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Hot camgirl gets fucked doggie in the camhouse by big dick
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"Hey sweetie what movie do you want to watch?" I ask as I flip on the TV and jump onto the couch. "I'm not sure, I'll just let you choose Cora" I hear David shout from the kitchen, followed by a banging of pans and the sound of the microwave turning on.

I laugh to myself knowing that David probably dropped a pan on his foot again and is probably cursing it out quietly.

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I quickly grab the remote to the TV and flip on Netflix. I spend a few minutes scrolling through the recommended section and finally opt for a thriller movie. There is nothing better then watching a scary movie with the guy you love. While I waited for David to finish doing what he was doing I decided to grab some blankets and extra pillows for the both of us since it's the dead of winter and the heater seems the be on the fritz again.

Just as I put the last blanket on the couch David walks in with two bowls of steaming hot popcorn, fresh out of the microwave, and sets them down on the coffee table in front of the couch.

And just as I suspected he does while limping, no doubt meaning he did in fact drop a pan on his foot. But regardless of his limping and wearing PJ's, he is still drop dead gorgeous. Tall and lean with long black hair that reaches his shoulders, and muscles that show just the right amount.

His hair frames his slender face and brings out his olive green eyes and cheerful smile that never leaves his face. He plops down on the couch and beckons me to join him with his arm. I walk to the couch and and plop myself next to him on the couch stretching my legs out and resting my back on his side.

He reaches for the remote and puts his legs up and stretches himself out as well.


I grab a blanket and drape it over the both of us as he starts up the film. It's one of the old thriller movies, a spin off of Frankenstein but with more gore.

We munch on the popcorn together while watching Frankenstein's monster rip a villager apart. For some reason David bursts out laughing causing him to nearly choke on the popcorn in his mouth. I give him a funny look as he half laughs and half chokes until he finally clears his throat of the stuck popcorn.

"How in the world did you find that funny? A guy just got ripped apart and you are laughing your ass off" I ask as I sit up. "Well Cora" David starts off "it was so obvious it was a dummy I though it was kinda funny that a killer monster is shredding up a toy" "Sure that's what you thought" I say as punch David in the shoulder playfully.

"It's true!" responds David, who is grinning from ear to ear now. "Why are you grinning now? " I ask "Are young gonna rip me to pieces now?


" I say teasingly "No just your clothing" says David, and with that he is on top of me kissing my deeply. I'm surprised by the sudden assault but quite happy. I enjoy the feeling of David on top of me pinning me down while kissing me.

We seem to kiss for what seems like a half an hour, both feeling each others mouths with our tounges and biting each others lips.

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I finally start to moan when I feel David shift his weight and his knee presses against my pussy. He pulls away and smirks and starts to grind his knee into my pussy harder causing me to moan even louder. I pull him back to me and start to kiss him even harder, weaving my hands through his long hair.

As my kissing and moans become more desperate, David stops grinding his knee and climbs off of me. I'm kinda surprised since I was so close and I felt him getting hard as well. "Why did you stop?" I ask breathlessly, slumping back against the couch.

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David just responds with a grin and picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder. He starts to walk away from the couch with me hanging off his shoulder and I realize he is taking me to the bedroom. I squirm from excitement of what will happen next, resulting in a slap to my covered ass.

I give a small yelp, enjoying the snap but stop squirming, not wanting to annoy David. When we finally reach the bedroom David throws me down on our soft bed and pulls off his shirt. "Damn he looks hot" I think to myself while I briefly admire his chest in the dim light. But that doesn't last long since he is back on top of me kissing me again, pinning me down on the bed with his full weight.

I feel his hands travel down to my sides and start to tug at my shirt. We break apart for a moment to pull off my shirt, but as soon as it is off we go back to kissing passionately. I push slightly against his chest, and push him up a bit and reach down for his belt. But before I could I undo his leather belt David grabs both my hands and pins them above me head.

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"No" says David "your not allowed to do anything unless I say so. Got it?" I nod, pretending to look frightened but on the inside I'm just dying to be tied down and fucked. David reaches around the corners of the bed and retrieves cloth cuffs which are affixed to each post of the bed.

Slowly David takes each of my hands and slides them into the soft black cuffs, making sure to tighten them before moving off of me.

I pull at the cuffs to test how strong they are and I find my arms can barely move. I squirm, trying to find some sort of way to get release, but just then David climbs back on top. He slips his hand under my back and undos my push up bra and slides it up my arms so its out of the way. I squirm and moan as his hands graze my large, sensitive breasts. David grins, and asks "May I?" I nod, wanting his hands all over me already and he doesn't disappoint.

He starts out lightly, teasing me; nibbling on my ear, kissing and sucking on my neck, trailing kisses along my collar bone.

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As he begins to move further down, his long black hair, tickles my chest and breasts, causing me to half giggle and half moan at the same time. David grins and finally moves off of my collar bone and starts to move to my breasts. He kisses his way slowly to the left breast, cupping my triple D size breasts in his warm hands.

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Just as he is finally about to reach my nipple, he stops and just licks around the areola, not touching my nipple. "Please " I say, almost begging.


David doesn't need more encouragement and finally takes my nipple into his mouth, gently sucking on it. I let out a quite moan, enjoying to blissful feeling of David gently sucking and nibbling. After a few minutes of gentle sucking, David pulls his lips away from my now very pink wet nipple and starts on the right one.

I let out another soft moan but I get cut off quickly as David starts to roughly suck and lick at my nipple, biting and pulling at it. I gasp trying to get away from his rough mouth but I can't move much with my hands tied down and David pinning me down. I have no choice but to take the assault to my breast. I can already feel the pressure building up inside of me, growing greater each time David bites down or pulls.

My hips begin to slightly buck and David increases his pace Please leave comments if I should continue :)