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Tall teeny fucks hard an old man in the kitchen
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Miss Hoare pt 1 Amelia stirred, stretched a little, wrinkled her nose and then sleepily opened an eye, she was wet, she realised, she was lying on the floor, a cold hard floor, soaking wet and the smell told her it was not clean water, she gagged and almost threw up, she tried to stretch further and their was a clinking of iron chains and her leg was suddenly stopped from moving any further. She tried an arm with the same result, and then she screamed.

"Hush," I said in the darkness, "Lie still. this is nemesis, this is rock bottom Amelia." "Ralph?" she queried, "Is that you, have you come for me?" "No," I intoned, "He's safely abed with a whore or two." "Then who are you?" she asked.

"Who usually rescues you?" I asked. "Brabbinger?" she asked, "Ralph's valet?" "Yes, the same." I agreed. "Then call me Madam," she insisted, "And have me released forthwith." "You really are impossible!" I snapped, forgetting my place for a moment, "In heavens name, I spend my night watching over you and you abuse me!" "There is no need for surliness," she said, "Release me I say!" I lit a match, the light flickered around the room and she saw she was tethered over the drain in the Gentleman's room where three of Mr Thomas Crapper's new water closets gleamed in the shadows while the simple holes in the cobbled floor bore witness to the former latrines and it was over one such latrine drain hole that she was tethered that any man might relieve himself over her.

"No!" she cried as she saw where she was tethered, saw the dampness and smelled what it was. That many had sought relief was self evident, her apparel was soaked, even her hair, I set flame to the candle to hand and then from it lit the whale oil lamp, and by its crystal clear light strings of slime attested to the relief afforded to gentlemen as they clustered around her whilst she was completely clothed save for where her dress was brutally hacked away to reveal her bosoms and her belly.

"Have you been there long," she asked. "Long enough madam," I replied, "Too long perchance, I saw them all abuse you, not a pretty sight." "Who?" she asked. "Why almost every man jack you invited to your soiree," I reminded her, "Both Jack and Jill I should say," I mentioned. "Jill?" she asked, "Ladies?" "Oh yes," I agreed, "Bess the maid and Lady Fordingbridge both and all between." "What?" she gasped, "Not in the Gentleman's room!" "Oh yes," I explained, "Lady Fotheringbridge." "But she is a grand mother," she protested.

"Indeed but she hoisted her skirts," I informed her allowing her to appreciate the full horror of her situation, "And she allowed the foulest stagnant yellow pis imaginable to flow forth all over your face and mouth, I'd swear you consumed some such was the force and then," I paused. "Stop!" she cried, "I cannot believe you!" "But you can smell and feel the foulness soaking your clothing," I advised her.

"No!" she gasped, "It cannot be it cannot, Ralph would never allow such!" "Ralph expelled copious amounts of cream across your bodice and sliced away your attire to bare your belly, your udders and your womanhood and then drunkenly he stood well back to hose you with his pis," I reminded her, "Do you not remember?" "No, he did not!" she squealed, "He could not, he loves me!" "You invited it, in your stupor," I explained, "Laudanum and wine are a powerful force for debauchery and evil." "Surely not, I would remember," she said thoughtfully, "How did I get here?" "Ralph," I explained, "And Freddy and Harry," I asked.

"Harry?" she queried. "Harry Lord Grant?" she asked. "Oh, not Harry Grant, Harry Butterworth, but otherwise the whole party engaged in your debauchery, do you not remember anything?" "No, the party was delightful and then," she said, "I thought?" "You, thought?" I said, "Those two words in one sentence, I think not, you thought for not a moment when you took Laudanum and port wine and sparkling French wine to excess." "Look, Brabbinger," she snapped.

"John," I said, "My name is John." "Brabbinger release me forthwith!" she insisted. "And by what means?" I asked.

"Release me I say," she said again. "Do you not remember?" I asked.

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"The way the blacksmith heated the rivets with the little hearth he had over there, heated them until the metal glowed red then orange, nearly white, you must have felt the heat against your wrist as the rivet passed through the wrist shackle and the apprentice held the die as the Blacksmith hammered it closed," She stared at me as she struggled to understand.

