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Birthday Surprise Adria Rae  Jill Kassidy  Bella Rose BFFs
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I called Giada asking her when she was going to Las Vegas again. She replied when she finished taping a show in Atlanta. I asked her join me on my private jet. Giada unfolded herself from the seat and sidled past my knees to the aisle. She hated commerical airline travel, because there is never enough room.

As she made it into the aisle, Giada adjusted the skirt of the dress she is wearing. She always travels in skirts or dresses because jeans got so uncomfortable after a long time sitting.

Giada made her way to the bathroom and set her palms on the sink, leaning in toward the mirror. She didn't need to use the facilities; she just needed a moment to stretch. She had her eyes shut and is rolling her head back and forth, trying to stretch out the kink that had formed there, when she hears the rattle of the latch. " Occupied," she calls, not opening her eyes.

" Actually, it's not, but it's about to be," came a gravelly voice from behind her. " John!" Giada whirls around. " How did you get in here?" She recoils against the small shelf of the sink, trying to leave as much space as possible between them.

" You didn't lock the door," I replied. " You've got to be more careful these days." I lean toward her. " What are you—" Giada, begins, but is cut off when my rough hands grip her shoulders spinning her around to face the mirror again. In one smooth move I gather both her wrists in one of my hands clamping my other hand over her mouth.

I quickly tied her wrists together behind her back with her scarf—she'd left it on her seat when she went to the bathroom. Giada struggles, but she is no match for me. My body surrounds hers, and my hand is tightly pressed to her mouth.

Facing the mirror, I reach my hand around Giada's body burrowing it into the top of her dress. I tug the stretchy material down over her breasts, exposing the mounds, held high and tight in a lacy bra. I reach into one of the cups and pop her breast free, where it jiggled a little. Her dusky pink nipple hardens in the cool air of the lavatory. " Oh yes," I growled, pinching her nipple. She squeals behind my hand squirming to get loose, but that made her breasts bounce harder, jiggling wildly.

" Now the other," I said, reaching into the other cup to expose that breast too. Now Giada is completely bare-breasted in the small room, her tied hands arching her back, sending her round ass back into my formidable bulge in my pants. I'm roughly massaging Giada's nipples, flicking and pinching them. They are getting harder and harder, and redder. Giada tries to ignore the bolts of sensations flashing from her intensely stimulated nipples to her clit.

She wants to hate what I'm doing, wants to hate me for violating her so blatantly. But my fingers feel so good, my hand calloused and cupping her breast. I roughly palm her right breast, massaging and rubbing simultaneously, Giada gives up the fight.

Her moans of protest change as she feels wetness flooding her pussy, soaking her panties. Rather than protesting, Giada is now moaning in pleasure, as she presses her ass back into my hard cock, begging for more with her body.

" That's it, Giada," I groan into her ear. " I knew you'd love it. I knew you missed me. I you needed me." I roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, tugging on it. Giada cries out at the sharp pleasure, but the sound is still muffled by my hand.

" Do you want me to touch your pussy?" I ask her, still rubbing and plucking at her over sensitized breasts. She nods violently, spreading her legs as far as she can apart. " Do you want me to stop touching your tits?" I ask. She shakes her head emphatically. She never wants me to stop touching her. " Will you scream if I take my hand away?" Our eyes met in the mirror, and I see she is weighing the decision in her mind. She thought about how much I'd scared her, how deeply I had already violated her.

But then she thought about how incredible it feels to have me playing with her nipples, as I'm still doing, and how dripping wet her pussy is. Slowly, she shook her head no. I pull my hand slowly from her mouth, ready to cover it again at a moment's notice.

" Please, John," Giada moans quietly. I jerk up her dress, exposing her lacy pink panties. There is a dark spot at the crotch where her cunt has already soaked the material.

I grip the lace with my hand ripping it away, tearing the delicate cloth to shreds and exposing her bare pussy. I run my rough finger up the slit, barely parting the folds. She moans quietly as I rub her ass on my hard cock through my jeans. My left hand never stops moving from one breast to the other, rolling and pinching and rubbing, keeping the unbearably intense sensations coming one on top of the other.

