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BTB (Burn The Bitch/Bastard) revenge stories are big revenge weapon collections (I wrote more) or simple twisted stories (I wrote more too). However I have read very few where the BTB revenge is only one simple sentence. I try one. Chapter 1. End of My Career Amy: My whole life was almost a success until I became thirty-seven years old.

I learned well in the high school. I was not ugly girl but I was not stunning beautiful. It is very interesting in contrast to the majority of women who become less beautiful with the age, I became prettier. Now I think I am very lucky and happy, but I could not believe in my happiness when I turned thirty-seven. I was born as Amy Wentworth in West New York State, close to Buffalo. I was the third child of my parents.

My brother and my sister had families with kids, when I started the college, so nobody waited any grandchild from me. I was a late kid and my parents gave much fondness which made me become a little spoiled kid. I attended college to study Business Administration. I dated some boys, but I was not a party girl. I was the average college girl. When the "great love" had just reached me my boyfriend cheated on me, so I left the college in loneliness.

I left my parents' town too and I moved to Seattle. I started at a medium firm and I found myself to organize my career. I buried myself in hard work and I had an excellent sense of the business world. My leaders discovered my abilities soon and in spite of my youth I became the CEO's right hand. I reached this position without any corporate whore occupation in my twenty-seven years of age. I dated some men, but I think the deep love and the subsequent disappointment in the college, which was in my mind, prevented the abandonment of my career.

I was the identical career woman and I could prove my talent and I gathered much knowledge as the right hand of the CEO. Unexpectedly the CEO and the main owner of our company died in a traffic accident so I became the CEO at this middle-sized company at my thirty years old. I worked hard and my colleagues were very good. I could motivate them well and our company grew bigger and bigger. My and my company's success was my downfall. The six years success was not enough for the heirs, who wanted much more interest from their heritage therefore they sold the company to a bigger competitor.

I worked hard for the successful unification. I was a little lucky after unification, because the bigger company gave a little part of its share and a big sum was my benefit for such smooth unification. For my conscientious work the bigger company paid my retirement too. If I lost my fortune I should not work at all. However I lived alone and almost my every income was invested well, so I became an extremely wealthy woman in my thirty-seven years old age.

My privacy almost was a non-existent thing. I had some boyfriends, between them some flings, but I lived for the work and my career.

My last affair was a fifteen years younger boyfriend, I broke of him when he graduated in college. I stood alone at my thirty-seven years old, because my parents and my siblings' families lived in Western New York with my nieces and nephews.

I was a wealthy Aunt who did not attend them, so they resented me. I think the polite refusal from my family was a painful medicine, because I became a happy woman this was one of the factors.

The second reason was my career interruption. My third cause was my fortune. I was a wealthy single woman. Yes, it is true the money alone is not happiness, but in my case this was the main factor to reach my happiness. I began to manage my fortune exceptional successfully and my fortune grew bigger and bigger. I got good advice and in some cases, my nose was good at financial decisions. I had to discuss some new investments at my financial advisor's office, when he explained something interesting about donation from my property.

He told me, "Amy, you've got enough money to do some minor benefit for the society and this donation could be a little pleasure source for you. You can have a small impact on the donations and you won't think of yourself as a useless creature." The idea was interesting so I asked him, "What do you recommend me to donate?" He wanted to list me the following possibilities, "For example you could sponsor sciences…" I interrupted him, "I watched the "Jurassic Park" and I remember the paleontologists organize expeditions to investigate fossil deposits.

Perhaps my fortune isn't too huge for a large donation, but it's enough for assisting such expeditions." My financial advisory agreed, "It's very good idea! I've a little connection with associations and universities, I'm looking for candidates for your donation." After a week I got a list of Paleontology sciences sites, as university departments and museums.

I look at the lists and I found a little Paleontology department of a Midwest city University. I thought my money might be big effect on a small Paleontology department. So I wrote a response letter to the grant application. The application had an interesting question, whether I would like to participate in the donated projects. I thought to my financial advisory, who told me, "You could have a little impact on the donated things and you won't think of yourself as a useless creature." So I put an "X" in this interesting question and I became a sponsor of this Paleontology department, who would take part in the donated projects.

Now I think I became a true happy woman, because I put that "X" on that application. This "X" was my fourth happiness factor. After sending back this completed application I paid the first part donation money to this Paleontology department. When they got the first small part of money, I got a thank you phone call from Professor Simon Mitton and he invited me to look around in his department.

I accepted the invitation and I flew from Seattle to this Mid-west city. Chapter 2. My Way to the Mammal Paleontology and Two Daughters Simon: The people become scientists that they are reading interesting things about the sciences outside the school over the age of twelve. The school gives only a mandatory minimum and not other. I learned well in the school, but this was not enough. My father liked reading about the World, sciences, etc despite being a simple Ford dealer.

My mom was mathematics teacher. We had big home library.

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I read a lot of about the sciences and mainly I got interest in biology. My brother liked to read about technical things, so my older brother became an engineer and I became a scientist. My name is Simon Mitton. I swam well in the high school and I had the tenth time result in my age group in the 400 m mixed style swimming. Everybody could see I was not a candidate for gold medals on Olympics Games, but I just got a good scholarship to a good University.

Had I been a simple student I would not have been a good scholarship holder. I thought the swimming competition as a recreation activity and I wanted to become a physician and attended pre medical school. I was at home in anatomy, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology, principal biology and others.

I liked the anatomy and I thought of myself that I would be a good surgeon. That time my trainer fixed my time results and I became a good backstroke swimmer. The national swimming team thought me as a secret reserve in an emergency case, such as two better backstroke swimmers would get illness or would suffer accident I would be the substitute candidate in the medley relay swimming at World Championships or Olympics Games.

My trainer arranged the extension of my scholarship and I gave it up to become a Surgeon. I changed my direction to become a biologist. I learned the subjects and I found a funny interesting principal subject as the paleontology.

When I graduated to be biologist I changed the sport scholarship to PhD scholarship at another good University in paleontology.

My trainer was a little disappointed, but to be a secret reserve was boring for me. I think I changed my direction into the best area. The constructions, geological surveys in the whole Earth increased the numbers of the paleontology fossils.

The fantastic new paleontology fossils brought light to know the past better. In North Canadian Arctic Islets an expedition gave evident of transition from fish to amphibians in the Devon period and the gap is only some million years between the fishes and amphibians. The time gap was ten million years earlier.

Some of the dinosaurs had feather. We know now what were the main reasons of the extinction of the dinosaurs in Cretaceous/Tertiary transition age. I had worked on a secondary area since my PhD. My area was the diversification of the mammals and the mammal evolution.

This was not such area, which attracted the movie makers as the dinosaurs and the media's main titles did not mention our results. The ancestors of the mammals were the rulers of the Earth in the Perm age, but after a huge extinction, which was bigger extinction than the Cretaceous/Tertiary transition, the dinosaurs were the winners and the small body sized mammal ancestors sank into the night and the smelling brain part increased and we can use our brain better, because our ancestors lived in the dark to smell, to hear and yes to see in the dark.

We need sleep, because of our ancestors had to rest in a covered place when the dinosaurs rushed up and down in the daylight. Our ancestors survived the asteroid impact in their covered nests and ate the small dinosaurs except for the birds. Virtually the birds are the last dinosaurs among us.

When I attended the college and trained for hours in the swimming pool, I had not too many girlfriends. I had some steady girlfriends, but I lost them when I began my PhD scholarship. I was not a too wild guy that time, because my swimming training did not allow such life style. During my PhD time I had more woman experiences and I met Megan there.

She was a brown haired tall girl with green eyes. She had a C breast and I was smitten with her. She wanted to be ornithologist and she ended her PhD almost the same time as me. She was two years younger than me due to my longer academic career.

