Washing dishes in the morning naked

Washing dishes in the morning naked
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This story took place back in 1998, when it first started. Jim was a 42 year old, just recently divorced man for the second time. He left his first wife after finding out she was screwing his one friend. Then a couple of years later married, who he believed, was the perfect woman. But after a couple of years, he found that she was perfect, a perfect OCD type, who had to have her way, no matter what.

So after 5 years of really trying, he threw in the towel and vowed never to marry again. Chapter 1 Jim had been dating a woman from a city a little over 2 hours from him. They met in an online chat room that was on the biggest online service back then.

For two years they dated on and off, but it was mostly for the sex. Although they were both fond of one another and enjoyed what they did together, neither of them felt the need to move to eithers area and take the relationship to the next level. Terri, his lover, had all of her family there, and Jim had his where he was from and also had a very good job, which he already had 20 years into it. In those years, Jim met many of Terri's friends, most of whom were from the chat room. One he met, and really liked, was Mickie.

She lived only 45 minutes from Jim and he loved her wit, and sarcastic quips she would let loose with. Mickie, Like Terri, was 38, divorced and had two kids.

One was 20, a girl, and the other a boy, who was 17 and a senior in high school. Whenever Terri threw a party, or attended one, Mickie was always there. They even got together on some weekends to just party alone, when Jim could not get down there, due to work. Jim always wondered if there was more to those two, meaning sexually. Mickie had stated a couple of times that she enjoyed the touch of a woman. To Jim, this would be heaven just to watch, and many a time would tell Terri he'd love to have a threesome with those two.

Terri would answer back, "You just never know stud, You just never know." Over the next couple of years, they followed a routine of meeting, most times at her place, but on occasions, she would drive up to his place. Always ending the evenings they were together, in bed, having the best sex either ever had. Both had a high sex drive and enjoyed almost every aspect of sex, except Terri would not do anal, or swallow, if giving a blow job. She did, however, loved when Jim ate her, after cumming in her and loved to kiss right after that.

But all in all, the sex was great between the two. Mickie liked to flirt too, knowing she could make Jim feel uneasy. Jim wasn't a player and would try his hardest to ignore Mickie, when she was like that, especially if she was drinking or smoking pot, which all three enjoyed doing.

Terri used to laugh at it, but also told Jim in private that if he ever fucked Mickie, they were through. Jim told her that he wasn't like that, and not to worry. Both girl's were 5' 4. Terri was 115 lbs, and Mickie was a little over 100 lbs, and skinny. But she did have a great looking ass. Terri was a 32B, in the boob department, whereas Mickie was pretty flat. Jim guess an A cup, to a small B cup. It was like you took an average orange, cut it in half, and put nipples on it.

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Jim actually thought she looked great like that, but she was very self conscience of it. Mickie also was very self conscience of a scar on her face, which was caused by her ex, who in a fit of rage, slap a pot of soup out of her hand and landed on the counter, but also splashed up scalding hot soup that caught her on the right side of her face, near the ear and part of her neck.

It was early May 2000, and Terri and Jim had been dating almost 2 years, but Jim could tell something was different with her. Jim was going down there to her place for a party at a friends place. She asked me to come Saturday, instead of my normal Friday. But this was also the first time Jim had seen her in almost a month, with her citing she had other plans those weekends.

That evening, Terri stayed with a lot of her friends, and pretty much ignored Jim. Mickie even noticed the change in her too, and told Jim it wasn't his fault she was being rude.

What caught Jim as funny, was the fact they had made plans to go next month to a state park, down in the southern part of the state, and stay at a cabin.

Terri surprised Jim when she also invited Mickie to go to. Of course Jim thought maybe this was the weekend they'd have their threesome, but he wasn't going to hold out hope for that. Mickie, feeling like a third wheel, declined, but somehow Terri talked her into it.

So it was set for the weekend after Memorial Day, that we'd go. In fact, Jim set it up that afternoon, before the party, and rented a cabin for a Thursday through Sunday stay. The next couple of weeks, Terri and Jim talked less and Jim only saw her one more time. That too was just a Saturday to Sunday deal, the weekend before the holiday, and only had sex once. That, in itself, was very strange to Jim. Jim had talked to Mickie too, during that time, and Mickie said that Terri was being very distant with her as well, and it bothered her too.

But she was still going to go for that weekend, and told Jim that if Terri didn't take care of some certain needs, she'd love too. They also made plans for Jim to pick her up. Chapter 2 The night before their trip, Terri called Jim and told him that she would be running late and that he and Mickie were to go there and she would drive herself down to the cabin, since it was just a little over an hour away from her.

The conversation ended after that, although Jim wanted to tell her, to just forget about the whole weekend, but decided against that. Jim took a half day off from work, as did Mickie, and picked her up about 3pm. His truck was loaded with everything he thought they would need, food wise, and of course beer and wine. Since it was warm that day, and supposed to be the whole weekend, shorts and t-shirts were mostly what he brought, but he did pack a pair a slacks and a couple of polo shirts, in case they decided to go out to eat.

Mickie was waiting for him on her porch. She was wearing dark blue shorts that were pretty tight and showed off her lovely ass, and also had on a light blue halter top. He knew she wasn't wearing a bra, because her nipples were poking through the thin material. Her blond, shoulder length hair was in a ponytail, and in Jim's mind, looked great. God, he thought, I could easily spend the weekend with just her and know I'd have a great time, sex or not.

As they drove for the next 2 and half hours, they really got to know one another. They spoke of their failed marriages, although Mickie only had the one, which lasted 5 years, with the ex being an abuser, both physically and mentally. They also learned that they enjoyed outdoor things like hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, reading and just relaxing at home too. He already knew Mickie did not have a boyfriend, and the last one she had, was just a user.

So for the last year, hasn't even bothered dating. They arrived shortly before 6pm. Jim made his way to the office, to get the key. When he was all signed in, the manager also handed him a letter that was addressed to him and Mickie. Jim wanted to read it right then, but really had to go to the bathroom and wanted to get to the cabin, which was 2 miles away, back in the woods. Once they arrived, they were pleasantly surprised how great it looked. It was an A frame style and actually looked like the pictures they saw online.

It had a loft with a queen size bed, but it also had a master bedroom with its own bath, plus a big living room with a fireplace, and a big kitchen. Jim knew from the web site, it also had a hot tub on the back, covered deck. Once inside, he excused himself to relieve himself, as did Mickie in the master bath.

Once they took care of business, Jim pulled the letter out from his back pocket. Mickie looked at him and wondered, "Who sent you a letter here?" Jim shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hell if I know.

I didn't tell anyone that I was even doing this." So they sat down on the couch and he opened the letter. Dear Jim and Mickie, Let me say that I will not be coming down to join you two. I knew this even when we set this all up.

