More dildo training my favorite girl

More dildo training my favorite girl
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It was a cool September evening, I had just finished class and had walked out of the building.


Switching on my phone I see a text from Chelsea, 'Party 2night, my mans house' Perfect, I thought, if he sees me there flirting with other girls, maybe even taking one home, he won't be suspicious of mine and Chelsea's arrangement. I loved our arrangement, I get to have sex with a beautiful girl, and not worry about any of the usual relationship garbage. I texted her back, 'Cool, ill b there' I arrived at Chelsea's boyfriends house at about 9, there was already quite a few people there, though I didn't know many of them.

I walked through the door and spotted Chelsea immediately, wearing a short ass skirt that barely covered her fine, round ass, and I tight top that looked like it was owned by a six year old.

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I decided to walk over to her, 'Hey Chels, where your man at?' 'I didn't say he would be here…nah I'm kidding, he's out back by the keg.' 'Cool. You look great tonight.' 'Thanks, I just wish Arthur would notice…' her voice trailed off.

'You know what I think' I said to her. We looked at each other and laughed, it was an old joke between us. 'Don't think, drink!' we both said as she handed me a cup of beer and we both took huge drinks. Then I lost track of her for a while. I was having fun, flirting with a lot of different girls, and there was a few possibilities that I would get laid. That's when I spotted Chelsea, the first time I had seen her since I arrived. She was sitting on the couch looking lonely and upset.

I had to try and cheer her up, so I went over and slid down on the couch next to her.

'Hey sexy, what's up?' I said cheerfully. 'Nothing, and don't call me sexy,' she said. 'Uh oh, what's wrong?' I asked. 'Arthur has been ignoring me all night, playing drinking games with his stupid ass friends.' She answered looking at me with tears almost in her eyes. 'Don't cry girl. He an idiot. What man could possibly ignore a girl as sexy as you, especially when you look so good' she smiled, mission accomplished.

Then she did something surprising, she grabbed my hand and led me to the stairs, as we went up she got a couple steps ahead of me so I could see up her skirt, she was wearing a sexy little g-string, I could easily see her pussy lips, and they looked wet.

I was getting harder with each step, and by the time we reached the top, I knew what she wanted to do. The problem was we were at a party full of her man's friends, some of who saw us go up the stairs.

We got to a bedroom and went inside, she locked the door and turned around, pulling down her thong as she did. 'Chelsea, think, we can't do this, your man is here, all his boys downstairs…' I stopped short, as she lifted her shirt up over her head, her large tits flopping free, her nipples already poking out at me.


I decided if this is what she wanted, ok. I was going to make tonight all about her. I grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, then leaned in and started kissing her neck.

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She giggled, then it turned into a moan as I went on down to her shoulder. I licked and kissed my way down her chest, swirling my tongue around each nipple. She was already panting, I moved my way down, licking her tummy, by the time I got to her waist I could smell her pussy, she was so wet. I licked along her inner thigh for a second, teasing her, then dove in and stuck my tongue as deep inside her pussy as I could reach.

She let out a huge moan, thankfully the party was so loud, or someone would have come to investigate. I brought up two fingers and spread her pussy lips apart, shoving my tongue even deeper inside. I twirled my tongue around and around, something I had found out turned girls on. I quickened the pace as her first orgasm hit her with force, she shook the whole bed and moaned out my name. Again the sounds of the party must have stifled it, so I kept going, determined to give her more.

I pulled my tongue out and slid two fingers inside her. She was so wet the fit easily, so I inserted a third.

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She was grabbing her own hair and trembling all over. I found her clit and start flicking my tongue across it, then slowing circling it, then going back to flicking it, her body started going into spasms, she was cumming again.

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I finally stood up and ripped my dick out of my pants. I was harder than I think I've ever been, but it was still not about me. I knew I'd get off to, but I was determined to make her cum at least one more time.

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I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me, my dick easily slid inside of her now familiar pussy, she immediately wrapped her legs around me and started grinding, as I pulled back and started thrusting my hips, in an almost violent way, ramming my cock deep into her.

She was in heaven as each thrust in hit her g-spot. She loosened her hold with her legs, I took the opportunity to grab them and threw them up on my shoulders. Steadying myself I began ramming harder than ever before. I tried to last as long as I could, but the noises she was making were driving me crazy to.

I changed the pace, thrusting a little less hard but driving in and out with more speed. She let out yet another huge moan that almost turned to a scream as her pussy clenched down on my cock, her third orgasm rushing through her, and I couldn't hold it in anymore, I let myself go inside her. My cum streaming into her only made her cum harder.

When we were finished we just looked at each other, my softening dick slid out of her drenched pussy. We both knew that our absence had probably been noticed, so there was no time for chit-chat, as we usually did after fucking.

We cleaned ourselves up and dressed quickly, then headed back downstairs. Uh oh, I thought to myself…her boyfriend was standing at the bottom of the stairs. When we reached him he said to her, 'We need to talk, but I want to say something to him first,' he said, nodding at me, then back at the party, telling her to go.

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She walked away back to the party. He looked at me and said 'What did you guys do up there?' I was about to confess, sure he already knew, but then he came back with, 'Did you calm her down? She has been bugging me all night.' I just looked at him for a second. 'Uh…yeah, I calmed her down.

It uh…took a while but yeah.' Then he held out his hand 'Thanks for taking care of her bro.' The idiot had no clue I just fucked his woman.

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I shook his hand and told him, with a huge smile on my face, 'It was my pleasure.'