Anerkennend gerade hotty really Spaß

Anerkennend gerade hotty  really Spaß
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My Slutty Wife Used as a Dog Slave Bitch part 3 On one cheek of this girls bottom were the words DOG SLAVE! and on the other was the word BITCH! both had been branded on each of her buttocks ! her red clitoris was again sticking out and waiting as if she was permanently in heat!, just like a real bitch dog !!!

One of the dogs was commanded to mount her with the words "hump, bitch" and it was very apparent that this was what had been done to her numerous times over the last several months !!!!.Both of the Pit Bulls had black shiny coats and as the first one quickly reared up and placed his front paws onto bitches back, one could now see an enormous hard dog cock!

these dogs had been specially bread to be big and to have knots at the head and tip of their cocks the length was almost 12" and well over 2 1/2" around and the head with the knot right behind it was at least 3" around and this dog had done this to her many times before and she was ready, as this big cock spread her the head and knot made noticeable plop! As it passed through her pelvis opening and into her womb, she squealed as this happened and then started whimpering as the big dog started humping her, another squeal followed by a whimper escaped from her lips, her eyes had glazed over and the sound she made betrayed the lustful bliss she was experiencing with each stroke as the dog humped her harder and harder!!!!.

The other dog was lead over to Sissy, the two big black women stepped back and out of the way, and the command was given up boy, pussy! Sissy felt his front rough paws scratch her thighs as the dog raised up and placed them on her, she jerked again momentarily and was rewarded with more painful spasms from her very sore nose and equally sore nipples and stretched clitoris!

The dog stuck his nose into her wide open and very wet little pussy!, and immediately started licking her!!!. OMG!!! Sissy had been laying there nose hooked naked and spread wide and trying not to move, she could hear all that had been said but could not see much and was trying to in-vision in her mind what was happening, to this young bitch of a dog slave?, as the dogs rough tongue lapped her open cunt she had another uncontrolled orgasm, she had been trying to hold it, but unlike when she had pushed her wet little pussy up against the chain link fence in her back yard, so that the neighbors dog could get at her, their was now nothing in the way, the dog was well trained at this, and easily continued licking her slit and as he went farther and farther up her slit his tongue proceeded to encircle her tender clitoris OMG it was maddening she was frozen and trying to hold still as the sharp little hooks on her nose lips and cunt lips gave her incredible pain if she even moved at all, however it was a loosing battle as she could no longer hold off another of the inevitable uncontrolled climax and was quickly consumed by several more!!!.as the dog slowly pulled his tongue from around her clit!

For Sissy, she was now again unable to to distinguish between pain and pleasure as the dog continued to lick her formerly little clitoris that was now stretched straight up and to its very limit!


The dog that had been humping and fucking the blond haired "dog slave bitch" and was coming close to squirting his load was given the command to stop! He was well trained and immediately pulled out with a resounding sucking noise as if her tight dog slave pet pussy did not want to let it go!

She then started to yelp in anguish at her emptiness! As the other dog now took the place of the first, and continued to hump the blond dog bitch she was again consoled as the pleasurable squealing and whimpering continued again as it had before.

The first dog was lead around to Sissy's head that was nose hooked and tilted back leaving her mouth wide open and was commanded to face fuck little bitch!!!.

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The big dog immediately raised up and placed his paws over the stocks and on her chest and with a little help from his master guided his knot into Sissy's wide open mouth! This was followed by the command, "dog cum" and several more times the command was given, these dogs were trained to obey and were also fed certain foods that would produce incredible amounts of seaman.

Sissy had no choice but to gulp down load after load of dog cum and try to swallow as much as she could as this dog seemed to have an over abundance of this warm gooey liquid!

With her head tilted back and her body lower at this end she was still able to breath and swallow even with a mouth full of cummy seamen! It did not taste all that much different from the two big black women that had earlier showered her with cum and that experience had made it much easier with this big dog, that was now filling her mouth with more cum that she could ever imagine!

No sooner had this big dog squirted his last load the command was given, now up boy! And the second dog was commanded to pull out of dog bitch and lead around and commanded to face fuck little bitch!

