my ass.

He then got ready to enter me. I was a little scared but I was ok. He then push the head of his cock in and stopped.

It hurt like he'll but I wasn't going to make him stop so I told hi keep going. He pushed further and further in stopping every so often to see how I was.

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He got about 3/4 in and I was in so much pain and told him to stop there. He then asked if I wanted out I said no start thrusting gently and see how we go. He was thrusting away and I was starting to enjoy myself.

He then pulled out and shoved his cock into my pussy and thrusted like crazy I was going nuts.he then told me to get into cowgirl position and fucked my ass again. By this time I was getting tired and was sore so soon after he pulled out fucked my pussy again till he blew his load. We lay there and I asked him if wanted to do anything else and he responded with I'm still hard I would love you to suck me right now so I crawled under the covers and began to lick and suck.


Giving head is something I know I'm not good at so I don't like doing it but if he really wants it I do it. I was getting tired and he told me he had no more loads left in him and it would be best to try and get some sleep.

So I stopped sucking his cock and went to the bathroom to clean up and put my clothes back on. Then I crawled into bed next to kissed him and cuddled into him and drifted to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I was very sore but shrugged it off. My partner woke shortly after me and decided to play all over again.


I told him be gentle as my pussy and ass are very sore so he decided it was best to play with my pussy only. He licked and sucked my nipples and twisted them and then entered my pussy and thrusted away. He came and not long after that as we were lying there cuddling his mate woke up. I couldn't believe his mate had slept through everything that had happened the previous night.

So he got up and made coffees and we went out for a smoke. His mate decided to go for a walk and get the paper and told us he'd be back soon. So while he was gone me and my partner jumped in the shower and we fucked again for the final time that weekend. Shortly after our shower I packed my stuff and he dropped me home then left to make his 6 hour journey home bypassing his mates who he dropped off. I enjoyed my weekend and hope when he visits again I'll have more fun and make sure we remember the lube!