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Geile nackte girls anall0och
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Fbailey story number 340 Little League Mom There she was in her usual seat just one to the right in front of me. Millie was the mother of a boy on my son's team. She always smelled nice and she looked outstanding in her tight team T-shirt and those jeans that rode low on her hips. As we jumped up to cheer and sat back down throughout the game I kept a close eye on Millie. After an inning or two I would be treated to a rear view of her rising panties or a hint of butt crack.

I would 'accidentally' take a picture to admire later. During the seventh inning stretch Millie would jump up and down, turn around, and show me her hard nipples poking out in her T-shirt. It was a sight to behold. After the game I asked Millie out on a fancy date with dinner, cocktails, and a movie.

She said yes. In fact she said yes to that very night. It was a Saturday and her ex-husband would be picking her son up soon. That was perfect since I would be dropping my son off at my ex-wife's house soon too.

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As we waited in the parking lot for her ex to show up Millie surprised me by saying that she was very horny, that she hadn't had sex in over six months since the divorce, and that she was a sure thing. I just smiled thinking that I was going to get to fuck her. She continued to say that as long as I was going to get into her pants and stay there for the next twenty-four to thirty hours trying to fuck her brains out that we could skip the fancy dinner.

All right she really was as horny as I was. Then she continued to tell me that she was a hundred dollars short on that month's rent and asked me if I could help her out.

My immediate reaction to that was, she wanted me to pay for sex and that was prostitution. When I mentioned that to her she laughed and told me that she was easy, not a prostitute. She said that she wasn't even all that easy since I was the only man that got her panties wet in the last six months. She had been dying for me to ask her out since the Little League season started a couple of weeks ago.

Then Millie asked me if I was paying my wife alimony and yes I was. She smiled and told me that I was still paying my wife for sex but not getting any of the fringe benefits. I laughed because I had often thought the very same thing. Millie then told me that she did not receive any alimony from her ex-husband and that she had trouble making ends meet.

Just then her ex-husband pulled in and Millie bitched him out for being late, for being a cheap no good bastard, and for even being born.

He flipped her the finger, got his son in the car, and left spinning his tire and throwing dirt at us. Millie was too mad to drive so she got in my car. I had my son get in and then I took him to his mother's house. Along the way Millie just fumed quietly to herself, but as soon as my son was inside the house she told me to take her home and fuck her brains out.

Then she didn't want to wait that long and had me pull in a parking lot between two big vans. Her seat went clear back, her tight jeans went to her ankles, and her thong panties joined them. Millie then spread her knees as far apart as she could for me.

She apologized for her hairy pussy saying that she had no one to shave it for. I told her that I liked it hairy and then I climbed on top of her. It was the quickest quickie that I had ever had. I don't think it lasted much more than a minute. Millie said 'thank you' and told me to drive her to her car. On the way there she never pulled her clothes up and she sucked my cock the whole way.

Her car was the only one in the Little League parking lot. She smiled and told me that I needed to fuck her in her car too since we had in my car. She just got out with her pants around her ankles and hobbled over to her car getting in the backseat and leaving the door open for me. I went to her with my cock still sticking out of my pants and then I lowered them to my ankles and climbed on top of her again. I lasted my normal length of time, about six or seven minutes, before cumming inside her again.

She insisted that I stand up outside the door and let her suck my cock clean. Then she pulled up her panties, her tight jeans, and then told me to follow her home. She lived in a little apartment in an old rundown complex. She took me up to her second floor apartment and suggested that we take a shower first. The shower was nice but seeing her naked was even better. Millie had a nice figure, nice tits, and a really nice ass that I had been admiring for a few weeks.

She washed me and I washed her.

I took my time washing her too. She liked her ass rubbed, her nipples played with, and her clit abused. I gave her three powerful orgasms before she begged me to stop. After we dried one another off Millie said that she was willing to do anything sexual that I wanted her to do and that I did not have to help her pay the rent. I had already decided to give her the hundred dollars based on the first two fucks and sucks and the shower. She was much better than my ex-wife was and worth every penny of it.

