Youthful legal age teenagers having sex

Youthful legal age teenagers having sex
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This is a story about a pair of twin boys in the UK and some of their experiences in life as seen through the eyes of one of them.

It is set in the past in an age when children in Britain did very much what they were told to do by an adult and never questioned it. Not to be read by persons under 18 years of age. ** WARNING ** You are about to read the forth chapter in a story that will contain graphic sexual activity between boys a man, woman and a young girl.

You need to be over 18 years old to continue reading this story. A fictional story based on facts that have been embellished. Copyright: 2011 EnglishBoy no copying or changing without owner's permission Written by EnglishBoy Contact me by sending a message via this site or by email an[email protected] Les & Bob Part 4 The following morning Father Fred woke us up as he got out of bed to go to the toilet; he said that we have to get ready quickly this morning as Matins will start at 8 am.

He went out of the room and Bob and I were rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, "Looks as though it will be another warm day" I said and jumped out of bed to open the curtains. It was a lovely morning. "Les?" Bob said "Yes" "Father Fred did touch me last night" "I knew he would, it doesn't seem right, what did he do?" I asked. "He felt my tummy and his hand slipped down to just above my Willy and he kept feeling around there for a while.

It started to make me go hard." With the benefit of hindsight, Fred obviously was checking to see if there was any hair perhaps he needed reassurance that we really were the innocent little boys he craved. Bob continued "He then felt my prick by putting his fingers and thumb together and felt from the base to the tip.

He kept rubbing his finger over the top of my foreskin." "He does seem fascinated by our foreskins doesn't he? It's probably because he doesn't have one." I said "Yes I suppose so, anyway he kept moving his finger up and down and eventually started to pull my foreskin back.

I was really hard by now and he was pulling it really slowly. I felt like asking him why he was doing it but for some reason I didn't.

Eventually he did manage to pull it all the way back and then he kept feeling the knob. Like you the night before it was moist and his fingers kept sticking to it which was a little uncomfortable. I could feel the bed moving a little. He then took his hand away and I thought that he had finished, but like you, he put his hand back on it and wiped sticky stuff all over the knob and shaft. It was very wet and made the end really sensitive. He tried to move the skin forward again but I was so hard that it stayed clipped behind the rim.

He then left me alone for quite a while and I was starting to go to sleep, he then put his hand back down to my prick and managed to slide the foreskin back into place." "I wonder if he wants us to feel as if we were cut like him." I said. At that point in walked Father Fred "Come on boys it's time to get dressed." "Do you want to check how we smell again this morning? We asked together. "Yes but quickly. Take off your PJs and sit on the end of the bed and open your legs wide" he instructed.

We did as we were told. He got on his knees and he went to Bob's privates first. I watched as he moved forward and smelled the soft shaft. I noticed that he had some dried stuff on the shaft just like mine was yesterday.


Father Fred all but stuffed his nose into the side of Bob's ball sack he was so close and he then moved his hand to Bob's shaft. I noticed that Father Fred's penis was starting to get fatter and a little longer. The big blue vein was becoming more prominent. He started to pull Bob's foreskin back and his face was really close and he smelt it all the time he was sliding the skin back.

Because Bob's dick was not yet fully hard it was easier for him to slide the skin back revealing a darkening moist purple knob end. I started to get a little hard on whilst watching.

He then pulled the skin all the way back showing the red skin at the back and wiped his finger across it like he did yesterday.


Bob and I looked at each other thinking, he is actually going to do it again … and at that moment he did, he licked his finger which was covered in 11 year old boy foreskin juice. "Urgh" we said together "do you really like that Father Fred?" "I am just checking for cleanliness." He said and started to pull Bob's foreskin back forward again. "Shall I have a smell before you do that" I asked "Yes OK down you get, I will hold back the skin for you." I sniffed it and there was the musky smell but also another that was not there yesterday.

"There is a smell that was not there yesterday Father Fred, and look, his Willy also has the same stuff on it that mine had yesterday." "Yes I had noticed that" said Father Fred. "Father Fred?" I said "Yes my son" "I have not got any of that dried stuff on my Willy this morning. Has it got anything to do with when you touched my Willy and then made it slimy?" "Yes probably, I thought you were asleep and didn't notice what I was doing." "Bob were you awake last night and did Father Fred touch your Willy?" "Yes Les.

You were asleep but you did touch my Willy didn't you Father?" "Yes Bob, the question is did you both like it or not? "Well yes" we said together hesitantly, "but we were wondering what it had to do with us learning about being clean and what our bodies will be like when we grow up." I continued "It does feel nice but I don't like having the funny smell and dry stuff on my Willy and besides, it makes my Willy really sensitive and I was trying to get to sleep." "Now listen to me boys, I am only trying to make your stay more enjoyable so if you don't like it then it will not happen again, is that alright with you?" "Yes.

Thank you." We both said together and again I added "It's not so much as I don't like it, it's more that it doesn't seem right." "OK well let's leave it at that now shall we." Said Father Fred. I looked at his penis; it had gone back to being soft. "Now let's get dressed quickly as we need to get some breakfast and go to the Cathedral." "OK" we both said and jumped up and we started talking about secret rooms and passages that used to be built into these really old buildings.

When we got down stairs for breakfast Aunt Edith was already up with Sandra and they were putting breakfast on the table. Boiled eggs and soldiers followed by some toast and marmalade. Sandra kept looking at us and smiling and she looked as though she blushed sometimes. We were talking about Ripon Cathedral and Knaresborough Castle and couldn't wait to get going. When we got to the Cathedral we made it bang on time for Matins. As an 11 year old I can assure you that Matins is a boring service, no singing and therefore not much to do other than listen.

That hour soon passed … not! The only upside to it was that I sat next to Sandra and I kept touching her hand. She smelled wonderful. Anyway after that Father Fred took us all to see another priest dressed in very colourful robes, not like the ones in our little parish, apparently he was the Dean, a personal friend of Father Fred and at that point we were given permission to look around the building.

Father Fred started talking about the history he said that it was built around 672 years after Jesus had died by a chap called Wilfred and there is some of this original building left in the crypt. We also went to the private library where there are lots of old books and manuscripts. We left when people were starting to arrive for the main sung mass.

We drove to Knaresborough and went to the Castle. It was really great Bob, Sandra and I had lots of fun running around, hiding and exploring. There were even some secret underground tunnels.

When we were playing hide and seek, Father Fred was sitting on a bench reading, I found a great spot behind a buttress covered with a bush, and it was a bit tight but a good spot. Sandra followed me into it. It was a bit squashed, but I didn't mind, in fact I was really enjoying it, especially when I felt her hand really close to my Willy which seemed to have it's own mind on what was the right thing to do right then and on the basis that we were at a castle it stood to attention.

Sandra's little hand brushed past it a couple of times and she looked at me and smiled. I was dying for her to grab hold of it and play with it. Then we heard Bob coming closer, we moved closer together as a result and I was rubbing my Willy up against her thigh.

