Hot babe loves body sliding with a stud in the jacuzzi tub pornstars hardcore

Hot babe loves body sliding with a stud in the jacuzzi tub pornstars hardcore
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Chapter 1 It was just another day at school. I parked my car and grabbed my backpack from the passenger seat. I stared up at my High School wishing I was somewhere else.

Its not that I was unpopular or anything, I was on the varsity wrestling team and was state ranked with college scholarships as a junior. I was 5'9" and weighed 145 and was about five percent body fat and the girls wanted me and I had been with most of them.

It was that I could not have the one girl that I wanted most. The principals' daughter Brittney was a year above me. I had tried about a hundred times but she would not leave her current boyfriend who was also a senior and the captain of the wrestling team. Kevin did not know that I was secretly trying to get with my girlfriend. I preferred it that way. The day went by quickly and their was a light practice due to the fact that there was a meet this weekend and it was a tournament with all the college scouts present to recruit.

Kevin was not worried too much I had already accepted a full ride to Duke. I am still waiting on Norte Damn. Coach just went over some basic stuff and called it early so the team could get plenty of sleep.

The bus was due to leave at 6:30 a.m. I took a quick shower changed and left for the day. Standing by the locker room door was Brittney; she acted like she did not see me. I being persistent said "Hi, waiting on me?" "No" was her response and usual. "I am waiting on Kevin" "Oh why are you waiting on him" was my response. "Cause I is my boyfriend" she said it with a lot of emphasis on the word boyfriend.

I did not care. Then Kevin walked out and asked "hey you're not trying to steal my girlfriend are you?" "Never" was my response as I walked out to the parking lot. On my way home I swung by Five Guys to get something to eat. Once home I went into the kitchen and a note was posted to the fridge.

"Out of Town on Business will be back on Monday" It was my dad. He was gone a lot on business and again he would miss a wrestling meet. I turned off all the lights down stairs and went up to my room to surf the web.


I have a good sized room it is 12x10. I turned on the flat screen for some noise. With not a lot on tv that I cared about I decided to workout a little with my free weights. I only did it for a half hour before I called it quits and took a quick shower I put on a pair of gym shorts and started playing a couple of computer games. At about 8:30 p.m. I got a text message from Cassie. She wanted to come over. I replied "yes" Cassie was an ex-girlfriend but would still come over for a good fuck every now and then.

We were each others fall back when either one of us need some release. About a half hour later I hear a knock on my bedroom window I open it up and in she comes. She is wearing a mini skirt and a tank top that was showing off her cleavage. Cassie is about 5 foot 5 and weighs around 110 with 34C tits and an ass that is a full as can be. As she walked by I got a whiff of her perfume I immediately started to get aroused.

"What are you here for" I asked. "Oh just to hang out, there is not a lot going on tonight" she replied. "Whatever", that was my default answer for everything. When I looked at her face I could see that she had been crying. "Why were you crying" "Oh me and my mom got in a fight again" Cassie's mom and her did not have the best relationship.

My dad and I were the same way. Maybe that is why we got along so well when we were together. "Did Brittney turn you down again?" "Yes how you did you know" "If she had said yes you would not be here" "Good point" I grabbed the remote and started looking for something to watch.

Cassie was lying down on my bed while I was in my chair. After a few minutes I got frustrated and started playing PS3. Cassie getting very bored with just watching me play decided to play with herself she slid off my bed and crawled on her hands and knees right between my legs.

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I noticed she was doing this and decided to play stupid and pretend not to notice her. She noticed that I was not wearing any underwear and slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and wrapped her soft hand around my limp dick.

It only took a few seconds of her stroking my member for it to be standing at attention. I dropped my controller and pulled my shorts down exposing my throbbing member. Precum was seeping out of the head and was coating my shaft and her hand. Cassie started feeling the heat between her legs building.

With her free hand she slipped it up her skirt and started rubbing her moistening slit with her first finger.

