Wonderful sex with hot whore

Wonderful sex with hot whore
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Authors note- if you want to be in my next chapter comment what you look like, or if you want a sex scene in it just explain it. Pyro and Ravin Ch.3 The week past and the weekend came.


We got up around 7Am so we can leave early and get there by noon. Everything was ready for the trip to Chicago for the Green Day concert, we were both stoked. "I can't believe your taking me to a Green Day concert!

You are the best!!!" she said putting the last bag in the trunk and giving me a kiss. We broke the kiss. "no your the best" I said. We got in the car.


"see you guys!" Autumn yelled. "See ya monday!!!" Ravin yelled. We pulled out the drive way and started to drive. "so Green Day is playing in Chicagotonight at seven" I explained to her. "I still can't believe it!!!!" she said letting out a squeal. She leaned over and unzipped my black jeans and pulled them down with my underwear. I lifted my but up to help her out. She took my semi erect cock in her hands. "its my turn to give you a present" she said with a seductive smile.

She stated stroking my cock up and down getting it fully erect. I tried to focus on the road but it was getting harder with every second that passed. Ravin bent over and kissed the head of my cock. She took the head in her mouth and ran her tong around it. "Ahhh" I let out a sigh. She started to take in" by in" of my dick. She only got 5in" of my cock before she started gagging.

She started to bounce her head up and down my cock. She would playfully fondle my balls. I wasn't going to last much longer so I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it down on my cock and blew my load into the back of her throat.

She tried to swallow all of it but some still dribbled down her chin. She gave a big smile and took her finger and wiped it off and sucked on her finger. "Mmmm. You like your present." she said. "I loved it" I said giving her a kiss. I broke the kiss quickly because I almost swerved off the rode, I got control of the car. I let out a little yawn, I was starting to get a little tired from driving. "you want me to take over?" she asked.

"sure" I said pulling over to the side of the rode. I got out the driver side and she got out the passenger.

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We met in the front of the car. We looked into each others eyes.

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When I look into her eyes nothing else matters to me. It's just me and her, the rest of the world doesn't exist. I leaned in and kissed her beautiful lips. We were somewhere on a dirt road, about half way to Chicago.

We were kissing for about five minutes. I lifted her up onto the hood of the car. She was wearing a black skirt and a tight red shirt with black netting over it. I lifted her skirt up and pulled down her black thong.

I put my mouth to her pussy and started eating her out like I haven't ate for a week. I stuck my tong in her wet pussy. I tong fucked her as fast as I could. "OH BABY!!!!!!!.OH YA!!!!!!. FEELS.SO.GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!! She came like a water fall.

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I lick all her juices up. She kind of tasted like pineapple.


It tasted amazing! When she came to she grabbed my cock and pull it towards her entrance. I got the hint, I pushed my dick all the way in and started pumping in and out as fast as I could, jackhammering her pussy for all it's worth.

"PPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYRRRRRRRROOOOOOO!!!!!! "she moaned. "you like that, don't you!!!! Well how about this!!!!" I yelled flipping her over.

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I shoved my cock up her ass. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" she yelled in pain and pleasure" I jackhammered her ass as fast as I could. I knew I wasn't going to last long and neither was she. I felt my cum racing up my shaft, I slammed my cock in her ass. "IM CUMMMIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!" I screamed.

She didn't hear a word, she was in her own world. I came in her ass, when I stopped cumming she was still bent over the hood twitching like crazy. When she finally came down from her climax she looked at me for a seconed and said. "that.was.AMAZING!!!!!!" still panting like crazy. "I know" I said with a big smirk. "we should get a move on it though, we already lost a half hour." she said. "oh shit, your right! You still want to drive?" I asked.

"ya sure" she said giving me a kiss. She took her black thong and whipped some of the cum off her ass that was leaking out, then she stuffed the thong in my mouth. She walked to the driver side and got in. I walked to the passenger side and got in, not taking the thong out of my mouth.

After a little while I took it out. For about a half hour it was silent in the car, besides the obvious blasting of the stereo "green day". I just sat there flicking open my zippo, lighting it and staring at the flame, then closing it.

Repeating it over and over again. "why do you love fire so much?" Ravin broke the silenced. I stared at the flame for awhile before I answered. "I love the dance of a flame, it's so pure, peaceful, care free, so innocent, but yet it still gets a bad name. Just like me." I never took my eyes off the flame. "Wow.that was the most beautiful thing I have ever herd!" she said with a smile on her face. We finally made it to Chicago, we drove to Americinn hotel.

I got a discount on the room because my sister works at Americinn hotel in Sheboygan. So we got to our room which had a big 106 on the door. I took the key card and slid it in and opened the door. I was amazed, a queen size bed, a 30in plasma tv, a mini fridge, and hot tub!! It was 4 o'clock so we still had a few hours till we had to leave.

We both decided to take a dip in the hot tub. We strip down and got in completely naked.

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I looked at Ravin and thought to myself, I can't believe it, I have the most beautiful girl in the world. I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. I looked at her, black hair with red highlights, pale skin, and her eyes, her eyes are one of the most beautiful eyes you would ever see.

They are light green and can stare into your soul.

I put my hand on her cheek and leaned in and kissed her. "you are the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me. I love you with all my hart." I said staring into her eyes. "I love you with all my hart, I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you" she said staring into my eyes. I looked at the clock, It was 6 o'clock so we got out of the hot tub and got dressed.

She wore a black skirt and a green day shirt. I wore a green day t-shirt and black jeans. We left the room and walk through the lobby, out the door. We drove to the concert, it was a 15min drive. The concert was outdoors. We walked trough the gate, handing the guy the tickets. We weren't far from the stage, the stage had huge screens on the left, right, and middle.

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I looked at Ravin who was going crazy! I pulled out a water bottle full of vodka and took a swig and handed it to Ravin. She took a big drink. "thank you again for all of this" she said giving me a hug. The stage light came on. "How the fuck are you guys doing tonight!!!!" everyone in the crowed including us screamed. They started to play there first song, mine and Ravins favorite. "I walk this lonely road, the only road that I have ever known" half way through the concert I hear Ravin yelling at someone.

"get your hands off me perv!!!" I got fucking pissed.

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I walked over to the guy, "get your hand off my girl before I kick your teeth in!!!" I screamed. "screw off you little bitch before you get hurt" he said slurring his words, obviously drunk. I made a fist and hit him square in the jaw knocking him out. I spit on him and grabbed Ravins hand and walked away. After the show it was almost midnight and we were both drunk off our asses. We called a cab and went back to our hotel room and passed out.