We lived together and I found another University after my PhD and Megan found a special animal protection group after her PhD, which worked together with the environmental and wild life protection organizations of the government and state. She became their bird specialist. I worked and taught in the Paleontology department of this University and I became a good mammal expert. We both had such a work that wanted longer absence from home.

I went paleontology expeditions for weeks. But I was a secondary person on the Paleontology expeditions, because the fossils of mammals were small, so after two-three weeks I often came home from the expeditions. Then I worked with the small-sized fossils in the Paleontology department. Megan went to check the birds, nests of the birds for more days in small cabins. After three years we decided to get married. We worked on a relative area, as the biology.

So we had common interest, which was not often in other families. We went to a Paleontology expedition in Australia as our honeymoon. During the expedition we were together at the Indian Ocean for a week holiday. I thought we were a happy couple that time. Megan worked on the bird wild life project after her PhD for ornithology. We purchased a nice house with enough rooms for two kids, but our jobs wanted more concern and the mortgage was too high that time.

I was a good lecturer and the geology and biology students liked my lectures. I got promotion to be the right hand of the Professor on the mammal area with a less increase in salary. I began to think about kids alone and I planned to discuss the kid question with Megan, when she announced her pregnancy.

First Nancy was born and one and half years later Gillian was born. Our family budget was very tight. Megan was a stay at home mom and we fought a lot because of our worse financial position. I was bored from the constant dispute with my wife and I found a good job opportunity at a Mid-west University, which wanted to fill the position of a professor at the paleontology department. The professor was serious ill and he gave up his position.

He died soon. I won the position, because my publication index was very good and good lecturer practice also was very good for geology and biology students. I became the head of a small paleontology department with better income, but first Megan did not like the idea to change the East shore to a Mid-west city.

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I was thirty-five years old and I reached the top of the totem pole, but this type totem pole is not everything in the sciences. The scientific results are the true peak, but to be successful is not enough to have a skilled brain. Yes, the other factor is the money, mainly for the paleontology, in which the expeditions for distant Continents are the part of the research.

A smaller department may be a partner of bigger University departments or museums, which organize big expeditions and the partner departments can perform subtasks. When I arrived in this city I learned why my success could be achieved so young. This was due to my knowledge in the mammal paleontology. They thought this department could get good sub-tasks from other Universities or from bigger museums. Naturally my department would be the first if the construction work or mining activity found some good fossils in the nearby area.

But this local role was not enough to meet a good scientific success, so the partner role was this department's goal. I had to look for grants and partner possibilities. I was successful and I found the partnership with my earlier University, museums and other Universities and we got the needed grants for our research work.

My department staff was little, because we were ten people with the PhD students and the not graduate auxiliary staff. I never thought of such possibility that our department alone could organize a big expedition to a distant Continent at all. First Megan was mad at me leaving the East coast for this Mid-western city, but the money was big factor and she agreed to move. So we sold our house and we purchased a nice house here. Nancy was four years old and Gillian was younger, so the city change was not a problem for my daughters.

We settled and we accustomed to this city quickly. The city and the University both had big covered swimming pools and I could swim in wintertime, beside our pool in the garden summertime. The disputes ended because of low income and I was happy. We had lived here for two years, when my biggest turn began in my life. Naturally we looked for grants and I was not surprise when a wealthy single woman wanted to assist us.

That was very unusual, she wanted to participate in the work of our department as a voluntary. She was Amy Wentworth and she lived in Seattle. So I called her and I invited to our paleontology department.

I went to the airport by my car to pick up her and to bring her to the hotel and then to our department. Amy came only for a week to hire an apartment and to know us. So I was a little nervous to show positive image about our small department. Chapter 3.

A Pretty Millionaire Voluntary Amy: I was a little anxious, when my plane landed in the airport and Simon waited for me.

He was tall, brown haired and blue colored eyes man. We introduced ourselves to each other. He was a handsome man with friendly voice. His calm words abolished my nervousness quickly. He took me to my hotel and after a short hotel accommodation time he took me straight to his department.

We went to the campus and the paleontology department was on the third floor of a red brick building. He showed me his department and he introduced me to his colleagues.

His right hand was a young professor Ken Aston from Texas, who came here after one year that Simon got his leadership. An old emeritus professor was in his staff who could not get the leadership and he did not apply for it, because he was sixty-five years old, but he and Simon could work fine together.

He was a good observer and he was able to piece together the remnants of the fossils like mosaics perfectly. They did the most lectures for biologists and geologists.

They had a younger researcher colleague Robert Wysocki and the postdoctoral fellow was a woman from Florida, Maria Gorges. One of two PhD students came from Main and the second one from Perth in Australia, who were interested in the mammal evolution. There were two laboratory assistants a woman and a man. Simon wanted me to help Kathy Jones, the general secretary of the department.

Everybody was nice to me and they were glad, because I would help them to reach their scientific success. Simon showed the all department, but he said the department had a special dry warehouse for the majority of the fossils and only the most important fossils were in the main building of the department.

After the short getting started I went to a Ford dealer by cab and I bought a smaller car (a Focus), because I wanted to avoid any splurge. I went to hire an apartment and I began to settle in. Next days were the shopping days I bought a lot of cloth, kitchen and house things. I told Simon I needed this week for settling in.

His colleagues and he were understanding and Simon told me they would wait for me on Monday next week.

After three days I left the hotel for my new home. By Sunday the apartment became very comfortable. On Monday Simon and his colleagues showed the department and the complete University in more details. Next day I flew back to Seattle to gather more luggage to move into this new home and to close my life in Seattle.

When I packed my suitcases I got enough time to think about my last years of my life in Seattle. Bill was my last boyfriend in Seattle. He was thirteen years younger than I was. Bill Morton was a major in BA and he was handsome. He helped me when I was in a Mall and I fell to the ground with a lot of purchased goods in my hands. What a lucky both were just after a love disappointment. His girlfriend cheated on him in the college and I was alone too after my last boyfriend left me.

After he helped me I invited him into a coffee shop and he was just after he learned his girlfriend extracurricular activity.

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I had just known the owners sold the firm, where I was the CEO. We both were in fragile state and I ran down to him simply. I think first he thought me to be a good revenge fuck, when I took him to my house.

Instead of a revenge fuck we lived together for almost a year. I knew it is very rare such connection, when a husband is younger six-seven years to the wife and it is long lasting, so I did not build much emotional foundation into this connection. We both were glad for each other, but Bill also knew this would not take long. The sex was great and Bill was very affectionate, but I was lucky to hid Bill from the world. When he was graduate I recommend him to the united company for a job.

I had some influence so he got a job there and soon the leaders were satisfied with him. He was very intelligent and had hard working nature.

We broke up, when he joined the firm. Later he had family with three children and a good wife. Sometimes I met him at the company, when I was there for giving advice or other aim and we greeted each other, but we kept secret about our past.

I was alone again and this voluntary work and the donation were my tasks except for supervising my growing investments. When I arrived in this city Simon waited me again and he helped me with my huge luggage. Simon and I agreed my work time schedule was free and depended on me.

I was excited to assist others in an unknown area. So next day I arrived at nine o'clock by my small car and I went to Simon's office, where I met him and Kathy. Simon told I would work mainly with Kathy and if I found any interesting thing to change we would discuss it with him or together with his colleagues. He told me to be brave to look at everything with fresh outsider eyes, because he and his colleagues lived in the familiarity swamp.

He was friendly and encouraging and I signed an official college document that I work as voluntary without any salary, but I am the member of the college and Paleontology department. Simon stood up and we shook hands and he wished much success to our common work. I began slowly six hours a day, but soon I stayed on for eight hours in the paleontology department several times.

I sat in the lectures and I found Simon and his colleague were good lecturers. I looked at the purchases of the department. The general things as cleaning products were central purchased, but the special materials and instruments were bought by the departments independently.