"It was not play acting, it was real." I explained, "Strong hands held you, you must surely have felt the heat about your ears as your neck was pressed against the cold unyielding anvil as the collar around your throat was riveted in place?" I paused, "You must remember?" I remembered vividly how first the leg irons were riveted around her ankles then the bands riveted around her wrists and now her neck, even while she remained dressed in her heavy dress of skirts robes and underwear, and then with heavy chains between ankles and a short chain on each arm she was fastened securely to rings and eyes set in the floor.

"Do you not remember?" I asked. "Sort of vaguely?" she said, "But it was merely a game!" "A game," I exclaimed, "They manacled you to the floor of the latrine and almost every person present must have pis-ed upon you." I explained "Oh," she said ashen faced, "I thought?" "It was a game to you, perhaps," I explained, "But come morning they will fetch the magistrate and have you committed to the asylum as an imbecile!" "No!" she cried, "No surely not, no never, no, you lie they are my friends!" "Some friends," I insisted, "With Earl Kielder ailing you are his heir presumptive now Dighby has departed, and after you is Lady Fotheringbridge through her uncle, your grandfather." "Inheritance?" she asked.

"Keilder Court," I explained. "No Manly is my inheritance and no one can steal it while I remain pure." she averred. "Indeed they will," I challenged, "The slime of a dozen has defiled you." I replied.

"But I am pure!" she insisted and tried to move her arms to test her private parts. I tore away some of the pis soaked clothing towards the top of her legs to reveal a mass of tangled piss soaked curls, while her womanhood lurked in the shadows. A finger trailed gently along the hidden groove made her gasp and then I pressed more firmly to find the resistance of a maidenhead as my finger explored ever deeper. "I should leave you to the mad house," I suggested, "But there were better days when I thought you and my master well suited." "Before?" she queried.

"Before Miss Galloway," I explained. "That yellow haired viper she could never steal him away!" she said adamantly. Hardly a viper more a cow I thought for it was not the hair that was noticeable but the bosoms which protruded such that an improbable acreage of flesh was displayed.

"Clarissa, Miss Galloway, yes." I agreed, and I suspected she had consorted with a whole legion of men and indeed it was she that enticed Amelia into drunken debauchery that brought her to the very depths of depravity. "And precisely how do you hope to restore me to his affections?" she asked. I thought of my master and a bevy of cronies standing around her by candle light, each one his breeches undone and his member rampant urgently pumping their shafts that they might expel over her person, and then the gouts of grey slime emerging like the bursting of a boil to cascade around her visgage and when that was defiled her hair and then when her attire had been sufficiently cut away, her mounds and the fur of her womanhood.

How could any man of honour consort abroad with any such? I wondered, but I knew none such could for with their seed drained they next drained their bladders, standing back away to hose her with their pis arcing up golden in the candle light to hose her and soak her hair and that which she wore. And afterwards the women of the party came, first the stupid curious young women like Maisy Perks, "You did a pis on her Franky?" she queried, and when the aforesaid Frank agreed she climbed over Amelia, rucked up her skirts and pis-ed on Amelia in her turn.

That opened the flood gate if you will allow the pun, and I'll wager every single lady present came and defiled Amelia, that is to say every lady not just every unmarried lady, even the old stinking grand mothers came to relieve the great volume of stale stinking yellow pis their rotted insides concealed. "I do not," I confessed, "I cannot, but I wish to save you from further dishonour." "No you must not, no!" she cried.

"Then it shall be the madhouse," I declared, "You have no parents to control you, wardage will be to the magistrate and he will take your inheritance and you shall die confined to a two yard square airless cell wallowing chained in your own filth," I observed, "Do you desire that?" She stared at me as if to say 'Perhaps,' but she continued, "And how shall you save me from the madhouse when you cannot unloose me?" she asked.

"I have a plan," I explained, "Swiftly contrived, a cunning plan worthy of consideration, I do aver." "A plan?" she asked, "What plan." I paused momentarily, "I shall present you as Miss Wainwright's piss whore, from the whore house at Melton Constable." "Indeed and what good shall that do?" she enquired.

