Puta que quiera tragarse mi leche

Puta que quiera tragarse mi leche
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Well, it was coming up to our anniversary and I was thinking what I could get my hubby for a surprise present, something out of the ordinary. Now we had watched a few porno films lately and my husband had half jokingly suggested that we make a kind of home movie one of the two of us. We had tried it but the results were some what disappointing. He had then mentioned again half jokingly that we got somebody to take the video for them and said perhaps join in. I had said that I did not really think that was on so no more was said about it, but over the last couple of weeks the idea had not seemed so bad, and was even a turn on when I thought about it.

So after some lengthy thinking I had decided to surprise my husband with a movie taken with a couple of men. I had found a photographer through an adult magazine who said he could do this and arrange the men to star with me.


I agreed a price for this (thinking to myself that usually women get paid for starring in a porn movie and not paying for it themselves) and arranged a day. The day came and I dressed a bit tarty in a short tight black skirt, black tight fitting sleeveless top and high heels. No bra and just a tiny black thong. My legs were bare but I had painted my toe and fingernails blood red. This was all finished off with dark eye make up, rouge to highlight my cheek bones and red lipstick.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror and thought what a tart, which what I was going to be for a short while. I called a taxi and made my way to the arranged spot. All the way there I could see the taxi driver looking at me in his mirror. Adjusting it so he could get a better view of me as my nipples were showing through the thin material and I was having trouble keeping my short dress down and not showing most of what I had.

In the end I gave up and thought what the hell and let it ride up knowing that the driver could now see my tiny black thong that I had on. We arrived at the destination which was a small warehouse looking place and I got out and paid the taxi driver. Thanks for the view he said and laughed as he drove off.

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I walked up to the door, opened it and walked in. I saw the photographer who shouted "hello Jenna," and called me over. I could see several lights and a couple of cameras set up and a large bed in the middle of it all. There were also several other men walking about adjusting lights and cables etc.

Well we do look the part the photographer said, looking me up and down. I smiled and said, "Well we have to try don't we". Are any of those men the ones who I'm with," I asked him.

"No, they are my technical help," he replied. Christ, I thought, how many men are going to see me naked and getting fucked, I wondered. Just then, some of the men signalled that they were ready, so the photographer who had now said his name was John, told me to strip off all my clothes except my high heels and get on the bed ready. I pulled off my top freeing my tits and my dress; everybody was looking at me, leering at my body.

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I tucked my fingers into the waistband of my thong and pulled them down and off. I was now fully naked in front of all these men, my tits, ass, and shaven cunt on view to them all. "Right, now go and get on the bed and play with yourself," John said to me. I walked over and climbed onto the bed. Two men started to film and told me to get started. I started to play with my tits rubbing them and pinching my nipples, and then run one hand down my stomach and between my open legs.

I rubbed my clit and inserted a couple of fingers into my now wet hole and was now moaning from the sensations I was getting. A large black dildoe was on the bed besides me so I took hold of it and began to use that, inserting it more and more until I had its full eight inches in me. I began to plunge it in and out, my body was squirming around on the bed and sounds of lust were coming from my mouth as I fucked myself with this artificial cock to a climax.

It was then that I saw about eight other naked men walk in. "Hell, what's this" I shouted. John replied "Oh, didn't I say, your husband saw me and told me a change of plan, what you both wanted now was for you to be well and truly fucked." I started to say something, but the men were now over to me and one of them said "shut the fuck up bitch," and stuck a couple of fingers up my very wet cunt.

I struggled and fell back onto the bed where they now all joined in. The one frigging me said, "Umm, were going to have some fun with you slut, your going to get fucked legless by us," and grinned. I was struggling and shouting at them to get off. "Get off me you bastards," I shouted at them again. With that he pulled out his fingers and slapped me across the face. "I told you to shut the fuck up, your going to get fucked by us all whether you like it or not," and with that rolled over onto me and rammed his hard cock up my cunt and began fucking me hard his cock going in to the hilt.

I shouted at him to stop and struggled violently, but the other men held me down and my legs apart. I screamed at them again only to get another slap across the face and my nipples twisted hard. I screamed out in pain from the torment that my nipples were receiving."Now shut up and get this between those red lips, you fucking slut, or you'll get more of the same" another man shouted as he pushed his cock to my lips then in my mouth as he yanked my head back by my long hair. He then began fucking my face, his balls slapping against my chin.

I gagged as his cock was right down my throat as I licked and sucked on it like a lollipop. "That's better slut, now you're learning," he said and laughed. After a while as they each took their turn fucking my cunt and mouth as I was held down, I began to relax and enjoy the sensations that I was now getting. They no longer had to hold me and all I did was lay there, taking all these men, now begining to love all the hard cocks pounding into me, groaning and moaning and urging them all on to fuck me legless like they said, just like a common whore.

"Like the cock now, hey whore," one of them said with a lear on his face. Through my moans and gasps I managed to say "oh yes".

