Cameron James Ass Balls Deep

Cameron James Ass Balls Deep
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In quiet periods during the next few days, I had several chats with that same guard. He told me, several things. One was that, the group who were raping me are part of some sort; of block gang. "I was now their property." "They will now fuck the hell out of me, whenever they wanted." "Don't for your sake, refuse them." "But and it is a big but, only they can fuck you or control who does." "There were perks to being their property." "Like, if someone hassles you." "They will deal with them swiftly." "For as long as you are of use to them." The guard said, to me.

So for the next week, my life began to form a routine. By day I would relax in the sanctuary of my cell. I would read the paper or just dream about the outside. At lockdown, that guard would escort me from my cell. Usually to the showers or another closed off section of my cell block. Then I would be raped by the gang. After two weeks, I wasn't really thinking of it rape anymore. By now, I was a willing participant and in a totally different frame of mind.

Gone was the strong minded jock that would look down and sneered at sissy guys. The gang had broken me and changed me and my mind set. *Saturday* On Saturdays, the gang was in the yard playing basketball against another prison section. I wasn't feeling going outside, so I stayed in my cell. A guard walked by and handed me, the morning paper. I sat on my bunk flicking thru the paper, until I reached the sports pages.

With my back to the door, my attention was solely on the days NFL column. Little did I know that I was being, stalked like prey by tigers.

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I heard a tiny sound and froze for a second, curious to what it was. Before I could turn my head to see what and where it came from, my head was shoved knocking my head on the bed frame. When I turned around a hand was around my throat, almost choking me. Three heavily tattooed white guys were in my cell, and they looked angry.

I didn't know them, so I tried in vain to break free of the hand around my throat. For my failed attempt, I was punch in my balls. This made me cough and grimace. I now knew that the odd of me fending them off, were low. Maybe if it was one on one but three big thugs against me, it didn't look good for me.

They had me at their mercy and they looked like they wouldn't grant me any. I again had a firm hand around my throat, forcing me up hard against the bricked wall.

One of his buddies stood by the door, while the other roughly and methodically begun to remove my clothes. I was near naked and saw that my cock was semi hard. That same thug grabbed hold of my balls, tightly while he slowly pulled his cock from his overalls.

My cock grew and was at full length now. The guy strangling my balls then leaned over closer to me. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." He said. I didn't move a muscle. "Now suck some cock." I was then thrown off my bed, to the floor. I tried to desperately scramble to my knees, from the floor.

When I looked up, he presented me with his cock. Looking at it and then the guy by the door, I paused. The guy, who had me by the throat, shoved my head almost like a slap. "Do it, cunt." He said. "Alright, alright, ok for fucks sake." I said, and submitted. My head was slap shoved again. I crawled towards the cock on my hands and knees. Then, I reached out and put it straight in my mouth.

I then began sucking on it. While I did that, I could hear the guy behind me moving about. He lifted me up so I was on hands and knees, and gave my ass a slap. My legs repositioned apart and my ass cheeked pried open.

He then wasted no time in sticking his finger deep and rough, into my asshole. All the while I held the guy whose cock was in my mouth's hips. He must have wanted to show me who was boss, stamp his because he reached over and grabbed hold of my ears. Then my head was forced right down to his groin, gagging me before starting to fuck my head with his cock. I felt helpless.

While I was fighting to breathe, a cock was forcing its way inside my ass. There was no feeling out process, as be almost immediately starting thumping in and out of my anal cavity. I wanted to scream in pain. But all I could achieve was, letting saliva dribble out of my cock filled mouth.

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Now I was being fucked from both ends, with no friends or alliances to help. The guy on watch would flick a bandana at my naked flesh, before going back to the door. I was trembling with fear and desire, with a hint of anger. When the guy in my mouth spewed cum inside it, he slapped my head and pulled out.

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Cum oozed out of my mouth and down my chin, as I caught my breath. He put his cock back in his overall and slapped his mate by the door, on the back.

Then his mate offered his cock to me. I looked at it and hesitated. He clenched his fist, which made me rethink my next move.

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I took a deep breath and inside my cum-coated mouth, it went. He too, forced my head down on his cock and face fucked me ferociously. By now, the guy in my ass was already thumping inside me. It was causing my now hard cock to bobble, uncontrollably.

He had begun to grunt and then spit over my bare back, shortly after the second guy entered my mouth. His grunting became louder as he vigorously, rammed his cock inside my sore ass. The grunting and spitting became more precise, around the time prior to him splashing his cum in me.

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He smeared his spit across my back, as he pulled out of me. There was a pop, when he did. With his cock out of my ass, I felt a little empty. I soon felt the sudden warmth, as cum trickled out of my gaping asshole.

Then there was more moving around, the guy in my mouth went to my rear. The guy guarding the door presented his cock to my face, which I took without hesitation. By now my cock felt so hard and tightening up.

I felt so horny, but was scared to let them know. Once the pounding began in my ass, my own cock couldn't hold on anymore. It let go and spewed cum out. My cock was flipping in spasms. I was moaned, into the cock in my mouth.


The new guy at the door looked back and laughed, at me. "Would you look at this fag?" "The faggots lost his load already." He said, laughing hysterically. The others couldn't see, but they my snickering sounds.

I knew my body gave into desire and I had an orgasm. Did I enjoy them raping me or did I just enjoy being used? I just closed my eyes and tried to block them out. Before I could worry more about what was being said, the cock in my mouth twitched and exploded. He forced my head into his groin, almost instantaneously.

I had no option but to swallow his cum, as held my head down on his cock. It had the feeling, like I was drowning. I was left panting for air, once he released me and his flaccid cock slid from my mouth. Cum and saliva dribbled, from my open mouth.

I closed my mouth and grit my teeth, as I grimaced from the cock that was slamming real deep into my ass. The back of my jaw felt stiff. I was now being softly slapped across, the back of my head by a hand. "Yeah that's it fag, take some real cock in your ass!" He taunted me.

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This went on for, what felt like ages. It only relented, when the guy in my ass started to grunt a little. He started to slow and then slammed, real hard and deep in my ass. I didn't feel him quiver or explode inside, as by now my ass was numb. I do know this though; he slowed to a grind and didn't pull out until his cock was flaccid.

That's when I knew he had cum, as cum dribbled out and trickle down my balls.


I looked down towards my cock and saw stings of cum, dangling from my cock and more near my balls. The guy at the door was now heading back towards me, for another round. The new watch out, leaned against my door. He smirked, as he looked at his mates. Then the mood began to change.

"SCREWS, Let's go!" He warned. The guys then put their cocks away and made ready for a getaway.

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The guy who was about to fuck my ass, was pissed off. So much so that, he punched me to the back of my head as he left. I then was then kicked in the stomach and left in a heap on the ground. That kick in the guts, winded me as I clutch my ribs in a fetal position.

I must have let go of my bowels at the same time.

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As cum and shit, had exploded out and against my inner thighs. **Aftermath** By the time the guard arrived, I had begun to crawl while clutching ribs with one hand. The guard just stood there and stared at me. I was now crawling gingerly and naked, on my hands and knees. My head down and feeling embarrassed, with a fresh splattering mess that coated my ass cheeks and thighs.

"Get dressed mate or I'll have to make a report." He said. I crawled to the toilet and threw up. While I did, my bowels let go again and more mess ran out. It wasn't for an hour and half, before Hernandez and the others returned. By then, I had already cleaned up.

I was clenching my ribs and pretending to be sleeping on my bed. There I lay facing the wall and as still as I can be. .to be continued