We were giggling and of course Bob found us. We had some lunch at a little café, sandwiches, and then went off to Pately Bridge where there are some caverns. These were spectacular well lighted caverns with large stalagmites and stalactites etc. After this we went back to Aunt Edith's cottage. She told Fred that he had received a telephone call from the Parish and he went off to call them back. When he returned he said that he was going to stay at Edith's for tomorrow night as well and that he would phone our parents to make sure that they were OK with Bob and I staying for an extra day away.

He made the call and that was all arranged. Bob and I had a short time to speak with Mum and Dad (phone calls in the UK were expensive in those days) and told them what a great time we were having. She said that we had 1 hour before dinner was ready so we sat outside with a drink chatting. Sandra went to an all girl's school in York. She did seem very clever. Her Dad had dies when she was 5 and her Mum had not met another partner, well not that Sandra was aware of.

She explained that this was the reason she was fascinated last night when she was helping to bath Bob and I. At 13 years old she had just not seen a live penis, just a drawing in a book.

Bob came right out with it "Do you want to have another look at our dicks now, before dinner?" "Well if you don't mind yes please" she said. "Well if we show you ours will you show us yours? We said together She smiled and said "It is funny when you do that" "What?" we said together "That" she laughed out loud.

"Well there is a disused outbuilding up on that hill that Les and I found yesterday why don't we go and explore it? Bob said "Good idea, I will just go and tell Aunt Edith where we are going." I said. We ran up to the building and I said, "Go on then, show us what yours looks like because you have already seen ours and more than just seen mine" I said with a big white smile. "OK then but you don't tell anyone, got it?" "Got it" we said. Sandra pulled up her skirt to reveal some plain white knickers.

Bob and I were kneeling down in front of her. We were so excited. We had never ever seen what a girl looks like before. Of course we had seen our Mummy's breasts but nothing down below. Not her private bits. Sandra was enjoying having this control over both of us. OK you two now moved forward and I want you each to take a side of my pants and slowly pull them down.

Bob and I looked at each other, this was just getting better and better I was just about to get a look at a real live 13 year old pussy. I could feel my dick twitching and wondered why that was I said to Bob "my Willy is getting bigger just thinking about this" "Tell me something I don't know" he laughed "why is that happening?" Sandra said "That's just what happens apparently according to my teacher; she says that young boys get hard all the time." Slowly Bob and I took hold of either side of Sandra's knickers and started to pull them down.

Slowly the big mystery was being revealed. We got the pants down to her knees and stopped. "Close your mouths" Sandra said smiling "this is what I call my Winky. Some of the girls at school call it a pussy and one calls it a cunt." There were some small wisps of hair, but not many, and there for us to feast our eyes on was a rather strange looking thing. "Where is it all?" we asked in unison, "It's all here, but unlike boys, girls have most of their bits tucked away nice and neatly, look, let me take off my pants and I will show you more." Sandra bent down and took off her pants and then she opened her legs wider to show us more.

There were a few hairs either side of her but she was right there was a bit more to look at. Including what looked like a little knob sticking out of some skin at the top "Look Bob, she has a Willy as well" I said.

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"Don't be silly" she said "that is the bit that Aunty Edith was talking about last night, the bits that needs washing because of the smegma, you remember, the clitoris." "Oh yes" we both said "so it is like our knobs then?" "Yes very similar in some respects." "Right" she said "that's it for now I will let you look again another time but right now I want to see more of you two, off with your trousers!" As we were removing our clothes Sandra was putting hers back on. Bob and I stood there with just our underpants on with our little bulges in front.

Sandra got on her knees and went to Bob first and slowly pulled his pants down. He was standing at half mast then she turned to me and did the same, I was similarly standing and Sandra was giggling. "What's the matter?" we both said "your thingies just seem so funny all hanging out like they do with everything on show." She moved forward and patted Bob's end with her index finger and it bobbed up and down and started to grow to full hard on.

She did the same to mine, it felt like an electric shock as soon as she touched it and again mine also went to full hard on. She looked carefully at them and said that she wanted to compare them, "how long are they?" she enquired.

"I don't know" I said honestly "I have never measured it" "I have" stated Bob, we both looked at him "go on then tell me how big it is when it is all stiff like this" said Sandra as she gave his another little pat, it didn't wobble this time it sprang straight back up about 30 degrees from the tummy, rock hard 11 year old boy cock straining in the skin that surrounded it.

The foreskin was still covering the glans like a little rose bud at the end, a little red rose bud. The flesh was white and there were some little veins going down the length of the shaft. "Well I measured it last week using Mums sewing tape measure, it was 3 ¼ inches to the end measured from the top of the dick so I had to push it down a little to get the tape into the root" "Wow 3 ¼ inches is quite big for 11 I would have thought, but there again, how would I really know." Said Sandra.

She tapped mine which was standing very proud now knowing that it was 3 ¼ inches long and it also stood as hard as anything organic could do. This line that goes from the top of your Willy all the way down your shaft and over your balls and then through to your bottom is funny, it is like a seam that you would get when you join something together in sewing.

As she said this she traced the seam with her finger tip and it felt fantastic. It made my prick jump and she laughed at that. "Ooh let me seem if the same thing happens with Bob's" and sure enough it did. "Did you measure how fat it was Bob?" I asked "all the way around" "You mean the circumference" said Sandra "Yeah, OK the circumference" I said "Yes, it was exactly 2 ¼ inches" said Bob.

She put hand underneath Bob's ball sack and the other under mine and was comparing them. She felt the little balls inside which were about the size of a medium sized grape.

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I had noticed that my balls were getting larger like I knew that my prick was getting larger but I hadn't thought about measuring it. Still not really any need now I knew that Bob measured his and we were identical. "I know that my Willy and Balls have got bigger recently but I never measured them Bob" I said "Well I thought I would measure it to see if it really was growing bigger" Bob said.

The feel of Sandra's little hand on my balls was exquisite it made my dick bounce and throb; I looked at Bob's which was doing the same. I looked at Sandra, her blue eyes were fixed on first one dick and balls and then on the other closely comparing every detail. Then she put her fingers at the top of both of our Willies and slowly started to pull down the foreskins.

"Wow, Aunt Edith was certainly correct, this is the only difference between you, yours is not exactly hard to pull down Bob but it does seem tighter. The colour of both of your glans is the same and they both look shiny, I wonder why it is such a dark purple." "It isn't always that colour Sandra" I said and Bob finished "when our willies are soft it is more of a light red, it only goes that colour when we are hard.

Go on keep pulling mine back." My foreskin had clipped behind the glans already. As she pulled Bob's back she sniffed the air and then moved her face nearer to Bob's knob and sniffed again "phew your Willy smells" she moved over to mine and smelled it "yours doesn't smell anything like Bob's" she said.

