Latino boy movietures thumbnails and mouth full of cum gay first time

Latino boy movietures thumbnails and mouth full of cum gay first time
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Please read chaper one so you can compare. As they stood there giggling I realized I was laying on my back with pussy juice on my face, Amanda's hand still on my dick and three naked teenagers looking down at me. I said "I need to get up and clean my face off". Amanda gave my dick a squeeze and said looks like you're up to me." Anna said" I'll take care of you face" as she laid down beside me and began kissing my face and licking Amanda's juices off me.

After a minute or so Amanda said "that's enough, I'm not finished yet". She gave my dick a couple more strokes and said "let's go inside and get comfortable." I was comfortable as hell but I was taught not to argue with a lady, let alone four naked ones. The Girls Next Door 2 As Amanda led me into the house by my dick all I could think was if this is not a dream I'm going to have to get to my doctor and get a prescription for some blue pills.

I had shot two loads already and it looked like I was going to need at least one more tonight. When we neared the bedroom I turned around and CJ, Alissa and Anna were following behind.

I said "Where do you think you're going?" their reply was "With you, we want to watch". I thought to myself, "I just spent the last 30 minutes on my back deck with Amanda, a gorgeous redhead with breasts that had to be at least 36DD and a perfect round ass, holding my arms immobile while CJ my neighbors 17 year old daughter sucked my dick and her 15 year old sister licked and sucked on my balls." I found out who was doing what after Alissa, CJ's 18 year old senior classmate had orgasmed and lifted her pussy from my mouth and I could see what I had gotten into.

Before I could reply Amanda said "No touching, ho talking, and no distractions, got it?" imagine three naked teenagers looking at the floor with a little grin on their face saying "Yes ma'am," I looked at Amanda and she just smiled and shrugged. I said "What's going on?" All she said was "Later." We went into the bedroom and Amanda sat on the edge of the bed. It was one of those they called a California King because it was just a little bigger that a standard king size. Finding sheets we wanted for it was difficult sometimes but my late wife always loved the extra room for us to stretch out.

Amanda pulled me to her, looked up at me with her deep emerald eyes and then sucked my tumescent dick into her mouth. Her moist mouth felt like velvet wrapped around me. Just as I was really enjoying the feel of her throat and mouth on me she pulled her mouth off of my dick and lay back on the bed. She pulled me down onto her and whispered "My turn" I rose up and looked at her smiling face.

Her pale skin framed by her mane of red hair accentuated her green eyes and ruby red lips. I was already deeply in lust, was I falling in love also? I placed my lips on hers and kissed her gently.

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She grabbed my head in her hands and I felt her tongue invade my mouth. It felt as though a hot poker had been pushed into my mouth.

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As she swirled it around I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she started sucking on it like she had sucked on my dick. After a minute of having my tongue nearly sucked from my mouth I pulled away and began kissing her ear lobes and neck. I felt her tense beneath me as I moved down and placed my lips on her left nipple. I squeezed her breast gently as I rolled the nipple between my teeth and she pulled me closer to her breast. I switched to the right breast and she moaned softly.

I kissed my way from her breasts to her pussy slit. On my knees on the floor I spread her well shaped legs and gazed at her pussy surrounded by short red hair.

It looked as though she kept it trimmed to about ½ inch and shaped to fit under her bikini. The lips were full and glistening with her juices. Her clit was just peeking out from its hood.

I leaned in and inhaled her musky sweet aroma and knew I had to taste her. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and swallowed the sweet juices I collected. I quickly sucked her clit between my lips. She bucked her hips up and said "Oh shit, oh shit". I released her clit from my lips when I heard a gasp. The three teenagers I had forgotten about, CJ, Alissa and Anna were kneeling side by side on the other side of the bed staring intently at Amanda and me.

CJ had her left hand on Alissa's left breast squeezing it gently and Anna looked like she had her right hand between her legs rubbing furiously, probably where the gasp came from. I spread Amanda's lips with my fingers and lowered my mouth back to her pussy. I took each of her lips in my mouth and sucked and nibbled as she grabbed my head and pulled me to her as her pussy gushed so many juices that my swallowing could not keep up and the flowed down my chin and her ass.

She was holding so tight I almost couldn't breathe. I moved back to her clit, rolling it between my teeth. She started yelling "Enough, enough, fuck me already" as she pushed my head away. As I stood up from gorging myself on her wonderful pussy I raised her legs.

She grabbed them and placed them behind her shoulders. She obviously saw my jaw drop and before I could say wow, she said "I like to watch to". As I stood there with my mouth open staring at her wide open pussy and her little brown puckered butt hole she used her fingers to spread her lips. I snapped out of my daze when she said "Hey, are you gonna put that thing in me and fuck my brains out or just stand there and stare?" I grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

She was saying "Do me, do me".

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I took my dick in my hand and rubbed the head up and down her slit. She was going mmmmmmmm. I paced the head into her hole and stopped. I looked at the three teens. They had moved up on the bed on their hands and knees where they could see my dick in Amanda's pussy.

All three were breathing hard and licking their lips. They looked like three tigresses about to leap on their prey. For a minute I was worried I was about to be attacked but they saw me looking and just smiled. Just then Amanda said 'Quit teasing and fuck me". I looked into her eyes, smiled and then drove my dick into the hilt and held it there.


Amanda arched her back screamed "Oh my god". Her pussy was wet and very warm.


I swear I could feel her heart beat it was so tight After several rapid breathes she relaxed and whispered "More and don't stop this time". I began slowly withdrawing my dick and just as it was about to come out I rammed it back in.

Amanda arched her back and tensed up. Just as she started to relax I drove it in again. I continued until she was covered with a sheen of perpetration and her arms and legs were shaking.

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My groin felt like I would blow at any second. I told Amanda how close I was to give her a chance to have me pull out but with a smile and a whisper she said "Fill me with your come". I pulled my dick out until only the tip of the head was in her and began pounding it in like there was not tomorrow. She threw her head back and looked like she was going to pass out. After just a few strokes my come spewed into her pussy mixing with her juices and leaking back out around my dick.

When I pulled out it was running down my dick to my balls and down her crack across here ass. Amanda was out so I turned her on the bed so I could lie next to her. I pulled the covers over us and the last thing I remember was seeing the three girls in a group hug/grope kissing and rubbing each other's tits and pussies. Hope this is better.

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