Jim, I am so sorry, but what we have shared has been great, but I need more, and knowing that neither of us are willing to move from where we are, well that just isn't working for me anymore. I met someone about 4 months ago and really want to see where this goes with him. He knows what I want, and he also wants the same as me. Let's face it Jim, we were pretty much Fuck Buddy's, and not to much more.

Yes, we both cared a great deal for each other, and had great times together, but I need more, and so do you. As for you Mickie, you have been, and I hope, continue to be a great friend to me.

My hope is that you and Jim really hit it off this weekend and start something between you two. He is a great guy, like you are a great gal. If you didn't know, you two share many of the same interests, and I know he likes you, and you like him.

Maybe just as friends now, but if you think about it, you two are made for each other. So give it a go and see where it leads. Oh and by the way Mick, what I told you about him in bed, was no bullshit, he will rock your world, just like I know you would rock his.

Please don't hate me for doing this, but I need to do this the way I have here. I couldn't stand to see the hurt in either of your eyes right now. I do hope that you and I, Mick, can stay as friends, but will understand if you don't want to bother with me. Terri Jim sat there stunned for a few moments, as did Mickie. Mickie spoke first, and from her tone, she was pissed.

"What the fuck. Not even enough balls to say it to your face. I am so sorry Jim. I really am. You are a great guy and deserve better treatment than that." Jim shook his head and said, "I knew something was up for last few months, so I am kind of relieved. She is right though, neither of us could make that commitment to one another. It was fun and I have made a bunch of friends, especially one in you.

Only thing that hurts is the fact that she didn't have the guts to face me and tell me. In reality though, I should have ended it too, much sooner than this." Mickie had a sad look on her face, feeling bad for Jim, and also feeling somewhat betrayed by Terri, who she thought was her close friend. They had grew close over the last few years and one evening, last year, made out on Mickie's couch.

Granted, they had been drinking and did some coke together, but still, it was something Mickie had hoped would grow into something more, as lovers too.

The only reason Mickie agreed to come along on this trip was the hope that the three of them could play together, and really turn Jim on by letting him watch them as lovers. And also, hoped that Terri would have shared Jim with her. She really does like him more than a friend.

"Well, she really pisses me off. No friend does this to another friend. I've always been open and honest with her." Mickie stated.

"How about I fix us something to eat, like burgers and some beer. Then get a good night's sleep and we can head back home in the morning." Jim suggested to her.

"Fuck that Jim.

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We came down here to have fun, so let's have fun. Unless you really don't feel like staying, which I can totally understand" "No. No. I am fine with staying, if you are. I'd be a fool not to enjoy your company. There is a ton to do down here and we shouldn't let her ruin what we thought was going to be fun.

I even reserved us some horses for tomorrow, for horseback riding." Mickie's face lit up at the suggestion of horseback riding. She loved doing that, but had not in quite a few years. "Now that sounds like fun and a plan. So yeah, let's eat and then see what movies are on the TV. I saw they have HBO" Then Mickie got up, after kissing Jim on the cheek. Jim took Mickie's suitcase into the master bedroom, and then took his and put it at the bottom of the stairs to the loft.

Mickie protested that she should take the loft, but Jim wouldn't hear of it. Chapter 3 As Jim fixed dinner, by grilling burgers outside, Mickie unloaded her suitcase. She was thankful she brought some jeans now, since they were going to go riding. She kind of chuckled when she put away a very sheer white baby-doll nightie she brought, in hopes of modeling it for those two.

"Who knows", she thought, "Maybe I'll get to wear it still this weekend" As they ate, they talked about other things and then Mickie held up her beer bottle for a toast, "To having a great time this weekend, and whatever it brings us. And never mention and certain name the whole time" and they then clinked glasses. Jim told Mickie to take a shower, or go relax and he'd do the dishes. "Ooooooh. I could get used to that. A man spoiling me for once" she said, then left to go shower.

Jim showered too right after he was finished. Luckily, there is 2 bathrooms in this place. When he came out, Mickie was already on the couch, wearing only a long t-shirt. It was pink in color, and it really made her olive color skin stand out nicely. Her pert nipples were poking through the thin material too and Jim took notice of that. Jim was dressed in a t-shirt and black basketball style shorts, kind of on the baggie side. Mickie had a couple of beers waiting and patted the couch for Jim to sit next to her.

Mickie said that the movie was the Bruce Willis movie, Die Hard. Both had seen it already but sounded like a good one to watch again. Mickie stated that she just loves his movies and could park his shoes under her bed anytime. During the action scenes, Mickie would grab Jim's bicep on a few occasions and curl up close to him. He did take note of her smooth tan legs and wondered how far up that tan actually went.

But shook those thoughts off, because he did not want to pop a hard on, and give her the wrong impression. After the movie ended, another came on, but the beers, and the long drive and working earlier made them both extremely tired.

Mickie was curled up next to Jim with her head resting on his shoulder and was slightly snoring. Jim too had fallen asleep for a bit. Mickie's one hand rested on his thigh and was only mere inches from where his semi-erect cock was.

When Jim woke up, he saw it was almost 1am and gently got up and let Mickie slowly lay over on her side. As he rose, he caught a glimpse of her uncovered ass, and knew she wore no panties. "Fuck" he thought. "So close to heaven, but not going to even think about it. At least for now" Jim then went and turned the covers down on Mickie's bed, came back out and picked her up, and gently carried, then lay her on the bed and covered her with a sheet, then lightly kissed her on the lips.

Then Jim went back out to the couch and lay down on it. He didn't feel like climbing steps, just to use the bed upstairs. Chapter 4 Mickie awoke, with a start, not knowing where she was at first, but then realized where she was. She smiled when she figured Jim had carried her into the bedroom last night.

She was so tired from the long day, but never awakened when Jim did that. She could hear his gentle snoring, as she laid there is bed. Mickie lay there in deep thought. She now wished he had joined her in the bed and they could have made love all night long. As she was thinking this, her hand went down to her pussy and started playing with it. She thought back to some of the stories that Terri would tell her about Jim in bed.

That he was always very passionate and selfless and always made sure she was well taken care of. And if Terri and Jim did a little coke, they would fuck non-stop for hours. "God, I could go for a long session like that", then started thinking about Jim's cock pounding into her super wet pussy, making her cum, over and over. Mickie had to stifle her orgasm, not wanting Jim to hear her. When it subsided, she could hear his gentle snoring still.

After using the bathroom, Mickie came out into the living room area and stop dead in her tracks. There, lying on the couch, with one foot on the floor, lay Jim.

But what caught her attention was how his nut sack was quite exposed, through the opening of his shorts. Then looking a bit further up, she saw he was hard as a rock.

