Sexy Latina BBW With Huge Ass Miss Fortune

Sexy Latina BBW With Huge Ass Miss Fortune
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 30 "Fun in Florida Part 2" The fun continues on our Florida Vacation. Our trip to Florida was turning out to be something very special. The fun that we had on the boat with Tonya, Robert and Teddy in Clearwater would have been enough to make the trip a success. (See Chapter 29) I know I was definitely going to have fond memories of Tonya for a long time to come.

After leaving Clearwater, we headed down to spend a few days in Key West. This was actually our first trip to Key West. I fell in love with the atmosphere on the island.

Being able to walk around the streets carrying your drinks from place to place definitely makes for a good time. We were staying only two blocks from Duvall Street, so we didn't have to worry about getting too drunk.

During the day we did some of the touristy things. It was fun to rent a couple of scooters to explore the island. While they are not quite the same as our Harleys, they were actually sort of fun. It was also fun watching Cindy's little flouncy skirt fly up whenever we got above 20 miles an hour.

She was getting a lot of appreciative looks from all the men wherever we went. Our best night in Key West was spent at the Hog's Breath Saloon. Cindy had on a black lace bustier and a pair of cutoff shorts. I loved showing her off and she was getting a lot of attention.

There were two guys sitting next to us at the bar and I struck up a conversation with then.

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We learned their names were Michael and Jeremy. We found out they were down from Atlanta with a couple of other guys who were out hitting the other bars around Duvall St. Cindy was drinking margaritas and she definitely was feeling no pain and in a flirty mood. They had a small band playing and every now and then they would play a good song and she would hop off her stool and dance. Michael and Jeremy would turn around on their stools to watch as she bounced up and down.

You could barely make out the outline of her nipples behind the lace of the bustier cups. Watching Michael's head bob up and down when her tits did, reminded me of those dogs people used to put on the dash of their cars, where the head would bob going over every bump. When Cindy sat back down, I leaned over and whispered to her that she had an admirer and that she appeared to be driving him crazy.

During the next song she again started to dance and at one point she moved back so that she was between my outstretched legs. I reached out and began to run my hands over her body; from her shoulders down across her hips and on to her butt cheeks. She was getting into it and first one, and then the other strap of her top fell off her shoulders.

Each bump and grind seemingly helped to display a little more of her tanned flesh. I was glancing over at the other two guys and both seemed to have their eyes glued to her. I was feeling a little devilish, so during the song I leaned over to Michael and asked if he would "keep this warm for me. I need to head to the bathroom." With that I pushed Cindy from between my parted thighs and moved her over between his.

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He looked like a deer caught in headlights. She just turned towards him and smiled, then turned back around and continued to dance, pushing her sexy ass back against his crotch.

I headed off to the bathroom and when I was done, I took my time walking back to my seat. I stopped and looked over towards Cindy and saw that Michael had gotten over his shock and had his hands on her hips, pulling her back against him. She had a huge smile on her face and I was wondering if she may have found a new playmate for the night.

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I let them continue through another song before I headed back. Michael saw me coming and dropped his hands quickly. I told him not to stop having fun on my account. He looked at me funny but didn't have a chance to question me, as Cindy had taken his hands and pulled them around her again. Her straps were lying down on her arms and the bustier was creeping lower and lower.

I could see Michael starting to move his hands up to get a subtle feel of the underside of her boobs. She felt that and placed her hands on top of his and pulled them fully onto her tits. His buddy Jeremy was watching and he looked over at me. I just winked at him and smiled. I was enjoying the show and knew it was probably going to lead to some real fun very soon. I know my dick was getting hard at the prospect of sharing Cindy once again, I am sure Michael's was as well, nestled between the cheeks of her sweet ass.

Unfortunately, it was at that point that Jeremy stood up and told Michael they had to go. WTF?! Michael told him to shut up, but he all of the sudden turned into what can only be described as a little bitch throwing a hissy fit. He told Michael that he hoped Michelle didn't find out about what he was doing. Who the hell was Michelle? Michael dropped his hands and leaned over to me and told me that he was married to Jeremy's sister Michelle, and that he better go.

He shook my hand and then leaned over to give Cindy a kiss goodbye. Cindy was staring daggers at Jeremy and I saw Michael punch him in the arm as they headed outside. I guess I had her all to myself that night. We stayed for a few more songs and by then we were both pretty hot.

We stumbled back to our bed and breakfast, but never made it inside. We ended up having sex on a bench that sat on the porch. Sex in that warm tropical air is very nice. Nothing else happened of note in Key West and we were on to Daytona. Cindy had never been there before and wanted to see it and to drive on the beach.