I suddenly plunge my finger into her soaking pussy, my palm pressed to her clit. She inhales sharply and froze an instant before rolling her hips forward to press her clit harder against my calloused palm. I work a second finger into her tight cunt, working them back and forth, still flicking and pinching her now ruby red nipples. When I work a third finger into her, she gasps and convulses around my hand.

She wanted to shout out her pleasure, but I covered her mouth fast enough to muffle the sound. " Do you know why I have to get you so hot?" I whisper roughly into her ear as I fumble with my zipper.

Giada is lost in a pleasure-filled haze, still coming down from her incredible climax. She can't get her mind in order enough to speak.

" It's cause I'm fucking enormous and painfully hard," I growl, then plunge my huge cock inside her still-streaming pussy. She draws in air to scream, but again I act quickly to muffle her.

Giada feels like she is being crammed full, her cunt stretched so tight around my enormous cock that she feels it throbbing inside her. Her cunt muscles clenching tightly on it and she feels like she is going to pass out from the pleasure/pain. " Ready for more?" I ask roughly, and didn't wait for the answer.

I thrust into her again, shoving another few inches of my cock deeper into her pussy. Giada barely has a moment to think there's more?! before she is coming so violently she blacks out. When she came to a moment later, I'm roughly thrusting in and out of her stretched pussy, the wet slurping sounds echoing in the room. I'm jerking back on her hips, pulling her into my thrusts so I can go deeper inside of her. Giada came again when I reach down to strum her clit with my thumb.

After her cunt relaxes, I pick up the pace of my thrusts. I feel her exhausted pussy fluttering around my swollen cock, and I love it. She is soaking wet, cushy and soft, as I want to fuck her till I died.

I wrap one arm around her waist to jerk her back harder onto my cock, then reaching up to pinch a rock-hard nipple. Giada came again, her pussy squeezing my cock so hard I thought it would strangle it, and this time I came with her. I tensed unloading a load of cum inside her, pumping my hot seed deep into her, thrusting in short, hard strokes all the while.

When I'm done, I tuck my cock back into my jeans turning Giada around.

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She is limp and dazed from her pleasure. I lean down to her bare breasts and latch my mouth around one nipple, sucking hard and swirling my tongue around the peak. She gasps and moans, arching her back. I treat the other tip to the same treatment, then leave her gasping.

" I'll leave you to freshen up. I'm not not done with you. We will continue at the hotel." I said smugly as I left the bathroom. The last thing I saw as I shut the door is Marcy's dazed expression, her diamond-hard nipples and my cum dripping down her inner thighs from her wet pussy. We arrive at the Cromwell Boutique Luxury hotel and checked in. Giada walked down the hotel hallway, admiring the features that made the complex luxurious and welcoming.

This is nothing compared to the welcoming she feels by the hand that grasps hers. She looks up into my steely eyes and smiles. Again, they are alone. To roam, to discover, to explore, to satisfy. At last they arrived at the suite number that the desk clerk had given them. She smiles a sheepish smile, butterflies dancing in her stomach; the excitement is causing her goosebumps across her skin and her nipples to harden.

I look back at her, wrapping one arm around her resting on the small of her back, and pulling her close for a sweet kiss. " Are you ready?" I ask her. " I've been ready for this since the plane," came her reply. " As I have." I slide the key card into the slot, the light turns green, and the doorknob clicks to indicate that the door is ready to open. I pick up our small overnight bags and open the door for Giada as I kiss her shoulder.

She walks ahead of me, walking into the suite, she appreciates it's beauty. Behind her, I'm appreciating her beauty. Her hair is softly framing her creamy skin. Her eyes are lightly rimmed with eyeliner, her eyelashes enhanced with mascara so that her eyes glow.