Bob and I looked at each other, we both knew the reason for that and were playing things through in our mind whether we should tell Sandra why. Bob obviously felt as though he had been singled out for having a smelly Willy and chipped in "well it's not my fault that it smells; Father Fred put something on it last night that has made it smell like this." "When did he do that because I thought you all went to bed when you left the living room?" "When I was in bed" said Bob and I added "he did the same to me the night before which is why mine smelled more last night when you were bathing me." "What was it the stuff that he put on it?" "Don't know" we both said.

All the time we were talking about this she kept feeling the length of both of our Willies it was a really lovely feeling and her hands were so soft and gentle. She took her hand away from Bob's and smelled her fingers "I can smell it on my fingers now as well" she said she offered her fingers to me to smell them Yep, they smelled alright. Bob also had a smell but I could see that he wasn't enjoying this attention, after all he was 11 and knew perfectly well how to keep clean and this was out of his control.

It wasn't fair. He penis stayed rock hard though as Sandra continued to feel the shaft. Not rubbing up and don, just feeling it around the sides top to bottom and just touching the knob. Her fingers seemed to stick a little on my knob (and presumably Bob's) because they were moist.

"Sandra, when you touch the end like that it is a little uncomfortable because your fingers seem to stick to the skin" I said. She looked closely whilst she did it another 6 or 7 times and said I can see that it does stick. Then she did it again to both of us another 5 times and smiled at us both as we started to wriggle, it was almost as if she wanted to cause us some discomfort.

Just then we heard a voice and it sacred us all to death, well just about "If you apply more lubrication it won't stick" it was Father Fred. "I was wondering why you three were in such a hurry to come up here out of the way and now I know." "Sorry" we all said together. "What is the idea, why are you here?" We looked at each other, Bob and I didn't like lying but we were saved by Sandra "I wanted to compare their thingies Uncle Fred, after I saw them last night I just wanted to see how identical they were." Bob and I thought it best not to mention that we had also just seen our first ever Winky.

"It's quite understandable Sandra and perfectly normal so don't worry, I won't be telling anyone". "Oh thank you Uncle Fred" I could tell that Sandra was relieved. "The boys had been saying that their err Willies and balls have been getting larger just recently and they have measured them." Sandra told Father Fred who said that they will get much larger over the next few years.

"Really, how much bigger do they get?" "Well, if you promise not to tell anyone, if I show you mine you will have a good idea as to how large they can grow, what do you think about that?" "I promise" said Sandra "It will be good experience for me for when I am a nurse." Father Fred came over to us all and said "leave yourselves like that boys, with your foreskins pulled back as it will be a like for like comparison for Sandra" "OK Sandra, why don't you take down my trousers and pants the same way that you did for the boys" he unbuckled his belt and unfastened the buttons and zip and then he left it for Sandra to take the trousers down.

I could see that there was a growing bulge in Father Fred's boxers. Sandra moved onto the boxers and started to pull them down.

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She took a big breath in when his big prick bounced up in front of her no more than about 5 inches away from her face.

"Wow I wasn't expecting it to be that big" she said. "There isn't any skin on the end like the boys have!" Sandra stated "That is because I was circumcised as a child" Father Fred said "it was the tradition in our family and it makes it easier to keep clean.

When I was a child most parents circumcised their baby boys." She started to move her hand forward to touch Fred's now big and fat penis but she stopped herself. "Go on you can touch it Sandra, I won't tell anyone." Father Fred said. I watched as she moved her trembling hand forward, Fred's prick was throbbing in anticipation. She touched the shaft about half way down and it bounced.

"Wow" she exclaimed "It seems excited for me to touch it" she said talking about it as if it had a mind of it's own, which in hindsight I probably think that it had. She tried to get her hand around the shaft but it wouldn't go all the way around, the middle finger and her thumb were about ½ an inch away from each other.

That confirmed to me that her hands were smaller than mine at least. "It's really hot Uncle Fred does it always get this warm?" "Yes my child, it does but only when it is hard like this." "Can you compare the size of your Willy to Bob and Les's?" "How do you want to do that young lady?" ask Fred "Put them together, side by side, you know how it works boys, like I did to you in the bath last night" she said.

Bob and I demonstrated to Father Fred what she meant and he said "OK who is going first?" "I will" I said and I stood on a large piece of stone that had come out of the wall, this put our penises at about the same height and Father Fred came over to me. He took hold of my rock hard 11 year old boy penis and pointed it straight out, being very careful not to push down too hard.

He then moved his closer until his knob end touched my bald pubic region. My Willy only went just about half way along Father Fred's. "Wow Uncle Fred, yours is twice the size of Les's and look how thick it is!" I could feel the heat coming from Father Fred's penis transferring onto mine. His knob was dark red compared to my dark purple one. My knob was still shiny and Father Fred's was nearly shiny if that makes sense. Fred then said let's compare another way and he let my prick spring up and hit my tummy and then he said to Sandra "lift my penis up and take hold of Les's and put both the heads together, make the glans of each penis touch at the sensitive bit." She did this; it felt really different having my penis touching such a big one.

This time my balls came about ¾ down Father Fred's Willy, not even touching his ball sack. Sandra tried to put her hands around both penises and did manage it. She squeezed them both together. I have to say that it did feel quite nice.

Then she squeezed the knobs together, I could see that Father Fred was particularly enjoying this and I noticed that his breathing had become shallow again. "Wow Uncle Fred your knob end is really big when compared to Les's. At least neither of yours smells like Bob's does" poor Bob under attack again for something that was not his fault. "That's not fair, tell her Father Fred, mine only really smells because of the stuff you put on it last night.

Please father Fred tell her." Bob pleaded. "It is true Sandra that I put some stuff on Bob's penis last night and that it does make it smell, mainly because it hasn't wiped off onto his pants during today because of the foreskin which keeps it trapped." "What stuff was it?" she asked I could see that Father Fred was a little uncomfortable about this and was unsure what to say, this is unusual, he normally had an answer for everything.

Whilst this was going on Sandra had slid my foreskin back into its normal position and Bob was coming to stand on the stone. "I will tell you another time but basically it is a liquid that makes sure that the inside pipe work of a mans penis, not the bit that issues urine, is working properly and is clean inside.

It's called Sperm." "How do you get it to appear and clean the inside?" we all asked. "This is something I will show you another time if we get the opportunity!" Father Fred said. "Isn't sperm used for making babies?" Sandra asked "Yes it is." "Listen you three" Father Fred said "I just want you to make sure that this lesson is strictly between us and that you won't tell anyone else about this OK?" "Yes OK.

We all said "No make a promise to me!" "We promise." We all said. Sandra compared Bob's penis to Father Fred's, of course it was exactly the same but after she had squeezed their knobs together she put her hand to Fred's nose and said smell this. He put his hands down and pulled Bob's skin all the way back, the smell became stronger, and like he had this morning, he ran his finger over the red skin at the back of the rim. There seemed to be more moisture there and again he put this finger to his nose and then licked it." Sandra was stood with her mouth wide open hardly believing what she had just seen.