"I shall aver that Miss Amelia Patterson-Wright took carriage to Fotherby near Addiscombe and provided her own clothing that her men friends might enjoy a soiree with 'Miss Hoar,' Miss Wainwright's pis whore, believing her to be yourself." "Then you are completely mad," Amelia said, "Pis whore's do not exist." "They are the lowest of diseased whores," I averred, "Too diseased for even the most unpleasant and desperate of men to conjoin with, whores who earn their crust lying in the filth allowing men to pis upon them, indeed and for men and others to watch while men and yes even beasts pis upon them." "You lie, it cannot be so!" she cried in outrage.

"Then I shall wish you good day," I insisted. "Brabbinger," she said, "Please stay, someone might defile me." "I might," I declared.

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"A gentleman might," she explained, "Obviously you would not dare, lest I have you transported or hung." "Well do you see," I continued, "To disguise you as Miss Wainwrght's piss whore I had decided to cleave away your hairs, every single one from your head and your womanhood and." "You are quite mad!" she said. "And are you not lying in a pool of stinking piss?" I asked, and I took my dagger from my belt, and showed her by cleaving a single hair, "Razor sharp!" "By heaven, you are serious!" she protested.

"I am indeed, but why let yourself be debauched?" I enquired. "I am cursed," she said, "Mama and Papa being deceased, how else am I to feel alive without fornication?" "Why without fornication, why not secure a lover and marry?" I asked, "Instead of adopting such extreme debauchery." "It suits me," she says, "I relish it!" "It disgusts me," I exclaimed, "You are a fool and have been taken for a fool." "You lie!" she averred.

"Then are those not solid metal bands welded around your extremities?" I asked. "And what care you?" she asked. "My master," I said, "Had regard for you, once." "Ralph sent you." she asked hopefully.

"He said he simply felt disgust when he saw you shackled." I explained, "He said you need incarceration to save your sanity." "Oh!" she said, "Indeed?" "Indeed, so shall we adopt my plan?" I suggested. "Is there any other?" she asked. "The mad house?" I enquired. "How, why should I trust you?" she asked.

"I am here," I explained. "Do it, do it quickly," she said suddenly, "Your plan has merit." "Shave your head?" I asked. "Yes do it," she said, "I shall be Miss Hoar if you will be my protector?" "I shall indeed," I agreed.

"Then to your work," she insisted. I took my dagger and seized a clump of her dark piss soaked hair, "Yes!" she said, "Do it!" I took the dagger and cleaved away the hair from the very root careful not to score her scalp and a great clump of hair fell away, I took another clump and cleaved that in addition, "Yes, free me from the stench and filth!" she insisted. "Are you certain?" I asked though the time for cessation was long gone, as a huge patch of skin was now revealed atop her scalp.

"Do it, and quietly," she said. I took another hunk of hair and holding it firmly I cleaved it from against her scalp, scraping the scalp skin clean as a new born babes and then another and another until quite quickly her head was bared, I even surprised myself with the delicacy of my motions as the brilliant oil lamp light allowed me the ability to shave her head as delicately as I shaved my own chin each morning with the self same dagger.

Her hair in places a foot and more long now cascaded about the floor, and she was at once transformed from a great lady of true beauty to a sad bald creature only half way human, it troubled me greatly to see her thus.

"Am I not beautiful?" she enquired. "Your arms," I said, and I cut the heavy material away to find her arm pits from which I cleaved the fur one at a time and then finally, "Your belly fur?" I asked. "Yes cleave it," she said, I almost thought she said 'leave it," but she said "Cut it quickly." I obeyed, "Take the hair and flush it away," she said, "Tell any who ask that my wig was stolen." "Flushed down the water closet?" I asked.

"Indeed," she said still somewhat confused by the fug of intoxication. "Like hair like wig," I suggested. "Yes," she said, "Now claim me and I shall be entirely ruined." "That was not my plan," I declared. "No, but I need to feel," she said, "Completely debauched." "But why should I claim you?" I asked, "Why not a nobleman?" "I desire a man of the lower orders," she said, "And you are such." "Your stench repels me," I exclaimed.

