European Milf squirts

European Milf squirts
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WARNING:THIS STORY IS COMPLETE FICTION. NONE OF IT IS REAL. Emily Sears -shop lifter Emily made her way into one of her favorite lingerie stores in Los Angeles having a date tonight she figured she was going to need something special.

Shopping around wearing some black heels with a pair of tight jeans that can barely contain her Australian ass topped off with a white tee showing plenty of cleavage. Browsing the racks of lingerie she fell in love with a red lingerie set which include tights. Not noticing the attention she was getting from the security guard she made her way into the dressing room receiving various stares from several of the jealous woman who can only wish they had a body like hers.

Walking into the dressing room she stood in front of the large mirror admiring herself. She began strippimg down fully naked giving her tits a tight squeeze as she gave herself a naughty smile.

Reaching down she she slid a her finger into her tight cunt noticing how wet she was and feeling horny she snapped a couple pics of her playing with herself. She slipped into her new lingerie checking to make sure her breast were held up just right.


Spinning around to take a look of her ass giving it a light squeeze satisfied by the way she looked. She started to slip her jeans back on leaving the lingerie underneath her followed by her top.

She checked herself in the mirror "Perfect" she said to herself She made her way out the dresser through the store not realizing security haven't been able to take an eye off her since the moment she came in.

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she made her way to the door trying to act as normal as possible only to be grabbed by the wrist by loss prevention officer. " Just a second miss " the officer spoke Emily turning around frightened "what do you think you are doing" She responded "don't act stupid with me let's take a walk to the security office" the man said grabbing both wrist and cuffing them together. "we get sluts like you everyday thinking they can steal from us" he said to her pushing her along.

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"you think I can't see what your doing" he said pulling her top down to show the pink lingerie set she had under. "OH MY GOD!

What are you doing you perv!" she yelled out in her Australian accent "get inside and stop talking" he pushed her in the room locking the door behind them "take a seat" Emily sitting down in front of the desk the office made his way around.

"I'm so sorry sir, I totally forgot I had this under I swear I was going to pay" she began to plead her case "That's exactly why you were making your way out the store. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to take some pictures of you followed by a report banning you from the store, followed by a call to the local police So let's make this easy and stop talking." he pulled his camera out making his way around the desk.

Emily sitting down with tears running down her face studdering to talk "please. sir I promise I won't come back.please don't call the cop's." "I have no choice. Now please stand I'm going to have to ask you to strip to take pictures of the stolen merchandise" he uncuffed her standing her up to stand in front of him She nervously began to pull her top off as the office began to snap some pictures.

"now that's a good slut" he said enjoying the sight. "now let's see that ass I'm sure you're hiding more stuff" With tears in her eyes she unbuttoned her jeans struggling to pull them down as they were skin tight. "now that's quite an ass you got there. I'm going to need you to turn around" he continued snapping pictures having Emily standing in the room now fully embarrassed.

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"Alright beautiful I'm going to make you deal to make this all go away now" he said as he placed his hand to grab a good amount of ass in his hand giving it a nice squeeze. Making Emily mouth drop wide open in shock. "please don't call the cop's" she turned around giving him a look of understanding his proposition. "Don't worry love just do exactly as I tell you" Emily nodded with a look of shame "alright then on your knees my love" Emily slowly crouching down to kneel before him.

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"just give me second" he walked over to open the door and yell out " hey Alex come over and give me a hand with something." giving Emily a nervous look. In through the door came another man "well looks like you got yourself a sweet little cocksucker buddy" Alex closing the door behind him "yes I do " both men standing side by side facing Emily "please I've never been with two men before" She softly objected "well looks like you better learn fast, because he's about to call the cop" Alex mocked her Causing Emily to quickly put her hands up and taking a hold of each of their cock that they both had out staring directly at her.

She began to pump each cock in her hands watching as they both started to ooze out precum only making her pussy heat up turned on by what was going on. Alex wrapping his hand behind her head pulling her towards him. "Open up wide sweetheart" Emily opening her lips to take his cock being forced to swallow him to the base of his dick.

Causing her to gag and cough as she was pulled off him. Then immediately moved over to the other dick and forced to deepthroat again. Both men moving her from dick to dick gagging on her own spit and cum with strands of precum falling down to her breast. One of the officers roughly grabbing her by her hair and thrusting in his dick fucking her throat. While the other made his way around to see the blonde Australians gorgeous ass. Lifting her up they moved her to the desk bending her over on top with each men on opposite sides.

Looking over her shoulder and biting her lip she begged "please fuck me hard please baby" Alex giving her hard smack on her ass causing her to jump while she was busy getting her throat fucked on the other end. He began thrusting his full weight into her punishing her tight pussy.

She laid their only able to hang by the edge of the table as she was being fucked on both sides, making her buck into an orgasm that was only intensified, as both men not slowing down while she squirmed on their cocks.


The officer pulling out her mouth and spitting into her open mouth gasping for air with cum and spit going down her neck onto her breast. Pulling her up by her hair as he laid back onto the desk "Come get that pussy up ontop of me" Emily stood on top with her legs trembling left weak by her orgasm.

Dropping her pussy onto his dick covered with her own spit. As she slowly leaned forward as he began to thrust up into her pussy. Meanwhile Alex making his way around and taking a hold of her ass holding her steady opening her cheeks to present her tight pucker too him.

Pushing his head into her tight hole taking a hold of her hair making her arch her back while the other officer took a hold squeezing her tits, as she grinded on both dicks in and out of her two holes. Moaning at the top of her lungs Alex took a hold around her neck from behind.

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Making her glow red about to pass out bucking into another orgasm squeezing down on both of the dicks inside her. Standing her up from her hair she was laid on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the table almost laying lifeless as she was still coming down from her orgasm. Each man began taking turns thrusting down her throat abusing her throat.

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Clawing down onto her tits she laid with cum and spit running down into her nose and eyes while their balls hitting down on her nose. She took both cocks into her hands pointing them toward her as she began to jack both cock off with her head hanging off the edge.

"PLEASE!. COVER. ME IN CUM…" she spoke out of breathe Each cock launching ropes of cum toward the blonde pretty face filling her mouth and nose she laid gasping for air with cum covering her face fully.

With the camera pointed straight at her cum covered face. Unable to see with her eyes covered in cum. She giggled saying how much she loved the taste of cum.

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