"It's OK Sandra, as you get older you will realise that it is perfectly normal to taste the juices of each other. Especially the juices of such wonderful 11 year old boy cocks such as these." "It's disgusting especially with it smelling like it does." "No it isn't, it's just different, something new none of you have come across before, that's all." Said Fred in a matter of fact kind of way.

"Look" Father Fred I said "your Willy has some liquid on the end of it, is that the stuff, Sperm, you were talking about?" "Not exactly it's the next thing to it, it serves a different function and not everyone gets this." "Did you get some Sperm last night when we bathed you, you know right at the end when that white stuff appeared in the water?" "Yes and when I felt your knob throbbing" said Bob.

Whilst this conversation was going on Father Fred gently eased Bob's foreskin back into it's protective position. It was still standing hard and as such he had to coax the skin back over the rim. "Yes it was. That is enough of this for now, we need to go back to the cottage and get our evening meal" said Fred and that brought this 'lesson' to a close.

"Did the boys really bath you Uncle Fred?" Sandra asked "Oh can I help next time, please?" "Sandra, I don't know, it's one of those things that we were not supposed to be talking about!" as Father Fred said this he cast a stern look at Bob and me. "But please Uncle Fred." Sandra persisted "I'll think about it, and nobody mentions this or the bathing again OK!" He said sternly "and I mean to anyone!" "OK" we all said and set off toward the house.

We raced down the hill, leaving Fred behind. We had a delicious roast beef dinner and after we had all helped clear up the table we went and sat outside in the evening sun. Sandra was really easy to talk with and Bob and I got on really well with her. She was asking what it was like to bath such a large man.

"Well" said Bob "I guess it's the same as bathing us but much bigger. He did want us to spend a lot of time on his bottom and private bits and they are so large. It does feel so very different from ours. For one thing, he doesn't really get as hard as we do does he Les?" "No he doesn't. He did enjoy it though and I think we made him feel good which is just as well because we had upset him earlier and that made everything right. A bit like just now, he is obviously upset with us two." Just then Aunt Edith came out of the house and said that she was going round to the Jones's as they were having a whist drive and that she would be back later.

"OK Aunt Edith" we all said "Good Night." I could hear the pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen as Fred was cleaning up. "Good Night children and be good for Fred" she turned and off she went.

"Perhaps this will give me the opportunity to help bath you two again and perhaps Uncle Fred." Sandra said expectantly. I felt a stirring in my Willy with the thought of Sandra helping to bath me. "I don't know what Father Fred will think, he did get a bit strange last night and to be honest I was really pleased to see you turn up.

Do you think you will have a bath as well?" "I did have one last night when you all went upstairs and I usually have one every 2 days but it depends on what I am told." "Did Aunt Edith bath you last night?" "Yes, after you two had gone she explained more about your Willies and why the glans has to be kept clean and then she very gently showed me how to wash my Winky properly." "Hasn't your Mummy shown you that already?" Bob asked "Yes but it is useful to have someone else explaining the different bits and what they do.

It was confirming many things that I was taught in the Sex Ed classes at school. And besides that, it feels lovely to have someone else touching my Winky, especially the clitoris, you know the knob." "Did she spend a lot of time washing your Winky compared to the rest of your body?

I asked. "Yes she did and she did make me feel good but then we stopped because I wanted to have a wee." "I asked her about how she felt when she was bathing you two because she noticed that I enjoyed it" she said "Oh and what did she say?" Bob asked "Aunt Edith explained that the reason I feel excited about bathing you two is exactly the same reason that she enjoys it.

She said that it is like taking control of the boy. She said that she particularly likes little boys with foreskins and is fascinated with the ways Bob's is tighter than yours Les. She did say that she would like to give you both a bath once more before you go home. Apparently she has another friend in the village where she goes occasionally and helps her wash her two boys." "I guess that makes sense I wonder if Father Fred has helped her as well." "I asked her that and she said that he did on one occasion." "How old are the boys?

I asked "Apparently they are 11 and 13 years old." "It does feel good to be felt and washed by someone else" we both said.

"Did Aunt Edith play with your bits in bed last night?" I asked. The house only had 2 bedrooms and 2 double beds. "No not really although she did play with my breasts a little whilst we were talking.

Feeling them and gently playing with the nipples. Then she stopped and lied on her back and brought her knees up a little bit. She started saying how lovely you both were and how lucky we both were to be able to expose your knobs and wash them clean." "Do you think you are lucky?" we asked together "Yes. Aunt Edith said that all boys should be washed by someone who knows what they are doing and if they are done properly they will have a wonderful experience.

Apparently boys should be taught how to clean themselves until they are quite old and the more women that see the boy and wash the boy, the better he will be for it in life." "I guess that makes us lucky this weekend then!" we smiled at each other. "Did she just go to sleep then?" "Yes but not straight away, she seemed to be moving her hand between her legs and her breathing went really shallow and then her legs seemed to spasm and she took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly".

Just then Father Fred shouted for us all to come into the cottage. "OK you lot, I had a chat with Edith before she went and apparently she has explained to Sandra that she really ought to have a bath everyday and we already know that you boys need one, as do I after such a warm day." He said "The only question is who goes first and helps does what to help?" "Sandra, Edith said that you were very good at helping last night with the boys so I think you ought to do the same thing tonight." "OK" said Sandra "but I would really like to help bath you as well, you know to help me with my anatomy lessons for being a nurse when I grown up." "Hmm" said Fred "Edith also said that you were more than capable of bathing yourself Sandra, is that what you want or would you want someone to help you?" "I think that it would be good for the boys to understand more about little girls as well don't you?" "I am inclined to agree.

OK so this is what is going to happen, I will have my bath first and all three of you will help, next will be Sandra and the boys will help you, you will have to tell them what to do whilst I am getting dressed. Then the boys will be next. Now that we have an order of things all of you go and get your PJs and I will start running the first bath." We all ran upstairs, quite excited wanting to get to grips with things, to coin a phrase. Sandra was the first to go down stairs to the bathroom and we were following close behind.

The bath was ready and Father Fred put his PJs on the top of a chest of draws. He started to take off his clothes and we three children stood there watching. "Now remember, this is between us and nobody else" He gave Bob and me another stern look and said "Nobody, got it." "Yes Father" "Boys, you had better take off your shirts and shorts, there is no point in getting them wet.

Sandra, you are probably alright with your little top and skirt if you want to stay like that it's up to you." Sandra watched as Bob and I took our clothes of our lithe 11 year old bodies. We stood there with nothing on except our white cotton pants with little boy bulges in the front.