I reviewed the department needs and I began to renegotiated the suppliers for cheaper price or better supply conditions. Soon I was the member of the instrument, chemical supplier negotiations and I reached better price or condition from the suppliers. Simon and his colleagues laughed much and they said, I wanted to be a voluntary in order to control the effective use of my donation money. Some colleagues went to join to other expedition for two-three weeks to be the mammal expert, so I helped Kathy to organize the travels to distant Continents.

But I assisted the researcher colleagues in other tasks as well. I started to learn how to extract the fossils from the fragments of rock and I enjoyed this fine work. I was popular here and everybody liked me. I dug myself in the work and I felt I was not unnecessary here.

I was the only who donated projects or departments and was voluntary together in the University. Simon said later his leader professor colleagues were a little envious that he had such free of charge assistant. I was almost happy, but the love was the only thing, which missed me.

My entertainment was the swimming and riding horses in Seattle and Simon recommended me to attend the two covered swimming pools the city's and the college's alike.

I often went to the campus swimming pool mornings when I worked on the Paleontology department and I used the city's on weekends. I met Simon in the campus swimming pool and he was with his family in the city's swimming pool there. Megan was a cute dyed blond woman with a bigger chest and green eyes and she was almost so tall as her husband.

I thought Simon and she fitted well together. The girls were kind creatures and they enjoyed the water very much. Simon mentioned the "water monkey" theorem at the human evolution laughing, when his daughters played in the water. Summertime they used their own open swimming pool in their house. When I met them at Simon's house there Megan was friendly with me and I played with their daughters. The meeting with Simon's family in the city's swimming pool was not too often, because I changed the swimming pool time to late afternoon to avoid Simon's family.

Funny, but I did not feel well after these meeting. Because I remembered of the lack of children in my life. Simon invited me several times to his family for Sunday lunches. Megan, the girls and he were very hospitable. Not only I felt Simon wanted an official good connection with the sponsor of his department, but his family and he were very honestly friendly and hospitably to me.

I played with the girls a lot, when I was there. The motherly instinct emerged from my soul, when I was with Simon's daughters. Sometimes I cried for being a childless single at home after these invitations.

So I began to refuse his invitations to his family. I refused more than half of his invitations and instead of these I went to a trip in the neighborhood or to other cities by car weekends. I discovered a riding center near the city and sometimes I went to ride on horseback in countryside. But except for an almost serious connection I had only some partners and short affairs. I met a younger engineer Frank in the city and I was his girlfriend, but he got a better offer from California and he left me and the city.

He was five years younger and divorced. His ex-wife moved to California with her second husband and his children. He tried to be near to his kids. I understood him totally. Successfully I did not build much emotion into this connection, but I was sad for more weeks.

This event was the second signal after my meeting with Simon's family to understand what a family, kids could mean.

I suffered from the lack of a family and mainly lack of the kids. After long time being here I remembered the united firm had a foundation for donation and the fresh combined firm did not offer it to anybody. I flew back to Seattle and I went to the CEO. My connection was enough I could persuade him to give this fund to Simon's Paleontology department. When the department got my second donation and my previous firm's foundation together, Simon organized a common dinner in a restaurant with families on a Friday evening before Xmas.

The colleagues brought their spouses or mates. I was alone, but Simon brought his wife, Megan. First the waitresses served champagne and Simon stood up with his glass and he began, "My dear Friends, Amy came to us and this Paleontology department stepped in its Golden era.

I do not know, how we could thank for her help, that we are able to organize an independent expedition. My dear colleagues your secret dream to go hunting for mammals fossils in Mongolia is a true possibility! Thank you again Amy!" Everybody stood up with a glass of champagne and they drank in my respectful honor. After the first sip I responded, "I'd like to say I also thank you for my life has the real purpose again and I found friends here," I had tears in my eyes because I was a little emotionally involved.

Simon and his colleagues smiled at me and Simon continued, "I hope Amy, you'll come to Mongolia with us and you won't miss out this adventure." I wiped my eyes and I smiled back at them and said, "Simon and all of you can be sure I won't fail this expedition with you!" The whole company clapped and laughed together with me and we sat down for the dinner.

Chapter 4. From the Successful Mongolian Expedition to My Saddest Discovery Simon: Amy was fantastic. She ensured so much money fund that we was able to organize an independent expedition. Naturally we used other grants, but her and her previous firm's money funds were the most important. She also helped us in the normal work. Some professor colleagues were envious of me to have such voluntary as Amy. My colleagues and I liked her. It was very interesting my wife Megan and my daughters liked her as well.

We invited her to our house several times, but she refused the most invitations. I knew she adored our daughters and I did not understand why she denied our invitation. Megan explained in spite of she had much money, she was sad because she had not any her own kid. Our family troubled Amy, because it reminded her of the lack of children.

Amy had buried herself in organizing of the Mongolian expedition. I flew with Robert to Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) after Xmas to negotiate our expedition with the Scientific Academia, University of Ulaanbaatar, Geological Survey of Mongolia, the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Ministry of Cultural. The Science and Cultural responsible of the embassy of USA helped us. We were successful and we got permission from the Mongolian authorities.

The Mongolian Scientific Academia and the Geological Survey of Mongolia wanted the first big fossils after restoration, but we could keep the second big fossils. They were not interested in the small mammal and bird fossils at all.

We came home with big success. Soon Amy and Ken went to Mongolia and despite being strangers they began to organize our expedition. The US Embassy in Mongolia also assisted them very well, they proposed a good interpreter to them. Amy and Ken negotiated with some transport entrepreneurs and they flew to the local center of the expedition area. Mongolian winter is same cold as the Siberian winter, so Ken's and Amy's achievements were fantastic.

When they came back Amy told us laughing the next expedition would be in the Antarctica. Ken told us Amy had big prestige in the local center, because he knew so well to ride on horseback as local shepherds.

My responsibility was to look for a guest professor, who would hold lectures for students. It was easy, because we found a dinosaurs and ancient reptile expert from the University of Calgary, Canada, who accepted two years guest professor job possibilities. He hoped he could meet our first found fossils in our department. He only would come to our excavation in Summer. The most experts were from other Universities and museums, as paleobotanical, paleoarthropod experts, dinosaurs and ancient reptiles experts, fossil fish and amphibian experts, etc.

They would come for a shorter time, but we would be on the site all time. Geophysics and geochemist experts would help us to define the age of the volcanic ash from the decay of the radioactive isotopes and other geologist expert would work with us to explain the ancient environment. We were proud, this time others would be the guests of our expedition. Everybody was grateful to Amy. Amy was glad to have been one of the organizers of this expedition.

She told me several times she felt she was not unnecessary in the life. My daughters were before school age, so Megan came with our kids and she planned ornithology observation on the grassy Gobi desert. Good hotels and modern apartments were for the tourists in the local centers of Mongolia. We hired apartments with big garages and some colleagues could work with the found fossils in the garages.

Megan wanted to get a ornithology job in our local natural reserve authority and this was a good possibility to renovate her ornithology knowledge. She wanted to go out with us to the paleontology site and to observe the local birds. Amy and Megan would be the babysitters alternately. Amy accepted this too, so we flew to Mongolia before melting the snow to start our expedition. Soon we went to the local center and we arrived in the green Gobi desert. The melted snow changed the desert into a green grassy area with wild and domestic animals.

The shepherds herded their bactrian camels, cattle, sheep and horses into the grassy area. We went by jeeps and built a camp with the hired people. I experienced Amy got a prestige, because she rode on horseback so well as the Mongolian shepherds. The Mongolian people were very friendly and hospitable and Amy's prestige was a big opportunity to build very friendly connection to the locals.

Amy worked with us in the excavation sites and she organized the expedition fine besides babysitting my daughters. Local colleagues joined to our expedition and we started the research. Soon we found more good sites and we began to explore the layers. We had sites from the Jurassic and Cretaceous too, moreover we found a site after Cretaceous in the Tertiary age.

