Pegar pikachu boquete mais gostosa

Pegar pikachu boquete mais gostosa
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Looking down, he smiled to himself as he saw his little princess looking up at him with love in her eyes. And he moaned with pleasure as he felt her hand stroking his cock back to life after the throat fucking he gave her. " Did you learn your lesson?" he ask. Her little butt still stinging and burning as she rubbed it looked down and replied "Yes Daddy. I won't get into any more fights at school." "Good" he sighed, "Now lets go get you cleaned up." She bound to her feet, taking daddy by the hand and pulling him up out of the chair, and almost dragged him to the bathroom.

As he started the shower, he was reminded how happy he was to find a place that had such a huge shower, with double benches and dual showerheads.

As the water warmed up, they entered, both quietly sighing as the hot water caressed both their bodies. He grabbed the sponge, adding some of her favorite lavender soap, and started from her neck, gently scrubbing her back as he kissed her on the neck, making her shiver. As he worked his way down her back, he caressed and kissed each of her red, bruised ass cheeks, and then down each leg, all the way to her toes.then turning her around he started back up each leg.

His hands, covered in soap began to massage her calf muscles, and up her thighs. He gently, using his fingers, began to clean her soft little pussy, and back to her puckered little asshole, forcing a finger in, making her inhale deeply as she felt herself being violated. "No daddy, please don't, it hurts!" She then jumped in pain as he forced a second finger in, and at the same time slapped her hard across her ass. " Do I need to remind you that I know best???" She sobbed, starting to allow herself to relax, and begin enjoying the pleasure she started to receive from having her nasty little shitpipe cleaned and finger fucked.

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"We need to make sure that you're a clean little princess for daddy, now don't we?" he asked. "Yes daddy, but its making me have to pee!" He pulled his fingers out, and rinsed her off. Laying back he pulled her over him.

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"Then go" he responded. "Ewww gross daddy! I cant make water all over you!" she said, pretending to be disgusted at the thought. In reality, she loved it.

He grabbed her firmly, holding her in place, and demanded that she go. With that, she relaxed her bladder, and the hot yellow piss began to wash over his now throbbing cock, running down his balls, before she began to enjoy pissing all over her daddy, moving her hips back and forth, up his chest.

She felt his fingers touch her pussy lips covering them with piss, before she saw him then lick and suck each finger, savoring the salty taste of his little princess. Standing up, he kissed her deeply, his hand pulling her hair back, angling her head back to meet his mouth. Her body almost vibrated as she felt his tongue touch hers. Her hands, slick and soapy, found their way around his cock as it poked her in her belly.

His eyes closed in bliss as she began stroking him. "My turn" he said, pulling his body from hers. She knew what he meant, and turned around. "Daddy, please don't pee in me!" She said, almost giggling at the thrill of it. "We have to get you clean inside and out, baby" as he turned her around and she bent over, her hands resting on the bench, jutting her little asshole up and out, waiting for what daddy had for her.


He took his time, feeling his bladder full, trying to relax and position himself to be able to urinate with such an erection. It can be done he thought to himself, just gotta relax. At first it was a small trickle as she felt a few drops land right on her puckered little asshole.

Finally he started to flow, as he placed the tip of his cock right at its bullseye. Holding off the flow for a second, holding her hips firmly, he thrust forward, and pulled her hips back hard as he forced his cock past her tight little ring, and didn't stop until her cheeks rested against his groin.


She screamed out from the sudden violation. He laughed as her rectum clenched down around his cock, making him unable to start to go again. Stroking her back gently, she started to relax after a few moments, partially from the hot water flowing over her, partially from his gentle caress, and partially through willpower, since she wanted it as much as he did.

As he felt her deathgrip start to relax, he started to concentrate. Finally, after what felt like hours, he started to feel it go. Starting as a dribble, then changing to a full stream of piss washing and filling her rectum. "Oh god daddy, its so hot!" she moaned out as she felt her ass start to get filled up with daddies piss as though it were a water balloon.

She loved the strange sensation of pressure and fullness that she felt as he moved his cock back and forth slightly, making her belly start to distend.

"We're going to get you nice and clean baby, we don't want you getting sick now do we?" he asked. "No daddy, make me clean. "It feels sooooo good when you give me a piss enema.

I want to be clean for you daddy" As she got filled more and more, her ass started to leak piss from around his cock as he would pull out.

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Finally he finished, and slowing started to pull out. "Clench down tight, Princess. We don't want you to waste any of it" She did as she was told, clenching down on his cock so hard he could barely withdraw, until he finally slipped it out.