Her lips are stained with a soft berry color, parting softly in her inventory of the room. She is wearing a low cut white blouse, with a hint of lace peeping through over her cleavage. Her beautiful legs are showcased by the white skirt she has on, and the delicate pink slingback heels she wore. She turns from the view of the room to the view she desires me. As she turns, the sunlight from the picture windows throw her figure into stunning relief.

My eyes dark with desire for her. I set the bags down near the door and made sure the 'Do Not Disturb' sign is on the doorknob. I walk across the room with a smile on my face.

Once I reach her, I pull her into my arms, resting my hands on her ass. She runs her hands up my chest, up over my shoulders, and finally twined her fingers in my hair, softly massaging my head.

" Hi," I whisper. " Hello yourself," she replies with a grin. No more words are necessary as our lust took over. We look into one another's eyes, as our lips met. Our lust exploded, lighting up our senses and heightening the sensitivity of our skin. My hands press into her ass, pulling her towards me to grind her against my growing erection. She wraps her arms around my neck, pushing her breasts into my chest. Our lips partaking of one another hungrily, there is no satisfying our desire.

Mouths open, our tongues dancing together, hot and wet. Soft whimpers escape our lips as our hands begin to roam. My hands squeeze her butt, she lifts her left leg to raise her thigh around my hip, giving me access to her bare pussy. My right hand caresses her soft ass cheek, playfully slapping her.

She grins against my mouth. I rub the pink skin, working my way around to her pussy. I feel her warmth before I dip my finger into her soaking lips. She moans into my mouth, the soft vibrations arousing me further. I slip my finger deep inside her, and begin to slide it back and forth. She breaks the kiss to cry out with pleasure, her head falling back. My other arm gripping her tighter; I know she is having difficulty keeping her balance with the pleasure I'm giving her.

Reluctantly, I withdraw my glistening finger. She lowers her leg, as I brought my hand to her mouth, she eagerly took my wet finger in her mouth to suck her juices off my hand. I love the sight and the sensation, I love her unabashed enthusiasm. Her eyes look into mine with a wicked gleam; she plans to suck and fuck me dry tonight. She steps out of her heels and then turns herself back into my arms, kissing me feverishly.

We slowly feel our way to the bedroom, never stopping our kissing. Once there, she broke the kiss again pushing me down so I'm sitting on the edge of the bed. " Don't move," she said, " No touching unless I give you permission." I smile and laugh. She stood in front of me, out of arm's reach. She begins to run her fingers over her face, sucking gently on her fingers and running them over her lips.

She slides her hands down to her neck and chest, closing her eyes feeling the sensations. Her hands slowly caress her breasts, down her sides, around her hips, over her ass, back up her sides, and back up to linger on her breasts. I'm getting hornier watching the show she is putting on for me; my hand slides into my lap as I caress my rock hard cock through my pants.

She opens her eyes, and caught my gaze. A smile plays over her lips as she watches me fondle myself. It arouses her even more.

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She begins to undo the buttons of her blouse slowly, one at a time, until her blouse hung open, revealing the lace trimmed corset she wore underneath. It pushes up her breasts, and her shallow excited breathing pushes them against the fabric.

She drops the blouse to the floor, and begins to work her skirt down her hips. I stop breathing for a moment as I watch her. I love the show she is putting on for me, it is getting me so hot. The skirt inches down, slowly exposing her shaved, swollen pussy. She lets the skirt drop into a puddle at her feet, as I enjoy the view.

She slowly pulls her right breast out from underneath the corset, licking around the top before gently flicking her nipple. Pulling her tit to her mouth, she begins to suck on her breast. She peers out from underneath her lashes at me, and winks as she sees my breathing speed up.

Then she proceeds to do the same thing to her left breast. Both tits are hanging out over the top of her corset, as she walks over to where I sat on the bed. As she leans over me, she softly sucks on my earlobe, whispering to me that she loves me.

Then she stood up placing her right foot on the bed next to me, and running her hands down her body, she dips her fingers into her slippery pussy. She moans softly as her finger caught her clit, her hands knowing just where to touch. Using her left hand, she opens her lips so I see her fingers playing her pussy like a well-tuned violin. Soon she is lost in the throes of her orgasm, her head falling back, her body shaking as her soft cries fill the room.

