White SLUT tied up and dominated

White SLUT tied up and dominated
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It was the first party I'd thrown in over a year. And for someone who's as notorious a party-thrower as I am, I was long overdue. There was no reason in particular, but then again, I never needed one.


I just wanted to get drunk and have a good time like any other young, hot-blooded American in their early twenties. Luckily I had my own place, too, so I never had to go far to crash in my own bed after it was all said and done.

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I invited just about everyone I knew, including my co-worker Morgan who brought along her friend Amy. I had met Amy a few times. She went to college in a different city, but always came home on the weekend.

At first she seemed like the stereotypical ditzy blonde, all giggles and batting eye lashes, but I found she was also incredibly sweet. She was a petite little thing, only about 5'2", with straight blonde locks, big brown doe eyes, and a sweet, perfect little mouth. Nice rack. Very attractive, but I doubted she was into girls, even when drunk, so I tossed the thought of her squealing in my bed immediately, lest it become an infatuation.

I know myself too well. Amy, however, took me completely by surprise when she turned out to be quite the party girl. She and Morgan arrived a bit late.

We were already about an hour into the festivities and I was already a bit drunk. Not too drunk to notice that Amy seemed to add a new rush of energy to the fun when she hopped up on my kitchen counter and demanded everyone, male and female, do a body shot off of her. I smirked as I watched my guests use Amy's taught little body as a shot glass. After that, it didn't take her more than a few drinks to start dancing on tables.

It was then I decided I was drunk enough to excuse myself in case trying to get her alone and naked didn't go over well. "Amy!" I yelled across the living room, waving my arm to get her attention as she jumped up and down on the couch, singing and lifting her shirt to flash her pink lace bra at everyone. Grinning, she hopped down and met me in the middle of the room, almost tripping over herself on the way.

"Hey! I wanna show you around! You haven't seen my place before!" I practically lost my voice from trying to be heard over the music. "Ooh, I'd love to see it! Morgan told me you have a great spooky attic!" That's when the light bulb went on in my head. Perfect. No one would think to look in the attic. "Oh yeah, you have to see it!" I grabbed her arm and pulled her along, out into the hallway and up the stairs, through a creaky old door, and up more stairs.

Both of us still with a beer bottle in hand. I flicked a light switch at the top of the stairs. Through windows the streetlights offered some reprieve from the dark, but not enough for me to see what surfaces were available and might come in handy. I scanned the room, noting the old wooden table to my immediate right and a ragged and torn reclining chair to my left. In the middle of the room sat the black workout bench left behind by the previous tenant.

Amy, however, noticed the cobwebs, the dusty and peeling wallpaper, and the antique full-length mirror that stood in the far corner. I saw her shudder slightly out of the corner of my eye.

"Morgan wasn't kidding, it's kinda creepy up here. And chilly." I smiled. I could keep her warm. "Yeah, the landlord told me that before this house was converted into separate living spaces this was where the maid would stay." I pointed to another room leading off the one we occupied. "That used to be a kitchen, but all that's there now is an old washer and dryer set.

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And more drafty windows." "I can't imagine what it must have been like up here before modern heat!" Amy said. "One time at school we lost power during the winter and the generators didn't work, so my roommate and I slept naked together.

For warmth." She glanced over at me then with a smirk. "Oh really?" I quirked a brow. "And you just slept?" "Well, she spooned me." She giggled.

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"And I finger-fucked her." My jaw dropped. So I was wrong after all! Maybe I would be getting lucky tonight. "I also ate out her ass, but that was a different time," Amy added.


"Oh, and one time we had a threesome with a guy. It was so hot to watch him cum all over her after he fucked me!" "I didn't know you were like that," I replied, smiling. "How far have you gone with another girl?" "Oh all the way!" she said. "I think you would be surprised to know I love having sex with other girls. I've gotten pretty good at it too!" "That is surprising.

I've only kissed girls before," I admitted sheepishly. And it was true. Amy just smiled and sat on the workout bench, sipping her beer.

She didn't cross her legs and I could see under her short denim skirt that she was wearing a pair of light blue panties. After a moment I joined her and we sat in silence for a bit longer before she piped up.

"Would you like to kiss me?" I looked at her and blinked. Was she really just going to offer herself to me? Just like that? I was so prepared to have to seduce her. "Yes," I replied definitely.

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With that she leaned in, placing her soft lips on mine. She kissed me gently, then not so gently. Our lips parted and our tongues met, thrashing against each other, tasting beer and salt and lime and tequila.

Before I knew it her hand was on my breast and my hand was on her thigh, inching up her skirt. I caressed and tickled over her panties, then I pulled them away from her crotch and slowly slid my middle finger over her pussy. It was hairless, amazingly soft, and wet. I moaned and so did she.

"Would you like to lick my pussy?" Amy asked. I nodded vehemently and sank to the floor on my knees. She scooted forward on the bench and leaned back a bit, taking off her shirt as she offered her smooth cunt to me.

I pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties to her ankles, then gazed upon what I was about to feast on. It glistened in the light of the bare bulb that hanged from the ceiling and I parted the slick lips with my left fingers. Her clit was the pinkest pink and stood proudly between her plump folds of flesh.

I ran my right index finger over it and she shuddered. I leaned in and licked it gently, making her shudder again. "Come on, baby, eat me. Dig in. I want your mouth all over my pussy." I smirked, glad to find Amy was such a dirty, dirty girl, and I dove my face between her legs and slapped my tongue hard against her clit.

I could feel the bass of the music vibrating through the floor where I knelt. I knew no one would hear her cries as I flicked my tongue over her hard little nub.

And no one else heard when she screamed in pleasure as I forced my tongue as far as it would go up her tight, slick little hole.

Or when I rubbed her puckered asshole with my middle finger and gently slid it in, her pussy making it nice and wet with her juices. Then I laid back on the hard wooden floor and pulled her down on me, her legs straddled over my face.

I tongue-fucked her as hard as I could, with my left middle finger sliding in and out of her ass and my right rubbing her clit. I had her cum dripping down my cheek as she came, shuddering over my face with both of her perky tits in her hands. I didn't pull my mouth away from her oozing cunt until I had lapped up every drop of her mess.

"Oh my GOD," she panted. "Are you sure you've never eaten pussy before?" I nodded as she got back up on the bench, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

Amy looked down at me and laughed. "You have my cum all over your shirt. Time to take it off!" It didn't take me more than a second to get up on the bench and let her pull my top off, then my bra. "Mmm, you have great tits," she said, cupping my D cups in her warm palms and rubbing her thumbs over my nipples. She ducked her head down and took one of them in her hot mouth. Laving it with her tongue, she moaned, then pulled her head away. "You taste so good.

Let me at your pussy!" I didn't even say a word, I just stood and yanked down my pants. I didn't even have them completely off before she pulled me to her. Then before I knew it I was standing before her, my legs spread apart, while she sat and slid her tongue deep between the folds of my pussy. "Mmm, omigod." I moaned and let my head fall back, placing my hand on top of head while she flicked her tongue over my clit.

She shoved two fingers into my cunt and began to slowly ease them in and out, wiggling them slightly as she went. Her free hand grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her face, really burying her tongue in my pussy. She rubbed it against my clit so fast I hardly knew what hit me when I came, my pussy squirting juice all over her hand, down her arm, and on the floor.

I even noticed my cum had squirted on her chest, and what a glorious sight that was to see my own girl cum dripping off her hard nipple. "Damn! You didn't warn me you're a squirter!" she giggled and licked her fingers clean.

Panting, I sank onto the bench. "I'm usually not! I have to be extremely turned on for that to happen." Then I stretched out my leg and accidentally knocked over an empty beer bottle.

"Oops," I said, then reached to pick it up." "Wait!" Amy said. "I have an idea for that!" Grabbing my hand, she pulled me up, taking the bottle, and lead me to the old recliner.

She pushed me onto it and then straddled my lap facing me. She placed the beer bottle between my legs and grinned at me. "I'm going to ride your cock," she said with a wink, then leaned her head in and kissed me hard. I grasped the bottle tight between my thighs.

No way was I going to let this get messed up! Amy lifted her butt off my lap and spread her pussy lips with two fingers, positioning herself over the top of the bottle. Then she sank down and I watched as inch by inch she took it into her. My mouth was agape and I'm sure I drooled a little. She settled herself and then began to lift her body up and down, fucking her pussy with my make-shift glass cock. With one hand I steadied the bottle, my thumb caressing her clit on every downward thrust, the other hand busied itself with her delicious breasts, tweaking and pulling on her little pink nipples.

Before I knew it she was slamming herself up and down on the bottle, her perfect tits bouncing madly, my thighs becoming slick with her juices. She gripped my shoulders tight and screamed as she came all over, then slumped against me. She lay there a few moments, panting against my neck, the bottle still inside her. It wasn't until I heard glass break from downstairs that she lifted herself off me and took the bottle.

I stood as she examined the shiny wet beer bottle. It was now almost half full with her cum. A light of mischief twinkled in her eyes when she turned her head and looked up at me. Without saying a word she lifted the bottle and tipped it over my chest, its' contents spilling over my breasts in every direction.

She watched it dripping from my nipples, muttering "Oh fuck yes" before she began to lick it all off. I moaned at her tongue on me again and sat back down on the recliner. I leaned back and spread my legs and as she continued to lick she slid the beer bottle up into my pussy and began to fuck me furiously with it. Pumping it in and out hard she made me cum fast again, bucking against her and squirting all over her lower half. Now done licking her own juice off my tits, she sank down to hew knees and licked my pussy clean, laving it lovingly until not a speck was to be seen.

I sat there in the recliner and watched her watching me watching her dress. Then she walked back over and handed me my clothes. She kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth, then left the attic silently and smirking, beer bottle in hand.

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