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Sissy was having a hard time swallowing and gagging most of the gooey seamen down as a lot had ran down her cheeks and had joined the cum from the two black women, just as she was able to suck down the last of the cum from the first dog the second big cock entered her mouth and Sissy was not given any respite as loads and loads choked her, each time she tried to swallow, her throat allowed more seamen down, it also stretched her nose hooks and the pain was again almost unbearable as she tried and was then able to swallow more and more of his warm cum!

She was some what detached as she thought to herself the dog seamen did taste a little different and was a little more rancid and animal smelling like, but she was able to swallow most of it!

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The blond haired dog slave bitch that had been down on her knees, whimpering after the last dog had pulled out of her had now been lead around to Sissy's head and was commanded to clean little bitch up!

She proceeded to lick all of the cum from around Sissy's face neck and cheeks. Dr DeSade had released the cords from her painful nose hooks and lips so that it would make it easier for this blond human dog to clean the cum off of her!

It was kind of revolting at first to be faced licked by this "female half animal and half attractive young woman", but after a while she really started to like the sensation! And at the very last as she was licked clean this beautiful young halfbreed looked lovingly into her eyes and kissed her very passionately right on the lips! and at the same time stuck her long tongue way down into Sissy's throat!

She had never been french kissed by anyone and especially so deep and passionately, and by another girl even an animal one! and even though the kiss tasted a lot like dog cum she felt her gentiles pucker right out to the tip of her alligator clamped clitoris!!!.

OMG the feeling was wonderful!!!.the female trainer almost had to forcefully pull this bitch off of her and with a reluctant yelp was for the moment gone, sissy's heart at first sank and she thought she would never get to see or feel this female animals sexually loving touch, even Sissy hollered out no!


As they were pulled apart!. This kiss and the feeling it gave her created some of her first true feelings towards abusive sex and other women, especially bisexual ones and gave her the desire to be used and and abused by them as well as other hard lesbian women.

Bull and her two big black domineering female friends had started this feeling that would now last for a lifetime! And it was a wonderful feeling. Most of the attention that she had received from the hooded men was now directed away from her as they were back attending to the women that had been their charges, before Sissy and the blond Dog slave bitch! had showed up! Sissy felt Dr DeSade remove the sharp alligator clamps from her nipples, and hadn't realized how much she had arched up her back almost automaticly as to help keep them from being stretched, she had done so thinking that the tips might have actually been pulled off!

And was quite relived that she could finally relax her chest and that her beautiful nipples although quite blue were now returning to red and that they were now pointing out to each side as they had always done before and were very much intact! Her neck and wrists were still tightly clamped in the stocks! As were her legs that were also strapped as wide as ever and her clit still had the alligator clamp and bungee cord pulling it to its limit, but somehow the pain was dull and more orgasmicly stimulating, and the feeling was much more pronounced and lingering, almost euphoric!

This feeling was to become even better!

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The young dog slave half breed had been lead around to where she was now told to sit, in front of Sissy's wide open legs and cunt! The "T" shaped stand that Sissy was strapped and fastened to was lowered to where Sissy's cunt was perfectly level with this blond animal half breeds lips! The problem was that Sissy's clitoris was still clamped to the cord!, and when lowered the results was a blood curdling scream from Sissy, as she thought for sure the tip of her clit where the sharp teeth of the clamp was still affixed would have pulled a large chunk of tender flesh right off the end of it!

This, although it really hurt had only stretched it slightly more!, but it was left on for a few minutes as Dr DeSade slowly walked over taking his time and looked at Sissy's eyes, gauging just how long he could let it stretch her formerly unblemished virgin clitoris, before slowly unclamping it!

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The release was instantly rewarded by a shuddering climax that Sissy had not realize she had been tightly holding back with all of her gentile female muscles and the dog slave half breed was also rewarded with more than just a fine mist of Sissy's pussy cum as it sprayed out all over!!!. The two other pit bulls were told to heel and did so immediately with both of their gigantic cocks still very hard and sticking up between their haunches at the ready!

The one gal who had been hanging upside down and had been bitching for more abuse was still hollering as the hooded man was whipping her crotch, she was bitching at him to whip her harder yet!, and as she did so her blindfold fell off and she could see the two dogs from her upside down position, that were only several feet away!