It wasn't easy, and she suddenly felt emptier once she no longer had his cock buried deep within her, but she now had a new urge. The urge to expel Daddy's piss. Her belly started to hurt from the pressure. "Holding herself, she looked up and pleaded, "Please Daddy. Can I go now?" He smiled as he looked at the mixed look of fear she couldn't hold it, and the slight pain the pressure was causing.

" Not just yet, you have to clean me off." She tried to sit on the bench, causing it to leak a little more before pulling him over, and wrapping her mouth around his cock again, sucking and licking him clean. She could taste her ass and daddy's piss and she slurped away at it. After a minute, she stopped, unable to take it anymore.

He had made her gag from his thrusting, causing even more to leak out. "PLEASE DADDY!" she begged, tears starting to form again. "Ok, princess. Go ahead." She rushed out of the shower, water going everywhere as she sat down on the toilet, and relaxed her sphincter.

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Immediately, she felt the pressure fade away as she forced her daddy's dirty pee from her ass. The feeling was almost orgasmic just from the release of pressure.

Once she was done, she flushed and rushed back into the shower, shivering. Daddy wrapped his arms around her in the water, warming her up. One more quick rinse, and they shut off the water, and he grabbed two big fluffy towels.

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He lovingly dried her off, head to toe, before drying himself off. Stepping out of the shower, he lead her to his bedroom. She hopped up on the bed on all fours, her ass up in the air for him. Walking up behind her, he kissed each cheekbefore spreading her ass wide, kissing her puckered little rosebud, making her shudder and moan.

She jumped a bit as she felt his tongue snake out and lick before pushing it in a little bit. She loved it when he ate her asshole. Almost as much as when he let her eat his.

He then started to lick down, parting her soaked pussy lips like the Red Sea, tasting her sweet pussy juices as they flowed, until he reached her clit. Wrapping his lips around the little nub he started to suck on it, his tongue making lazy circles around it, causing her to buck wildly from the dual sensation of the sucking and intense feeling of pleasure of his tongue.

He slipped his finger in her little cunt, quickly finding her gspot, and started to stroke it. Her body tensed up, being hit by one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had, spraying his face with her girl cum as wave after intense wave of her climax wracked her little body.

She collapsed on the bed, almost completely passed out as her body continued to twitch and convulse as she felt his fingertips lightly tickle and caress her thighs.

As she laid there, half asleep, she felt him gently shake her, handing her a glass of water. "Here you go Princess. We don't want you dehydrated." Her body like jello, she pulled herself up, sitting back against the headboard and took a drink.

"Daddy, that was amazing.

You make me feel like such a big girl when you play with my pussy like that." Taking her hands, he made her get back onto all fours, before coming up behind her and forcing his cock in her tight little cunt, making her grunt loudly. His cock, stretching her little pussy, felt so good as she felt the head of it bump her cervix. As long as he was careful she loved the feeling, but if he got too carried away it hurt.

His hands, pulled and tugged her nipples, sending little electric shocks down to her clit. She fucked back, harder and harder, as he pulled on her nipples harder, until without warning, she came again. Her pussy drenched his cock with her cum, just what he was hoping for. As she was still climaxing, he quickly pulled out and shoved his cock in her ass without warning. She screamed loudly from the intense burning sensation as his cock ripped her tight little ass open. He was like an animal in heat.

Furiously pounding her abused little rectum, the intense feeling making her suck in her breath as she gripped the sheets so hard her knuckled turned white.

It felt so good as his balls slapped her clit with every thrust. She pushed back, wanting his cock even deeper up her anus. Wanted to feel even fuller. She reached back, and shoved two fingers up her dripping little cunt, stroking her gspot as she felt her daddy's big cock fuck back and forth on the other side of the membrane separating her ass and pussy. It was too much and she came again. Her tight ass ring started to milk his cock as he trust back and forth, pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

As she came down, he grunted "I'm going to cum!" She pulled forward, feeling the instant void of her now gaping asshole, and spun around quickly, taking his cock in her mouth all the way to the hilt, sucking and stroking it as fast as she could.

She could taste herself on it, as well as the large amounts of precum that was leaking from the slit. He grabbed her head, and began to fuck her mouth at an insane speed, feeling his climax welling up inside him. She played with her gaping little ass with one hand as she jerked him off in her mouth, bracing herself as she felt his body go rigid. It could have been gallons of his cum that he was pumping down her throat.

There was so much she struggled to keep up with it, much to their mutual surprise, since that was his second orgasm in an hours time. Finally he pumped one last squirt, and she pulled back, licking him clean, gently so as not to hurt him and his overly sensitive cock.

She looked up at him, with the most peaceful look on his face.


Looking down at her he said "I love you Princess." Coming up to his face, she looked into his eyes replied "I love you too Daddy" and they kissed deeply and passionately, tasting each other on their lips.