The fantastic site had more volcanic pyroclastic flows areas. The volcanic hot ash killed the animals and plants but this rare possibility gave us fantastic fossils and a photo-like snapshot about the ancient life forms.

We found lot of ancient mammal and bird fossils, but the reptile fans also got many good fossils until November, when we left Mongolia. Amy and our daughters became true friends until Megan took home them in September, because the school started for Nancy.

Megan published her bird observation in the Gobi desert and this was a good help to get a job at the State's natural reserve authority. The expedition was a success for every participant as my wife. We got so many fossils despite we left some of them for the Mongolian Scientific Institutes that we could work to process them for more than fifteen years.

We, my colleagues and I reached the top of the true Scientific totem pole. We began to publish our results soon. We knew that we really could not thank this success to Amy, but Amy told us she was glad to help us. It was interesting she was so happy for our scientific success as we were. We reminded Amy she was almost so good horse rider as the Mongolian shepherds and we laughed a lot on this with her. We also learned to ride on horseback, but Amy was the only true horse riding expert among the Americans.

When we arrived from Mongolia I dug myself into my work with the fossils and I rarely went to the canteen. I ate sandwiches or I boiled cookery in our department. Sometimes I went to the canteen so I met a professor fellow from the engineering.

I knew Doug was in the middle of his difficult divorce. I found him to be very happy and I did not understand this at all.

I said. "You told me you were in the middle of an ugly divorce. I don't understand why you're so happy? Have you just won the children custody in the courts?" Doug responded to my sudden interest, "Do you know, Simon, the science isn't an introverted thing?" I did not understand him, so I asked, "What is the meaning of your words? He explained it with happy smile, "I took samples of my children and me to a local DNA lab and I arranged the lab sent the results of the DNA test to my office.

I've gotten the results in my office and I've just read it before lunch." I smiled at him, " I know how good the results are." He told me with joy, "I'm the biological dad of Sandy and Frank. I think this is the only positive in my divorce." I said, "Doug I'm with you and I'm glad honestly." He saw I was glad with him, so he tried to persuade me, "I think you should take your children and your samples in this lab to carry out the DNA test.

Megan needn't know at all, but you'll be happier than me after the results." We laughed at his humorous persuasion a little. But he did not give up his idea and he took a pen from his pocket and he wrote the address of this DNA test laboratory on a napkin. He almost forced me to put this napkin away with the address, "Simon, put it away. You'll be happy with the result. You live in good family connection." I told him, "OK.

I'll put it into my pocket." I put the napkin into my pocket and we talked about other nothings. I forgot the lunch meeting totally until evening, when I found accidentally this napkin in my pocket.

I looked at that address and I scratched my head and I sat in front of my PC. I read how the sampling for DNA test should be carried out at home.

This laboratory could investigate the DNA from hair too. We paleontologists know the newest DNA test results in the human evolution biology.

The DNA prints of Homo Sapiens Sapiens show the route of the ancient human migration. Moreover researchers found DNA remnants from fossil bone of Homo Sapient Neanderthals. We scientists use the DNA test, but we could use this test at home too.

It was interesting only this scientific curiosity led me to the DNA test idea between my daughters and me. Doug's idea was only a spark, which became fire in my office after reading these websites.

I was sure Megan was faithful, but I wanted to arrange this test secretly. I did not want to injure or offend her. So I decided to perform a secret "experiment".

Some days later I took the hair samples of my daughters on Sunday. On Monday I went to the Laboratory to perform the DNA test and I gave the samples of my daughters and mine to them. I left the department for two hours. Nobody knew anything about my secret DNA test "experiment", mainly Megan. I asked for the results to my office. I planned a big dinner in a good restaurant with Megan after the positive results, but I did not want to tell Megan what would be the true reason for the restaurant feast.

I would have said we would celebrate the scientific success of the Mongolian expedition, if she had questioned me. The results were delivered to my office Wednesday afternoon. We worked with the fossils to publish the results step by step. The fantastic volcanic ash site gave a synoptic fossilization, so we could see a time photo from the past. It was fantastic. Amy was in the laboratory and she worked hard to clean the fossils with us.

She was very enthusiastic, she admitted me she was alone and the work with us was a good medicine for her loneliness. She could use the micro instruments, dental drill fine, so we were glad to her help. I was working busy with Amy with small mammal fossils in the laboratory, when somebody brought an envelope to me.

I forgot the whole DNA test thing. I put away the envelope into my pocket and I forgot to look at it. Amy and I stopped to work in the laboratory and we began eating our sandwiches.

We were talking about something when I took out the envelope from my pocket. I looked at the envelope, I realized it contained the DNA test laboratory results. I opened the envelope involuntarily and I read the results.I froze. I was not the biological dad of my daughters! My daughters were half sisters! Two biological fathers begot them and I was not one of these dads! I stared into the void and my eyes were full of tears.

I almost cried. I groaned softly, "Shit." Amy looked at me shocked, so she asked, "What's the matter, Simon?" I think now if I had been alone to open the envelope my future would have become other. However I was with Amy at that late afternoon, so I gave the opened envelope to Amy involuntarily.

She read the results of the DNA test of my daughters and me. Her expression showed a honest shock. She looked at me sad and sympathetic view. We were silent for a while. Only my brain worked quickly to find any solution to my future. Amy broke the silence, "Oh poor Simon, what do you want to do now?" Some solution was in my mind so I could answer in brief, "I'll divorce her." "Could you handle this any other way? she asked. "If only one of the kids was mine it might be I'd change my mind to stay.

I'd give a try, if she had had only one cheating in the past and she had changed herself now.

I Seriously need the name of this girl

But she cheated with two different men and perhaps with others. I learned a little probability and the chance she wouldn't cheat now and in the future is very low," I explained my opinion in a little better state than I was just after the envelope was opened. "I can see," she understood me entirely. The sad future imbued my mood again, "I'm a simple professor in a small university departments and I have sufficient income which is only enough for an whole family.

Now I'll live in a small flat with a room and I'll pay the children support and my ex wife's alimony. Moreover I have to pay the housing cost too and my daughters aren't my daughters," I complained to Amy. If I had been alone with my family disaster in my office I would have started to plan my future by myself until the meeting of my lawyer.

I only had told the DNA test results to my lawyer and Megan. If I had read the DNA test results by himself in my office it would have remained a secret before Amy. I was embittered because of my sad future. I was in a very fragile emotional state and I became very open to an almost stranger.

Yes Amy was a friendly colleague almost a real friend. I looked at Amy and I could see she thought through something deeply and she sat beside me. We were silent and Amy put her hand on my hand to show her solidarity. Like a good top manager Amy took control of our conversation.

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Perhaps it's better she would tell the rest of our conversation since that time. Chapter 5. A strange proposal Amy: I mentioned formerly, I felt myself lonely and first in my life this time I began to think about the lack of any kids in my life.

Simon's family was the first which woke up my desire to be a mom. The motherly instinct knocked me, when I was with his daughters. The second was my affair with Frank, I could see my lover that his children were more important than me.

I was sad that I had to give up to be a mother in my future. I was lonely single from the start of the Mongolian expedition, where the babysitting for Simon's daughters turn on the maximum motherly instinct at my mind. After Frank left me for his kids, one of my colleagues in the paleontology department mentioned me an interesting blood test which could recognize Down and Edwards syndromes at pregnant woman above thirty-five years with 99% probability.

This was the third step, because I thought of being pregnant was less problem for mature women now than years ago. It was the only matter I did not want a fatherless family to my future kids, so I avoided the sperm bank or one night occasion possibilities with a stranger. I was deeply convinced myself the kids would deserve to know their real dad in spite of I was so wealthy to use the household staff to bring up my kids. I had enough money to live a single mother life, but I felt the classical family is the best for the kids.

Simon's disaster moved my brain and a very strange idea came to my mind. I was not blind so I noticed the sympathy from other men.