She regains control of herself, and kneels in front of me with a soft glow in her eyes and a rosy blush on her cheeks. She smiles putting her fingers into my mouth, knowing I want to taste her sweet nectar. I close my eyes and suck on her fingers, so aroused I barely keep control. I want her to sit on my hard cock and relieve the pressure, but I know she won't let me suffer long.

She unbuttons my shirt, working it off my shoulders and throwing it over to join her skirt on the floor. She stood up and straddles my lap, her soaking hot pussy making contact with my cock through the material of my pants. She leans down to kiss my lips slowly, gently. Like the gentleman I am, I let her set the pace.

Her lips leave my mouth, but before I can protest she begins raining soft kisses over my cheek. She kisses a trail across my jawline, then back toward my ear. After kissing right below my earlobe, she uses her tongue to trace the contours of my ear. Then she sucks my earlobe into her mouth, using her teeth to softly nibble, a small smile lighting her face as I shiver and moan.

Crawling off my lap, she uses her mouth and tongue to explore the contours of my chest and stomach before taking my nipples into her mouth and using her tongue and suction to tease them until I groan. She gently pushes me back on the bed, kissing my bare skin, my shoulders, placing an open-mouthed kiss on the inside of my elbow and wrist, using her tongue to trace a trail from the bottom of my palm to the tip of my middle finger before sucking the tip of my finger into her mouth.

She unzips my pants, kissing the skin right above my waist, working my pants off. My monster cock lay bobbing on my stomach, waiting for her. She smiles and begins to kiss her way down my thighs, my knees, my calves. Working her way back up, she pulls me so my ass is on the edge of the bed and my legs are spread. Using her tongue, she licks hot patterns all over the insides of my thighs.

She exhales her hot breath over my balls, softly begins tracing her tongue over my sack and intermittently kissing it. She opens her soft lips gently sucking my left ball into her mouth, surrounding it with wet warmth.

Her tongue licks over it, flicking quickly. She did the same to my right ball, then took them both into her mouth. Withdrawing them from her mouth, she moves further down to kiss my ass cheeks. Lifting my legs to gain access, she parts my ass cheeks so she can tease my asshole with her lips and tongue. Reaching out with her tongue, she gently probes it, using soft pulsing pressure.

My groans of pleasure excite her and encourages her. Putting her lips to my hole, she sucks on it and then bathes it with her tongue until it is nice and wet.

Soaking her finger with saliva, she begins to use her finger to probe into my ass, watching my hard cock jump with excitement. She kisses her way up the shaft, while working her finger into my ass. Raining kisses around the head of my cock, she flicks the tip with her tongue. Using her free hand, she lifts my cock so she can pull the tip into her mouth. Her finger is gaining more access, she pauses long enough to spit on her finger to keep it lubricated.

Bringing her attention back to my cock, she uses her tongue to circle around the head and lick up and down my shaft. Softly sucking in the little patch of skin below the head. Slowly taking me in her mouth, her tongue moving back and forth, adding to the stimulation. Once I'm wet, she suddenly deep throats me, wiggling her finger in my ass at the same time.

I groan in pleasure. Her soft throat muscles massaging the head of my cock, as her tongue dances on my shaft and her finger keeps up it's ministrations in my ass. Unable to contain herself, she begins to bob her head up and down, moaning over my cock in pleasure - knowing she is making me feel aroused turns her on. The muffled vibrations playing all over my cock head and shaft, as I feel the orgasm building. She stops long enough to re-lubricate her finger to keep from causing any discomfort, moving her mouth back to my cock.

She forms suction with her lips, her mouth clinging to me.