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I leaned my head back in ecstasy as Cassie was giving me a hand job. The wet spot in Cassie's thong was getting bigger so she stood up as she stood up I looked at her puzzled I found out why she had when her thong was tossed on my head exposing her nearly clean shaven pussy the only hair she has is a thin line above her clit. I placed it on my face inhaling her scent. My dick throbbing with each breath, while I was doing this Cassie dropped to her knees and started licking the head of my cock the way she knew I licked it.


I placed my hand on the back of her head gently pushing on it. Cassie immediately responded by taking my full 9½ inch cock in her mouth and down her throat. I love it when girls deep throat me. Very few can. Cassie held it there for only a couple of seconds before backing up and bit then going back down. After a couple of times doing this, she readjusted herself and took off her tank top.

I helped her undo her bra exposing her 34C tits. I took each on in my hands and wrapped them around my dick.

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Cassie started moving them up and down slowly licking the head as it came up. I stood up when I felt my balls starting to tense up so I would not blow my load too early. Cassie stood up with me and walked me over to my bed.

Cassie got on all fours and looked back at me seductively and said "Come and get me". I pulled her back a little so I would have better access to her holes. I started rubbing her clit and outer lips to make sure that she was good and wet before entering her.

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Cassie loved it when I played with her pussy I knew just how to make her my horny little slut. Cassie could feel her orgasm building she was craving hard cock in here pussy finally she looked back at me and said "fuck me with your big cock" and even before she could finish I rammed into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as I started pushing in and out in a slow pace. She loves the way that my cock fills and stretches her pussy to the max. Her muscles start squeezing my member buried deep inside of her and I almost lost it right there and then.

I grit my teeth so I do not cum before I can finish. Cassie starts talking dirty to me know that would get me really going. She kept telling him "fuck me" over and over again then she had a great idea and said "fuck me like you would Brittany". I knew she was trying to get a rouse out of me so I responded by playing with her asshole. Cassie moaned with my probing of her ass. I knew she loved anal. I reached my hand around and coated my two fingers in her juices and started rubbing it in her starfish.

As I was doing this I said "like it when I finger your ass" and "you love it when you get your ass filled don't you" Cassie would only moan in response. I kept working her ass with my finger making sure that it was good and loose.

While I was working her ass she felt a huge orgasm building in her loins she started rocking back against my cock and finger to heighten her orgasm. Once she felt my second finger enter her she had and orgasm and squirted all over my dick, balls and thighs.

I love the fact that she was a squirter. That was my cue to push my dick in her ass before she came down from her climax I transferred my dick from her cunt and into her ass. Another wave of pleasure ripped through her body as she felt her ass fill up with my cock. I love anal and especially in the doggie style position. I grab her hips and start thrusting harder and harder with each thrust.

I can start to feel the tightening in my balls. I call out to Cassie with "I'm going to cum where you want it?" Cassie responds in between moans "in my mouth, I want to taste your spunk" I pull out and turn her around. Cassie takes control and engulfs my cock. She makes a vacuum with her mouth sucking my member as she goes up and down. Cassie loves the tastes of her pussy and ass. I moan as rope after rope of cum shoots in her mouth.


After about the fifth shot she pulls off of me and swallows the whole load. A little drip is forming at the head. I wipe it off and rub it onto her right breast. I and Cassie both collapse on my bed. Cassie then rolls on top of me straddling my six pack abs. We start making out hard.

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It only takes a few minutes for me to get hard as a rock again. I roll her over on her back and starts kissing my way down her body I stops at her breast and latch onto the left as I play with the other. I only stay there for only a few moments before reaching her pelvic region.

I spread her lips with my fingers and slowly lick from the base to the top stopping at her clit and flicking it lightly with my tongue. I slide in two fingers and slowly finger fucks her into another orgasm.

Cassie's muscles clench down on my fingers and bucks her hips as wave after wave rush through her body. I then replace my fingers with my dick all the way to the hilt. I immediately start thrusting in and out. Cassie wraps her legs around my butt and pulls me deeper and deeper.

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I can feel my orgasm fast approaching and I pick up the pace as fast as I can, Cassie can feel me getting close by the way my dick is throbbing in her pussy. I yell out and shoot a huge load in her pussy. I roll off of her panting with her next to me. Both of us pass out for the night.