"My God, Terri wasn't lying, he is pretty big., Fuck" It took every bit of willpower to walk past him, without releasing his cock and Mickie guiding it into her wet snatch and fuck him awake. "Mmm, mmm, mmm, maybe later I will get to feel that beautiful thing" is all she could think, as she moved to the kitchen area to start some coffee going, and make some breakfast.

Mickie had the bacon frying and Jim woke up from the smell. As his eyes focused, he saw Mickie reaching up into a cupboard getting plates down.

What caught his eye, was her t-shirt riding up her backside, exposing her lovely, tanned, ass cheeks. Jim though, "Wow, what a beautiful sight to wake up too, and I guess that answers the question of wear the tan stops. It doesn't" Then his hand went to his crotch and felt his boner, and shifted so she couldn't see it. Jim then got up and said good morning to Mickie.

She turned and smiled at him, telling his good morning. He went and did his business in the bathroom, then came out and joined her in the kitchen. With a smile on her face she said, "I take it, you tucked me in bed last night?" Even though she was really thinking, "you should have fucked me in bed last night" "Yeah. You were pretty out of it, so I carried you to bed and tucked you in." "Well thank you for doing that. I was pretty out of it.

It was a long day, then got a little emotional in the evening. But I slept great. But why did you sleep on the couch? I feel bad now, since you gave me the bedroom down here, which should have been yours to use." "I was pretty tired too, and didn't want to crawl up those stairs, and if i had to have pee'd later on, then go back up them again, so I figured it was comfy enough." he said, but thought, "and had I, I wouldn't have seen that fine looking ass of yours." After eating and talking about home life some more, with Jim hearing more about her kids, he told her to go get changed while he did up the dishes.

They had an 11am reservation for the horses. Chapter 5 Jim had done up the dishes, then went and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. When he came out, Mickie was waiting for him. She too had a pair of jeans on, which really looked great on her, and a light blue t-shirt, no bra as usual. Her hair was down now, and since it was shoulder length, it covers her scar, which she tries to hide, when in public.

Only close friends ever see her with her hair up, or in a ponytail. "My god Mickie, you look fabulous." he said. "Why thank you kind sir. But this just everyday wear, nothing special. But I do appreciate the compliment" They arrived at the horse barn and were given instruction about riding. Both Jim and Mickie had ridden before so instructions were a bore to them.

After mounting up, Jim was handed a map that showed all the different trails they could use. They decided on one that took them up to a lookout spot, that overlooked the valley below. Once they reached the plateau, Mickie was in front of Jim. Jim really wasn't paying attention to the view below, but the view in front of him.

As Mickie stood up, Jim had an excellent view of her ass in the tight jeans. Just then, Mickie said, "God, isn't this an awesome sight?" "From where I am at, it is beautiful, simply beautiful", Jim said, while his eyes were locked on her ass. Mickie turned her head around and said, "When you are done staring at my ass, come look at this", then chuckled a little.

Jim dismounted and tied his horse to a branch, and then walked up to Mickie, as she started to dismount. He grabbed her by her hips and slowly helped her down. Once on the ground, he looked her in the eye, and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was light, on her lips, yet she never moved. She parted her lips, inviting Jim in for a more passionate kiss, which Jim gladly accepted. They kiss for at least 5 minutes, neither of them wanting to break the spell they were under.

As they kissed, each let their hands roam up and down each other's back, pulling each other into one another. Jim was hard as a rock, and Mickie had to have felt that. They finally broke from their kiss. "My God Jim, I have waited two years for that to happen, and it was well worth the wait." "Honestly, I have wanted to do that with you for almost as long. I have always felt a spark between us, but I was too scared to make a move, except for flirting, and I did not want to upset Terri, even though we both knew we were going nowhere." The rest of the trip, they either walked the horses, and held hands, or rode slowly.

They arrived back at the stables around 2:30. They both said they had a great time, and found the area very beautiful. On the way back to the cabin, they stopped at this little mom and pop diner, and had a light lunch. On the way back to the cabin, Mickie said she can feel the muscles in her legs and butt starting to ache. Jim suggested using the hot tub, to help alleviate some of those aches and pains.

She smiled and said, "Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. I've heard of being ridden like a horse and sore, but this was for real", then chuckled, as Jim did too. He had no quip for that remark. Once they were back at the cabin, they both went and changed into swimwear.

Jim opting for those silk like shorts he had on last night. He didn't think he'd need swim trunks for this. Figuring the three of them going nude in the tub. Jim then retrieved a couple bottles of beer and headed out to the tub. Mickie was out a minute later, wearing a off white string bikini.

The top just barely covered her breasts, and seeing that they are small, very little material was needed. Her nipples were poking through, proud as could be. Her bottom covered her sex and then some, but the back only covered half of her ass cheeks, and then tied off on her hips.

"My God Mick, you look breathtaking." Mickie thanked him, then got into the tub and sat next to him. Jim handed her the beer and they sat back and relaxed for a bit, letting the jets pulsate on their aching muscles. Jim had placed his arm around her shoulder, and pulled her close to him. In no time, they were kissing again.

After a few minutes, Mickie stood up, and faced Jim, then straddled his lap and sat down, in his lap. She placed her bottle on the edge of the tub, then did the same to Jim's.

She placed her arms around his neck and looked him in the eyes. "I'll take from you whatever you want to give me. I really like Jim" Then started kissing him again.

The kiss was hot and passionate. Their tongues wrestled with each other's. Jim's hands stroked her back, then went farther south until he felt her butt cheeks.

When she didn't back away, he started to caress them both. As he did, he could hear a moan escape from her mouth. Jim also knew that Mickie could feel his hard cock poking her in the groin and stomach area, to which she started to grind herself into his manhood.

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After almost 10 minutes, the kissing stopped and Mickie said it was getting too hot in the tub. Couple that with the mid 80 temperatures that they were having, it was hot, and the fact that they were both extremely horny now, doubled that feeling. Jim asked if her soreness had subsided, to which she said it did, a little. Jim suggested a massage then, to which Mickie agreed too.

They dried off, as best they could and headed inside. Jim suggested using the big shag rug, in front of the fireplace, for resting on. Mickie wasted little time in laying down on her belly. Jim started at her neck and slowly massaged her neck, then her back. Her moans told him he was doing fine. Then his hands lightly massaged her butt cheeks, then started down her legs.

He stayed away from her inner thighs, since he did not know how she would feel about that. He worked his magic down her legs, to her toes, then started back up her legs. The whole time Mickie moaned, and wiggled her ass. As his hands moved past her knees, up up her thighs again, Mickie started to spread her legs, inviting him to explore her inner thighs.

This time his hands massaged the soft flesh between her legs, and could hear Mickie, say "Oh Yes. So good." He was now only inches from her treasure chest that he so wanted to see, feel, lick, and eventually slide his cock into. The closer he got, the louder her moans became. This time, he did not hesitate, he let one hand brush against the material covering her sex. He was rewarded with a long moan and sigh. He kept his massage up, but now included rubbing her pussy, when he came near it.