I wasn't about to tell Millie that I get to fuck my ex every time I hand her an alimony check. It was written into the agreement at my lawyer's insistence.

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He contended that if I was getting screwed that she should too. As Millie stood before me naked she asked me what I wanted for dinner. I told her to get dressed and that I would take her out. I also said that the better she looked and the less she wore the better the restaurant would be. Millie smiled and walked to her closet. She had the classic 'little black dress' hanging there in her closet. It was short, scooped in the front and the back, and it had spaghetti straps.

She slipped it on over her head without and underwear on at all.


Then she asked me if she should wear shoes. When she held up a pair of shiny black high heels I just smiled. In a few minutes Millie had fixed her hair and applied some makeup. I stopped at my place to change in a suite and tie before taking her to the restaurant.

It was a fancy Italian place that had a great wine cellar. She told me to order for her so I chose a couple of appetizers, a couple of entr?, and a few extras.

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We both liked sweet red wines so I had the waitress bring us a couple of bottles to try. We had a very small table in the far corner so the waitress had her hands full bringing our food and clearing away the old plates. Since we didn't actually finish anything she would box it for us. We did finish the two bottles of wine though and bought two more to take home with us.

Millie whispered in the waitress' ear that she needed to pay me for the dinner and asked where we could fuck. The waitress blushed and told us to follow her to he wine cellar. She told us to go under the stairs and that she would try to keep an eye on the door for us, then she went back up to the dinning area. I watched as Millie removed her dress, looked around for a place to hold, and then presented her ass to me. I lowered my pants, my underwear, and then I slipped my cock into her easily.

Millie loved the fact that our waitress knew what we were doing down there and that at any time someone else might discover us too. It took me about five or six minutes, but I cum in her pretty good. Millie turned around, squatted down, and sucked my cock clean. She left a good size gob on the concrete floor, stood up, and put her dress back on.

Together we walked up the stairs, paid our bill and left the waitress a very good tip. We carried out a bag full of small Styrofoam boxes and two bottles of wine. At home Millie noticed that one of the boxes had our waitress' name and phone number on it with a simple message that said 'call me.' Just for shits and giggles Millie called her cell phone and left voicemail telling her to come by after work and giving her the address. The little black dress came off, my suite came off, and we vowed not to get dressed until we had too sometime Sunday evening when the boys would be returned.

Millie took a nice long bubble bath and asked me if I wanted to shave her pussy. I told her that I liked it hairy and asked her to keep it that way for me. She giggled and said that she hoped that our waitress doesn't mind getting pubic hairs caught in her teeth. I asked Millie if she ever got hairs caught in her teeth. She smiled and said it has happened because none of the guys that she has ever sucked had shaved their pubic hair.

Then she smiled knowing what I had really meant and told me that the few times she had sex with a girl that they had been mostly shaven if not completely. She says that she likes a little tuff of hair on their mounds to look at and play with. I told her that my ex-wife had all of her pubic hair laser removed right after we got married. I told her that my ex-wife had her boobs enlarged a cup size too.

Millie held her boobs and assured me that everything about her was real. I liked that. I wanted to make love to Millie after her bath but she insisted that I save it for our waitress. When she saw how disappointed I was she assured me that I would get to make love with her as often as I wanted too. She said that I could spend every weekend with her, make congenial visits during the week, and that if her landlord threw her out that she would move in with me.

Now that was an interesting offer. In just a few hours I knew that Millie was the girl for me. When there was a knock on the apartment door Millie went to it totally naked, looked through the peephole, and then flung it open inviting our waitress in. Penelope was blushing at seeing Millie and I naked but started removing her uniform apologizing for rushing right over after work. Millie offered Penelope a shower and then asked if she could join her.