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Then as I lay on the bed legs apart, my cunt gaping, they all wanked and shot their cum over me. Most of it was aimed at my face and splashed all over my lips, eyes ad cheeks, with a lot also going in my hair and some over my tits. Also, because everybody there was as horny as hell all the technical staff wanked over me as well including John. All this was captured on film. When they had all finished, I was covered with cum, but that was not to be the end of it because I was told not to wipe it off as I was going for a walk.

I was allowed to put my skirt and top back on but not my thong and we went outside. The cum had dried on my face, but some of the larger blobs of it hadn't. They now made me walk down the streets with my face covered with cum and into shops.

I was feeling very humiliated at this but turned on at the same time. All the people we passed were making snide remarks, the women tutting and calling me slut, the men grinning and making remarks like, looks like you've had a good time luv, and want some more to add to it or asking how much a whore like me charges.

The shop people were the same, just calling me obscene names and telling me to get out. All this was being filmed as well. Finally it was finished and I walked home with the video tape still with my face and hair covered and matted with dried and semi dried cum, making it quite clear to all the passerbys what I had been doing and having done to me.

I arrived home to my husband who just laughed at the state I was in, called me a slut, then ripped my clothes off and fucked me there and then with the curtains wide open to the street.

We both watched the video on our anniversary the next day, which my husband loved, so most of the day was spent fucking and watching the film. As the week went on, all I could think about was the film. We had watched it a lot and my husband had said I was pretty good in it and laughed saying I ought to make a proper Bukkake film. This had been going through my mind and when I mentioned it to him he was all for it as long as he could come and watch, which I did not have any problem with.


I phoned John again and told him about it and said that I wanted about 40-50 men to cum over me this time. He said it was a bit big for him but he would get in touch with a guy he knew who could arrange it and would get back to me. I was hyped up for the next couple of days until John rang and said he had fixed it for the next day if that was ok, which I said it was.

My husband and I took a taxi to the warehouse the next day, and as we walked in he had a shock. "Bloody hell love, do you really want to do this," he said as we looked around at the mass of men there.

"UMMM, yes I do," I said licking my lips. "I didn't know you were such a slut Jenna," he said grinning.


"Well you learn something every day," I replied. I looked at all the men. They must have been what I asked for, about 40-50 men of all ages from what looked like about nineteen, young enough to be my son, to about mid to late fifties. All waiting to wank over me. Their were also several women there who's jobs were I never found out. I reckoned they just wanted to see a woman get well and truly gangbanged.

The guy who was directing the film came over and said "Hi there, so you're the star of the show then," "Yes, my names Jenna," I replied. "Right then, we had better get started then Jenna; we have a lot to do today. Strip naked then," he said. The crowd of men all turned to look at me on hearing this, and their stares bored into me as I began to take my clothes of, until once again I was standing naked in front of this large gathering infront of me. I could feel their eyes devouring me and hear comments on what they were going to do to me.

All this was having an effect on me, turning me on, getting me wet and aroused, so I couldn't help but put my hand between my legs and started rubbing my cunt. "Can't wait to get going hey Jenna," the director said with a sneer. "Right then, were going to do this in two parts," he said. "First, some of you are going to fuck the slut, the gangbang scene, there will be about 25 of you for that, those ones have been picked for this already.

Then after a group wank scene, where you all get to shot your load over this lovely naked women, and then later to finish with, a special wank scene involving a funnel". This last bit causes a lot of laughing amongst the crowd.

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I wondered what the hell that meant. "Hey what's this about a gangbang and funnel then," I said. "Look luv, you need some fucking to sell the film, and the funnel, you will just have to wait and see. Now get over to the bed bitch and let's get to it," the director said. "Better get to it Jenna," my husband said, through a wide grin. "Your loving this aren't you," I said.

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"Too right, I'm looking forward to seeing you take on all those men," he replied. I walked over to the large bed, my tits wobbling and my ass swaying, right through the crowd with plenty of hands taking their chance to grope what ever part of my naked body they could. I climbed onto the bed and the camera's started shooting.

Of course my first bit was as before with me wanking myself to a climax with another huge dildoe. Already I was loving it and couldn't wait for the real thing.

I did not have long to wait as the men for my fuck feast appeared and my mammoth fuck started. Their hands were all over me, the dildoe was removed and hands and fingers replaced it.

I was in ecstasy and my body writhed and contorted as all these hands pleasured me, explored me as they probed and squeezed and mauled my most intimate parts. I soon felt the first hard cock enter me and I gave a loud gasp as it was rammed in to the hilt.

"YES, YES, THAT'S IT, FUCK ME YOU DIRTY BASTARDS, GET YOUR COCKS IN ME, MAKE ME CUM, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCKKKKKK MMMEEEEE," I screamed at them, and they did just that as cock after cock reamed out my cunt. One young guy of about nineteen, while he was fucking me doggy style he was slapping my ass hard and pulling my head back severely by my hair. As he was doing this he was telling me how much he was enjoying fucking an older slut like me, and that it was like fucking the ass off his mum.

