Alte weiber anal ficken

Alte weiber anal ficken
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In a quiet blue-collar neighborhood, Jack and Dave lived around the corner from each other. These guys were in their 40s, both in moderately good health no bodybuilding but enough aerobics to stay healthy, and normal weight. Jack was always up for a laugh. He used to be a bartender, so he's got a million jokes. Name a topic, and Jack has a good one. Dave works in one of those high pressure engineering jobs where the projects are always late and somebody's got a hardon to get it out the door.

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He takes his relaxation by way of his right hand most nights. Jack and Dave used to socialize with their wives, but both marriages failed within a year of each other. The guys didn't see each other much, but one time they ran into each other at the grocery store. Jack was buying steaks and Dave was checking out a couple of six packs of craft brew brown ale. It didn't take long to decide they'd put them together and do some grilling.

They started getting together after that, to watch a game or help each other with a project. When these guys socialized, almost any subject was fair game. They didn't agree on politics, but respected each other's views. Dave was into gardening so Jack would pick his brain on the perennials he'd almost killed. Jack was a runner so after a while Dave took it up too - though not to the extent that Jack did. Personal issues were in bounds too, they shared their reactions to the divorces, what they might have done to be better husbands - and what the wives might have done better too.

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Surprisingly, those topics were pretty non-judgmental. Of course, a couple of single guys in their 40s would commiserate being horny. Those discussions started out as jokes and self-effacing humor. Jack would joke about his pants fitting funny, Dave would wonder why since his dick was so small, Jack would tell Dave he had a low sperm count, and so on.

Truth be told, Jack did actually have a small dick about 3 ½ inches. Enough to serve the ladies, not that there were any in his life. That wasn't the problem with his marriage, he could do right by her in that regard. All the other reasons, like her drinking and his one layoff, and they didn't know how to deal with all this. But Jack did enjoy his alone time, he had a fleshlight and used it often. And his porn selections were widespread, almost all topics were good for a fantasy.

Dave's right hand was fuller than Jack's.

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Bigger than average but not huge, about 7". Dave had been with a couple of guys when he was just old enough to be legal one of them was about Dave's size but not a very passionate lover. The other fellow was very hot, he liked sex and liked sharing his handsome small dick.

Dave developed a taste for sucking on this guy, and if you asked that lover, Dave was good at it. He would move on and off, taking that hot little cock all the way in and ticking the underside with his tongue. So that was Dave's history. Jack had never been intimate with a guy, but he was curious. He found his fantasies going there more often these days.


One day these guys were hanging out at Dave's house, having a drink and relaxing. Jack enjoyed the occasional talk of sex; lately they had chatted about what they did to jerk off.

Jack said, "It's been a long time, I had to service myself yesterday." "All the plumbing working ok?" asked Dave. Followed with a draw from his beer. "Thankfully yes. Popped out a good one." Chuckles all around on that remark.

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"Yeah, my little friend did me OK." Dave's interest was piqued. "Hey, little dicks can be hot too." "Huh? You saying that…" "Yeah, some years back I had a thing for a while with a couple of guys." Jack was a bit surprised, but the curiosity kicked in. "Really. That's one experience that I haven't had." Dave told more. "It was good sex, I saw a guy with a big dick and another with a very handsome smaller one. The smaller guy was hotter, he knew how to put pleasure in it." Jack admitted he was curious.


"How far did this go?" "Handjobs and blowjobs, we weren't interested in fucking." Jack then thought of his own little cock which was getting hard right now, thank you. He'd been told his dick was attractive and wondered what Dave thought made a good looking cock. "What do you think is handsome on a guy?" Dave didn't even hesitate. "I like them straight, well proportioned with a big enough head to draw attention to itself. It doesn't need to be big, I have good memories of the smallish guy.

Hairy is nice too. He took another swig of his beer, and Jack pondered whether Dave would like his dick. And Dave wondered if Jack had a nice cock. Jack got up the nerve to say, "I think my dick is nice." Dave responded, "I've been told so too." Tonight, these guys were both horny, and about now they were both sporting stiff cocks.

Dave paused, then said, "Look, you wanna watch some porn and jerk off together?" The time was right, and Jack agreed. But Dave had to ask, "Man, I am so wondering if your dick looks like my old lover.

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Will you show me?" Jack slowly stood and unzipped his pants, then lowered them. He came closer to Dave and pulled down his underwear. Dave gasped; there was a perfect little cock, hotter than he'd imagined, and not even hard yet. Jack was cut and hanging nicely with a well-defined head.

"Damn that's nice. I gotta see it hard, bud." Jack stepped closer and said, "Will you help make me hard?" Dave reached for Jack's member. Jack hadn't been touched in a long time, and Dave's touch made him throb. Dave wrapped his hand around Jack's dick. "My god, it's so warm," Dave said. And like any good dick, hard on the inside with soft skin on the surface. Dave ran his hand up and down, and felt around the head with his thumb. "Shit man, you have a beautiful dick." Jack moaned a little as Dave started to stroke it.