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The soft, wet heat of her mouth working its way up and down my cock, her tongue flicking the head when she nears the top. I'm groaning, feeling my orgasm about to reach the edge. I can't wait to coat her tongue with jet after jet of my hot, creamy cum. " Here it comes, baby. I'm coming!" I made growling noises that she loves, the ones that sends waves of pleasure pulsing through her pussy. She backs off so she can feel the spurts of cum in her mouth, my hard cock jerking as my body vibrates with my orgasm.

She loves the taste of my cum, it is so salty and delicious. After she feels I'm done, she takes another long pull to make sure she got every drop of cum out of my cock and then she swallows. She takes her finger out of my ass, crawling up to kiss me so I can taste my cum on her tongue. I taste my cum in her warm, wet mouth. She tastes so sweet. " Oh my god," I breathed, " you are amazing." She grins, her eyes sparkling, and replies, " Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it." " Now," I said, " it's time for me to return the favor." Giada's heartbeat begins to accelerate, as she feels the warmth of blood rushing to her cheeks.

As well as to other places. She smiles laying back on the bed, her dark hair tumbling around her face and shoulders. I kneel next to her, to slowly kiss her while tracing soft patterns over the skin of her neck with my fingertips. She shivers, as she feels the goosebumps rising on her skin. I smile on her mouth; I love it when she shudders. My right hand cupping her face, as I feel I can spend my life with her; kissing Giada. Her eyes are closed, focusing on the sensations running through her.

My lips wandering over her face, kissing her cheeks and her nose, her forehead, down her temple, and working over to her ear. I suck the lobe of her ear into my mouth and breath into her ear that I love her. She smiles in her bliss whispering that she loves me too. My mouth moving down the gentle curve of her neck, tasting every inch of her. I kiss her jawline, her collarbone, working my way up the other side of her neck to suck on her other earlobe.

Her breathing is growing ragged, her beautiful breasts lifting with each breath. I move down her neck, dropping kisses all over her shoulders and chest. I pause to unhook the eyelets holding together her lace-covered corset, releasing her breasts for my attention. She arches her back to allow me to pull the garment out from underneath her, and over the side of the bed it went to join the rest of our clothes.

I sat up for a moment to run my eyes down her body. Her eyes are half open, dark with lust, her lips are slightly swollen and a dark pink from kissing and from running over my cock.

She lifts her hand running it down my arm, the touch of her soft hand jolting me out of my daze. My head leans down to kiss her left breast, the soft underside and the downward slope of the top. My tongue tracing patterns and lines all over until her breathing is labored. Finally, my tongue flicks over her hard nipple, causing her to gasp in delight. I flatten my tongue lapping at her nipple, sucking it tightly into my mouth and lightly squeezing it with my teeth.

Her hands are twined in my hair, her fingernails softly scratching my head as I use my mouth to pleasure her.


I flick my tongue, as my cock grows rock hard again as her back lifts off the bed and she moans, offering herself up to me to use for my will.

My mouth moves over to her right breast, giving it the same attention as the other. She lets my hands roam over her body while my mouth works; up and down her sides, over her stomach, caressing her hips.

At this point she is squirming, as I have hardly begun. I'm in no rush, I want to prolong her enjoyment as long as possible.

My mouth sucking on the delicate skin between her tits, then begin to work it's way down her ribs and all over her stomach. Lips moving as light as a butterfly's wings, touching down over her tummy, and dipping my tongue into her navel.

I kiss the skin on her sides and her hips, using my tongue to trace the line of her hipbone to the top of her pussy. I see the wetness of her lips, and my lust screams at me to bury my hard cock in her sweet slit. I restrain myself, using my mouth to kiss and lick her soft, shaved mound.

I work my way with kisses all over her thighs and her legs. Then, unexpectedly, I stop. She opens her eyes and focuses on my face through the fog of bliss she is shrouded in. I'm looking down at her with a smile. " Turn over," I said to her. She smiles back at me then rolls herself onto her stomach, revealing her beautiful ass for me. My tongue tracing one long line down her spine, as she shivers and whimpers. Once he got to her lower back, I begin to cover it in erratic, open mouth kisses.