"Then find me a beggar!" she said, "For I have decided if I am to be incarcerated then I shall be defiled by he that I choose not some random gaol keeper. "I shall bare you and wash you," I offered, "To take away the stench." "Yes," she said, "Bare me completely." My dagger made short work of her attire, I simply ran the blunt edge of my knife down her skin and let the sharp edge cleave away the sodden mass of ruined fabrics, pulling a ruined arm away from a bodice here and a ruined bodice off her completely before throwing the entirety away into a corner to leave her bared entirely.

I went for a wash tub and found one in the scullery and returned to fill it from the tap in the Gentleman's room and when full I threw the whole near freezing contents over her washing away the stench with a single motion.

"Now you may claim me," she ordered. "A moment," I demurred, and I carefully removed my breeches before I replaced my boots and advanced upon her nakedly, I feared my manhood would prove unequal to the task but the sight of her bare womanhood was enough to rouse him triumphantly and he reared mightily near on two hands in extension so I would say, and then in a moment I knelt on the damp ground between her wide spread thighs and as she stared I aimed myself into her recently bared slot and pressed myself home.

She bore it stoically, not a gasp passed her lips as I speared her, though I took a few thrusts to enter completely and then I was in heaven with the angels singing and the sun shining among the clouds and then too quickly my seed pumped uncontrollably within her.

"Now I have truly reached Nemesis," she said. "Not quite," I said, and I reached in my jacket pocket and took a farthing which I pressed into her hand, "Now that I have paid for my pleasure you have indeed reached the deepest station of debauchery." "Is there nothing further?" she asked, "For my insides are aflame, I shall surely never walk again from the agony.

"This," I said and I kissed her on the lips. "No," she said, "You must not, you must defile me sir, tenderness will not do at all!" "I shall be tender if I wish," I said, "For I have paid for my pleasure, you are a whore now!" "A pis whore, Miss Hoar?" she asked. "Indeed." I agreed.

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"And all may fornicate with me?" she asked. I thought, "No, though they may perform the act of sodom with you should they wish," I declared, "But for the present I shall sew the lips to your womanhood shut I think." "But why?" she asked. "You may be with child." I said simply, "I have a needle somewhere, and thread for my masters buttons." "You cannot," she protested feebly, but she could not stop me piercing her most tender parts some six times with my needle and through the six holes I threaded button thread and sewed her up like a Turkish sodom-whore.

I dressed again, and then the house began to come to life, footsteps approached, "What's happened?" a bleary eyed Colonel Forster asked as he entered the room. "Miss Hoare awaits you sir," I announced.

"Where's the Patterson-Wright bitch?" he asked. "She was away last evening to Fotherby near Addiscombe, this Miss Wainwright's pis whore, Miss Hoare, from Melton Constable." "Indeed?" he enquired, "Bald?" "As you well know sir," I tried, "For was it not you that thrust her wig down Mr Crappers water closet to clean it only for it to rush away with the force of the water?" "What?" he asked. "Water closet, over their sir," I explained, "For you pulled the chain and rushed the closet with the wig therein?" "I have a notion that I did," he agreed, "That Laudanum was damned good stuff," he said, "Mind if I pis on her?" "It's a farthing I'm afraid sir," I explained.

"Spect to shit on it for that man," he said, "I'll take a pis elsewhere." He walked way towards a water closet, "And I'll bid you farewell, I've not slept, I'll claim you in due course, remember Miss Hoar, Miss Wainwright, Melton Constable." "As if I could forget," she said contentedly. I waited while gentleman after gentleman came for his business, none paid their farthing to defile her, indeed she looked such a pitiable wretch that such was no surprise and then when breakfast had been taken I summoned the blacksmith.

"Release her you say?" he said as he inspected the rivets,"But I done that to last fifty years," he averred.

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"Fifty years," his half wit apprentice agreed as he stared at Amelia's nakedness. "Then release the chains, smash the links with a chisel," I ordered, "My master orders it, we have to have this whore back at Melton Constable by noon!" "Should have bloody said," he bemoaned, "I've a good patent pad lock we could have used," and then he said, "What fool sewed her up, I only come over for a free poke." "The fee Blacksmith, that is your reward alone," I insisted, "Now release her I say!" He huffed and puffed and with his great hammer he set about smashing the links.