She smiled at us and took off her top, she was wearing a vest underneath which she left on and then she removed her skirt and left her pants on. Father Fred finished taking off his clothes, there was a faint smell of sweat, which certainly meant that his armpits needed a good clean.

We all looked at Fred's now naked body, covered in hair, his penis was not exactly totally soft, it was getting fat and hanging lower than when it was flaccid.

He stepped into the bath as sat down. "I don't suppose this will take long with three of you working away" he said. We washed his hair and whilst Bob went to wash his feet, Sandra and I washed his arms, back, neck and chest, Sandra also washed his belly button. "Well as I thought you didn't take long in doing that, do you want me to stand up now?" he asked. "Yes please" we all said. "OK then I will turn my back to you and boys you can wash my bottom cheeks and then pull them apart so that Sandra can wash and examine my anus area".

We all soaped our hands again and Bob and I washed the hairy bum cheeks. We then separated them so that Sandra now had unrestricted sight of Father Fred's bottom. She rubbed her fingers around the rim of the anus very gently.

"Is that OK Uncle Fred?" she asked "Yes, you are not hurting me." He replied she then wiped his anus with her fingers and again around the rim. "Very good Sandra" he said, he took a deep breath and said "Tell me when you think it is clean and I will turn around." Sandra then ran her fingers to the bottom of his crack and between his legs over the perineum. Father Fred opened his legs a bit wider to give her better access.

"OK Uncle Fred, you can turn around now." Father Fred's balls were hanging low, his penis was starting to grow, and in fact it was standing about 45 degrees from hanging vertically.

Sandra said that she wanted to wash the ball sack to "feel the difference between his and yours" she said whilst looking at me.

I got the soap and started to wash the mass of pubic hair and then Bob and I started on his legs doing a leg each and our fingers meeting in the middle in the main pubic region. The hair was long with grey and brown hairs. I watch Sandra's little 13 year old hands trembling with excitement as she went to the scrotum. She put a hand underneath as if weighing the sack and it's contents. "Wow Uncle Fred, it feels so heavy especially when compared at the side of Les's." Father Fred's balls were about the size of two small plums.

The left one hung lower than the right one and they were in a ball sack which was very hairy and about the size of a small apple. As opposed to mine, which were the size of 2 medium grapes and they hung in a small hairless sack about the size of a small Clementine. "It's not really surprising is it Sandra?

After all Les has a lot of growing to do but he does still have reasonably sized balls and scrotum for his age. I would say that he is not far of going through puberty. Sandra, you are doing an excellent job." Sandra was now washing down the sides of the ball sack with her little fingers. I reached forward and pulled up the scrotum and said "You need to put your hand right to the back, toward the bottom to clean the underneath properly." Her little hand went back feeling along the perineum "This is quite swollen along her Uncle Fred." Her fingers were going from side to side.

"Yes child, press harder if you want to, it will squash in". As she did that the penis jumped up, this provided some entertain for us all, she tried it a couple more tie and then Bob and I had a play as well. Sandra started to soap her hands again and said that she was gong to wash the main part of the shaft now.

Bob and I started stroking the balls gently massaging one each and running our little fingers down the side of the sack meeting behind the scrotum. Bob kept his fingers going back toward the bottom. As I watch Sandra slowly put her hands onto Fred penis, it jumped again.

Father Fred was breathing very shallowly, his eyes transfixed on the sight below him of two 11 year old boys washing his balls and a 13 year old girl washing his penis. Sandra put her little fingers around the shaft and started washing it up and down, Father Fred breathed out, she then put her other hand onto the shaft and started to rub up and down. Her hands were only on the shaft and stopped on the up strokes behind the rim of the glans. Bob slid his back toward Fred's anus and he did something that made Fred's penis jump again.

"Keep doing that Bob" he said. "What are you doing Bob? I asked "I am just pressing my middle finger against his bum hole" he said "What, are you putting it into his bum?" "No, not really but it does feel like a finger tip is starting to go in." "Let me look" I went to the other side of Bob and Fred turned a little so that I could see what was going on, no doubt he wanted to actually know what was happening as well.

I pulled Father Fred's cheeks apart and watched as Bob's fingers slipped back again sliding right over the hole and as he was bringing them back his middle finger pressed against the anus and the actual tip of his finger went into the hole. "It does Bob; your finger tip is actually going inside Father Fred bum hole." He pulled his hand back and smelled his finger "I can only smell soap" he said.

"Let me have a go" I said I swapped places with Bob and started to wash the perineum and slide my hand to Father Fred's bum hole. I could feel my middle finger slide over the anus and on the way back I did as Bob had done and pushed against the sphincter. Right in front of my face Sandra was still washing Father Fred's shaft and then she decided to wash the knob. "This is very hot Uncle Fred, and it does keep jumping around as the boys keep playing with your bottom" she said "I didn't realise it would get so warm and fat, look I can't get my hand around the knob end!" she said "You are all doing a great job of getting me clean I have to say" said Fred.

At the point when Sandra's little 13 year old hand clasped around Father Fred's knob my 11 year old finger was let through the anus into the passage only by my finger tip but I definitely felt it go in. "Clean a bit deeper Les if you can" said Father Fred "It feels really nice keep going, keep going." "But if I do go further won't I get poo on my fingers?" I asked "Yes but you can wash them if you do can't you, that's the whole point." I pulled my hand back and smelled it like Bob had done.

He was right I could only smell soap, I went back and went through the same motion and slipped my middle finger back into the anus only this time I pushed a little further. Bob pulled the cheeks apart and watch, he said you are up to your first knuckle now Les" That's far enough I thought to myself I looked at Bob he had screwed his face up, yes I thought to myself this is a bit gross. It is one thing washing the outside of the body but to wash the inside is something else.

I brought my hand back and then focused on Father Fred's balls again. "Les, go back to wash my bottom again please" Father Fred asked "Bob will you do that whilst I play with the ball sack, I love this feel of the crinkly skin when it starts to draw itself up against the body." I said.

Bob moved his hand back into position and was sliding it back and forth over the rim and anus. Sandra had both hands around the knob end and then I moved my hand onto the shaft. "I can't get over how big your Willy is Father Fred" I said "I'll bet we can all wash the shaft together lets try.

Sandra you put your hand at the top just behind the knob" "OK" she said" I put my hand right underneath hers, I looked at her she was smiling, Bob put his hand underneath mine.

There we were all three hands in a line on the same shaft. We were all laughing. "Lets wash it then" I said we all moved our hands gently up and down together and on each up stroke we stopped and Sandra's small hand ran into the rim of the glans. Up down up down up down.

Sandra then said "I want to feel what it is like to rub Uncle Fred's bottom hole as you have done" she kept her left hand on the shaft and with her right she started to wash the perineum and slide her hand back toward the anus. "You beautiful children" said Father Fred, his face was red and he was sweating. "Shall we wash you off now Father? Bob asked. "Well it depends on if you want to see the fluid that ensures the inside of the penis is clean and working" said Father Fred.