Mickie moaned out, "Oh God" as her body shook a little, like she just had a mini orgasm. Mickie then said "Stop". Jim backed off, thinking he went too far. Mickie then flipped over, onto her back, smiled up at him, brought her legs up so her knees were now bent, and spread them some. She smiled, then said, "Baby. Make love to me. Please, make love to me" Jim smiled at her, leaned down some and untied her strings on both hips and let it fall in front of her, exposing her womanhood.

Mickie was natural blond and had a patch of blond hair, just above her clit. When he started to go down and lick her, she stopped him. "There's time for that later. I need you inside me now." Jim got rid of his trunks, exposing his 7 inch cock to her.

He heard her say, "Oh Yessssssssss, thank god." Jim looked at her with a puzzled look, to which she said she would tell him later. Jim then kneeled between her legs, and Mickie took hold of his hard member.

She stroked it twice then pulled him to her waiting lips, and rubbed it up and down her swollen labia, that was completely soaked with her own juices, then guided his head to the opening of her pussy. "Mick? I may blow real soon. If I do, I am sorry, but being with you, like this, has me on overload right now." "Don't worry Baby. I'll be cumming shortly myself. Hell, I already have twice now. Just go real slow.

It's been a while and I want this to be great for us." Jim did go slow. It was almost a full minute before he was buried deep inside her. "Stop" she said. "Stay still a moment. This feels like heaven to me" The she wrapped her legs around his waist and Jim started to pump inside her slowly. Within a few pumps, Mickie let out a long moan, then "Oh God, I'm cumminggggggggggggggg" JUst feeling her heat around his cock, then her feeling the wetness of her orgasm, brought Jim to the edge he could no longer contain.

"Oh God Baby, I am going to cum" "Cum Baby, Cum in me", and he did. Shooting thick ropes of his cum deep inside her. As they were cumming, she pulled him down for a kiss. It was one of the most passionate kisses he ever experienced with a woman.

As their orgasm subsided, Jim kissed down her neck, and then moved the top off, so that he could finally see, and suck on her tits. Jim loved small breasts, and these two were beauty's, to him. They were completely tanned, so he knew she at least tanned topless at home. Her areolas were dark, as were the nipples that were sticking out a good ¾ inch.

As he sucked on each nipple, then suck her whole breast into his mouth, Mickie came again. Unfortunately for Jim, his cock was only half hard. He was hoping to continue this, but had a feeling they would have more fun later. In his experience, the first time with someone you really want to be with, usually goes quick.

Mickie could pick up his vibe about his deflating member. "How about we nap here for a bit, but I promise we can do this again later, many times too. I am not finished with you today" He moved up beside her and pulled her into his arms.

They lightly kissed and then fell asleep for about 2 hours. Chapter 6 After they awoke, they said they wanted to shower, so they went into the master bath, which had an oversized shower. Mickie giggled as Jim hugged her close to him, feeling her thin, wet body on his. "No playing this time mister.

I'm hungry. Let's eat, then we can resume playing" They did soap each other up, then rinsed off. Jim took his time when soaping her tits and then her mound and ass. Of course, Mickie had to tease a little and stroked Jim's hard member, as she soaped him up.

After rinsing, Mickie fell to her knees and took Jim into her mouth, sucked him for about a minute, then released him and looked up at him. "I just needed a little appetizer" then smiled at him. After dressing, they agreed to going to the steak house, they past about 10 miles from them, instead of dining in. This time we had a booth and sat next to one another.

Dinner was good, and the dialog flowed freely, like a big weight was lifted from our shoulders. Mickie had a smirk on her face then turned to Jim and said, "You know, you got real lucky on our second date." Jim chuckled and said, "I thought this weekend was our first date." "No.

Yesterday, last night, was our first date and you were quite the gentleman, I may add. And this morning was our second date, making this our third date. I usually never sleep with a man on the second date, so consider yourself very lucky." then giggled. Jim and Mickie both were wearing shorts, and polo shirts. Jim looked at Mickie, smiled and placed his hand on her bare thigh, and told her, "I do consider myself extremely lucky.

Not because of this afternoon, just being able to be with you, alone, and hopefully allowing me to see you more than just this weekend.

In fact, there is a outdoor concert next weekend by the Rock Hall, on an open air mall. It is a bunch of country singers that aren't real big yet, but heard on radio." "I think I can open my schedule up for fun like that" she said with a smile. "But, if we start something Jim, I want it to be for the long haul, and not just an occasional roll in the sack, like you and what's her name had." Jim got real quiet and thought about what she had said.

He had sworn off getting to close, but has always been attracted to her, and wished many times, it was Mickie he was dating back then, and not Terri. "Fuck it" he thought, then said to her. "I agree. I want more than an occasional sex buddy.

I want to be with someone who wants more from me than that. I timed it yesterday. From work to your place is 25 minutes, and that is what I drive going to work anyways. And right now, it is about 50 minutes from me to you, not the 2 hour drive I used to so." Mickie smiled when she heard him say he already timed things, from work to her. Maybe they did have a chance at something, she thought. Their meals arrived and they continued on talking about the rest of the weekend.

Jim suggested renting 4 wheelers and go exploring on those tomorrow. Mickie was very excited about that. Jim did mention there was a chance of rain thought. Mickie giggled and said, "Oh, I am pretty sure we can keep each other occupied if it does", then squeezed his thigh, and let her fingers inch up to his swollen cock.

By the time they made it back to the cabin, it was getting to be dusk, so they sat on the porch and enjoyed a beer and a cigarette, since they both smoked. Mickie got up a short while later, then came back out with a clutch bag, and opened it up. She pulled out a bag of weed and a pipe. "Mind taking a few hits with me Sweetie?" she asked. "Don't mind if I do fair lady." Since the next closest cabin was about a mile away in either direction, smoking pot on the porch was a no brainer.

They had both shared many a pipe before. Hell, the 3 of them even did coke together on a couple of occasions. That used to turn Terri into the biggest nympho he had ever been with and they could fuck for hours.

Pot mellowed him out, plus made him horny too, and he knew it made Mickie horny as well. For the next 45 minutes, they sat next to each other and talked, as they got high. They did throw in a few kissing sessions too.

Each one being hotter than the last one. Jim thought, "God, can this woman kiss" Jim then asked, "So, what was that you were going to tell me later?" Mickie giggled and said, "It ain't later yet. Be patient, but I will tell you.

Promise" Mickie then got a serious look on her face and said to Jim, "Look. I want to be very honest and upfront with you, about me and how I live my life. I want that in return from you as well. Besides what's her name, were you seeing anyone else?" "No" Jim said.