The sound crashed around the house and soon fetched Lord Fordingbridge whose residence this was and whom had graciously afforded Amelia it's use for her soiree. "What is the meaning of this?" Fordingbridge asked, "I have sent for the magistrate Miss Patterson-Wright is deranged, look at her!" "In truth sir this is Miss Hoar," I explained, "Miss Wainwright's pis whore from the bordello at Melton Constable, bewigged she has the look of Miss Patterson-Wright and she thought it a merry jape to provide a pis whore for her gentleman friends." "A pis whore?" Fordingbridge demanded, "Complete tosh!" "Miss Patterson-Wright departed for Fotherby near Addiscombe last evening at around ten of the clock, or maybe somewhat later," I explained, "She prevailed upon me as a trusted servant to make the arrangements." "And what say you wench?" Fordingbridge demanded.

Amelia stared wide eyed, silent lest her words gave her away. "You scare her sir!" I protested and the Harminger the magistrate was shown in. "I thought you said Miss Patterson-Wright had turned insane Fotheringbridge," Harminger declared, "Have you never seen a pis whore before?" "But it is Miss Patterson-Wright," Fordingbridge insisted.

"And I own the Papacy," Harminger declared, "Sober up man, this is a bald pis whore, brothel or bordello is the best place for her, give the lower orders some pleasure, though I own for a pis-whore she is quite comely." "Sailors disease sir," I said, "Her brain is quite addled." "And she is here on the recognisance of your mistress?" he asked.

"Indeed sir, though on my masters recognisance of ten pounds," I explained, Harmingers eyes narrowed, "Or maybe Guineas?" "Shillings or pence more like," Harminger noted, "I declare the wench insane and place her in your hands Mr?" "Brabbinger sir,"I averred, "Mr Ralph Brabbinger," "Your recognisance sir, that of a trusted servant for I cannot order a pis-whore into the care of a gentleman," he declared, "No I shall write an ordinance forthwith, and have her covered, a blanket should suffice," he ordered, and then in irritation he called, "Clerk, where are you?" "One day Brabbinger," Lord Fordingbridge hissed, "I know your game, one day you'll swing for this." The clerk bustled to and fro scribbling and handed me a recognisance for Miss Hoare, 'Who also purports to be Miss Amelia Patterson-Wright when the notion takes her,' he wrote as if he knew the truth all along and I folded it and placed it in my shirt pocket next my heart.

"Now take her hence Brabinger, forthwith," Magistrate Harminger insisted, "Take the coach or you'll never see Melton before night. "Indeed," I agreed, "Two moments." and I rushed forth to grab my travelling trunk.


I avoided my master and collected my things and shot downstairs, Amelia stood now, unaccustomed as she was to bare footedness she stood awkwardly and nakedly, "Wear my great coat," I ordered, "And hat!" She slipped the great heavy riding coat on and the hat four sizes too big, "Let us away!" I cried and the Magistrate led us to the back door which led to Goldberg street as the front was upon the High street and the house so broad it filled the entire plot. She gasped at the agony of the cobbles under her bare feet but she had to bear it and there was the 'Rocket,' coach awaiting for the Cromer road through Melton.

I paid the man, I wished two insides but he refused, "Whores outside if you please sir," he said, "Fornication is not allowed sir," he said, "Not anymore lestaways." I paid my pennies and with baggages stowed we sped away. Fordingbridge knew my plan so as soon as I could I had the stage deport us, and by chance there was the Nunnery of St Mathilde nearby, not more than a mile.

But a mile of agony, of mud and rocks and thorns for poor barefoot Amelia, and as we neared the portals I had her hoist over my shoulder and the bags under the contrary arm and barely did I stagger to their door. I rapped the door. A sister came. "I have a young woman desirous to join you," I declared.

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"Pah, you have defiled her and wish to be rid of her," the sister declared. "No," I demurred, "Fetch the Superior if you will bar her entry!" I insisted. "Oh no, she will suit well enough," she said and the bolts crashed back. I set Amelia down and the hat fell away. "Sister Francine," the Sister called, "Come see." and she turned to me, "You fool, can you not see she is a diseased pis-whore?" she asked, "You risk blindness and more consorting with such," she assured me, "We cannot cure her, the mind we can cleanse but the disease will addle her brain and rot her body." "She was my brother's sweetheart," I lied, "And when he was taken I found her diseased and enslaved in Miss Wainwrights bordello in Melton." "Believing that mens pis might cleanse her sorrows no doubt?" the Sister queried, "No matter, we shall cleanse the soul by prayer." "She believes herself to be Miss Amelia Patterson-Wright," I explained, "Be kind to her." "Indeed, and for alms?" the sister asked.