We rolled in about 2:00 pm and I was feeling pretty tired from the partying and sun. I wanted to take a nap but Cindy wanted to hit the beach. She settled for going down to the pool while I stayed in the cool air conditioning of the room. After about an hour I woke up and decided to sit out on the balcony of the room.

We were on the sixth floor and fortunately the room overlooked the pool. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of the ocean and then I decided to see if I could see Cindy at the pool.

When I looked down, I saw a very nice sight. Cindy had commandeered someone's raft and was floating in the pool, lying on her front sunning her back. What made this such a good thing, was that she had on a tiny string bikini with only a thin string running up between her butt cheeks. She had really begun to embrace showing off and it was not even taking any suggestions (or begging) from me any longer.

She is definitely my dream woman. I zoomed in and took a couple of shots of her and then I scanned around the pool with the camera. There were about a dozen people there, a couple of families and also group of young teen boys. I was having a fun time watching her tease the boys. Had any of them had the nerve to approach her, they might have been surprised at what might have happened.

The next day we hit the beach. Even though we could have walked, we wanted to have our cooler handy for cold drinks, so we took the car and drove out onto the beach.

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We drove down the beach for a while, checking out all the good looking people and then headed back nearer to our hotel. We found a good spot and I pulled in and parked. As I was getting out of the car, I looked over at the van parked about 10 feet away.

The side door was open and I saw a very cute woman strip off her blouse and pull a bikini top over her head. She glanced up at me just as she was tying the strings. I was happy to be the recipient of the free show and when Cindy and I spread out our towels, I told her what I saw. She looked over and at the woman and saw that she was a short, petite redhead with a tight little body and a set of cute, maybe "B" sized boobs.

She had on a neon green suit that really set off her tan. She was lying down next to a guy that was probably a husband or boyfriend. About 20 minutes later, the couple stood up and both pulled on a pair of light jogging shorts over their suits. I was paying close attention to the woman's butt; however Cindy had her eyes on the guy. He was tall with a very fit body and the best six-pack abs I have ever seen. He had on a small Speedo type suit and it was evident that he was fairly well hung.

They pulled their shorts on, grabbed each other's hand and then strolled off down the beach. Cindy and I were both impressed and were discussing them for some time.

The couple came back, stripped off the shorts and then spread out on their towels. I watched as they each took a turn of coating the other in sunscreen. I managed to get a few good looks at her bare tits as she raised slightly letting him run his hands down her sides.

It was a very good show and I was almost certain that some of it was for our benefit. Just about that time a really pushy guy came up to us, and handed me coupons for a free dinner. As he spoke it was apparent that he was trying to sell us a stake in a time share.

It took me several minutes to get him to go away. As he walked away, the man next to us told us that those guys tend to prey on the tourists and you would be surprised how many people fall for their scam.

He then introduced himself as Conner and his wife was Elsa. He told us that they had moved over from Germany a few years earlier and had fallen for the same scam. Fortunately they had walked out of the sales pitch before they signed anything. We spent the next couple of hours talking to them. They told us they bought a house about three miles from the beach because they loved it the surf and sun so much. We told them some of our story about living up north in the snow and ice.

They laughed as they were from southern Germany near Austria and had grown up skiing in the Alps. I was enjoying their company and it soon became obvious that Elsa was a lot like Cindy and liked to show off. The way she would stretch and position herself made that very clear. The two girls hit it off and were both laughing at the stares they got whenever they walked to and from the water.

Connor made a few comments to me about how he really like Cindy's huge tits and wished Elsa had bigger ones. I told him I thought Elsa looked fantastic and loved her red hair and tight little body.

At the end of the day, they asked us if we would be interested in joining them for dinner. I was all for checking out a great seafood place I had heard about, but Connor said he would love to cook for us. Of course we said ok. Connor gave me directions to their house and told us to stop by about seven o'clock. With that they climbed into their van and Cindy and I were treated to another show as they changed out of their suits. After they left Cindy was really excited and so was I.

She asked me if I thought they were swingers and I told her that they definitely seemed to be giving off that vibe. I asked her if she wanted to find out what he was hiding in that Speedo and she told me she also wanted to see the parts that Elsa had kept covered.

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That made two of us. I asked Cindy to wear her white sundress for me, as it really made her tan look awesome.

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Of course she never wore a bra with it and when she walked it jiggled nicely from the weight of her boobs. She wore a lacy little panty under it that you could just make out when looking at her ass. I was hoping for a fun time that night. Conner and Elsa had a great little house with a pool and a hot tub out back. After a great seafood meal, and a couple of bottles of wine, Elsa asked if we wanted to soak in the hot tub.