"Do you mean sperm Uncle Fred?" asked Sandra "Yes" We all looked at each other and said "Yes let's see that." "Well just keep doing what you are doing and it will come out of the hole at the end of the glans.

Now it may spurt out a distance so the boys without their tops on should stand immediately in front. Now that's it, keep moving your hands up and down as you are doing, Sandra keep your right hand moving back and forth and just a little into the anus, oh that feels good.

Boys I want you to start to rub the glans please. Oh yes you are all doing a fabulous job. Keep it up, keep going. Oh my goodness, now watch carefully." "Uncle Fred you Willy is getting fatter" we all said because we all felt it at the same time. I looked at Father Fred; he was looking down at us and seemingly hardly daring to breath. He was feasting his eyes on one 13 year old girl and two 11 year old boys slowly and gently with inexperienced small hands bringing him to his orgasm.

The very first one they will have witnessed in their little lives and the very first time they will experience the touch and smell of fresh sperm.

His legs started to shake. Then we all felt it throbbing, pulsing and then it happened. One shot of sperm shot out of the end of Father Fred's Willy and landed on Bob's chin and then another quite quickly afterwards hit him on the chest, and another, and another, then it just seemed to dribble out, he got hold of our little hands that were wrapped around his cock and slowed the movements down.

Bob had sperm running down his fingers and wrist and starting to go down his arm. The glob that went onto his chin was just starting to drip down.

The sperm was in thick globules white, opaque and after a time it was going runny. "OK boys, stop touching the glans now, Sandra, you can stop cleaning my bottom now as well. In fact I will now sit down so that you can wash all the soap off." He was breathing hard let him self down into the bath slowly. Sandra and I looked at Bob's chin and chest; he seemed to have a lot of sperm running down him.

Sandra leaned forward and smelled his chest. It doesn't smell as bad as I was expecting, a bit like some cleaning fluid or something. She touched it, it was very slippy and I also touched it and it certainly confirmed that this was the stuff that Father Fred had rubbed onto my Willy a couple of nights ago.

Father Fred handed Bob a wash cloth to wipe himself, Sandra took it off him and wiped him down instead. Whilst she was doing that I knelt down at the side of the bath and started to wash off the soap around Father Fred's Willy, Balls and Bottom.

"Good boy" he said. He stood up and asked to be handed his towel. His Willy had decreased in size significantly and although quite red, it was now hanging down rather than standing out. We all noticed that it was shrinking and I said "Father Fred, I guess when you said that there is a way to make it small again quickly, that was it?" "Yes Les, but what I also said was that it doesn't always work with little boys who get very hard." He started to let some water out of the bath and stepped out to dry himself off.

Bob was busy washing off the sperm that was running down his arm in the remaining water. The bath was refilled and it was Sandra's turn to get into the bath. She started to take off her top and for Bob and I the first time in our little 11 year old lives we saw some real breasts that were not Mummy's. "Close your mouths" Sandra said smiling as she remember this afternoons little game. She pulled off the top over her head and there she presented us with two little orbs. The nipples were protruding and there was dark shin all swollen looking around them.

The mounds were quite small but the nipples were much bigger than mine or Bob's. It was obvious to the educated eye that there would eventually be two marvellous breasts here at some not too distant time in the future. To the uneducated eye it was just a marvellous sight which made my Willy twitch. She bent down and removed her knickers, and for the second time in a day I saw her Winky.

She stepped into the bath. Father Fred had left the bathroom and I noticed that he was still shaking a little.

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Sandra sat down in the bath and lay back in the water to wet her hair. When she sat up Bob and I washed her hair and washed out all the soap. We then soaped our hands and started to rub her back. Compared to Father Fred her body was so soft.

She started to play with us and was splashing us, so much so that we started to get wet through. Father Fred walked in and told us in no uncertain terms that we should stop washing the floor.

He told Bob and me to take off our pants and he would put them in the wash with the other things. We did as we were told. We knelt back down and continued to wash Sandra's back and neck. We did an arm each and then looked at her chest. "Well do you want to clean them or not" she said, her face was flushed and I couldn't know if it was because of embarrassment or in expectation and excitement.

I felt my prick starting to twitch and I looked at Bob's his was also starting to rise, we looked at each other and smiled, we looked at Sandra and she said "Les will you wash my right breast and Bob you do the left one." I moved my hand over to the left breast and started to wash around it, the skin was so soft.

I pressed in a little and it was surprisingly firm.


Bob was doing the same when we heard a click from the doorway. Father Fred was standing there with his camera; he took another couple of shots as we looked at him in surprise. I suppose it made a good photograph, two 11 year old identical twin boys washing the breasts of a pubescent 13 year old girl with small but very firm growing breasts, the boys with their angelic little faces with the beginnings of little hard dicks and intent on what they were doing.

"Why did you take a photo Uncle Fred?" Sandra asked "For some happy memories in my scrap book, why do you mind?" he asked "Well I suppose not, they are just for you aren't they?" "Yes" said Father Fred, although he didn't make eye contact when he said that "And if you don't mind then I will take a couple more." Well he seemed to have railroaded that through Bob and me without us even being consulted. Still if it was OK with Sandra it was OK with me.

I got back to the job in hand, making sure that Sandra's tits were clean. It was a lovely feeling, when my fingers slipped along her breast and over the ridge of the areola and then around and around it until I went over the nipple and played with that. I gave it a little squeeze and Sandra said "Don't be too rough." She was enjoying the feel of our hands cleaning her breasts and the rest of her chest and tummy.

She had a flat tummy with a navel that went in. "OK boys you can do a leg each now, first the left and Bob can do that. Les you can focus on both breasts for now." Sandra said. I was enjoying this and I watched and Bob was carefully washing in-between her toes and then up her left leg. I looked at his prick it was standing up stiff now, as was mine. We were both at full hard on, both of our foreskins just covering what they should.

Sandra's nipples and also got harder and a bit longer. The nipples were about 3/8th of an inch in diameter and standing up about another 3/8th of an inch. The areola was about 1 ½ inches diameter raised and was a dark red but the nipple was much darker.

"OK swap places" Sandra said and then raised her right leg for me to attend to. I was gently washing the toes and Bob was concentrating on both breasts and then "click" another snap shot. I worked my way up the leg and got close to the top and almost instinctively Sandra put a hand down to stop me going any further.

I looked at her and said "are you OK with this we can stop if you want?" She thought about it and said "Yes, sure it seems only fair after I bathed you last night, and I am going to have another play tonight aren't I!" she had a bid smile on her face. "Alright boys I will stand up so that you can bath the bits you're dying to do" and she stood up click went the camera.

Her pert little breasts looked fantastic and I could have sworn that there was an extra hair down below but of course there wasn't. It was just incredible to see a girl in this state. My Willy and Bob's I noticed was rock hard and Sandra noticed this and said "See what I mean, you can't wait to touch me can you?" "OK boys you can wash by bottom now".