"I have but ten guineas," I explained. "That shall do nicely," she agreed, I looked confused, "I know she is your lover," the sister said, "Why else would you care for her so tenderly?" "I'm no papist, I shall not confess!" I snapped.

"Then be gone sir, leave your alms and go!" the sister snapped in a most ungodly manner and I was ordered away. I wandered away leaving Amelia to the nuns whereupon as I was later to learn they set about defraying her desire to fornicate by insisting her orifices were constantly filled with polished wooden appendages more appropriate to a donkey than a man such that no man might ever afford her pleasure again as they would be of such a deficiency of size that she might not notice their intrusions.

But poor Amelia spent her time in a constancy of ecstasy as with the exception of my claiming her she had never been taken to that carnal heaven that belongs to lovers.

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I for myself found myself dismissed from Ralph Rogerstone's employ or rather that of his father a crony of Fordingbridge and my fortunes were only saved by turning for a time to work as a Chandlers book keeper at Wells upon Sea, a post requiring a sharp mind and a laxity of recording that which the revenue wished to have recorded, and for that a man with no references was the ideal chap. I let the summer go, and eight months from the date I incarcerated Amelia in the nunnery I ventured there with attire suitable for a lady of great girth and went to claim her and my child.

I was disappointed, my pis-whore was gone, a tidy punctilious nun was presented to me, thin and slender in her robes and accompanied by the Superior and an older sister.

"Where is the child?" I asked. "There was no child John," she assured me. "I was so sure," I said sadly. "We can try again?" she suggested, "If you would like?" "Yes, yes indeed." I agreed. "You will take her for your wife, lawfully?" the Superior asked seriously. "Indeed!" I agreed. "Sister Pious, will you in your turn take this man?" the Superior asked.

"Yes!" Amelia agreed. "Then I pronounce you man and wife," she said delightedly, "Sisters prepare the feast we have a consummation to celebrate!" "What?" I queried. "You must show your love!" Amelia chided, "It is their way." "What?" I asked.

"Claim her," the superior sister insisted, "For marriage is for the procreation of children, you must demonstrate that you wish to conjoin, for there is no marriage without consummation." Part 2. Miss Amelia stood before me in her nuns habit, the white headpiece tight around her face hid her hair, or the fact her scalp was shaved bald as the case may be.

"I assigned my estates to the sisters," she averred, "I have nothing, do you still desire me?" I sat down, "I thought to find you with child," I said sadly, "I was sure that we had created such from the harmony of our conjunction making." "And how much love have you made sir?" asked the nun beside Amelia, "Every night at the ale house?" "Alas infrequently Sister," I confessed, "My station and income do not allow regular visits to the whore house and when I do it is by hand or mouth I am relieved, I fear the sailors disease do you see." "You speak honestly I think," the superior one said, "Though crudely, and me thinks you mistook the ordinary pleasure of love for the creation of a child, but can you support a wife, and indeed a brood of lusty children?" "I work as a book keeper," I explained, "And Amelia is educated she could assist and we could be a firm of book keepers in time." "So it is her education you desire not her body?" the superior asked.

"No, I desire her!" I insisted. "Then show us!" the other Nun said, "Upon the high altar, show before Satan that desire overcomes all!" "What?" I asked. "This is a dark order Mr Brabbinger," Amelia grinned, "Had you mistaken them for Papists?" "I!" I said and stopped. "It is a long and complex tale," the superior nun confessed, "But it suits the sisters very well." "I don't understand?" I confessed. "No matter, break bread with us and we shall enlighten you," she suggested, "Though first you must bathe and cast the dust of the roads from you, Sisters Viola and Grace, take this man to the baths," she ordered.

I went meekly, the bath was in a cellar as I saw from an array of guttering candles, or more correctly the bath was the cellar being excavated from the earthen rock and the depth of my armpits and accessed by only a wooden ladder from a door high above the height of a ceiling or more.