"In the past year and a half, that is all I was seeing, was what's her name. The first 6 or so months though, I did go out on a couple of dates, but nothing ever panned out from those. But, no, just her." "Well", she started. "I haven't dated anyone in over a year, but I also have not been celibate either. I think you know, but I am Bi Jim. I do enjoy women, but not as much as I enjoy men. I have a very good friend, Pam, and her husband Rod. About once a month, we get together for threesomes, and Pam and I spend alone time too a couple times a month, when our schedules permit it.

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He is the only man that has been with me for over a year now, except for today that is. If this bothers you, then please say so and we can stop going forward with anything and just enjoy the rest of the weekend." Jim chuckled a bit, then said to her. "I had a very strong suspicion that you were Bi, and actually, it turns me on. I think I am an open minded person, and I do not get jealous. So if we move forward, I could handle that part of your life, and hell, you may want to include me in it.

What's her name said you were Bi, and I took her at her word. I won't lie, I thought this weekend would have been fun and hoped to have watched you two getting it on some, then let me join in." Mickie giggled, "That was the plan.

The most we ever did together was me sucking her tits and kissing. So I was looking forward to it as well. But mostly finally having sex with you was the main reason I agreed to come along." Chapter 7 Mickie then got up and stated she would be back in a couple of minutes. A few minutes later Mickie came back out wearing only the black Babydoll outfit that she bought with Terri, a few weeks previous.

The top was all lace, with spaghetti straps and had stopped at her midriff, exposing her tummy and bellybutton. Her breasts and nipples were quite viable through the lace. The bottoms were just a thong. A rectangular patch hid her soaking wet sex, and she topped it off with a pair of fishnet thigh high stockings. Mickie stood in front of Jim and modeled the outfit for him, making sure he saw every part of it, and her.

"My God. You look absolutely Gorgeous Mickie. I can't think of any woman more exquisite than you right now." "Judging from the bulge going in your pants, and your words, I succeeded in turning you on. You do make me feel sexy Baby!" Mickie packed another bowl and lit it, then came and straddled Jim's lap and sat down. Jim's hands automatically went for her ass cheeks, to help stabilize her, in his lap.

Mickie and Jim then exchanged hits of the pipe and Mickie then shotgunned her smoke into Jim's mouth. Then Jim did the same. Once they finished the pipe, Mickie pulled Jim's shirt over his head and threw it on the table. Jim pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss. Both tongues explored each other's mouth, and danced over each other's tongues.

Jim was gently squeezing her butt cheeks. "MMMMMMMMMMM", she moaned, then said, "My you really like my ass, don't you?" Jim's hands left her ass and came up to her straps and pulled them down, along with the top, so it exposed her breasts. "Yes.


I do like your ass, but I love these best" then leaned in and started licking and sucking on her breasts and nipples. "MMMMMMMMMM. I wish I had bigger tits for you. I hate that they are so small" "I think they are perfect. I really do love them just as they are, and your nipples are to die for. I could suck these for hours and not complain one bit." Jim leaned in and started sucking on her one tit, taking it all into his hungry mouth.

Mickie was moaning, as her hands went to his groin area and started massaging his hard cock. She then unzipped his shorts and fished his cock out and started lightly stroking it, which caused Jim to moan. Then Mickie gently pushed on Jim's head to move him off of her breast. "Sweetie. We need to talk a second here." she said. "Earlier you said you were all in, with starting something between us." "Yes I did, and I meant it" Jim said.

"Good, so am I. But you need to know some facts about me sexually." she said quietly, as she lightly kissed his lips. "Like?" he asked, and put his hands back on her ass cheeks. "I loved how we made love early. It was very special to me and you made me feel like I was the one for you. But, I also enjoy when a man takes control, and makes me feel somewhat slutty too. When I drink or do smoke, it really turns me on, and I love being naughty. I am not afraid to let you know how I want it too, and I love talking dirty.

Like in a bit, I want you to slam this big cock of yours deep and hard into my pussy. Own my pussy. Just promise me never to use the "Cunt" word. I hate that word. It should be used for someone who is a hurtful, spiteful person, which I will never be to you. The Ex used to call me that, even when we had sex. I just hated it. I hope you are ok with what I said, because in a short while I want us fucking like two teenagers.

Jim kissed her lips, then said, "I will never call you that.

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Only one person has ever had that called to them, by me, and trust me, she deserved it. As for us sexually. I say go with the flow. I love hearing dirty talk, and talking dirty. I am very sexual too, so I don't think we'll have a problem there" "Good. I am super horny Jim, but first, i need to suck this gorgeous cock of yours" She got off of Jim, got to her knees, then unbuttoned his shorts and started slipping them down his legs. Jim lifted his ass, to help her some, and in a few seconds was now naked on the front porch.

Mickie then started kissing his head, then licked down the shaft, until she reached his balls, and started gently sucking them in her mouth. Jim could do nothing but close his eyes and get lost in her ministrations. Mickie was quite good at sucking a man, a lot better than either of his former wives, or even Terri. He was quite surprised that she could deep throat him and did not gag at all.

After about 5 minutes, Jim tapped her on the head and told her he was getting close to cumming. Mickie then stopped and looked up smiling at him. "Just so you know, I love doing that, and I also love eating cum, but I can do that later." Jim chuckled, then said, "You are fabulous at this, but I think we need to take this into the bedroom, where we can play in comfort.

Also, what was that thing you were going to tell me, that you haven't yet?" Mickie laughed and said, "Wellllllllll. What's her name told me about this mole you have on your cock. I didn't believe it at first, but now that I have seen it, and I know how it feels inside me, Oh Wow.

It hits my spot in there just right. I think it is sexy too" Jim laughed, but he knew it was an added bonus. He has had it checked out a couple of times to make sure it wasn't cancerous. That would really suck if he had to have his dick operated on, but so far, so good, and women just loved how it massaged their g-spot.

Chapter 8 They both rose then and headed to the bedroom. Jim picked her up half way there and placed her on the bed. She smiled at Jim as he crawled up on the bed and got between her spread legs. "You know, I wasn't done sucking your cock, Mister." "That's ok, you can do it later again, if you like, but right now, I have to return the favor, which is my favorite thing to do" Jim then placed his hands under the string of the thong and pulled them off, exposing her pretty pussy to him.

But before he went there, he leaned down and kissed her hard. Their tongues fought with each other, acting like they would never kiss again. Then he started licking down her chin and neck, to her swelled tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks as his mouth sucked a tit in and then pulled off, keeping the suction until only her nipple was left, then gently bit it, which made her moan loudly. After some attention was paid to her tits, he licked down to the treasure he wanted so much.

He licked the skin between her thigh and the labia, which Mickie moaned out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh", then finally, he lightly licked her pussy lips, which were glistening with her juices.