Penelope smiled and said okay. Millie took Penelope into the bathroom and climbed into the shower with her. I stayed in the bedroom and checked out Penelope's underwear. Her panties were just your ordinary everyday white cotton panties with stains in the crotch and a very strong feminine odor from working all day. Her bra was a low cut lacy number that probably lifted her tits and pushed them together to get her bigger tips at work.

I know it helped my decision after fucking Millie in the wine cellar. Soon the girls came out of the shower. They didn't even waist time drying off. The both ran out to the bed where I was holding Penelope's bra and panties. Penelope blushed and said that she has better panties but that she hadn't done her laundry and her period panties were all that were left in bottom of her drawer.

Millie laughed and said that she keeps some around for that purpose too. Penelope smiled at me and then said that Millie had told her that I wanted to watch them eat each other's pussy before I slipped my cock into her.

I told her that I would like to see that. Penelope then said that sixty-nine was okay but that one at a time was much better to do, to watch, and to receive too. She said that in a sixty-nine she got so excited that she could hardly give the other girl any pleasure.

She also said that I couldn't watch all of the action and the other girl's expression if I was trying to be in two places at the same time. Millie and I both agreed with her. Penelope told Millie to get comfortable and then she knelt between her legs. Penelope clasped her hands together as if she were going to pray, slipped the tips of her fingers into Millie's pussy lips and then she closed her eyes. Her hands turned slightly and opened into a triangle. Penelope then said, "I pray to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty to guide my tongue to give this woman pleasure." Then Penelope leaned over and kissed Millie's pussy.

Penelope continued, "I pray to Kadesh the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty, who combines the symbol of her pubic triangle with her full frontal pose." For the second time Penelope leaned over and kissed Millie's pussy. Penelope continued, "I pray to Saint Raphael the patron saint of sex. Please give me a woman to touch me tenderly and a man to do me roughly." For the third time Penelope leaned over and kissed Millie's pussy.

Then Penelope opened her eyes, smiled up at Millie, and leaned in to replace her fingers with her tongue.

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Millie closed her eyes and let out some air as she gently blew. Millie reminded me of birthing classes for my son when she inhaled deeply and then blew out slowly.

As Penelope worked on her pussy Millie became a super charged sensitive body of sexual excitement. Every pore of her being was opened up to that sexual experience, all of her nerve endings were intensifying, and when her orgasms started they didn't stop. Millie went from blowing to puffing to screaming out loud.

She knew what she was doing and covered her own face with a pillow so that her neighbors wouldn't call the police. After several minutes Millie was silent so I took the pillow away from her face.

She was unconscious. She had passed out from too much pleasure. Penelope did not stop eating her. Millie did not stop having convulsions. I actually saw Millie's breasts swell up and her nipples double in size before she quivered all over in a mini earthquake. After that Penelope sat up and told me that she thought that Millie was her perfect woman. When Millie woke up she said that she felt wonderful and thanked Penelope for giving her the best sex that she had ever had.

Millie then asked Penelope if she was ready for her turn. Penelope said that she was and got on her back with her knees up and wide open. Millie put her hands together and inserted the ends of her fingers into Penelope's pussy lips. Then Millie said, "Aphrodite, Kadesh, and Saint Raphael I just want to thank you for guiding Penelope to the center of my pleasure.

Now please guide me to her pleasure center." With that said Millie dropped on Penelope's pussy like a big bag of potatoes. Millie grabbed her ass and tried to bury her face inside Penelope's pussy while Penelope jumped and grabbed a hold of Millie's hair. At first it looked like they were fighting but then I realized that Penelope was actually trying to help Millie climb inside her.

Millie was making slushing and slobbering noises. Penelope was grunting and growling. I was just enjoying the show. It was entirely opposite of what the girls had done earlier.

Instead of a gentle loving romp it looked more like a drive by eating. Millie ate her harder and harder and Penelope groaned and moaned louder.