They showed me and bade me undress and bathe, and slipped away. I bolted the door and undressed as they bade me and descended into the waters, except as I descended the ladder fell into fifty parts and cast be abruptly into the waters and I found the cellar was a deception, for the ceiling was as high as a steeple and around the whole was a viewing gallery and I aver fully fifty nuns were watching as I foundered in the near freezing water. "Damn you all!" I cried.

"I shall shut the sluice," the superior nun exclaimed, "The water will reach your neck and more, Lord Satan shall judge whether you live or die." "Why?" I asked. "There is no way out bar the ladder, and the ladder is smashed." the nun added, "Do you feel the waters rise?" The ladder parts floated uselessly by, but as I looked I saw it was not broken but merely undone, undone into fifty parts maybe but salvageable none the less.

I rushed to collect the wood. "Save yourself Mr Brabbinger, there is no god here to save you." the superior nun advised. I worked methodically to assemble the ladder, first the cross pieces into one side and then the other side did I add all the time in water barely warm enough not to freeze as it rose to my shoulders and then when I was done I set it up and climbed it oh so carefully to freedom.

My clothes were gone, only a jacket with impossibly long arms was laid out. "Time to claim your bride," the old Num insisted, "On the high Altar." "My clothes?" I asked. "Clothes or bride which is it to be?" she replied. "Bride," I replied. "Then follow the sound of the organ to the Altar!" she insisted. I felt foolish as I went half naked through the stone corridors following the sound, my manhood shrunken by the excess cold until I entered the chapel with a stone Altar centered therein where the organ played and the Nuns chanted devilish incantations.

"Are you ready to claim your bride?" the superior nun asked. "Indeed," I agreed. "Then Sister Ignacious, fasten the arms behind," the superior insisted. I allowed her, the excessive arm length was surely to allow of such imprisonment and they secured my arms behind me and then to the high altar. There were three, not one, nuns laid upon the altar, each having her head hidden by the heavy velvet curtain supported by a frame which stretched from one side of the altar on the other while each Nun or was it wench had her bottom at the edge of the top of the altar to make entry a simple matter.

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"Which one is Amelia?" I asked. "You don't know?" the Nun asked, "I thought you were lovers?" "Only once and that in darkness," I exclaimed, "And if I choose the wrong Nun?" "It only matters that you choose the right one," the Nun said, "Nothing more," I hesitated, "Advance and claim her," she advised.

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The Organ stilled and the incantations ceased, and in the silence I advanced and as I approached the wenches my manhood swelled with excitement, "Which of you is Amelia I asked but naught but giggles did I hear, I looked to the left, to the right, and back to the centre, "Choose!" the senior Nun said.

I approached, I chose the middle wench, my tool was engorged and stood to attention so I merely aimed him at the Nuns parts and pressed home. The music suddenly pulsed anew and with it the singing resumed and as I thrust so the wench squealed but it was a coarse squeal and not Amelia's voice. I withdrew, "Tis not she," I said. "Then choose again!" the Nun said. I went to the left, again I aimed at her cleft and again I slid inside, but it was not Amelia.

"Tis not she!" I averred. "Then choose again!" the Nun said wickedly. I pulled my now glistening shaft from the wench and hobbled across on my knees to Amelia, and gratefully eased my tool into her sopping hole, I thrust once, twice, three times. Suddenly I realised, she was not Amelia, "Tis not she!" I cried in despair as I tried to resist and desist against all my inclinations to ride until spent.

"Bravo!" the Nun cried, "You see sisters he knows his lover, what say you Amelia, shall you have him?" A veiled nun spoke, "Show me," she said, "Demonstrate your passion, let me see you please my sisters." "Well spoked Amelia," the first Nun said earnestly, and turning to me she said, "Now satisfy the sisters and then we can consider whether you are worthy of Amelia." "But Amelia!" I protested, "I want none but you!" "Then show your prowess," the older Nun spoke again.

"No!" I refused and I stood back my tool still engorged and glistening with juices. Suddenly a sharp pain across my buttocks, a whip cracked, "Pleasure them. Now!" I turned, the whip slashed my manhood, I saw it was Amelia wielding it, "Oh Brabbinger, are you all right?" she queried.