A lot of the men there laughed at this comment, and made me feel cheap and humiliated. They even shoved two cocks up my cunt and ass several times whilst I sucked off two more. "That's it whore, suck on my cock, let me fill that sluts mouth of yours with my cum," one of them shouted at me as he took hold of a handful of my long hair and pulled my mouth on to his cock then used it to pull my head back and forth on to his cock.

I gagged as his full length slid up and down my throat. I was fucked in all positions, just a few being, sat astride, doggy position, on my side with my leg held up and on my back. I just lay there taking it, revelling in the pleasure of it, moaning and crying out every time I cum, and thinking of me lying there, a forty-one year old married women, naked being fucked by twenty or so men of all ages in front of a large audience not to mention my husband, being filmed and loving it.

By the end I was covered in cum, a lot had shot their load up my now well used gapping cunt, but even more had cum over me covering my stomach, my tits, but mostly my face and hair in the gooey mess. As I lay there cum dribbling from my cunt and down my cheeks and tits, all the other men crowed around. My hair was spread out in a fan behind me and every body began to wank.

Soon jet after jet of warm thick creamy cum was splashing onto me. My face and hair being the main target until I was soaked in it. My face was covered with their white seminal fluid, my hair soaked and it was running down my tits and pools of it had formed on my stomach.

After, I was filmed rubbing and massaging it all into my body. With that finished I was given just my short coat and told to come back later on that day, as they had to get more film and a few other things. There were no taxis about, so we had to walk home. I got lots of sever looks and comments from all the passer-by's as I was still covered in cum and my coat barely covered my ass cheeks.

My husband walked behind a short distance so he could see and hear all the stares and comments that were made. I also had a lot of propositions from men on the way home as to how much my services were.

When we got home, hubby was of course so turned on that he had to have me right away and no sooner had we got through the door he had my coat off me, he hadn't even closed the door at this point and I was on full view to any body passing by.

His hands were all over me and we soon ended up on the floor in the hall. He told me he wanted to fuck me with all the men's cum still on me which turned me on so much. He was soon undressed and I felt his hard manhood pummelling into me.

I just managed to push the front door closed with my foot at this point as I did not really want our next door neighbours seeing us fucking on the doorstep. Well not at that moment anyway. He soon added another load of warm sticky cum to all the others and I finished him off by licking him clean of any remaining cum. After, I went and got cleaned up ready for the next part of the film then went down and had a bite to eat.

Not that I should have been hungry with the amount of cum I had swallowed so far that day. Later we got a taxi back to the warehouse where everybody was waiting. "Nice to see you again Jenna, now get your clothes back off and lets get to it," I was told.

I stripped off naked again, but this time I was taken to a contraption which looked a bit like an old operating table that had replaced the bed in the centre of the room.

I was told to lay on it and my hands were tied behind my head and my feet to the other end of the table which was wider so my legs were wide apart. The whole contraption was then tilted so my head was towards the floor and my legs and exposed cunt up in the air. All the men gathered around, and then I saw what they had in mind as a large funnel was brought over and the narrow point pushed into my cunt.

"We're going to fill you full of cum now darling," one of the closer men said, and with that the cameras started to roll and half the men started one at a time to wank down the funnel slowly filling my cunt full.

When about half of them had finished, the funnel was taken out and I was then told to open my mouth and it was placed in there. The end was all slimy on my tongue from being pushed into my cum filled cunt, but the taste wasn't unpleasant as I enjoy the taste of cum. The other half of the men now took it in turns filling my mouth.

I was not allowed to swallow until they had all finished, but some trickled down my throat and a lot of cum dribbled out around the funnel as my mouth was full and down my cheeks and towards my eyes and hair. Finally, they had all finished and the camera man took some close up shots of my filled up cunt and mouth before filming me swallowing the large mouthful of cum that had been deposited there. Then to finish the film off, my arms were untied and I was told to scoop all the cum from out of my cunt and rub it into my body.

I loved this and massaged it well into my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples as I did so, then after my cunt was empty and my entire body was covered in a thick layer of cum I licked my fingers clean. After everybody had left, the director said it would take a few days to edit the film, and then he would get a copy to me. He said we were on a winner with this one and would make a fair bit of money from it. I got dressed, not bothering to clean up, the cum soaking through the thin material of my dress and was about to leave, when the director shouted at me "Hey Jenna, you're a natural at this, you should make a few more films, perhaps with some other themes and forms of sex".

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I laughed and said I would. I'm now signed up to do a couple more, one of them being a bdsm porno movie where I'm to be a slave and spend a lot of the movie being humilliated and hired out by my master and strung up having my big tits, as, and cunt paddled and whipped.I have to admit I am looking forward to it, and I know my husband can't wait to see it.