Superb Ass Fetish Smoking Hottie Naked Solo

Superb Ass Fetish Smoking Hottie Naked Solo
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This is a true story, my name is real but i have changed the names of others involded to protect them.


My name is Sara am a natural blonde and yes i have blue eyes am about 5;10 and a size 10 with 32b breasts, i wasn't always a slut, before i went to uni i was a good girl, i had a few boyfriends but nothing different to everyone else. Oringally am from a small town in wales but when i went to uni it was my first time in the big city world and i discovered a whole new world.

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i was 18 when this happened. I was over at my friends place becky watching a movie and drinking wine with one of my friends and her boyfriend. we were all watching it in the dark when two of her housemates came in. I didnt get a good look at them but one was white he was jack and the other was an indian guy Harish, the sat down on the sofa with me and we had a great night. me and my friend left and on my way home i got a call from an unknown number. it was jack, he started telling me how hot i was, how much he wanted me, how he was rubbing himself thinking of me.

now at this point i must tell you that i hadnt had sex in 3months and when he started talkin to me like this I got hotter and hotter untill i stopped and told him i was coming back for his cock i was that horny.

I got alway the way to their front door when i looked around checkin no one was looking and slipped off my knickers and put them in my bag, they were damp already. I knocked on the door and tryed to lean against the wall with my leg up, ( you know like in those movies were the guy opens the door and the really hot girl is leaning sexly up against the wall) it didnt work i just looked stupid, but when the door opened i saw jack for the first time.

he was tall with short brown hair little rounded but nothing to much and a tent in his pants were his cock was hard.

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I looked at it, smiled and walked in with out saying a word. he lead me to a room and sat on the bed, i stood over him and lifted my top, he started kissing my breasts, taking my nipple in his mouth and sucking on it, gentle biting it. i unzipped my skirt and let it fall down releaving my strip of hair leading to the dripping honeypot. we worked his pants down and his cock sprung free, I hungryly took it and start to kiss it and lick it, working my tounge around the tip of his cock.

teasing his cock till a little bit of cum slipped out then rapping my lips around the tip i started sucking it up and down, harder and deeper i went, sucking on it like it was the last lollypop in the world, i reached down and started rubbing my clit, my juices were already starting to drip down my thigh, when. Harish stood behind me his indian cock hard and pointing at me, i was sooo fucking horny for cock at this point i didnt stopped sucking not even for a second, Harish has been watching us wanted a peice of this cock hungry sluthe pushed into my pussy with such force my head went forward and since i was already sucking jack so deep their was nowere else for it to go but into my thoat!

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i paniced a little but jack was loving it so much he grabbed my head and held in down, all i could feel and hear was the sound of cock slamming into my pussy, everytime he withdrew my pussy felt empty then it was rammed home and it felt soooo fucking good. everytime jack lifted my head i breathed as much as i could before he slammed down my thoat again, he was going faster and the cock behind me was going faster that i just couldnt cope.

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my whole body started shaking and my head when all dizzy the feeling of my whole body being pleasured in a way never felt before. when my senses calmed down and i remebered were i was i felt hot cum being fired into my pussy from harish, i wasnt on the pill and knew i was going to be in trouble if i didnt take care of it but i decieded to worry about that in the morning.

Harish pulled out and i felt juices flow out and down my thighs. jack pulled his cock out my thoat and i saw how much spit and jucies covered his cock and hairy balls.

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he walked around and took one look at my used pussy dripping cum and laughed. "not going their" he said as i felt his hand scoop up some juices and rubbed it against my bumhole.

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now its not my first time with bumfun but every other time guys have asked, jack never asked he just lubbed up my hole and started to push against it with his cock. I started to cry a little as his meat invaded my little tight bumhole, i remeber gripping the bedsheets in pain and pleasure and his meat pushed its way in.

he was loving how tight it was when i noticed Harish just sitting on the floor naked, watching us, i saw how his indian cock glisen with jucies, i called him over i take his soft meat into my mouth, the jucies taste sooooo fucking good i lap around his cock sucking all the jucies off all the way down to the balls, doing this relaxes me enough for jack to push deeper in, pushing harder and faster slamming into me.

being pounded up the ass and sucking some juicy balls i reach down to my clit, all these pleasure is enough that when i touch my clit my body shakes again!!, i scream out for the first time in my life ive orgasmed twice in one session!!

what a world of pleasure ive been missing out on.all this quivering is enough to push jack over the edge and he pushes his cock as deep as he can and shoots his load deep in my butt. i collapse on the bed, trying to get my breath back, cum dripping out my used holes. But this wasnt good enough for harish who wanted to go to bed i stood up quickly pulled my skirt and top on and got lead outside and the door shut behind me. i take the knickers out my bag and use them to clean my legs up but by the time ive walked half way home more cum has dripped out.

next day am in uni, everyone seems to be whispering when i walk by. i see a friends laughing at me, i ask them whats so funny.


turns out the lads told everyone in uni about it. you would think that was a bad thing but it turns i became more popular and got invited to all the parties from then on.


who said being a slut is a bad thing!!