Her aroma was intoxicating to Jim, and her sweet juices started covering his lips and tongue. "Oh My Babe, you taste so fucking good" he said. Then he let his tongue go down farther and explore her puckered anus, tasting it as well. When his tongue made contact, he heard Mickie moan out, "Oh fuck yeah Baby. Lick my ass." Jim stayed there for a minute or two, then made his way up to her pussy again, this time driving his tongue inside her.

"Oh Fuck, Yessssssssssssssssss. Eat my Pussy Baby, Make me cum" Jim would suck and lick all around it, and when he thought she was close, he would stop. "Oh God, don't stop, I am so fucking close" But he just ignored her and continued to lik and suck all around, then insert his finger inside her and found the spot.

He slowly stroked her -g-spot, sending shivers all through her body. Once again he brought her close to orgasm, then quit, so it would subside. He wanted her to cum so hard when he was ready. He wanted her to squirt, and knew this trick worked on many woman in the past, except for What's her name. He did this for almost 15 minutes and he knew he was driving her nuts, "Oh Fuck Jim, please don't tease anymore, Make Me Cummmmmmmmmmmm" This time Jim had two fingers in her and his mouth latched onto her swollen clit.

Mickie had a big clit, which resembled a small cock head. Jim thought, "If this grew any bigger it would be a cock and I would suck it too" Jim had her real close now and Mickie grabbed his head and pulled it tight to her snatch.

"Oh Fuck Jim, Oh Fuck Baby, I am going to Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Her legs came back towards her and she grabbed her knees and let out a loud scream "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and came hard all over his face. She actually shot some of cum right into his waiting mouth and face.

Mickie whole body shook as she came. Her breathing was was very labored, her breasts heaving as she sucked in air. She finally released his head and her legs came down on the bed, as Jim continued to lick her juices up. Mickie pushed his head away, asking him to stop licking, since she was so sensitive right now. Jim crawled over her and was at face level and kissed her. Mickie could taste her juices as they kissed, then started licking around his mouth and chin. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. That was so intense.

I've never cum that hard before. Fuck Baby. You drove me insane" "Glad I could accommodate Sweety. Making you cum will always be my priority." "Well, you have succeeded there lover. Now stick that cock in me and make me your woman, and don't you dare hold back." She put her hand between them and grabbed his dick and lined it up with her tight hole, and Jim gently pushed in until he was balls deep inside her.Then they started to fuck.

As they fucked, Mickie wrapped her legs around him and held on tight. Jim was amazed as to her tightness and how hot she was inside. They both started to pick up speed as they fucked. His balls would slap against her ass with each downward thrust.

And Mickie met every thrust with her own, up into him. Both were moaning and breathing hard. Then Jim flipped them over so Mickie was on top, and let her ride him and control the pace. "Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhh. I love it on top. You are so fucking deep inside me Baby" Jim was holding her ass as she rode him, then inserted a finger in her ass. When he did this, she really started bouncing hard on him now. "That's it Babe, fuck me good. Ride my cock like you own it.

Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" After a few minutes, Jim could feel his balls starting to tingle, alerting him to his own orgasm. He was so glad they fucked earlier, so this session would last longer. He flipped her again, so she was on her back again. But this time. He crooked his arms under her knees and pushed her knees towards her head. "Oh Fuck" she said, "That's it Baby, Now Fuck me good" Jim wasted no time in pounding her pussy. Mickie was yelling now, "Fuck Yesssssssssssssssssss.

I am cummmmmminggggggggggggggg. Fuck Me harder" Jim was driving his cock hard into her and felt his own cum getting ready to explode out of him. With one final thrust, he yelled out, "Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggg" and shot a huge load deep in her pussy. "Give me your cum Baby. Cum in me. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk" as her orgasm picked up again. Both of them were shaking from cumming so hard.

Each had a sheen of sweat all over their bodies. Then Jim released her legs and he fell to his elbows and kissed her. After a few moments, they broke the kiss.

"My God woman. You are amazing." She giggled and said, "I think we are amazing together. I have never cummed this much from just fucking. That mole of yours just rides right over my spot and sends me to heaven. I hope you aren't through though." "Hardly me lady.

I should be good for at least one more time tonight, maybe even two more times." "MMMMMMMMM. I like the sound of that. I could go all night with you." Then Jim snaked his way down her body. Kissing as he went. Making sure to suck each nipple, then latched onto her pussy again. "What are you doing Hun? " "Eating our cum from you. I do plan on sharing too" "Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk. Never had that done before. Share with me when you are done." Jim did suck out a lot of their cum, covering his lips and chin with it and has a mouthful.

When he finished he came back up and shared it with Mickie, and damn near sucked his whole head into her hungry mouth. When she finished, he told her "I will always clean up after cumming in you" She smiled and said, "I'll always let you too" Jim rolled off to her side and lay there, still trying to catch his breath, as was Mickie. Her hand reach down and grabbed his cock and started stroking it, helping to bring it back to life.

Jim wasn't sure if he had it in him for another round, but prayed that it would rise to the occasion. Jim was lost in thought, as Mickie played. "God" he thought, "I should have picked her instead a few years back.

We could of been having this incredible sex all along. I can't believe that we are now." Mickie reached over then and found their cigarettes and lit one for each, handing him one. Then she moved so she could straddle Jim, and with her one hand guided his semi hard cock back inside her, and sat down on him. "Now this is the way to take a break. God I love feeling you inside me like this." Jim smiled and told her, "Yeah. It does feel great and the view I have is perfect. You are so beautiful" "Oh stop!

You are just saying that so you can fuck me more." then giggled. "Nope. I could pull out now and still feel the same, but, as long as we are like this, I won't stop you" "The hell you are pulling out of me now. That lovely man meat is in the right place and I plan on hanging on to it for a good long time, and not just tonight Mister." They extinguished their cigs, and moved the ashtray off the bed.

This was still a time you were allowed to smoke in places like this, not like now, which all hotels and such are non smoking. Jim then sat up and kissed Mickie. A long slow kiss, while she ground her pussy into his groin. His cock was back to full strength, and deep inside her.

Then Jim moved his mouth to her breasts and started sucking them into his mouth. This made Mickie horny as hell.

"You really do like my tits, don't you Babe?" Jim broke away and answered, "Oh yeah. They are perfect. I can't get enough of them" He went back to sucking while Mickie moved her hips in a circular motion and also squeezed her pussy muscles around his throbbing member.

This elicited moans from both of them now. Mickie then gently pushed Jim back down and onto the bed and began to ride him slowly. Jim's hands were gently squeezing her ass cheek as she rode him.

There was no rush to this coupling. Neither was looking to cum yet, but enjoy the physical connection they had going. About ten minutes into this love making, Mickie experienced a small orgasm, and as she rode the wave of pleasure out, Jim kept the same pace that she had started. "God, I love making you cum Sweetie. You are so sexy to watch when you do." "I have to say, no one has ever been as patient and as passionate, as you have been.