"I don't know," I said as I saw an angry red mark across my manhood. Ameila advanced setting aside the whip and she first took my manhood in her hand and then kneeling she kissed the tip. It reared mightily, "See he is still whole, so perform my stallion," she said and unbelievably she guided me back to the three kneeling nuns and guided my tool back inside the wench's willing cunt, and then she kissed my lips so I was kissing my beloved and yet satisfying my lusts with another.

"Do you like making love like a nobleman, kissing your beloved while ploughing a serving maid?" she asked. "No," I lied, for it was the greatest thrill I had ever known. "Liar," she said as she turned away, "Now please her," she said and she grasped the whip and slashed my buttocks, "Pound her spend your seed!" she ordered and she slashed me and as a recoil I slammed mightily into the wench making her cry out, again Amelia slashed me and without any ado my whole brain was engulfed and my seed burst forth to flood the wench and I collapsed upon her utterly spent.

"He is unworthy of you," the senior Nun averred. "But he has promise, allow him to recover, let him complete the test," Amelia suggested.


"Oh very well, mount the next wench," the senior Nun ordered. "Madam," I replied, "I could no more mount the wench than fly to the moon." The senior nun took the whip from Amelia and advanced, I thought she would whip me but instead she reversed the whip and thrust the handle forcibly into my anus.

My manhood reared though it had so recently emitted, and like a stallion was I led to the second wench and the Nun inserted my manhood for me like I was an animal.

This time I just rocked gently, and pressed my manhood deeply into her but before a few minutes the world had shrunk to my member and her womb. "See he cares not whom he pleases," the senior Nun said presently, "Enough, you have another filley to plunge." They dragged me off the wench and forced me to take the third Nun, my member scarce knew any difference between the three and by and by a rush came and my seed emitted prodigiously and I collapsed again spent.

The let me rest as the Nuns proceeded with their devilish incantations, and with rest I slipped into a deep satisfied sleep. I woke with a kick in my ribs, "You," the senior nun challenged, "You have one further test." "No," I pleaded, "No more," but there were many Nuns and I had no choice but to do their bidding. They took me to a bed chamber, a soft mattress on a four poster bed awaited and I was ordered therein. Then as I watched all the Nuns bar the senior one slipped away and the door was bolted leaving just Nun and I and Amelia watching.

"Pleasure me," the Nun ordered, and with that she cast aside her robe to reveal herself all wrinkled and bloated. "Madam I could no more," I said and she thrust one of her teats in my mouth. "Oh yes you can," she said as she cupped my balls and caressed my shaft. "Ohhh god," I groaned but my manhood was swelling again. "I am afraid you have failed every test Mr Brabbinger," she explained, "But no matter, there are plenty of other gentlemen who we might enjoy." "Test?" I queried.

"Indeed," she said, "For every it is a particular feature of our sisterhood that we retain a male to serve us, but in this you have failed completely." "Then thank the lord!" I exclaimed. "I will thank you to hold your tongue," she added, "That name should never be uttered within these walls." "Yes, indeed, my apologies," I replied.

"So Amelia, shall you take him for your own servant?" she asked severely, "Or shall you await a more lusty suitor?" "I shall decide later," Amelia decided, "When he has worshipped me and sated my every need." "I think he rather needs a rest," the Nun observed, "But take him away, do what you will with him for he is no use to us." I went with Amelia, I lay in her soft bed and woke to the softness of her mouth around my swiftly stiffening member, "Ohhhh," I moaned.

"It shows promise," Amelia admitted, as she climbed over me and went to slip down upon my length, the golden glow of morning shining on her like a goddess as she towered above me, her hair now regrown shining as I reached up and pulled her firmly down to fully impale her.

"Great promise," she admitted. "You are so beautiful," I said as I looked up at her. "I know," she said, "And you are tolerably handsome, and I do believe I might make a man of you yet." I rose up, clasped her to me and thrust as hard as I might, "You learn swiftly now release when I say, three, two, one," and I released, the emissions surging from my loins flooding her utterly as she gasped.

We stilled. "I think," she said, "We should reclaim my lands before you make me fat with child," and she kissed me. To be continued?