I know this is one of her biggest erogenous zones, and I plan on using that to my advantage. The things I'm doing to her body feels so incredibly amazing, she is so wet and hot that she knows once I finally got to her pussy she won't be able to last long. She grips the pillow and is moaning heavily, her legs flexing and bending uncontrollably. I move over her ass, pushing her legs apart. Using my thumbs to pull apart her cheeks, I softly lick at her hole; she cries out. I work on her, slowly working my tongue inside her ass, fucking her with it.

She is so turned on it borders on torment. I smell her juices, freely flowing from her slippery pussy. " Get up on your knees," I growled, " I want to taste that hot pussy of yours, you little fuck slut." " Oh god yes, please honey.


Please, lick my wet pussy, your little fuck slut is so turned on and she wants you to make her come. Oh please baby. I need it so bad." I slowly lick her lips, enjoying the sweetness of her juices. I run my finger from the top of her slit to the bottom, and slowly work a finger inside of her.

She is so wet, and it got me painfully hard knowing it is all because of how I made her feel. I'm finger fucking her a little faster now, a second finger joining the first. Then my finger move up to her ass, where it slowly begins working it's way inside. Meanwhile, my other hand spreads her lips wide, exposing her pretty pink pussy to my gaze. I buried my face in her warm slit, my tongue furiously lapping at her clit before sucking on her pussy.

My tongue slowly flicks her clit, teasing her and driving her crazy. Her body is quivering, and her moans growing louder. My tongue flicks over her clit, bringing her closer to her release. " Unh, unh. Mmm. Oooh. Oh god. Unh. Here it comes. I'm gonna come!" Her back arches and her body is shaking. Her head is thrashing from side to side while she grips and tugs on the sheets. A small amount of sweet, warm juice rushes over my face, bathing me in her creamy cum. I suck on her pussy, trying to get every drop of juice I can.

She kept shuddering, and she can hardly catch her breath. I stood up on the floor pulling her ass toward me as I buried myself in her in one stroke. She gasps and cries out. I pause for a few moments, enjoying the feel of her tight, pulsating pussy wrapped like warm wet velvet glove around my shaft.

I slowly withdraw, and slowly enter her again. With every thrust she cries out in pleasure. I stop for a moment to grab her left leg placing it over my shoulder so she is kneeling on her side. I slide back inside her and start rhythmic strokes again. " Oh god yes, baby, it feels incredible having your hard cock inside me right after I come." " Oh yeah, do you like the way my hard cock feels inside your hot wet pussy? You are my little fuck slut, aren't you? Yeah, you like it when I fuck your wet pussy, you little whore." I begin to thrust in and out of her rhythmical, feeling my balls slapping against the inside of her right thigh.

She is screaming in ecstasy, moaning and reveling in being used for my pleasure. I'm groaning, as I feel my orgasm about to explode. My cum is building up, and as I feel I'm going to come I pull out squirting my cum all over her swollen red pussy, watching each jet splash over her lips.

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I lean down and begin to lick my cum off of her pussy. Once she is clean, I crawl up on the bed where she lay on her side with a satisfied smile.

Laying behind her, I pulled her toward me pressing our bodies together, wrapping my left arm around her tenderly. " You are so amazing, I love you," I said to her. She smiles and said, " I love you too, John. That was absolutely incredible. Mm, I feel so good right now." " Me too," I smile. I laid my head down on the pillow, and we fell asleep in one another's arms. Her body feels like she is floating. She feels my warm arms holding her close, my breath on her neck, ruffling her hair.

Her eyes open slightly, a grin spreading over her face. She reaches her hand up and begins to lightly stroke my arm. She feels my love and tenderness wrapping around her like a soft down comforter; surrounding her from all sides and warming her from the inside out.

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She feels me stir behind her, and my arms wrapping around her tighter as I pressed a kiss to her bare shoulder. She smiles in response. " Hi, baby," she said, " how did you sleep?" " Mm, wonderfully with you here in my arms. How did you sleep?" I replied. " Perfect." I kiss her shoulder, floating kisses all over her shoulder and back. While, my hands are busy tracing patterns around her navel causing goosebumps across her skin. Her nipples begin to harden as she feels my cock growing hot and hard against her ass.