I feel amazing right now, but I really want you to cum soon." Mickie answered. They started to pick up their pace and within a few minutes, Jim could tell he was going to cum soon. Mickie started lifting up high and then plunge down harder than before. Jim played with her ass ashe rode him, then stuck his finger in her brown hole. This set her off on another orgasm.

This one was more powerful, as her body stiffened and her pussy clamped down around his cock. "Oh Fuck Mick. I am going to cum soon" "Cum Baby. don't hold back, give me that hot load" He was just about too, when Mickie jumped off of him and put her mouth over his cock and started pumping his cock with her hand.

She was reward a minute later with his cream. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummingggggggggggg" he yelled out, and started shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. When he finished, she let the cock fall from her mouth and smiled at him, then opened her mouth to show him there was still quite a bit in her mouth, that she didn't swallow.

Mickie crawled back up on top of him, leaned down and started kissing him, using her tongue to push his cum into his mouth, which he gladly accepted from her. When they finished kissing, Mickie said, "Wow, that was super hot to do. Never in my life have I done that with a guy." "We can do that anytime you want Baby.

I love doing that, especially with you." he told her. They both hit the bathroom then and came back to bed, where they cuddled up and fell asleep in each other's arms. About 3am Jim awoke. He had to pee, and gently got out of bed and did his business.

When he got back to bed, Mickie got up and did the same. She then crawled back in bed and spooned up to Jim, making sure his cock was between her ass cheeks.

Although he didn't think it would rise, he was mildly surprised when it did. Mickie took it and guided home, where they then both fell back to sleep. Chapter 8 They both awoke at 8:30am. Then Mickie switched her position so she could straddle Jim's face and she could easily take his cock into her mouth, and they 69 with each other until they both came.After a long, cum exchanging kiss, Mickie was first to speak, "Now that's what I call a great breakfast.

Let's shower then eat real food. I think we are going to need all of our strength today." After breakfast, they both got dressed in shorts and T's, neither one of them wearing underwear. Mickie's shorts were baggie too, and while sitting on the bed, pulled them to one side, by the crotch, to show Jim her exposed sex. They then left for the 4-wheeler rental place. Once they were told how to operate them, which Jim already knew how, they took off.

They found an obscure trail and head up the hillside. They found streams and creeks and splashed through them, both were wet and somewhat muddy. After an hour they took a small break, under some trees. The bouncing and terrain had made Mickie extremely horny now. She jumped off of machine and came over to Jim and kissed him deeply as her hand unzipped his fly and brought out his semi-erect dick.

Her mouth went immediately to it and sucked him in Within seconds he was hard as a rock. After a few minutes, she released him and went back to her machine, sat in the seat sideways, spread her legs, and pulled her shorts to one side, revealing her moist pussy to him. "Come Baby.

I need that big cock in me. Fuck Me now" Jim walked over, with his cock hard and ready and slid inside her. Her legs then wrapped around him and locked her ankles together, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Oh Fuck Yeah. Fuck me Baby. God Damn" she moaned out. "God Babe. Your pussy is so tight. It won't take me long to cum like this" As they did their thing, they could hear other's riding close by, but neither cared at this time.Jim was starting to fuck her hard now, without thought of the other riders, and really had him turned on with excitement, that someone may see them fucking.

"Oh Fuck baby. Harderrrrrrrrrrrr.

I hope someone see's us. Fuck that is so Hottttttttttttttttttttttt. She said. Jim announced that he was going to cum, as Mickie had already started to orgasm herself. She told him to cum in her mouth. Just before he felt his balls get ready to erupt, he pulled out and Mickie bent down to take him into her mouth. As she did, he let loose a loud groan and shot creamy ropes into her waiting mouth. When he finished, she brought her face to his and kissed him, sharing his cum in a long passionate kiss.

When they broke the kiss, she suggested they finish out the ride so they could get back and take their time with some more love making. Just before they took off she said, "Damn baby, that was super hot.

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The unknown of getting caught made it 10 times more intense. I;d do you in public anytime" "Me too Babe. That was super intense." After another hour or so of rising, the skies opened up, drenching them with rain. They were already on their way back to the rental center by then, but were still soaked by the time they arrived.

They placed towels on the cab seats of the truck and made their way back to the cabin. Once there, they took a long hot shower together then settled down for a nap The nap lasted a good three hours, but they felt refreshed too. Jim cooked them steaks on the grill, while Mickie did baked potatoes and salad.

Each of them was naked the whole time, figuring why bother with clothing, plus they enjoyed the sight of each other. By the time dinner was through, and cleaned up, Jim went and started a fire in the fire pit, since the rain had ceased. It was almost dark when they sat by the fire and just talked. "Jim, I know you said you are in this for the long haul, but, if this is the only time we spend like this, as lovers, I will understand.

It has been a fantastic weekend for me, but if it ends after tomorrow, then that's how it was meant to be, and I have no regrets." "Mick, trust me when I say, I am in this for the long haul. I was stupid 2 years ago. But, if you'll have me, let's take this to a higher level. So I do not intend on ending this after this weekend." he told her as he held her hands in his. Mickie leaned over and kissed him. They they talked about some of things they wanted to do when they got back.

Mickie did warn him about one thing he may witness at her house. "Look, you need to know this, the kids and I are nudist, and we enjoy the freedom of being at home nude. We like the freedom and we do go to camps that cater to nudism. Pam and Rod are also nudist, as is another couple and their kids we know very well. So after the kids get used to seeing you around, you will find us naked at home and hope you will join in." "Now that could be interesting." he said.

"But don't get mad if I show excitement when I see Jen naked. I am only a man, you know." "Not to worry, all first timers get like that. Jen has a level head too, and won't be embarrassed by it either. Her boyfriend was like that the first few times, when we let him into our family secret. He'd get hard just seeing Jen and then seeing me, also made him hard.

To be honest, I get wet looking at him too" Mickie excused herself and came back a few minutes later with some beer and some weed, which they smoked. As they smoked, Mickie would stroke Jim's growing cock to his full hardness. Jim was also fingering Mickie's pussy, which was already pretty wet. After finishing a bowl, Mickie lay back on the blanket and spread her legs, and said, "Make Love to me now" Jim, not one to say no to a lady, lay between her legs and inserted his cock inside her.

They went slow and easy, kissing and holding hands the whole time. Mickie came twice as Jim pumped in and out of her. He wasn't even close to cumming. After her second orgasm, He suggested they go to bed, which Mickie readily agreed too, stating, "OH God Yes.

I want you so badly now. The rest of the night is hard pounding. I'm your little slut for now on" They smoke one more bowl and then headed inside. As they walked past the kitchen table, Jim picked her up and placed her on the edge of the table, with Mickie giggling the whole time. She giggled until his tongue made contact with her pussy lips, then it was a long drawn out"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss" Jim continued to lick and suck her pussy, then tongued her asshole.