Bob moved the cheeks apart; there was a completely hairless bottom hole. I tentatively moved my fingers and circled the rim of the anus. Sandra breathed in "Wow Les that feels so lovely." At that point I gently passed my middle finger over the anus. Her little bottom cheeks tried to close on my fingers a bit like she was trying to stop me from doing this, but Bob had them held open and I continued to rub the rim and anus gently and she relaxed. The rim was a very light pink and brown and did not look dirty at all.

"Come on Les, it's my turn now" insisted Bob and we swapped places. Bob did as he had first with Father Fred, started to push his middle finger up into the anus click, click "careful Bob that feels as though it's going to be painful!" Sandra said a bit alarmed. "OK Sandra I don't want to hurt you, sorry." Bob stopped try to get his finger into Sandra's anus and kept rubbing over it lightly and gently. Sandra moved away from us and turned around so that we could now clean her pussy.

"Now I want you both to do the tops of my legs and get into the creases either side of my perineum and long the perineum to my bottom, like we did earlier to Uncle Fred. We moved our hands close and as we moved together as identical twins do, we moved up to either side of her pussy click (Father Fred was now taking lots of photographs, far too many for a personal album I thought) Bob then moved his hand to the anus and I moved mine over the perineum rubbing it from side to side.

I then brought my hand back to the front but keeping it in the middle of the body so that my entire hand covered her Winky. She breathed in sharply "Oh no" I said "Am I hurting you?" "Not at all, give it another rub!" I didn't need a second invitation and rubbed it, as I pulled my hand up my middle finger sort of slipped in between the outer folds of the pussy lips, it felt really warm and I bent my head down to have a look.

"Just a minute boys, let me show you in a bit more detail what is going on here. These are called my outer lips, take one each and move them gently apart" "It does look as though you have a little cock there look" I said "It is just poking out from underneath that little bit of skin".

"I was going to get to that" Sandra said "that is the bit that is like your knobs." She looked at Bob and I, our eyes were glued to the spot and our 11 year old fingers were gently holding open the outer lips of her almost bald little pussy.

"That is called my clitoris and the skin above it is like your foreskin, it's called the prepuce or hood. You are holding open my outer lip which as called the Labia majora and these little folds of skin here are call my inner lips or Labia minora" "I need to get closer" I said and moved my face very close "I can feel you breathing on my pussy Les." "Does it feel nice?" I asked and then blew onto the clitoris. Sandra shivered "oh yes, it does!" The inner lips were a dark red colour and crinkly and I could see a few more hairs starting to grow to the sides of the outer lips.

"What is this little thing here" I asked. We all looked at where I was pointing "That's where my wee comes from." She said "I want to look as well" said Bob and I moved back to allow him better access.

He blew on the clit as well which had the same effect and then he started to wash the clit and hood. All the time there was the clicking of Father Fred's camera "That's right boys, you must make sure that it is clean around there" he said Bob continued to rub very gently on the clit and Sandra started to look a bit flushed. "Just a minutes boys" she said "I need you to wash the rest so gently pull the inner lips apart and run your fingers on the inside" she instructed.

I went first, it was so soft and hot, really hot and my fingers rubbed the skin that seemed to be the back of her pussy. "What's this skin called?" I asked.

"That is called the hymen" she said "it does not stay in place all my life and will eventually break when I play games at school or ride my bike or whatever" "That sound like it will be painful" Bob said as he also put him finger on it to wash it. "Our teacher at school said "that it could be but on the other hand you might not even notice it break" and so I presume it is different for everyone" Sandra said. We washed the sides of the inner flaps and then I focused on the clit again because it seemed to make Sandra feel good.

Bob started to wash from the top of the pussy right under to the bottom. Sandra started to breathe really heavily "Are you alright?" I asked.

Again click went the camera It must have been a lovely sight for Father Fred, these two angelic faced 11 year old choir boys with hairless 3 ½ inch pricks standing up straight playing enthusiastically with a 13 year old virginal virtually hairless pussy. He took quite a few photos especially when our faces were very close. "Yes I think so I just feel a bit funny, we ought to stop and you should wash off the soap so that it doesn't make my Winky sore" Sandra sat back down into the bath and seemed a bit shaky, her face was red.

Bob slipped his hand to her back and started to rub her anus clean and I put my hand over the whole pussy and rubbed it up and down. My middle finger slipped in-between the folds of the outer and inner lips and stopped at the hymen.

"Why is the hymen there Sandra" I asked. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the attention she was getting "Just keep cleaning off the soap" she said. She moved her hand on top of mine and pressed a little more. "I don't know what I am feeling, it feels like I want to pee so you had better stop" she said. "I would like to watch you pee" Bob and I said together. "It would be fun on the basis that you haven't got a Willy and I would like to see what happens" again said in unison.

Father Fred said "perhaps it's not because you want to pee, are you sure you wouldn't like the boys to carry on?" "What do you mean Uncle Fred?" "Well it might be an orgasm" he said "The teacher at school said she would be discussing that and all the other things in the next class" she continued "I think I will get out now, thank you boys you have done a great job and I hope you enjoyed it." We stopped washing and Sandra said "The wee feeling has gone away now." Bob and I were a tad disappointed but I thought there will be another time for that I am sure.

My cock was so hard. "Will you pass me the towel please Bob?" He did as he was told and we helped her get out of the bath.

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As she got out her leg just brushed past the end of my prick wow it felt like an electric shock. We had both been really hard for about 30 minutes whilst all this bathing was going on. We helped Sandra dry her back and hair.

I rubbed around the breasts and the nipples were very hard indeed, they seemed even harder than when we were washing them.

Bob took the towel and dried her legs and then Sandra spread her legs wide so that he could dry in-between on and around her lovely little pussy. She took a deep breath in when he touched her clit but Bob continued to dry her off, being very gentle. She sat on the edge of the bath and bob dried in-between the toes and then slowly moved up and stuck his finger in her belly button we all laughed. "Right boys it's your turn now into the bath please." Said Father Fred "You will have to use the same water because there will not be anymore clean hot water for a while yet.

We got into the bath and sat down. It wasn't that cold anyway so we were OK with that. Father Fred came over and helped Sandra wash our hair, neck, backs and chest.

Then our feet, we are so ticklish on our feet we were giggling and the lower parts of our legs. "Sandra I need to go into the next room, would you finish off the boys please?" Father Fred asked Sandra smiled at him and then at us "Yes Uncle Fred if you are sure you trust me enough to do it by myself" "Yes I do, I will pop in on a while to make sure and if you need to ask me anything just shout out OK?" said Fred.

Father Fred left the room and Sandra started soaping her hands. "OK boys stand up" we did as we were told and the first thing she did was to put a hand under each of our ball sacks and keep moving her fingers about. It was incredibly sensitive around there and her hands were so soft and gentle. Bob and I both took a sharp intake of breath and just at that point, you guessed it click Father Fred appeared.