I knew Simon appreciated me as a beautiful mature woman and a good assistant. I decided, "It's now or never!" I knew Simon was a true dad, he adored his daughters, but I wanted to confirmed this. I sat beside him and I put my hand on his hand to show my solidarity. I began my trick with an appropriate question, "What's your plan with the girls? Will you tell them you aren't their biological dad?" "No, no!" he refused the idea immediately and explained, "They're in a very fragile age.

They remember me as their real dad and they love me. The truth would be a catastrophic effect on them. If they were over sixteen, perhaps I'd confess the truth to them. In that age they could learn what would be the consequences of such betrayal.

If they were younger than they were four I could leave them because they could forget me easy. Moreover according to this state's family law I wouldn't pay any children support. They and I imprinted the dad daughter connection on our minds indelibly." I got my answer, Simon remained true daddy and this was a good point for him.

"You're true daddy," I praised him. He carried on his confession with some teardrops in his eyes, "I don't hesitate to say they're my daughters. These years together with them determined this connection forever. But I don't want to live with Megan. Smaller income, smaller apartment yes but I don't want to live with a lying cheater in same house." I was in the best place in the right time. It was the most important not to spoil my good opportunity. I wanted to approach my goal slowly.

I do not know now how I became such brave to offer him something interesting the late afternoon. I mentioned Simon was very sympathetic and I loved him honestly, but I was not sure about my plan entirely.

I asked him the followings, " Let's suppose these: What it would mean to you, if you figured out Megan's cheating after some years? Would you forgive her cheating, if your daughters were yours genetically and Megan cheated on you several times long ago?" He thought my questions for a while and responded, "Amy it's difficult to say I'd forgive her betrayal, but it may be some percentage chance for a reconciliation.

I'd began the divorce and perhaps the judge would compel us for counseling. But not any automatic forgiveness she should convince me she changed her nature. I think the higher possibility would be the divorce despite counseling." I knew I was in the best way, so I moved forward one step, "I'm a woman you're a man and I'd like to understand you totally. Is the biological father state so central importance for you that you'd be willing to take into consideration for reconciliation only in the case of biological fatherhood?" I could see his deep sadness status became a little relaxed as if he had started to explain something to the students in the college's auditorium.

Simon said later my personality, my sympathy, my solidarity and my interest for his family disaster had a very calming effect on his emotions. He is very grateful to me now after many years. He explained, "Amy, I told you if I was the biological dad of my daughters the chance for a divorce would be high it may be 70-75%, but she could have a 30-25% possibility. Now Megan hasn't any chance.

After reconciliation if I looked at my daughters I would remember her betrayal and I would mention her betrayal on me at any family debate. If we remained together either she or I would start a divorce after some years.

I know myself I adore my daughters in spite of I'm not their biological father, but all day together with Megan and my daughters the situation will remind me to Megan's betrayal. After a divorce I could adore my daughters easier without remembering for Megan's betrayal all day.

I'd be better without her." I was a woman, so he was a little polite and he avoided the ugly words. Simon didn't say slut, cunt, bitch, etc he did not name Megan at all. He said simply he would divorce her because she betrayed him.

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This calm conversation was good, because Simon became total relaxed. Simon and I are laughing a lot now, because his calm emotional status helped me to achieve my goal. I moved forward to the following, "I'm a woman I begin understanding you better. Your own kids are important role to strengthen a marriage and the modern science can give evidence. After divorce what's your chance for your own kids? What's your plan for the future?" I was very brave, but I did not surprise Simon because he saw my direct questions as the consequence of our calm discussion.

"My chance isn't too good. I'm not a wealthy businessman or other well off people. I'll pay children support, the housing cost and a little alimony from my salary. To find a younger woman who would raise common kids with me from my low income would be a smaller miracle.

My future is to find a divorced, widow or single mom with kids and a stepfather's role. An own kid may be a dream. but…" he stopped. I asked with fear, "What?!" He found an idea, "I heard about such possibility to sue the biological father to pay the children support and a compensation for the ex husband to raise his biological kids. The court accepts the DNA test results. In that case I'd start my life in better condition.

However I live in another state and a PI investigation is an expensive luxury for me. Megan won't give any information about the biological fathers. They could have family now and it would be a shock to my daughters to lose me. The biological fathers would want to participate in the life of my daughters. I'm a scientist I speak on the mathematical language so my best future may be a stepfather's role with the biggest possibility after I have lost my lack of trust all women," he gave it up his idea quickly.

I sighed, I almost became a loser to reach my dream to have my own kids with their daddy. I began my trick again, "What do you think of such offer to have your own biological kids?" He replied involuntarily, "A low probability event to me." He was in his thought and he did not understand me at all. I repeated again cryptically, "What would you say, if a woman promised biological kids and you could be father to your biological children." Now he understood me and his jaw dropped.

I carried on quickly to fix my offer, "And you could remain as daddy to your daughters too." Now I could see he appreciated me like a beautiful mature woman, so I continued my offer, "I'll send the biological father of my kids perform DNA tests.

I was an effective business woman and my proposal is an earnest bid." Simon was a scientist and he had just outlined his low mathematical possibility to have his biological children and he got an unbelievable and surprising opportunity to have ones. He began to smile at me, "Amy you're a kind woman and…" and stopped his words in his embarrassment. I smiled at him, "You told me in scientific language your chance to become a biological father is a low probability event. I can guarantee this low probability good opportunity to you.

Naturally you should check your sperm at a doctor first but you could check our kids in DNA test lab later." We laughed a little and his sadness disappeared or he concealed it very well.

"All right. You've reached your offer is now 50-50% at me. I'm scientist you're a business woman. If you're really so effective you should persuade me." I smiled at him.

I knew I won and I would convince him. "I know you love me as a friend and I noticed you appreciate me as a nice woman," I giggled a little to encourage him, "You aren't blind man." We smiled at each other. He said humorously, "I've sworn faithfulness but blindness! Megan forgot alone this rule, I didn't." We laughed a little. His sense of humor reduced the tension and helped me. I continued the serious proposal, "If your sperm test is positive I suggest you marry me.

If you accept it we'll do a marriage contract with interesting points. For example I wouldn't ask for any children support from you, if we divorced. But you could meet our kids. I want two kids together! But I don't want any divorce! Once more I don't want any divorce I want a true daddy for our common kids! " He was silent from the astonishment. I softened him further, "I don't want any divorce, but I think of emergency too. You're good-natured and good father material.

You're a super dad I know you very well." He had some doubt, "You're a wealthy woman and I'm a simple academic soon with low-income for the children support and the alimony. Generally marriage with low-income husbands and breadwinner wives go to divorce with high%.

Many husbands feel themselves to be a loser in such marriage and some wives throw this in the face of their husbands in family quarrels." I expected this question, "If you find a newer woman to live with her in the most cases your income will be lower compared to hers," but better idea came to my mind, "Many aristocrats or aristocrat descendants married daughters of wealthy American millionaires on the end of the XIXth Century." He scratched his head.

I continued, "If we were simple graduate and we started our careers same time I would agree you. But you're a successful scientist in your area and I'm only a daughter of an imagined XIXth Century American millionaire now and I'm not your family competitors.

Winston Churchill originated from such connection!" We stayed silent for a while and he devoured my offer. I assured him with the worst case, " In case of divorce you won't be a beggar and you'll be part of your children's life. I'll remain here in this city, but I want whole family without divorce. I'd like a true father for our kids. His last doubt brought sound, "But you're a well off woman." I interrupted him in despair, "I'm not going to throw my riches in your face in family disagreements.

We'll make a prenuptial and you'll see you won't lose anything in our marriage. I beg, please believe me! " We will not forget that moment when Simon accepted my offer at last. He looked at me with honest glance and said, "All right Amy, I accept your offer! I'll arrange a fertility test." I smiled at him with my best way to show how glad I was for his decision.

