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Kristopher had gotten up very early that morning to check in with his wolves. His pack in particular, a very large one, got up early to hunt in their specific part of the forest. He wished to hunt with them as he hadn't seen them since yesterday morning. He rose out of the bed slowly, leaning down to kiss Evangeline's forehead tenderly.

He got up out of bed, in the nude and walked towards the door leading to the balcony. He pushed it open very softly as to not awaken his Beta. He smirked and walked all the way to the bathroom, taking a running start towards the balcony. About ten feet from the edge, he dug his feet into the stone and leaped off the balcony, transforming not into his large wolf form.

He crashed into the forest below, landing on all fours very gracefully for such a large canine. He bolted through the forest loving the feeling of the morning frost between his paws. He ran with his tongue out tasting the crisp air as his snout locked onto his pack and he ran faster.

He caught up with Darius and the rest of them, and they hunted for a good few hours. After Kristopher had his fill he knew he should return to his beta. He butted head with each of his pack and made his way back to the palace. Evangeline woke to an empty bed and groaned and hopped up and made her way to the shower.

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She was already undressed so all she had to do was turn on the warm water and waited for it to turn on. She grabbed a towel putting it across the top of the shower and went into her closet grabbing a little white dress and undergarments and headed back to the bathroom leaving the door open. She stepped into the shower and stood under the water. She loved the feel of it moving down her body she let out a soft moan turning to face the wall the stream of water falling across her face.

She stood that way for several minutes before reaching down and grabbed her shampoo and ran it through her hair taking her time before beginning to rinse it out.

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She did the same with the conditioner before grabbing her sponge and body wash and lathered her body up. She started with her arms working up the soap as she moved down to her breasts cupping them slightly in her hands rubbing the suds over them she let out a soft moan as she continued. Her thumb rubbing across her pink nipple the sensitivity of it arousing her as she hands slowly moved down her body leaving trails of suds as her hands moved over her flat stomach and moved around her belly button causing her to gasp as she ran her nails gently across her flesh sending shock waves through her body.


Her hand continued to explore her body as she slid them behind her grabbing her ass slightly standing on tip toes as she did. Working the suds into it along with her back her finger tips falling down to her folds as she stroked it gently before her hand moved to her front and her hands found her breasts again massaging them gently her arousal growing with each stroke of her hand.

She groaned as her right hand dipped down low her left hand never leaving her breast as her right hand found her little bud and flicked it gently. She let out a groan as she did it again her finger tips moving down and explored within her folds.

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One finger dipped inside her causing her to moan softly. She slid it in to the knuckle and moved it in and out slowly before adding a second finger. Sinking them both in she moved them in and out rhythmically. Her eyes fluttered shut as she leaned back against the wall the warm water falling down on her as she continued to move her two fingers in and out. Her left hand now found her nub and rubbed it slowly and gently with her thumb. She continued the slow and steady pace abandoning her bud and began to rock her hips against her fingers purring slightly as her hips rose and fell.

Her eyes rolled back slightly behind her closed eyes as her fingers began to move in and out of her quickly causing her to moan louder than she had intended. Her fingers slammed in and out of her as her left hand returned back to breast causing her to groan.

The mix of suds and the touch of her own hand sending her over the edge she wanted release but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't find it alone.

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As Kristopher entered his wife's chambers, he heard the shower going and soft moans emanating from the washroom. He smirked softly as he crept over to the shower, even his large frame moving as silently as a shadow. His eyes narrowed lustfully as he slowly walked into the steam filled bathroom. He slowly watched his beta bathe herself from an unseen corner of the bathroom. Kristopher gritted his teeth with lust as he wanted so much to join her but was having far too much fun watching.

His manhood had gotten hard, as soon as he heard the moans of Evangeline. His fingertips dug into the marble, tearing it a bit, moving his hand down.

He couldn't handle himself anymore. He saw that Evangeline was having trouble finding her climax alone. He swiftly moved towards the shower, to his great surprise, using vampire speed to move so quickly and opened the shower door, stepping with his Beta. He pressed the front of her body up against the cool shower glass wall, reaching on arm around her so it was laced across her chest, pressing against her beautiful breasts.

Evangeline had gasped when the door to her shower was thrown open. Her hands froze staying where they were; she sighed and relaxed when she saw Kristopher. She was about to speak when her propped her up against the door pressing her body against it.

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Her hands flew to the doors palm against it as he lifted her leg and began to slam into her. She moaned loudly. The pleasure was even better than last night. She groaned loudly leaning against him her neck bent back to kiss him as he pounded her relentlessly.

Her muscles tighten around him as her body was rubbed against the door bringing her off to the orgasm that minutes ago she was unable to achieve.

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He pressed the rest of his body against her backside, his enormous manhood slowly sliding inside her from behind, starting to thrust into her very hard, lifting one of her thighs so her right foot was placed up on the marble shower bench as to spread her legs apart.

He trusted himself deeper and deeper inside of her, holding onto her thighs, their midsections slapping against each other passionately. He let out several guttural moans and growls of pleasure as he had his Beta crane her neck around so to catch her beautiful seductive lips in a passionate kiss, his tongue running across hers very sensually.

He moaned softly into her mouth, starting to fondle her breasts with his free hand, playing with each of her sensitive nipples, not once breaking his rhythm, even increasing it. She pushed him back off her and pushed him down on the bench and kneeled down in the shower.

Kristopher roared as he felt his wife come to an orgasm. He hadn't cum yet but he saw that she had more plans for him. He fell back against the shower bench, his enormous manhood standing extremely erect in mid air. He looked at her lustfully and growled in pleasure as she pushed his length further and further down her throat. He trusted against the back of her throat, releasing pre-cum with each time the head of his manhood hit her throat. She bent her head down taking him all in her mouth sucking him vigorously for a while before standing up.

She pushed him so he was leaning back and turned away from him.

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She put one leg up on one side of him then the other. She squatted down on him slamming herself down on him groaning. She reached back to grab his shoulders to hold her self up as she bounced on top of him.


With one hand she reached up and grabbed the shower head positioned on the side wall and turned it on full blast warm and pointed it where their body's met. She groaned as the water hit her full on the clit. She breathed hard as she continued to bounce on top of him. He held her thighs as she slammed down on his cock again and again. Once the shower force hit them, he started thrusting upwards into her beautiful tight womanhood; He ran his hands up her stomach, grasping her breasts, making hot rough love to his Beta.

His enormous manhood slammed into her again and again, as he reached around and started attacking her clit with his fingers. He arched his back as he released his hot seed straight into Evangeline's wanting womanhood, coating her walls once more, continuing until he over flowed her entire nether region Evangeline fell forward slightly almost falling off the bench as she gasped for air.

Quickly she reached over and turned off the water. And she stood up her legs shaking so bad she had to sit down beside I'm on the bench. She sat down beside him and giggled slightly "wow" she said still trying to catch her breath. She leaned her head against the shower wall and just sat there till she was sure that the beating sound of her heart was back to a normal steady pace.

She looked at her Alpha out of the corner of her eye and smiled deviously. Oh she wasn't even near close to being done with him. "Want to continue this out in the woods?"