Penelope thrashed about rather violently during her orgasms like she was trying to dislodge Millie. It was a sexual battle to beat them all. Finally Penelope went limp and Millie sat up triumphly. Penelope smiled and said that Millie was indeed her perfect woman. Millie agreed that Penelope was her perfect woman too. Then it was my turn.

I had seen those two women go at it for over an hour and a half and I was ready for my turn. Penelope was ready for me so I kissed her firmly and grabbed onto her breasts with both hands. I kneaded them, I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs, and I was manly about it too.

I then sucked on her nipples, slashed them with my tongue, and I pulled on them gently with my teeth but not too gently. I knew that I couldn't do what Millie had done to her pussy but I used my fingers to manhandle her clit a little before I shoved my cock into her with a force that said I wanted her and I wanted her right then.

I wrapped my arms under her shoulders and pressed my chest into her breasts as I rammed my cock up into her vagina. I got into a steady rhythm of thrust, pull, and thrust again. I was forcing her body down into the soft bed, I was slamming my pubic bone into her pubic bone, and I was hitting her cervix pretty good on every down stroke. As much as Millie liked it soft and gentle, Penelope liked it rough and forceful. I could get used to both of them on a regular basis.


After about ten minutes of my pounding her she triggered my climax with her orgasm. Like Millie she grabbed a pillow and held it to her own face as she screamed into it. I just grunted hard and breathed even harder. After I finished filling her womb with my potent semen I rolled off her. Millie lay on my other side and sandwiched me in the middle. We pulled the covers up, talked softly about how great the sex was, and then we drifted off to sleep.

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Early in the morning the sun shone through the bedroom window into our eyes. I woke up with my arms around both women, their heads resting on my shoulders, and their breasts pushed into my chest. As my hands started for their ass cracks they both giggled.

I turned to Millie first and kissed her then I turned to Penelope and kissed her. Then the girls leaned into me to kiss each other. Millie asked me if I needed sex or a blowjob before she got out of bed to start breakfast. I told her that after last night I was good and I meant it too. Both Penelope and her agreed with me that they were good too. So the three of us got out of bed, used the toilet, and climbed into the bathtub together to take a shower.

We enjoyed washing each other and then dried off to start breakfast. No one got dressed. After breakfast we climbed back in our nice warm bed and cuddled together as we discussed the previous night.

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Each of us had enjoyed ourselves more with each other than we ever had with anyone else. We all agreed that we had found our other parts. The girls said that their prayers to Aphrodite, Kadesh, and Saint Raphael had been answered. Before the day was over and Millie's son was due to be dropped off we had decided to move in together in my house. Our boys played well together, Millie needed help with rent and expenses, and Penelope wanted to get out of her parent's house.

My house was perfect for us all. I already had a king-size bed and my son had bunk beds in his room. We also had a spare bedroom and two bathrooms on the second floor with a half bath on the first floor. There would be plenty of room in the living room, dining room, and the kitchen for all of us too. So it was set. I kissed Millie goodnight and followed Penelope to her parent's house.

She introduced me as her boyfriend and went to her room to pack a few things for the night.

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We left together but I picked up my son on the way home. Penelope was waiting for me to unlock the door. We called Millie to say goodnight before going to bed. We told Millie that we would not have sex without her and we kept our word.

The next day was Monday and while I worked the two women moved in. Well Penelope got all of her stuff moved in and Millie got most of her and her son's personal stuff moved in.

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She would have to work out what to do with her furniture but some was rent to own stuff and the rest was sort of donated to her after the divorce. So essentially we were all moved in and living together. The boys liked it a lot and we grownups loved it. Right after we sent the boys to bed we went to bed ourselves. Our first night living together was not as intense as our first night together but it was certainly good. I got to cum in Millie, she ate Penelope, and then I cum in Penelope.

After that the girls got into a sixty-nine.


They told me that I get to cum in Penelope first the next night and that she will take care of Millie afterwards. I was pleased that it had all been worked out. We were already working together as a team. The End Little League Mom 340