Of course we didn't bring our suits but she stood up, took Cindy's hand, and led her out the door as she said that we were all adults. I watched as she undid her shorts and slid them over her hips, then pulled her blouse off. Cindy followed her lead and soon both were stepping into the hot tub.


I looked over at Conner and he told me to come on and join them, then he too stripped off. This was too good to be true. I wasted no time in getting naked and hopped in along side of the others. We talked for a little while and I confessed that I enjoyed the little show Elsa had given me when we first pulled up to the beach earlier.

She said that she had checked to make sure we weren't a family before she pulled her clothes off. She then told us that she enjoyed being naked in public and that it really turned her on. Cindy and I laughed and we began to tell them all about the fun we have been having over the years.

It seemed like we found another couple that were just like us. Well almost. When we were telling them how I enjoyed watching Cindy with other men, they told us that Elsa had never been with anyone other than Conner. Wow, talk about a buzz kill for me.

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They then told us that while she has had oral sex with other men, she prefers to be with other women more. Well, that put the starch back into my sails real quick. Elsa then said that she was extremely attracted to Cindy and hoped that Cindy would allow her to pleasure her. Cindy looked at me and saw my smile and then said she would love it. Elsa had Cindy hop up on the edge of the tub and then she moved into position between her legs. Conner and I both slid over next to them and got a close up view as Elsa used her tongue to bring Cindy to several orgasms.

She actually used her teeth at one point and captured her clit between them and seemed to be biting on it. Cindy was making noises I had never heard her make before. She was panting and almost fell over when the last orgasm hit her. During this Conner and I had let our hands wander a little and I was able to get a very nice feel of Elsa's cute tits and hard nipples.

When Cindy finally pushed her away, Elsa leaned over and kissed me, letting me taste Cindy on her lips. Conner then picked Elsa up like she was a feather and placed her over his now hard cock. He began to raise and lower her up and down the length of his shaft. Cindy slid back into the water and we held each other as we watched the other two make love. Elsa was mumbling in what I assume was German as he pumped her faster and faster.

After Conner had shot his cum deep inside of her, Elsa slouched back against his chest to catch her breath. Seeing his thick cock split the lips of her slick little pussy was very erotic. We watched as a few small drops of pearly white cum began to drip down his shaft.

Cindy leaned forward and licked each one as it flowed out of Elsa. She licked both of them for a few minutes, raising her butt up in the air as she did so. I was so horny that I couldn't wait and I slid my hard dick deep into her. I was fucking Cindy and looking into Elsa's eyes as I came deep inside of my wife. We all climbed out and took turns in the outdoor shower. Afterwards Elsa looked at me and asked why I liked to see Cindy with other men. I told her that I really didn't know why, but that it was something that affected me in a way that was hard to explain.

Something on a primal level that turned me on. She asked me if I wanted to watch Conner with her and of course I said yes. She walked over to a big sunlounger and pulled the cushion off. Then she put it on the ground and told Conner to lie back on it. When he was stretched out, his cock was sticking straight up. Elsa told Cindy to have fun as she came over and sat next to me to watch along side of me.

We watched as Cindy first took him in her mouth to get him nice and wet, and then lowered herself down onto him. Cindy seemed to enjoy being with Conner as his wife was watching. I know I was enjoying watching her ride him, first facing him, and then she turned around and rode him while facing his feet.

She put her hands on his thighs and began to really pump him faster. As she was doing this, Elsa reached over and took my hard cock in her small hand and began to stroke me.

I came about thirty seconds before Conner unloaded inside of Cindy. Cindy was just about to pull up off of him when Elsa told her to stop and lean back. She then crawled between their legs and licked both of them clean. As much as I wanted to fuck Elsa, it was not to be. She stuck to her guns but she did manage to give me a nice blowjob as Conner and Cindy caught their second wind and he fucked her over the outdoor table.

There was one moment when he had her push her tits together and he pumped his hard cock in-between then until he shot his load onto her chin and chest. Needless to say we were all pretty much wiped out after that. Cindy and I said our goodbyes and headed back to our hotel. We spent another few days in Daytona, unfortunately we were unable to meet up with Elsa and Conner again as their schedules didn't allow it.

However Cindy and Elsa did keep in touch and became fairly good friends over the next year. Conner and Elsa decided to take a long driving tour of the Northern states and they spent a fun weekend with us in Ohio. We had heard that Conner had convinced Elsa to get breast augmentation and when they showed up, we were treated to a tiny little Elsa with big D cup boobs. While they are about the same size as Cindy's, they looked a lot larger on her little frame. Cindy also managed to keep in contact with Tonya from Clearwater.

She and her fiancé got married and moved to Naples.


We are still trying to get our schedules together to spend some time with them in their new home.