However I had second idea, I questioned him, "What's your plan with Megan?" "I'm going to move out of the house and I'm going to confront her with the truth, but I won't tell this to my daughters." I interrupted him, "No! No!" He exclaimed, "What!?" I began to explain my plan, "Please, don't do quick steps! " He did not understand me well, "Why?" "Please, try to play an actor role a little for a few days. I know it will be difficult, but it's fruitful.

You'll have time for the sperm test," I wanted to help him in case of the sperm test would be negative, "After the test you can move out of the house and meanwhile I'll look for a good divorce lawyer for you." He looked at me amazement, "All right!" I encouraged him, "Now she will get that you'll abandon her for me.

I'm a woman I know the most women would be very disappointed that their husbands left them for newer women. I think it's the best to show the copy of the DNA test results, but you have to tell her you won't tell your daughters the truth about their biological fathers now. You told me this was your original plan earlier. Please, don't say to Megan you'll never tell them!" "Amy, I won't tell them now!

I agree." I wanted to help him so I interrupted him again, "Yes, you have to say, your intention not to tell your daughters the truth now. Please, don't promise this for a long time! You said you could tell them the reason for your divorce, when your youngest kid would be about sixteen years old.

Megan will be in a trap that time. Your daughters will be in the best age and Megan will be in front of a difficult problem to tell them the truth or not to tell this." "Do I have to admit I found another woman now?" "No, no Simon!

I think the best solution to tell her you don't love her simply and to leave her the best for you, because you don't want to live with a cheater. You'll tell the half of the truth and this will be enough for her to get a little misery.

She knows me. When she'll know you have married me and we'll have the common children she'll get the next dose misery. Believe me, I know the most women!" I smiled at him, "I think I've offered a good contract I was a good business woman." We laughed at my last humorous words and I knew he was relaxed. "All right Amy. I'm here from morning to evening to process the fossils from Mongolia and I'm busy with my work now. I think I could play the overworked husband and it's a good cover for more days." I was successful to persuade him.

We stood up and embraced each other, but we did not kiss. We thought it was too early. I stroked him and I left the department. Simon remained alone and went home later. Chapter 6. A Divorce without any Counseling Simon: I was in a confused state and I stopped to work, when Amy left me alone.

I had the worst day of my life and the most interesting day together. My two daughters originated from adultery even from two biological fathers, my wife was a cheater.

Her cheating was not one time accidental occasional because not only one of my daughters originated from extramarital affair. She was a serial cheater. This was a catastrophic event, but I was sad, betrayed, but I was confused same time. Yes I was confused because I also had the strangest day in my all life. Amy a very pretty woman colleague gave me an interesting offer. She wanted children from me same day when I learned I was not the biological father of my kids.

If I had been a simple ordinary husband in an ordinary job site this possibility as a pretty millionaire mature single woman would not have been with me when I would have read the DNA test results.

I thought if I had read the DNA results alone I would not have showed other persons except for my lawyer and Megan. I was in a fragile state to show the DNA test results to Amy voluntarily, but Amy got her idea quickly to become a mom from Megan's betrayal. She was very skillful to persuade me for her strange proposal.

I decided because I had to be a biological father and Amy's proposal was the last true opportunity for me on that late afternoon. Perhaps Amy and I would have a short marriage and it might be we would divorce after the birth of my second biological kid. But I would have biological kids. I understood why was Amy so effective business woman.

This good opportunity might be only on that late afternoon. We were on the perfect place in the best time. The only obstacle might be the quality and the quantity of my sperm cells to became a biological father. I went home on evening and I began to play the overworked scientist at home and I looked at my daughters with sad eyes. I think without Amy's strange offer I would have begun the confrontation immediately after our daughters had gone to bed.

Megan did not suspect anything, because she was the member of the Mongolian expedition and she thought my overworked state was normal for a researcher after a successful expedition. I was very sad and I pretended to fall asleep quickly. When Megan slept I thought about my all life with tearful eyes and I fell asleep.

The next day, Amy was late and she gave me the address and phone number of an andrologist doctor for the fertility test. I organized successfully the fertility test that afternoon and I got the positive result same day. My sperm number and the motility were good to be a biological father. I thought Megan's betrayal was bigger, because that excuse I was not fertile disappeared.

I told Amy the positive fertility test result by mobile. She found two good divorce lawyers when I arrived my department she gave the names and the addresses of them. She recommend me the woman lawyer first because she heard she was a true shark. Amy had also talked about the female lawyer. Amy said she would pay the lawyer's fee. I phoned the lawyer and we arranged the next day appointment. Amy and I did not show any sign to others that we had some connection except for our work, but she found time and place to give the address of an apartment close to her building.

Next day I met my lawyer, Kate Anderson. I showed the DNA test results and I said I knew I would pay the children support, but I did not find other solution as the divorce. She understood me and she accepted me as his client. She said I would lose the house until my daughters would be eighteen years old that time we could sell our house and I would get the 50% of its price.

I would pay the half cost of the house until then. In our state I have to pay alimony for three years to the ex-wife after the divorce. I was lucky Megan got a job. I thought I would be in big financial shit without Amy's proposal. She said the divorce documents would be ready for next week Friday.

I asked for her the process-server should give the documents to my wife on Friday. I wanted to move into the apartment on the afternoon of Thursday next week. I planned to confront Megan on Thursday too. Kate said the adultery was abolished from the divorce law in our state as in the most US states, but the DNA test results of my daughters were a very good reason to avoid any marriage counseling session so our divorce could be quick.

From the next day to the next week Thursday I was busy with the bank service measures, to hire the apartment and to work with the Mongolian fossils. I overworked and I played the tired husband at home. I did not want any sex with Megan. I worked on Saturday or Sunday rarely, but I went to the department to work on Saturday to avoid Megan. I organized a family event with my daughters and Megan on Sunday.

I wanted to say good bye to the whole family life with an amusement park visit. We drove to neighbor city with the kids and we had a very good time there. We were tired Sunday evening and I was successful to avoid my wife. I had four nights until the confrontation. Time went slowly. I was free on Thursday afternoon and I went home because I had not any lecture and I worked a lot with my colleagues on the Mongolian fossils, so I took a day off to pack my personal items to leave Megan and our daughters.

I was sad, but I was very curious for my new life with Amy. I knew I would be very calm during the confrontation with Megan. Had I had a lonely future my confrontation would have been with more passion.

I put my luggage in my car and I waited Megan and my daughters in the living room. Megan brought the kids after her work in the local wild life protection office and they arrived late in that afternoon.

We greeted each others and Megan suspected something, but she did not say anything. The kids went to their rooms before dinner. I stayed in the living room. When we remained alone she questioned me, "Simon!

You're mysterious." I stood up and I gave the copy of the DNA test results. She read them and she sat down and she began to cry silently. She was clever enough not to say the boring cheating woman cliché sentences, she said something else, " I can see you've packed your thing and you'll divorce me.

Simon I know, you won't believe me, but I've not cheated on you since we moved in this city! Believe me! Before moving here, yes I wasn't your faithful wife." I stopped her and I said with calm voice, "We have to wait our kids go to bed." Megan wiped her tears and agreed, "You're right." We tried to be normal during dinner until the kids went to their bed, but I think my daughters noticed something from our body talk and they asked everything was all right.

We tried to calm them successfully and we gathered in the bedroom for the confrontation. Megan was confused and began with tears, "I thought about this thing some hours and I know you decided to divorce me, but." I interrupted her, "Megan I'm not interested why you were cheater.

I want to know who are the biological fathers?" Megan was adamant, "The biological fathers have families, kids now and I didn't tell them they have extra kids! I don't want you go to the court for compensation from them now. You're their real father now!" "You're a liar cheater and you want me to pay for your past fucking!" I exclaimed. "Simon, you're their dad now and forever! If you start a law suit against them, it may be their marriages go to end, but they were bachelors that time.