Sandra's hands thumb and middle finger was rubbing either side of our scrotums in the creases. My prick was rock hard and for the first time I thought I could see a bit of knob starting to show from inside the foreskin, I looked at Bob's, yes his was the same some knob was peaking out of the protective cover.

It could have been because of a couple of reasons, first we had both been hard for such a long time without touching ourselves that we were just bigger.

Or when Sandra's hands were sliding down toward the back of the scrotum she might have pulled the skin down a little. Either way it felt lovely. Father Fred came in really close and took a close up shot click. Sandra's hands started massaging the perineum and she pressed it in at the same time and both of our pricks bounced, she did think this was funny, in fact we all did, and then she pressed it in alternately first one bobbed then the other and back again.

I quite liked the feeling. She then pushed her hands further back and just ran her finer over my anus. She brought her hands back and sniffed both her middle fingers; she then put the fingers to our noses. It did smell a little but not really offensive. "Turn around" she said. We did as we were told and then she put more soap on, went to Bob and parted his bottom cheeks and I watched as she lightly rubbed her finger around the rim of the anus.

Bob was bending over slightly to make it easier for her. "Oh wow Sandra, it feels fantastic" said Bob "It's nearly clean" she said. I watched as she started to put a little of her middle finger into Bob's anus click. Just enough so the finger nail went in, she brought her finger out and smelled it and then offered it to me to smell click.

Again it wasn't offensive smelling more of soap than anything else. She also put the finger to Bob's nose and he agreed that it must be clean now. She then got me to bend over a little and parted my cheeks. As her soft little 13 year old fingers circled my 11 year old rim it felt exquisite.

I felt my penis jump as she went over my anus click and then as she pushed her finger in I wasn't sure that I liked it. "Ouch! Be careful" I said "Well Bob didn't complain" Sandra commented "I might be an identical twin but I am not Bob." "I will put more soap on my hands next time." "Thanks" I said.

"OK turn around and let me wash your penises" she said. She re-soaped her hands and as if holding a pencil she held our pricks just below where the outline of the rim was against the white skin and started to slowly wash the outside of the prick. It felt so good; I thought my prick was going to burst. Each down stroke that she did she squeezed a little harder and eased the foreskin back a little each time displaying it's moist dark purple frame bit by bit.

Mine clipped behind the glans and she worked on Bob's being careful not to tear anything. Eventually it clipped in snugly behind the rim. We have to make sure that yours is particularly clean Bob especially after the treatment that Uncle Fred gave it last night.

She then made 2 fist shapes with her hands and put her little finger at the tops of our knobs. Slowly and gently she let our knobs ride through her fist until it was poking out of the top of her fist. She squeezed us both. WOW! As she squeezed the knob seemed to get darker and slightly bigger. Then she brought her hand back up again and slid it back down, up, down, up, down, up click, down click.

Of course neither she nor Bob and I really knew what was going on; we didn't know about masturbation then but we did know that it felt good. And Sandra had obviously learned from the earlier experience that boys, well Uncle Fred at least liked this up and down motion. I felt something happening deep inside and I didn't know what it was. Sandra then stopped and just started rubbing the end of my knob. This is very sensitive and not entirely comfortable to me but I watched her doing it to Bob as well.

He had a very red face as I presume I had and Sandra was looking at both of us. "How is it Les?" She asked "It feels really good but the end of my knob is very sensitive and I wish you wouldn't keep doing that because it feels as though you are going to make it sore." Bob then chipped in "I agree with Les, my knob is very sensitive." "OK" she said and slide her fingers back down the shaft and then up again, this time starting to ease the foreskin back into place.

Oh it felt good, Mine foreskin just slipped back but not to the end so that there was still some knob showing. Bob's eventually followed suite. Sandra was looking very pleased with herself. She told us to sit down. She then leaned over to Bob and I watched as she again eased back his foreskin and washed lightly the glans and behind the rim to make sure there was no soap left. She then pulled the skin forward again and leaned over to me.

It was so good to feel her hands on my prick; she slid the foreskin back and washed the glans gently. OK stand up again and she pulled the plug out as we were standing up. She said that she wanted to make sure that we were clean and she leant forward and smelled Bob's prick.

She was really close and as she started to ease the foreskin back click she took another big breath. Then she did the same to me. I could feel her breath she slid the skin back click and sniffed. "You two seem clean enough to me, lets get you dried and into your PJs." She said Father Fred decided to help now. Sandra did look a little flushed but her hands were no longer trembling.

Father Fred dried Bob and Sandra dried me. "Come closer" she said and she did under my arms, my neck, hair etc and then she got on her knees "Open your legs" I did as asked and she wiped the towel from bottom crack to the top of my penis which of course was still rock hard and actually a bit painful. She eased the foreskin back and covered it in the towel to dry off the excess moisture and slid it forwards again. We went off to the living room for some supper. Father Fred had a rather smug expression on his face and said "I hope you all enjoyed that bath, I know I did and you must remember that you must not tell anyone about this, is that clear?" "Yes Father Fred / Uncle Fred" we all said.

We sat and talked for a quite a while and then Father Fred said that he was going to go to Ripon early in the morning and that he was on business so it would be best if we stayed at the cottage and played. He wouldn't be back until after supper time. Bob and I went upstairs to bed and Father Fred came up with us. Sandra went to the room she shared with Aunt Edith. We all said good night to Sandra.

Father Fred said that he just wanted to make sure we were clean and got us to lie on the bed as on previous occasions and pull our PJ bottoms down. My Willy started to get hard again, it had really only just gone down, he put his nose really close and as he breathed out it jumped and caught him on the nose. We did laugh. "Take off you PJ bottoms please Bob" he said and he took mine off for me then he picked up my legs and held them behind the knees and spread them apart and lifted them up.

There I was a fully exposed 11 year old hairless boy inches from his face, he sniffed my bum and then all the way to the ball sack, he actually ran his nose along each side of the sack touching the crease.

It seemed strange having this happen but it did feel good. He put my legs down and then got hold of my prick which was now hard again and he ran his finger around the end of the foreskin in little circles, if felt really nice and my prick strained to stay inside it's packaging. He eased the skin back and smelled the glans.

"OK, Sandra has done a great job on you." He said "Now for you Bob." He went through exactly the same routine. I watched as again he ran his nose up the creases either side of Bob's ball sack breathing in.

Bob's penis obviously liked the attention it was getting as well. I looked down and Father Fred's penis was poking through his flies and was getting stiff. "OK boys jump into bed." He said "Father Fred?" "Yes my son" "would you mind if you didn't put that stuff on my Willy tonight please I really don't like being so smelly." Bob said. "I have to be up really early in the morning why don't we all just get to sleep." We all said our prayers and went to sleep.