She then started hollering doggie dick! I want doggie dick and did not seem to want to shut up no matter how hard she was beaten! Finally this sadist beating her, in exasperation asked one of the dog handlers if the dog could some how satisfy her?.

A conversation had ensued between them and the bitching woman was released and helped down by several other of the hooded men, and with the spreader bar still attached between her ankles she was then unceremoniously chained to a convenient iron ring in the floor by her slave collar, and with her hands still tied behind her back her pussy was blood red from all the whipping and was quite swollen and puffed out around her mound although the skin was not broken.

She was still bitching as one of the dog handlers had commanded his pit bull go over to this woman, and then had the pit bull raise his leg and piss all over the woman's face she immediately started bitching again slobbering through the dog piss!, And the other pit bull handler commanded his dog to mount her. She from her upside down position had thoroughly under estimated the size of the dogs cock and as he penetrated her she screamed !!!!.in the most agonizing and blood curdling scream and kept screaming until she fainted!

This did nothing to slow the dog down at all as he was quite excited from her screams and all this did was to make him want to hump her deeper and harder, the other dog again was commanded to pissed on her face, and when she finally came to, all she could do was moan and whimper with each of his thrusts!!! and her face in a pool of yellow piss! this finally had shut her up! With the cord and alligator clamp now released from Sissy's clit, along with the sharp "J" hooks that had been attached to the corners of her cunt lips!, her, and them, were starting to return to to at least some sort of less painful and more normal shape, the beautiful young half breed dog slave was commanded to, "pussy, eat pussy" and this animal of a woman slowly and expertly started to make love to sissy's very sore and very well stretched and quite puffy clit and slit!

After all of the pain, along with the sharp teeth and sadistic stretching of her lips and clit, the incredible feeling of this young dog slave female, doing this to her gentiles was one of the most sensual and enjoyable things she had ever felt! A very slow sucking and nibbling was occurring as this bitch knew exactly where and how, to perform in order to get the most satisfying results.

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Sissy was again trying to hold this most wonderful feeling and again it was loosing battle as she orgasmed quite forcefully. Sissy's cum again squirted out, this dog bitch sucked most all of it down! and did not stop at all, Sissy was torn as she had had so many orgasms and did not think she was capable of any more! This young dog bitch was not going to stop until commanded to do so and continued to go after her lips inner thighs and especially her clitoris with ardent fervor.

Sissy was now starting to beg! OH, Oh, oooo!!!. please, oh pleasessssssssss stop! But his attractive female dog bitch only continued to suck bite and nibble in all the right places!!!!.

Sissy was now beside herself as this wonderful pleasure had now become almost painful and sadistic! Tears ran down her cheeks as she was slobbering and moaning almost incoherently for this bitch to stop!, but no command to stop was given !!!. Sissy could not move or do anything to stop this young female dog slave from having her way with her!

Sissy could not believe it, as she orgasmed again the muscles it her tight twat had little to give and her cum was more of a dry heave with little left. Just as Sissy thought she could stand no more and had been pleading that she was a young girl and could not take anymore the command was given to stop!!!!. For Sissy it was a mixed blessing as first the incredible feeling and multiple orgasms followed by tortured pleasure and abuse and the feeling that it was never going to stop!!!.

Now it had her begging the bitch not to not stop!!!, OMG she did not know what she was saying she was so sore and yet she felt so warm and wonderful her breasts nipples ass cheeks and of course her lips and clit were on fire with lust!

Almost as quickly as this had all taken place it was over, and she heard the command to heel, the dogs along with the female dog bitch were gone!

Again for the moment her heart sank!, she felt that she would never see this half woman and half animal again!.That had kissed her so passionately. Dr DeSade had again walked over and first placed some sort of device into her virgin ass hole that immediately started to expand and had then pulled Sissy's swollen clit up between his thumb and fore finger and injected it with ,a small syringe deep into the center of her abused little orb!

Sissy at first jerked at the sensation.!!! but had not realized at the time that this, was going to happen! Continued in part 4