They would ask for being part of the life of the girls for their money. I want you only to be their real daddy." I thought a lot about my possibilities after learning the DNA test results, so Megan's answer was not a surprise to me, "What would it be if I told my daughters I'm not their biological fathers on their eighteen years old birthday? They'll be adult and they have right to know." Megan interrupted, "Simon, I understand you! I'll tell you who are the biological fathers when your daughters will be eighteen years old and you can decide on legal actions and to tell this to your daughters.

But I won't tell neither you nor the biological fathers the true biological paternity and you can remain the only daddy to them now. I promise you that!" "Can I believe in a cheater wife?" I was sarcastic a little. Megan began to explain, " I know I've done the greatest betrayal against a husband and I thought I could live with this together with you and nobody could bring to light. I didn't tell anybody! I know you don't believe me, but I honestly love you, the only TRUE and best father of my daughters!

Simon I know you won't believe me, but I was faithful to you from my breaking up from Gillian's biological father!" "I don't believe you, a cheater is every time is cheater." Megan began crying and she told passionately, "It may be I'm a lying cheater cunt wife, but I want to compensate this to be a good mom and a good mom wants good relationship between daddy and kids in spite of the divorce. Please, believe me!" I looked at her in confusion.

She continued with tears, "I won't struggle for my marriage! We'll divorce and I don't want any counseling at all. I'll fight for a very good daddy, who will be here in same city with us. I want only you in the life of our daughters." I stopped the confrontation, "Megan, please, calm down, I'll be their dad, but I want to leave this house quickly.

I'll come for my property later. Good luck to you. Please, hug my daughters for me tomorrow!" I left the house with the sight of the weeping Megan. I did not feel any sympathy for her, but her struggle for me to have the daddy of our daughters was very big surprise. I thought she would want to spoil the connection of my daughters with me, but sometime I could be wrong. I knew I was meek in the confrontation, but with Amy's proposal I was in the saddle to Megan who had to accommodate to a divorced mother role quickly.

I went to my apartment and I phoned Amy. Amy told me we would talk on phone everyday, but we had to hid our connection for some weeks. Yes we worked together, but our connection had to be a secret for a while. She recommended to announce my divorce plan to our colleagues on Monday. Next weeks were lonely nights in my apartment and Amy's phone conversations were the only entertainments. We did not show our connection at the department, but we looked at each other with sympathetic glances.

Megan phoned me after the court, because the court approved the common dissolution, what my lawyer offered and Megan's lawyer agreed too. However the court obliged us for three session meetings with a children psychologist before the dissolution of our marriage. Megan said she wanted good relationship between father and children and the judge wanted only these children psychologist sessions for us.

My lawyer showed the results of the DNA test in agreement with Megan and her lawyer to avoid any counseling session, but three common meetings with the children psychologist were only request of the court. The three meetings were very interesting, because the children psychologist praised us, because Megan wanted good relationship between father and children and I wanted to be the daddy for our daughters.

She told us she met very few divorces where similar parents were as we. She said, to be a father for the kids was essential and Megan's aim to maintain a good relationship between me and the kids was her original plan for the three sessions. Instead of any persuading she only encouraged us in our decisions. The all divorce proceeding took less than three months and I became free ex husband with children support, alimony for three years and I had every second weekend some feasts with my kids.

Amy and I went to a restaurant to celebrate my single state. I asked her to be my wife with a beautiful ring, what was a little funny because Amy was the initiator of the all event.

She knew the price of this ring was big challenge in my financial state. Her respond was, "Yes, yes and yes!" and she added these mysterious words to her consent to be my wife with smiling at me, "I'll also have another answer to your ring." We did passionate long kiss. We were discreet to conceal our secret connection and this was over.

We were able to go out into the world together. Soon we left the restaurant and went to my apartment. Naturally she ended my hermit life and we were compatible in the sex. After some days I moved to Amy. Amy looked for a good house with covered swimming pool which had an open able roof for summer and a tennis court.

The house was large and she applied two persons staff. We planned our silent wedding at the Justice of the Peace. Amy was in wrong connection with her family and I invited my parents and my brother's family. Naturally my colleagues and Doug from the engineering were at our wedding.

Amy was so popular and I explained my wife cheated on me so our colleagues adopted our wedding plan. Amy was volunteer so our wedding was not a matter for the University too. We could work together as husband and wife. Chapter 7. A Happy Mom and Wife Amy: The wedding and the reception were modest events, a catering firm organized everything. I paid the event. Our colleagues, Doug with his new girlfriend and Simon's parents and his brother's family were with us.

The maid of honor was Kathy Jones from Simon's department and the best man was Doug. We were at the office of the Justice of the Peace. We went to our new house where the catering firm arranged the reception. Then we danced a lot and next day we flew to our honeymoon. We rested on board of the second plane towards the Indian Ocean from New York. My relatives, siblings and parents were not on our wedding, but after long hesitation I sent some photos of our wedding to my parents and my siblings after we got back from the honeymoon.

To my surprise we got a simple congratulation from my parents and the families of my siblings. Neither any warm words nor any request to rebuild our relationship but this simple congratulation was a simple sign for a better future that perhaps I would return in my family once.

I thought I was thirty-nine years old and I could restart my life. I paid for the honeymoon to Mauritius and we were on the beach at the sea and we started the baby production. I told Simon that the honeymoon was the answer to his ring. When we came back I was pregnant and the new blood test showed our baby was healthy so the birth of our daughter, Charlene was true happiness for us.

Simon was fantastic happy and he walked on the clouds at home with me. Being a mum over forty years is always a challenge when some women are before becoming grandmother. It may be many wealthy moms give away her motherly time for the staff, but I said Simon he lost his pretty voluntary for a while, because I enjoyed to be a mom.

My breasts were not too big earlier but our baby girl increased them and I enjoyed to nurse our baby girl. Yes my life was easy because our staff Carmen and Jadwiga were big help for me so my life was round my baby until Simon came home. But I did a little work for Simon's department at home on my PC.

After a year and a half we had a baby boy Sean and our happiness reached the top. We were lucky the blood test showed the absence of Down and Edwards syndromes during my second pregnancy again. Sean was same healthy as Charlene.

We knew we had to stop the further babies because a newer baby would have been a life temptation. I sent my husband to check our babies with DNA test at same laboratory, which investigated Simon's daughters. I arranged this DNA results as his birthday present from me because I paid the tests.

I said I could buy a four-seater Ferrari to his birthday. But he said he preferred the positive results of the DNA tests to a Ferrari. Naturally Simon was the biological father of our kids. So I think I do not exaggerate Simon was happier to have our kids than I.

Simon keeps saying this was the best gift in all his life. But I did not tell anybody this. I was a good step-mom to Simon's older daughter. Good preparation was that I did babysitting in Mongolia. We had become friends ever since. They liked to stay in our house. The covered swimming pool and the tennis court were a big attraction and they adored our younger kids. When I went to Megan's house Megan and I were polite each other.

I knew she was envious of the success of our marriage. If my husband found out who the biological fathers of his older daughters I would support in his compensation lawsuit. Simon told me Megan promised to give their names when their daughters would be eighteen. He mentioned after the trial he would divide the compensation money into four equal portions for the four kids. He had not decided yet to start a lawsuit at all, because a lawsuit could cause he should uncover the origin of his older kids.

I told him we had enough money for the all four kids, he could decide freely. We were happy with each other and with the kids. We were over forty and we wanted to grow old together. When I was pregnant with Charlene I stopped the horse riding forever, I was afraid of accident, because the kids deserved a healthy mom.

My motherly instinct got the suitable subject as our common kids but Simon's daughters were also in its scope. I did not mind my career ended, but my fortune was a good compensation beside my found family and my voluntary work. I began to study on Simon's University to obtain BS level in biology and mainly in the paleontology. Beside my kids I could study well. I paid my tuition. Everybody helped me in my learning and I passed the exams well.