Mickie's hands played with his hair as he ate her. Jim then inserted two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass and started to slowly fuck both holes, as his tongue worked her clit. "Fuck baby. Don't Stop. Don't Stopppppppppppp" she yelled out It wasn't long before her legs shot out and tightened around his shoulders. Her head flew back and her whole body tensed up. Jim started sucking her clit and Mickie let loose with a scream, as her orgasm took hold and sprayed Jim's face and chest with her juices.

Jim licked up as much as he could, while Mickie squirted 3 times on him. "Oh my God.

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No man has ever got me to squirt. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I'm never letting you go from this day forward." she somehow breathlessly spoke. "MMMMMMMMM I do love the taste of your pussy and cum Babe. I could eat you all night" Jim told her, as he smiled up at her. She grabbed his head and pulled him in for a long, tongue fighting kiss. After the kiss, Jim stood up, between her legs. Mickie instinctively wrapped them around his waist, then her arms around his neck. He gently squeezed her butt cheek and brought her to him and carried her to the bed.

After setting her on the bed, she scooted up onto it and spread her legs. "Like what you see?" she asked, and Jim just smiled and nodded yes.

"Good. Come stick that cock in it and fuck me good. Don't be gentle. I need it bad Baby. I need to be fucked like a woman should be fucked" Jim knelt in front of her and Mickie grabbed his cock and brought it to sex soaking wet sex and guided him in.

Once his mushroom head was in, Jim slammed it home, and continued to slam it in and out of her. The whole time Mickie moan and squealed and was meeting his every thrust. "Fuck Yeah Baby. Take that cock, make it yours. Fuck me Mick" Mickie was speeding up her hip movement making Jim go faster. "Make me cum Fucker, Make me Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" JIm pushed her legs back now so her knees were beside her chest, and started slamming his cock in her.

Mickie was moaning so loud now, neither of them caring if the whole area could hear them. For ten minutes they kept up a frantic pace and Jim wasn't close to cumming but Mickie did, and came hard.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck, Cummmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnggggggg Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy" As her orgasm subsided, he released her legs and she laid them on the bed, with Jim still buried deep inside her. She said to take a break. Jim went and got them some beer, while Mickie lay there panting heavily.

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When he arrived, Mickie was still sprawled out all over the bed, having that ridden hard look. Jim handed her a beer and lit two gigs for them. After laying next to her, Jim spoke, "My God girl, you are an amazing lover. Best I have ever had" "Well Lover, it takes two to make it amazing and you are the best I've ever had. I can't believe how hard I cum with you, but you know what, I am still horny" Jim looked at her, surprised she didn't want to stop now.

He was fine if she did. He had cum multiple times during the day, but had yet to cum this evening. Then he asked her, "Tell me a wicked fantasy you have." She smiled at him, then said, "Seriously?" "Yes", he said. "Hmmmmmmmmm Ok. But it involves others" she said. "Ok. That's fine. I'm open minded" "I'd love to be with Rod and Pam, and you as my partner.

I've never done a 4some and have always wanted too. I want you to watch me eat her, and her eat me, then I want you to fuck her while Rod is fucking me. Then when we all cum, I want to eat your cum from her. After that I finally want two men in me. Since Rod is smaller than you, he get my ass while you are fucking my pussy.

That has been a long time fantasy of mine. What's yours?" Jim smiled, "I gotta tell you, that sounds hot as hell, and I would love to be your partner.

Mine was seeing two women going at it, like I thought this would be this weekend. But, I bet it would be hot to watch you with another guy too, and also watch you and Pam enjoy each other." "Oh, I think we could arrange that. It came close a few years back, but Pam said no because of the guy I was seeing then acted like an immature kid and only wanted to fuck Pam alone, and not in front of me and Rod.

I like being watched" Mickie put out her cig and set down her beer and grabbed Jim's cock, which was still pretty hard. She leaned over it and started sucking him now.

Jim moaned as she worked his cock until it was fully back to strength. She let it pop out of her mouth and giggled, "Damn, I love sucking you" "I love you sucking me too, and you can anytime you like." "Now that sounds like an invitation to me Lover." Then she straddled him and sunk her pussy down over his rigid cock.

Once seated, she began to rock back and forth on him, while JIm reached up and played with her tits and nipples. "MMMMMMMMM Yes. Play with my tits Baby. They just love your hands" The two started slow then built up their passion for each other.

Jim pulled her down on top of him and kissed her passionately, while his hands grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed with each of their thrusting motion. Jim finally felt his balls tingling.

Alerting him now, that he was about to cum again. "Oh Fuck Babe. I am going to cum soon" "Fuck me harder Jim and cum in me. I need your hot cum now" as Mickie moaned out loud again as she began to cum. As she held him tightly, Jim started cumming too. After their orgasms subsided, Mickie lay on top of him, JIm's cock still half hard and inside.

Maybe it was because of the busy day they had and the great sex, but both of them fell asleep. Chapter 9 JIm awoke first about 7:30 in the morning. Mickie was not on top fully now, but her one leg was still across his belly and groin area.

He gently slid out from beneath it and went to the bathroom, then went and made coffee. As the coffee brewed, he fried up some eggs and reheated some bacon that was left over from the day before. He took in a plate of food and coffee for her, came back and retrieved his plate and joined her in bed. Mickie was already awake, but did not want to move from bed. They ate in quiet, until they both finished. Mickie had a tear running down her face. Jim, being a man, had no idea why she was crying.

He wiped her tear and asked "What is wrong?" At first she didn't say a word, so Jim asked again. Finally she spoke, "We have to leave today and I have a feeling we won't see each other again" "I told you I am all in. We are going to see each other again. More if I have my way. I adore you and love being with you, and not just sexually. That's just the icing to the cake." Mickie giggled, "I see you have a sweet tooth then." Mickie got up from bed, took their plates and set them on the dresser, went and pee'd, came back to bed, laid down, spread her legs, "Make Love to me Babe.

I need you now" The two then made slow passionate love. Nothing wild or crazy, just slow passionate love making. Both came within seconds of one another, and when Jim broke their kiss, he looked down at her and said, "We keep this up, I'm going to fall in love with you Lady." She smiled up at him, kissed his nose and told him, "I think I am already there Mister" This is another attempt by me, Kim, at writing.

Jim and Mickie are real and very good friends of mine. I did take some liberties with this story, but most of it is true, since they have told it many times to me. Jim worked with me for many years and my ex and I were fortunate enough to be play partners with them as well. Now Tim and I have also played with them on a few occasions.

Maybe I'll write how my ex and I spent a weekend camping with them at Jim's uncles, hunting cabin in Pa.