Now Dave's cock wasn't just bunched up limp in his pants. He thought about his old JO buddy, and right at the moment he wished he'd played with him. But Jack's dick was nicer looking that the roommate; straight, nice head, and good size ball sack.

Dave reached down with his other hand and cupped Jack's balls, which made Jack throb. Feeling that, well, made Dave throb too. "Dave, you're making me hot. Mmmm." Jack was getting excited, between being stroked and having his balls handled, he was getting even harder and feeling like a good cum was in the works. As much as Jack was enjoying the stroking, he started to think about what Dave's package was like.

Jack said, "You didn't tell me about your dick." Dave said, "If you like them larger, you'd enjoy it." Jack said so and asked Dave to uncover. "No," Jack said, "let me." Jack unzipped Dave's pants and opened his belt, then slid down pants and undies together. Dave's seven incher bobbed up, pointing straight at Jack.

This was new to Jack, and he was fascinated. He had fantasized about a bigger cock, and there it was, for him to enjoy. "Holy fuck man, that's some piece of meat you have there." Jack looked at it for a few seconds. Dave was also cut, pushing seven inches, with a straight erection and well-defined head. Jack then reached for the erect cock in front of him. When he touched it, they both got chills.

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Jack throbbed and Dave leaned a little closer. Jack was surprised that he wasn't hesitant. He reached over and wrapped his hand around Dave's pole. "uh, Ahhh," uttered Dave, and his meat throbbed at another man's touch. Jack was really turned on by the feel of Dave's cock. Jack also knew what was next; he was going to fulfill his fantasy.

He leaned closer, enough that Dave's distinct cock head was right in front of his face. Jack gave Dave's manhood a tentative lick. So now it will happen, he thought; I'm about to find out what sucking cock is all about. Dave throbbed again, and Jack took the head into his mouth. Dave leaned into it a little, and Jack opened wide.

Without thinking, he let Dave's meat slide into his mouth and seemed to get keeping his teeth away naturally. Jack took in about half of Dave's dick and held it there, just savoring their joining. With his left hand, he reached around and grabbed Dave's muscular ass cheek; with the right he cupped Dave's balls and gently rolled them around.

Dave groaned again, and said, "Damn, so hot…". Dave suddenly remembered his friend's little friend. He reached down to grab it again, and found it still hard as a rock. This must have inspired Jack, because he started sliding his mouth farther down on Dave's big cock.

Jack felt his mouth full of fat cock, taking it in as far as he could. Then he remembered a trick his ex had done, and started to hum. "Aaahhh shit man," Dave said, and suddenly he could feel his orgasm starting.

"Ohggggg, cumming…" was all he could get out as a warning. Jack wanted this, now. He wanted the whole experience, and slid his mouth up and down. He felt Dave's cock starting to pulse in his mouth, then Dave cried out, "AAAAhhhh!" His cock throbbed one more time, then he felt his load of cum delivered to Jack's mouth. Jack suddenly felt the load of cream entering his mouth, and gave a muffled moan himself. He held the cum in his mouth to taste, and sloshed it around on Dave's pulsing cock.

Dave's orgasm was tremendous, he almost blacked out. Now as Dave started to come down, Jack took a couple gulps and swallowed his friend's semen. Jack was not disappointed in this new experience; his cock was getting even harder now.

He was amazed at what a turnon it was to suck cock. And he was ready to drop a load too. He stood up and presented his hard beautiful little cock to Dave, who quickly put his mouth on it and took it all in. Dave was still hot, and he loved having a dick in his mouth again.

Jack's cock was better than his lover's dick from long ago.


It was a little fatter and filled his mouth. Dave wanted to return the favor for the incredible blowjob that Jack had just given him. He started moving up and down on Jack's hard shaft, and Jack started to moan. Dave kept at it; sometimes he'd pause and roll his tongue around on Jack's sensitive underside.

Then on and off more. Jack started to hump Dave's face and moaned.

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He was close. Dave loved this, getting his face fucked. Jack's pubic hair was hitting against his nose and his balls were hitting Dave's chin. Jack could feel his cum starting, no not just starting, it was more like it was launching. He buried his cock in Dave's mouth. Dave rolled his tongue hard, and was rewarded by the feel of creamy liquid entering his mouth.

Jack just croaked as he rode his climax. He felt like a week's cum pumped into Dave's mouth, and Dave was thinking the same thing. Holding the jiz for a moment, then swallowing it, Dave just savored the softening cock in his mouth for a minute or so. The two men collapsed on the couch. Dave was thinking he was glad to revisit sex with a guy. His bud had a beautiful dick and he loved playing with it and sucking him off.

And Jack was thinking that he wish he'd tried this before; having that fat handsome cock to play with was so hot. Jack reached over to hold Dave's big cock, and Dave did the same with Jack's little sexy man.