Simon and his colleagues were glad their voluntary got a little more in-depth professional knowledge, so my voluntary work would be more valuable. I started a successful campaign among the students secretly and Simon got the best lecturer title from the students in the University.

I was proud of Simon when my husband received the award from the President of the University. Our sex life was good we also had much sex during my two pregnancies.

Simon said the oxytocin enhanced our relationship, so I read a lot about the effect of the oxytocin. I liked nursing my two babies so I discovered the ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) sex on the net (http://www.lovelait.info/Packages.html). I learned Simon preferred milk to the alcoholic drinks. So I persuaded my husband to be an ANR spouse after I wean Sean. It is one of the most secret sex practices in the world and enhances the pair relationship.

All I am saying it strengthened our marriage as well. What a funny situation my Mammal expert husband became my ANR husband. When he held a special lecture about the evolution of the milk production I listened smiling in the University.

I do not tell more, because many readers do not like this type hetero monogamy sex practice. When Sean became two years old I sent the photos of our kids to my parents and I was right they invited us to their house. We went to them and we did peace with my parents and the families of my siblings. The grand-kids were the honey trap. My parents liked their son-in-law, Simon. Yes I did not become the favorite kid of my parents, but we were in better relationship than I was in my earlier life.

I became a happy Mom and wife and I had future aims as to help my husband in his department job, but mainly to raise two nice and healthy kids. I knew Simon was also happy. I was right to pull the X on that grant application of Simon's department. How we started a family it is a continuous cheerful fun for us. He was in the worst phase of his life and he got the most interesting challenge from me.

He decided he would try my offer and we both became a happy couple. I read a website where betrayed husbands gave interviews on the net and that special website had an interesting rule for the surfers they must not organize a date with the interviewed husbands.


Yes there are lonely women who are willing to arrange date husbands who have just discovered their wives cheated on them. I showed that website to Simon and we smiled at each other because of the similarities. Chapter 8. BTB with Only One Sentence Simon: Surveys show, if kids were born in family with older parents and if these kids were lack of any chromosomal or genetic problems they could achieve higher IQ than the kids of ordinary maternity aged women!

These chromosomal and genetic syndromes (Down, Edwards) are checked well with newer blood tests during early pregnancy. When Sean arrived at our family I showed these surveys to Amy and she looked at me with surprising eyes.

She searched her words for a while but she found at last, "Simon, I havn't lost anything to be mom in this age, if these scientific surveys are true!" I responded, "These data of the surveys are based on mathematical probability and they mean some % of children will have a low IQ level at older parents as well. Average means that part% is below and another part% is above the average, but the higher average IQ is a good sign.

I think the wiser lifestyle in the family and the good nutrition for the brain in the childhood have same important roles to reach higher level IQ as the genetic background!" Amy said definitely, "The wiser lifestyle will be from my part and I'm sure from you!

The quality food for our kids isn't a problem don't be afraid!" We looked at each other and laughed. I became biological father for two newer kids, but I loved my older daughters too.

My older daughters came to us in every second weekend and they were happy in our house, because they were able to swim a lot, regardless of the weather. When their newer siblings were born they were glad and they played much with them. Amy was good mother of our kids but she was a fantastic stepmom too. I became a happy man. I preferred low-fat milk to alcoholic drinks so she persuaded easily me to become an ANR couple when she wean Sean.

I the mammal evolution expert discovered this secret sex with the lactation. This is an eternal cheerfulness and humor us. This sex practice brought us much closer, but we kept this secret from the world. The relationship between Megan and me was cautious. Either I or Amy went for my older daughters we were polite to Megan when we were in my older house. The girls did not talk about any new man in Megan's life, but the every second weekend, the holiday time and the feasts were enough time for boyfriends or flings.

However she had not any step father candidate or any long time love relationship. I was sure she was envious of the success of my marriage with Amy.

Four years after my divorce I was in my office and I worked with a scientific article, when I got a phone call. An unknown man wanted to talk to me.

He arrived to my office at five o'clock, so I did not have to overwork. He introduce himself he was John Hume. He came quickly to the point, "I'm divorced and I've two daughters as you. I know you remarried and I'm thinking of similar plan with your ex." Our older daughters did not mention any new man around Megan so I was surprised a little.

So I asked to confirm the information, "You're planning something with Megan, aren't you?" He carried on, "I haven't said anything to her yet. I've daughters as you and I think I'd be glad if the stepfather candidate came to me to show himself, what sort of man is. I think you understand me, you've two daughters too." "You're only lovers and you haven't met yet my daughters, aren't you?" He confirmed, "Yes, our connection is before any serious.

Megan mentioned that you and your daughters have good relationship, so I don't want to spoil this. She praised you what a good daddy you're and you've two newer kids in your newer marriage. She said you divorced almost amicably." He began to tell me that my ex-wife boosted about what good dad I was, how amicably we divorced. I thought this cheating cunt boosted what super dad I was against she did not mention her double cheating. She did not admitted to him her two humiliating cheating with my two not biological daughters.

I became mad at Megan, "How could she boost about this?! If I hadn't met Amy I couldn't have my own biological kids!" These thoughts circled in my brain.

I was not able to think further because I was angry at Megan, so I suddenly blurted out, "John, I'M NOT THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF MY TWO OLDER DAUGHTERS ACCORDING TO THE DNA TESTS MOREOVER THEY COME FROM TWO DIFFERENT BIOLOGICAL FATHERS!!!" He became shocked, "Ee.aaa.I see." I followed, "I divorced Megan for this and the DNA tests show my two younger kids are mine." He finished our conversation with praising me how well I behaved to my older daughters and he left me quickly shocked.

Three years later I met John Hume at the airport. I flew to Atlanta he went to New York. His pregnant wife took him to the airport. A five years old boy was with them. After check in we talked a little. I learned his second wife was pregnant with his baby. He told me his first wife was a cheater too and her second wife was a divorcee. She divorced a cheater husband. He admitted he checked his older kids with DNA test and they were his kids.

He also would have DNA test done secretly with his soon to be baby. He would follow my example as I followed Doug's. Megan was only a friend with benefit after he learned she was a cheater. John did not want to live with a cheater again especially to marry a serial cheater.

Because it was enough his first wife's betrayal, so he broke up with her when he met his current wife. Finally, he said, the two biological fathers were too many.

On the board of the plane I thought of Megan. My simple accidental angry sentence punished her to avoid a good opportunity for a happy second marriage. I did not know I wanted to punish her more with my next revenge. She was lonely unhappy again after my angry sentence and I was happy with Amy, Charlene, Sean, Nancy and Gillian. Megan knew I lived in a happy marriage with Amy and with my biological kids moreover my older daughters loved me.

I was a scientist I thought of the benefit of the sciences and the techniques during the flight. Before the DNA test the rule of the old Roman Law said, "Mom is sure alone" and now the sciences made the life up side down opposite the old Roman Law. Now the rule of the Modern Sciences says "Father is sure alone", because it could be a biological mother and a birth mother for a child same time and the poor kid could think of who is the true mom. I laughed myself, "Virtually DNA test punished a cheater through me." In some USA states as mine, the family law changed the life to more equitable in case of the husbands followed the famous saying of Ronald Reagan: "TRUST BUT VERIFY" in time before the kids would be four years old and they could restart their life without burden of children support after divorce.

If the kids were over four years old and the real dad knew the biological father the DNA test would ensure a successful lawsuit. The biological father should pay back compensation money for the unfair children support at the court.

I thought as a scientist, "Thank you sciences for fairer life." What does the future? Would I start a compensation lawsuit against the biological fathers for eighteen years child support, if Megan admitted who were the biological fathers? I thought of my all possibilities. Should I admit to my older daughters the true paternity of them, when they would be over eighteen? My answer was nearer to conceal the secret forever if Megan does not want to uncover.however I had four years to decide.

I thought of my four children and Amy and I felt happy on the plane en route to Atlanta. What would you, my readers decide, if you were Simon? The End