She reaches her hand back and stroke my thigh, reaching back to caress my ass - she knew how much she loved having her ass played with.

I reward her with a groan as I slip my hand between her thighs and into her still wet pussy. She gasps and lifts her leg to drape over me to give me better access.

I lift myself up on one arm to better reach inside her, slipping two fingers inside her, feeling how tight she is around my fingers. By this time she is lying limp, totally focused on what my hand is doing to her.

Her eyes are barely open, her lips parted groaning my name." Mmm, yes. Uh." I pull my fingers out of her, trying to lay her down on her back. She groans in disappointment as she feels my fingers leave her pussy. Before I can lift myself up, she flips herself on top of me. Before she plants herself on me, she slides back into a 69 so I can bury my face in her while she primes my cock. She feels my hands roam all over her hips and ass as I pull her down to lick her pussy. Her breath is coming faster as she lets herself enjoy the sensation for a few moments.

Then she leans down and begins to flick her tongue across the tip of my penis. She feels my breathing grow ragged inside her pussy. She fits her lips against my cock head and slowly works her way down my cock. We settled into rhythms as we struggled to stay in, each one having to try harder to keep focus as the other causes incredible sensations.

After a few minutes, she takes her mouth off of me laying her head down on my stomach, allowing herself to revel in the feelings I'm causing inside her pussy. She feels every tongue stroke; it almost feels as if she can feel every taste bud on my tongue, her pussy is so tender and sensitive. She feels the familiar rush of her orgasm beginning to coil inside her, the warmth spreading throughout her body.

She closes her eyes feeling herself nearing a intense orgasm. Just a few more strokes. She is gasping hard, her eyes squeezed shut as she focuses on my mouth. Yes, just a little faster. Ooh. Yes, yes, yes, yes." Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" She hits the crest of her orgasm as her body shakes on top of me. Her back arching as she cries out as she came, coating my face again with her pussy juice.

Once she came down from her high, she rests her face on me, waiting for her heartbeat to slow as she bathes in the afterglow. " Mm. God, you're incredible. I love the way you eat my pussy." I laugh in response. " The pleasure is all mine; you have such a sweet tasting pussy." She laughs along with me, loving the way we were together.

" Let me see if I can do something about this huge hard cock of yours. I'm sure I've got something that will do." She got up and walked over to her bags, bending over at the hips to give him a little bit of a show. She dug in her suitcase, pulling out a small pink bullet vibrator. She walks back over to the bed and crawls back into the reverse position. Wetting the bullet inside her dripping pussy, she slips it back and inside her ass. She straddle my hips, lifting herself up to insert the head of my cock into her pussy.

She slowly lower herself down on me until I'm buried deep inside her. Then she hands me the remote. Immediately she feels the low hum of the vibrator inside her ass, vibrations running throughout her ass and pussy. My body shivering, as I groan. She begins to slowly fuck me, enjoying the sensations as I play with the settings. Low to high, down to medium, back up to high, the variance never ending.

Leaning forward to give me a better view, she begins to quicken her pace. I knew it won't be much longer. The feeling of her tight, wet pussy vibrating around me combined with the view of her ass and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy got him so aroused. Then she reaches between them and begins to fondle my balls. It is a total sensation overload for me.

My eyes closed as I begin breathing raggedly as my body is shaking. I'm so incredibly close, then I turn the vibration up to high. As she feels the vibration hit the high setting, she kicks up the speed, slamming herself down onto my cock as hard and fast as she can. She braces herself by putting her hands on my thighs, fucking me as hard as she can. My hands wrapped around her hips and my fingers dig into her skin, pulling her down as I'm closer to my orgasm. I'm shaking almost violently, willing myself to come.

Then there it is, the moment of le petit morte. A little part of me died in pleasure, surrounded by a sexy woman.